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Modern day parables

Chapter Eleven


This section is to detail stories that may help to flesh out some of the ideas presented in more dramatic fashion, like Jesus told parables, stories, with deeper spiritual meaning. I call it edutainment, as I hope to entertain and educate at the same time. Also, I do believe Jesus meant some of the things He said to be taken as literal, and some things as metaphor/parable to hide truth for a time, and when elect become more mature, Holy Spirit will unlock truths in Jesus' parables, the parable of the Bible, parable of nature and history, etc... It takes maturity and wisdom to hear Father God declare what is literal versus metaphor, inward versus outward, individual versus communal, absolute versus relative, or proper mixture of the different sides to things. I have the gift of parables, and both write and explain some on this page. In fact supernatural symbolic parables are so important in teaching spiritual truths that I believe Holy Spirit has revealed to me a secret about the early church and time of the apostles.

The gospel writers wrote their gospels decades after Christ's resurrection, after they started having supernatural spiritual experiences and came to understand Jesus better, like I have. To preserve the truths that Jesus said, they wrote fanciful supernatural fictional accounts of what He said in the form of parable stories, as if it all happened literally with Jesus as the main character but it didn't. They eventually came to understand and embrace the entire parable teaching style of Jesus, and did likewise, and chose this way to encode what He meant by what He said. Nothing supernatural happened in Jesus' ministry at all, except He spoke Holy Spirit inspired supernatural words/parables that sort of stimulated their consciences and later they came to understand the inward supernatural miracle of evolving into God in their imaginations, and how important parables/symbolism is to spiritual growth and maturation. Jesus did appear to rise from the dead, but then He was never really here to begin with, and neither are YOU! I know that may seem odd to say, but my first parable, The Monkey Man, attempts to explain. Christ appeared to His disciples after He died and did supernatural things to inspire and challenge them. But that is the only legitimately supernatural outward thing He did. All the rest of what the gospel writers wrote was their way of writing a parable of inward supernatural spiritual understanding. For example, the supernatural process of learning to hear the voice of God became instant physical healing of deaf people in the gospels. The supernatural process of "seeing" (understanding) God in nature and scripture became instant opening of literal blind eyes. Feeding 5000 instantly with physical fish and bread was just their way of codifying in parable form that in later years the disciples understood Christ said He was the bread of life (truth) and fully assimilating supernaturally created truth (bread) inwardly, through the proper understanding of the mind of God, is what brings eternal life. It took the early church decades to mature and that is why the gospels were written decades after Christ's resurrection. The early church came to understand supernatural parable symbolism and how flexible it is, and the whole Bible is a parable, that they started to spin spiritual meanings in so many ways. There were many fanciful supernatural "gospels" circulating about, gospel of Mary, Philip, Thomas, Judas, etc... and none were taken literally at the time, but rather understood and respected as a parable way to expound on eternal spiritual truths Christ spoke, in similar manner as Christ Himself did, but making Christ lead character in many of the gospel "parables". History shows that when Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the Roman empire, spiritual anarchy abounded. So many wacky gospels full of fanciful supernatural stories about Jesus, that the empire did what all physical organizations do to keep order, implement fear tactics to force compliance to established truth by sinful flawed human leaders. The council of Nicea determined what was "truth" and what was "true" gospels and banned the rest as heresy, dictating the four gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John as all literal accounts of Jesus' life. The Catholic church arose in time and burned many at the stake in dark ages history, etc...to enforce their power structures in same way as Rome crucified Christ, vicious manners. Brutal tactics to keep order/discipline like done in physical groups is all gone at the next level, after physical death, by the way. All this was inevitable in history, and Jesus knew it would happen before He died, just as the early apostles came to understand negative spirituality better (excessive negative consequences to control others in a groupthink), as they started getting kicked out of the very churches they established, and apostasy was full-blown before they even died. Physical organizations inevitably start to make the organization "God", and more important than individuals, less a family feeling of support, unconditional love and acceptance, and more reflective of perceived negative aspects of God, like negative consequence "hell", fear, manipulation and control tactics. As physical organizations get bigger, leaders need to play "God" and define "truth" for the organization, make rules and decisions about who is in and who is out, and curtail freedom for fear of anarchy if everybody is allowed to decide everything for themselves. We can't do better than God in the world of humans, who created the physical nation of Israel to picture groupthink problems, as a society needs rules, laws, secular leaders (kings), religious leaders (priests), but it only pictures the family groupthink of God. Jesus connected in His Spirit (mind) with the spiritual groupthink, Father, Son, elect, angels, demons even, who are currently enemies but being dealt with. The things of groupthink point to things in the spirit realm, but the groupthink of the family of God is never fully represented properly in any physical organization, as they all feel the need to keep order sometimes in ungodly ways. In today's world, human imagination still reigns, and we have wildly creative ways to interpret even the four "authorized" gospels, which have spawned 50 thousand bickering denominations, and some control structures to determine "truth" for us. For example, 50 thousand bickering denominations still pretty much agree you must believe in trinity or you will burn in literal hellfire forever. The trinity edict from the council of Nicea still stands in the minds of most Christians. However, my main site details many reasons why I believe both these cherished doctrines are in error, and hell is about fiery correction to save, not literal fire forever. "Your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day: and he saw it, and was glad." (John 8:56) Abraham, like all elect in history, had supernatural revelations/experiences with God and knew Christ's coming into history before He even came. For example, the creator of the Mithras religious mystery tradition had many uncanny similarities to Christianity. You can interpret this to mean Christianity is fake and just borrowed themes from other fake religions, or you can discern that many people here and there, scattered all over the globe in history, had similar supernatural revelations/experiences to Abraham and tried to make a difference, inspired by God in their own way. I say, the general wisdom traditions had similar beginnings. Some examples of mystery traditions include Alchemy, the natural philosophy that purifying base metals into something like gold was a parable of the perfection of the human body and soul, thought to result from the alchemical magnum opus ("Great Work"--those who find their life in following Christ, whether before He came into history or after). Kabbalah would be another example. And even another would be Gnosticism, which was mostly destroyed as heresy by early institutionalized Christianity, but the dead sea scrolls proved interesting.

We don't get burned at the stake in today's world for holding different views on scripture, but the subtle pressure to conform and be accepted by authority/majority Christians is still powerful nonetheless. But back to spiritual understanding process. Instantly healing physical leprosy is parable way of describing inward process healing of spiritual leprosy, where conscience gets insensitive to truth because of so many lies around us. Stories to describe things instantly, but really point to the process of inward spiritual healing over a lifetime. True spiritual experience is a process. People like to take the gospels so literally, but then refuse to gouge their eye out or cut their right hand off if it causes you to sin, as Christ said that too (Matthew 5:30). So they don't really take it literally, but want you to in order to fear and control you. I don't take it so literally anymore either, or I would have cut my right hand off a long time ago. hahahahaha... The body symbolically represents the mind, after all, as we commonly say things like "God spoke to me in my heart." We know that refers to the central core of your mind, as the physical heart is center of the physical body. Leprosy dulls the pain sensations of physical body so you damage the physical body and don't feel it, just like you can violate your conscience enough to not feel pain at sin. It is violation of conscience also to preach a loving Heavenly Father tortures the vast majority of His human children in literal fire forever. Hell as a state of mind is not something control freak religious leaders want to teach, like Pharisees in the fictional gospel stories represent all organized religion that want to keep you trapped in fear to their lies. In this sense they represent demons, and are physical embodiment of lying/fear propagating control agents for the devil and demons. All organized religious leaders support some wicked ideas of hell, like literal fire forever, or annihilation, as Jehovah's Witnesses claim is true. None understand the mind of God, and do not teach one how to think, but rather only what to think to make money, get fame, control, etc... So anyway, my deep understanding of what happened in the past can be likened to scientists who dictate to us what happened in the past: Big bang, planetary and biological evolution makes pond scum become bacteria, which becomes monkeys, which becomes man, which becomes the highly evolved alien gods about to show, as the pentagon released UFO videos portend could happen any day now, and here are many more links to show this is a real phenomenon. I can make up stories and guess what happened in the past too, just like everybody. I can deceive too for personal fame, money, recognition, existence, etc... But I try to connect with Holy Spirit who tells me truth about past and future. Connect with God yourself to understand I speak truth. I don't have expert credentials conferred by humans (neither did Jesus or the apostles), so now I am some authority you must believe, and the system will support enforcement of such, but rather my expert credentials come from God. I will leave it to God to enforce. Human nature has an instinct to judge, manipulate, control, use fear tactics, etc... others though, typically, not ourselves, as we see ourselves as pretty perfect in our own eyes and everybody else needs judgment and control, but not ourselves so much. Ruling with a rod of iron in this fashion keeps some order, perhaps, in a wicked world, or there would be anarchy, but excessive attitude like this does not teach one how to think, but only mindlessly comply or else. When you become more spiritual, less of this is needed and you see reality for what it truly is. In the next life, a spirit being needs NONE of this. If you don't understand, you are still ruled too much by your carnal mind.

So scientists are just as much control freaks as religious leaders. Defy a church and eventually you are kicked out. Defy the science evolution belief system and you are shouted down, labeled stupid and uneducated, funding pulled, threatened loss of job, etc... Honest high school biology teachers are not allowed to point out the flaws in evolution, anymore than an honest leader in church can point out the flaws in your interpretation of scripture. You will get fired/ostracized eventually, one way or another. The demonic control aspect of humans is within any physical organization, so called secular or religious. It is about fear tactics, control and manipulation tactics, force and enforcement to make one compliant to the illusion system. Fear of death makes one comply or die, literal death as in you lose your job and starve to death, or symbolic death as perhaps everybody in your religious control system might shun you or disfellowship you like Jehovah's Witnesses are known to do, making you feel dead/alone/cutoff from former friends and/or family. We need a new "religion" based on freedom, honesty, the right to question/debate, and as free from control and enforcement tactics as possible. Humans can get out of control without some fear. I understand that. But I will never create a physical religious organization, and attempt to control or kick out for any reason except arrestable offenses. If I can call the so called "secular" police and have them lay charges, then you will be removed from my premises in this fashion. Anything else stifles free speech and debate too much, and among mature adults, this is stupid, IMHO. As fantastical as my imagination can be in my parables on this page, Jesus also meant it literally when He said with God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26). If something was impossible for God to do, then we would not even be able to imagine it. The classic paradox to stump theologians goes something like this: Could God create a rock so heavy that He could not lift it? The paradox, of course, is if you say yes then now God can't do something, lift a rock. If you say no then again now God can't do something, create a rock too heavy for Him to lift. The correct answer to solve the seeming paradox is, yes God can create a rock too heavy for Him to lift, and at the same time do the impossible and lift an infinitely heavy rock. The infinite God can do this, because God is all things and everything, including the rock, but this is why created beings will never fully understand God, and must learn a great deal of implicit trust, despite life's difficult journey. We will never know all things, and there will always be unanswered questions and a certain degree of mystery, but we can still know much, especially what God reveals by His Holy Spirit and scripture.

With that in mind, I again suggest to read the first parable on this page called, The Monkey Man, as it is my flagship parable and explains much, with links to other sections of my site for more details on key concepts. It is fantastical, with some literality and also blending with reality, and has some hints and clues, and holds the tension that all things are possible, even fantastic open contact with supernaturally deceptive ancient alien-gods (demons) as per the Bible prophesied end-time deception. Now we even have credible source pentagon released UFO videos, and admission it is real, and STRONG evidence we are not alone, as no man-made craft can do the things these UFOs can do. The world should be debating/discussing these stunning videos and admissions from credible source pentagon, but not many seem to care, evidence the conditioning and setup for deceptive open contact is proceeding nicely. We end-time elect engage in supernatural imagination God-thoughts, and come to understand that if Father God will allow the spiritual sons of God (demons) to openly manifest and do supernatural displays to deceive in literality, then the human sons of God (we elect) will also be allowed to openly manifest supernatural displays to undeceive. But we mere humans will be more powerful, for we will be focused on reality (the unseen spirit realm) and not mere literality (what the 5 natural senses can detect). We will do wacky/crazy supernatural stuff the gospels record Christ did, but He didn't really do in literality, only in reality, but we believe with God all things are possible, so we will do both: literality and reality miracles. Remember, the real miracle Christ did was beat death and rise from the grave, and He proved this much to His disciples. The rest is fanciful supernatural stories to make spiritual points, and the rest of the Bible is similar style, as all Bible writers discovered this secret of the elect. Some of the Old Testament miracles may have happened, as I know Christ miraculously rose from the dead, and I am personal witness to some other supernatural things, but mainly the Bible is parables to teach spiritual things. We honor God to believe it all could have happened literally, for with God all things are possible. However, we are supposed to rejoice in being saved, not that we will have greater supernatural power than demons in the end. "Notwithstanding in this rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you; but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven." (Luke 10:20) If you can maintain simple gratitude/appreciation/joy for the greater miracle of salvation, rather than covet lesser miraculous power like outward displays that impress humans only but mean nothing to God, then you will get both in the end. Don't let eternal life become a common thing, losing enthusiasm for it because of the cares of this life and the pleasures of sin, and if you can handle ultimate power in the end, you will be granted it. "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me (in the end-times), the works that I do (supernatural works) shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do (super-supernatural works to defeat alien-gods); because I go unto my Father." (John 14:12) The greater works are the inward spiritual application/mindset right now, and outward displays of power against deceptive alien-gods (demons) on par with anything we can imagine, for we believe that with God all things are possible because we are Christ and go unto our Father (in the Spirit only while flesh and blood). That's a spiritual statement I'll leave you to ponder. For over 150 years since Darwin, the world has been slowly brainwashed to believe evolution explains everything, and "God" must be a highly evolved alien being of some kind, like omnipotent Q on Star Trek, who only has seeming supernatural powers, but like technology can only seem like magic to primitives, likewise Q only seems to have magic powers. However, there is no supernatural and all is explainable. Movies and TV condition the imagination for supernatural "Q" open contact more than "science evolution education", believe it or not. But Holy Spirit can help you to understand what should be taken as literality versus reality, and alien-gods (demons) are a little bit of both. Read about monkey man and you will understand.

Monkey man parable
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Mr. Smith parable
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Lazy Parables

I call this next subsection "Lazy parables" because I hear God in movies, and movies are creative thought experiments too, complex and entertaining parables with a spiritual message. But unlike the above parables, I am just relaxing and discerning the message in a movie! It takes more energy/thought to think up and write a parable than just watch one, hence a little lazy to just tell my readers my take on the movie message because I didn't create it.
The postman parable
1: The parable of The Postman
By impawards, Fair use, Link
The Green Lantern parable
2: The parable of The Green Lantern
Top gun parable
3: The parable of Top Gun
The terminator parable
4: The parable of the Terminator

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