Quantum leap out of the matrix and into heaven
Quantum leap into the matrix

Chapter Sixteen


If you consider yourself one of God's human "elect" in this particular UFO phenomenon "reality", then you will hear the voice of Christ in the following story and explanation. I strongly sense the outward open contact "showdown" between the spiritual sons of God (demons) and the human sons of God (elect) will happen in my lifetime. But it may happen in my lifetime, and at the same time, it doesn't have to happen in your lifetime, even if we die on the exact same day! If that sounds strange, so is quantum mechanics strange, which this page discusses macro-strangeness of quantum mechanics. An actual physicist can help you better understand micro-strangeness of quantum mechanics. I can help you come with me along the quantum leaping final destination if you want...or not. Is up to you, but if you don't hear Christ in what I say below and on this site, I suspect I may have to quantum leap into the final space alone, and finish this thing totally by myself, if I have to. I'll find out if there are others there to help or not, when the time comes. Contact me anytime for more information. I have admitted on other pages of my site that allegorical open contact has already occurred for the world, and although I can see other more seemingly natural ways the whole endgame could play out, I still strongly believe in a literal open contact event, because of the many reasons I detail on other pages. People generally diss the supernatural too much, but I've had enough legitimate supernatural experiences in this matrix reality to know ANYTHING is possible. I literally could experience my own unique version of Christ's outward return (I've already experienced Christ's inward return), while my readers might eventually experience a different one, in the time and space they need to.

In the year 2301, a man named Dennis was home one evening watching virtual reality television (VRT) alone. This type of future entertainment allowed putting on a special helmet, which caused temporary amnesia in the wearer, and full immersion of living the life of a character in the program. Upon removal of the helmet, amnesia lifted and the wearer retained memory of the adventure, no permanent harm done, no matter the traumas of the hero in the story. Dennis finished his favorite virtual reality remake of some classics from the distant past, playing the hero Neo in the movie, "The Matrix", and then lived an episode of the life of an old favorite TV show, "Quantum Leap", from the same historic period about a guy who leaps into different bodies in the past and lives a little adventure, before leaping into another body. He then played the part of a narrator, explaining some things in the lives of his favorite ancient Biblical characters to an audience from that time period.

A new feature on the latest upgraded VRT capabilities allowed spontaneous merging of characters, based on the artificial intelligence assessment of the thinking and mood of the wearer at the time. Dennis tried it out for the first time, and quite enjoyed an episode blending the three programs, The Matrix, Quantum Leap, and Biblical history. He lived a creative mixture of lives, leaping into different Biblical characters' lives, living alternate matrix-like possibilities, dying by beheading as history records happened for the apostle Paul, but also another ending where Paul witnessed the return of Christ. Similarly, Dennis lived the life of Abraham as recorded, but also an alternate ending to witness the return of Christ as well, and Moses died within sight of the Promised Land on Mount Nebo in one reality, but Moses also experienced the return of the Christ in another reality that history didn't record. After all, Moses knew all about Christ, having written about Him in symbolic form in the first 5 books of the Old Testament.

Dennis took the helmet off, became his usual self and reflected. In his time period, magic technology and beliefs about evolution and deep time dominated so much that none really took the Bible literally or seriously. There still had been no literal return of Christ outwardly for the world as a whole, although credible source U.S. government pentagon insiders had released supernatural UFO videos in the year 2020, and history recorded an open contact with alien-gods shortly thereafter. According to the history records, the open contact with initially friendly ancient alien-gods turned negative in a few short years after open contact, when the apparent ancient alien-gods turned out to be demons deceiving the world. "God's" human elect had defeated the "aliens" by showing mankind the truth, that humans had collectively evolved enough subconsciously to be able to project their fears into 5 sense reality, and that thoughts create reality. When mankind came to understand this, they were able to defeat the "aliens" and make them go away, back into the dimension of imagination. That is when mankind started to be able to scientifically explain and understand consciousness itself and create a better world, and such entertainment technology as he had just enjoyed. But it was interesting to contemplate why the AI brain had raised possibilities of alternate realities where each of God's elect had experienced the return of Christ personally, while the world as a whole was oblivious. He was no expert at the intricacies of the entertainment machine that had just altered his consciousness, but he trusted there were expert humans who did understand, since they created the machine and it worked. Might there be some God at work in his apparent real "reality", which only seems real to him, like fantasy seems real while in the VRT? Perhaps there was some sort of God active in the real world in VRT reality bending ways he had never considered before. Might recorded history itself be a little off? He never quite looked at his reality the same ever again.

I am 52 years old, and already pretty sure I am quantum jumping into alternate realities as necessary to see my own particular vision of the end-times come true and Christ's return. But there are overlapping realities and I leave one and go to another, often without even being aware. A projection of me is left here with others to appear to be disappointed if Jesus doesn't return, and yet my real self leaps into another alternate reality which will eventually see something like my particular vision come true. All my infinite selves will be integrated in the end. My description of reality may sound odd, but I think this happened to all true elect believers in their own ways. This current reality I am in records the apostle Paul got beheaded by Rome, but in Paul's reality, he witnessed the return of Christ in his lifetime. His life and apparent human history is left to challenge my faith, because Paul's writings showed he anticipated Christ's return in his lifetime, and Christ apparently said He would return for all His apostles before they died. Maybe He did and we just don't know.

I suspect the life of every elect is like the TV show "Quantum Leap" where a guy leaps into different bodies in the past and lives a little adventure, before leaping into another body. The elect start having greater awareness of the supernatural all around, and start having some strange supernatural experiences, while others seem trapped in mundane reality and can't understand. I have had several defining moments in life, harsh situations typically, and only later in life came to understand it is supernatural shift moments. I leap into another "body", but it is my own body, rather more like a shift into an alternate reality. Things seem very similar, but I've gotten smarter to realize little changes in things show the new supernatural reality I jumped into is a little different. For example, my fiction book deals with the Bible prophesied end-time open contact deception with alien-gods (demons). I wrote that about 30 years ago, in my perception of time, and although I wrote it as fiction, I also thought something similar would happen in real life. It didn't happen on my time scale and I got disappointed, and went off and got into various sin problems. That was a defining moment and shift. Another big shift came when I "sensed" God started talking to me very clearly and harshly, and I got major Satanic attack that shifted me into another reality. I started experiencing that "much tribulation" Jesus talked about that "one enters the Kingdom of God" within the heart. I perceive I am in the Kingdom now, as I am much more balanced and focused, more mature, hearing God more clearly, and waiting for the next anticipated shift. My Bible hints similar for Abraham, who got impatient and tried to "force" the promised birth of his son through impregnating his handmaid Hagar (with his wife's approval/permission), but later God supernaturally made it happen on His timing. Moses got hint he had destiny to lead Israel out of slave bondage to Egypt and tried to "force" it himself by killing an Egyptian, but got scared when outed and ran for his life, only to have God supernaturally make it happen 40 years later, when God talked to him out of a burning bush. Similarly, I tried to "force" the world to wake up to the reality of what the UFO phenomenon portends, with my wacky little fiction "vision" of the future open contact with deceptive alien-gods (demons). God is supernaturally revealing Himself to me, and making my destiny come alive, and I will live to see the return of Christ personally one day, in one of these realities, after the alien-gods (demons) deception is defeated. I suspect something similar happened for Paul, Abraham, Moses, and all God's elect, who witnessed the personal return of Christ in some reality and in some personal way we are not privy to. Even if the so-called "real" world as a whole remains oblivious for centuries yet, who is to say your reality is any more or less proper than mine? I suspect I'm starting to understand deeper anyway, in preparation for a wacky showdown similar to my book. I'm still learning more every day, and there are many quantum possibilities, but this reality I am in right now seems pretty primed and ready.

I sense God tell me all this, but also one big hint/shift in this current reality is, my little fiction book is coming alive, as the pentagon released UFO video evidence and recent CIA release of thousands of UFO documents portend the open contact alien-gods (demons) deception could happen any time. That would be another supernatural shift into a reality much like my book I suspect, and off to play my part as the hero(s) in my novel, but I would be aware that I am a character in my own novel. I've also come to understand not everybody in this current reality is really human, though they appear to be. Some "citizens" have revealed themselves to me as not being human, by doing supernatural things humans cannot do; some are a little supportive and helpful (angels?), and some aggressive and adversarial (demons?). I've learned it's not so simple to discern whose side one is on, as I learn much too from the aggressive/adversarial non-human entities, and if they have loving motivations to do so in order to help me learn more about spiritual warfare, then that is fine and help from God and godly angels, IMHO, though fallen angels (aka demons) don't have loving motivations to try and help me. God just forces them to do that, and turns it around. That is what God does, turns evil to good in the end. If you are a human reading this, and only you know if you are human, beware those around you, even supposed loving "family" and "friends". My best buddy I've known since high school is a trained Baptist minister, and we argue all the time about God. He gives himself away in very subtle ways only, and always argues evil/lying traditional orthodox Christian doctrines/positions. Sometimes he seems on God's side and just giving me some negative (erroneous) spiritual warfare practice, so I can practice defending the truth, and at other times he seems legitimately evil in that he believes his evil shit. He may be on the devil's side and God is just using him to give me some positive (truthful) spiritual warfare practice, in that I learn better how to shake out the truth on matters.

But for sure, if you are human, a sovereign God is allowing this message to get through to you for a very good reason. I'd suggest you pay attention and read this short story: The Monkey Man as it is a summation of my findings and most of what I think God wants His elect to know. I may be off soon to another reality, and some projection of me may be left in this reality to help you upon open contact ... or perhaps not. I'm learning the hard way as I go. God may use my writings to stimulate your thoughts and eventually create your own individualized "return of Christ" experience. Perhaps open contact will never happen in my perceived reality, but I suspect it will. If you are human, I know I sound crazy but I'm not. Crazy people don't know they sound crazy. If I am crazy, give some credible explanation for the supernatural UFO stuff happening in our skies. Even credible source pentagon admits it is real, STRONG evidence we are not alone, mysterious and unexplainable, seeming supernatural, and no human craft can do what these things can do. I have learned creative spiritual warfare spin skills from supernatural demons, who are real to me, although I don't see them. In the above story, my spin skills to suggest the coming alien-gods (demons) open contact is NOT really demons, but just projections of our fears, is NOT what the Bible says. But the fact I can make such creative shit up to hide the truth, and suggest things at the same time, is a skill all God's elect develop over time. It's spiritual warfare baby, and it can be a nasty game. When these beings openly show, they can do better than me, at supernatural speeds. I know from experience, but God helps me or I would be dead by now. People have no clue what's coming, and are dismissive of objective supernatural evidence in our skies of demons (UFOs). If you are human, you don't have to be that way. Stop listening and following those around you. Some are not even human. Learn to hear Holy Spirit, and my site is good place to start to read and meditate on Holy Spirit, who has revealed deep things to me. I am always available to help, while I am in this reality. Anyway, read The Monkey Man Parable and it pretty much explains everything.

I'm not the only person in current reality or past history who has had these experiences; I express them in my own unique way, but intelligent people (both dead and alive) have always expressed The Matrix experiences in various ways, and usually in more socially acceptable ways than I do, hiding certain things to seem more credible to a skeptical world. In the minds of most, "socially acceptable" typically means don't openly talk about God, the scriptures, your personal supernatural experiences, or be too firm/confident God is speaking to you personally, and you must go along with authority/majority opinions on truth matters, even when all these ways and means are totally wrong. I insist on my right to free speech and violate these unwritten rules of society in how I communicate, and people get upset that they can't conform/control me to their errant groupthink ideals. I don't suppress/repress myself anymore, except in superficial relationships, and certainly not on this site will I suppress/repress the truth(s) God has revealed to me and I will share them freely with any I choose and in any way I choose.

I don't usually promote other authors, but make exception for these two book links below, as they helped me understand some things, and are good examples of a guy I suspect has had supernatural experiences/revelations too but hides that and expresses his understanding in more acceptable modern scientific jargon:

  1. Link to a good non-fiction book I read, from an intelligent guy named Rizwan Virk, who thinks reality is like The Matrix movie.

  2. Link to another good non-fiction book by Rizwan Virk, which helps to explain some of my own personal supernatural experiences, with his multiverse & multiperson theories.

Rizwan Virk often talks about science fiction writer Philip K. Dick, as his novels usually dealt with simulation and false reality themes, such as the movies made from his books, The Adjustment Bureau and Total Recall. Virk interviewed Dick's wife, and Rizwan Virk has many interesting discussions in the podcasts below regarding the matrix idea. I pull out this one special podcast and highly suggest to listen to it, as Philip K. Dick admitted in the podcast to having had supernatural encounters with non-human entities and various other supernatural visions and experiences.

One of Dick's novels was based on his partial memories of having literally lived in an alternate dystopian future timeline of brutal worldwide totalitarian rule, before coming back to this reality; covid-19 seems to me like intentional setup to eventually take away all rights and head into such a future. I have had some such experiences like Dick, and my novel about deceptive UFO open contact may yet occurr literally, but I say it has already occurred in the hearts and minds of most people, who only think in terms of "highly evolved ancient alien-gods," and poo poo the idea of UFO demons. I may be the only one who can stop a horrid timeline built on my fascination/obsession with this dark timeline. If any guru's out there perceive themselves to be human (as I KNOW I am NOT a non-player character in the "game") then please contact me and perhaps together we can compare notes and change things. I doubt any real humans want to "experience" my future fiction with me.

More fascinating Rizwan Virk podcasts below. Also suggest to read these interesting articles from Rizwan Virk: matrix article one AND ALSO this one is good too, matrix article two.

I understand people are very skeptical. I am not just making up another fictional story to try and promote my fictional story, as a publicity stunt to capitalize on the pentagon released UFO videos. This link is my 1993 year-dated certificate of copyright registered on my book about open contact, The Unveiling, if you sincerely think I am scamming, and want proof I have been dealing with this phenomenon personally for a long time. With lots of years of maturing, and more obvious personal supernatural experiences now, I sincerely desire to help people process/understand this phenomenon. In hindsight, I can see there was supernatural stuff going on in my life always, but I was too skeptical/unspiritual myself to see it, mainly wanted to get rich and famous back then. God has ways of getting our attention, and I am amazed there is not more incredulity around the world about the pentagon released UFO videos and pentagon admission it is a real thing. Odd most don't seem to care, and that in itself is rather strange. I think everybody should be talking about it, and I wouldn't be surprised to shift again into another reality where suddenly the world is REALLY talking about UFOs a lot, and history shows always has been since the pentagon released UFO videos came out. That is not my current reality, as people here are typically still very dismissive about this phenomenon. However, the changes are getting more obvious, jarring, and fast, and my memory better to retain self-image/awareness, as God heats things up and I'm less resistant to passing through, adjusting more quickly to noticeable changes and pretending to fit in and always belonged. Unless you spiritually wake up and try to stay awake, when reality changes then your memories are altered and you just don't even notice anything.

In the opening chapter of my book, the Middle East situation spirals out of control, and all the major powers take sides and worldwide destruction seems imminent. The threat of nuclear World War Three forces the open contact with the "benevolent" alien-gods to prevent it, temporary good behavior to engender trust and setup for greater destruction later. This will probably be a staged event in reality, as the governments of the world are already secretly working with the alien-gods (demons) for a controlled unveiling. I could see the Middle East setup happening any day, couldn't you? And with the world so conditioned now with ideas of evolution and deep time explaining everything, "God" as a highly evolved Being like omnipotent Q on Star Trek (TV/movies condition the imagination) is pretty much just assumed. My opening chapter could literally happen and the world would probably just shrug, accept the alien-gods' existence and help without much question/fanfare, and carry on, if the nonchalant world response to the pentagon released UFO videos is any indication. If it's true reality is stranger than fiction, then things are gonna get really wild, because my wacky little fiction book has lots of strange supernatural happenings, beyond par with the Bible's wacky supernatural stuff. To make reality stranger than my fiction may stretch the Almighty's imagination even. But then I suspect we all exist entirely in the Almighty's imagination. Ah well, watcha gonna do, right?

Again, if I'm crazy, please credibly explain the pentagon released supernatural UFO videos et al. I've already heard the typical lame debunks, like weather balloons going mach speeds and doing physics defying feats that would tear man-made jets apart, and bug in the jet's video imaging systems that somehow affects many jets and recording equipment of millions all over the world for decades, and also must be a biological bug to affect eyesight of credible navy pilots (risking career to report) and eyesight of millions of personal witnesses, or perhaps secret Russian drone and those pesky Russians have been playing mind games with us since the end of World War Two, since UFOs have been slowly increasing since then. Pesky Russians should have used that advanced tech to help us win the war! Obviously, we are on countdown to open contact, and if you are of the typical mindset of people in this reality I am stuck in right now, you must believe it is countdown to open contact with pesky Russian mind gamers, or some other mundane human explanation. To accept we are on countdown to the Bible prophesied end-time open contact with deceptive ancient alien-gods (demons) is too much for most to handle it seems. The predominant view amongst most who take the UFO phenomenon seriously is that these beings are actual aliens. I hope I soon quantum leap to a reality where the world has been demonstrating a modicum of intelligence, and hotly debating this phenomenon ever since the pentagon released the UFO videos. I would fit right in there, and nice thing is, when I quantum leap, my computer comes with me and I don't even have to pack it. The rest of my site has TONS of details about what is going on, and I would fit right in with a world actually talking intelligently about what UFOs portend. CNN and all the major news networks should be talking about it, but not many people seem to care. In my personal life, I sometimes get a chance to raise the issues with strangers and point to the pentagon released supernatural UFO videos, but incredibly, most are still dismissive. It is less frustrating now, as God reminds me of not only the supernatural stuff in our skies, but the supernatural truth that not everybody who walks this earth is even human like me. So when people act stupid and dismissive, I remind myself that they may not even be human and just trying to frustrate me with their stupidity. It used to work well, but less so now. If they are somebody close to me, I can use their stupidity as another chance to point out their stupidity, and try to argue some sense into them. It's some good spiritual warfare practice at least. My personal supernatural experiences described above are being called synchromysticism in our modern age and buildup to open contact. Here is rundown of some major links to ponder:

Credible UFOs and Government Admissions
This page, "Chapter Sixteen: QUANTUM LEAP INTO THE MATRIX", available for reading from the top (click here)
  1. April 27, 2020 - Proof of governments slowly releasing credible evidence of UFOs to prepare world for open contact

  2. April 28, 2020 - Attempt to oscillate explanations and dampen enthusiasm until ready for full disclosure

  3. January 13, 2021 release of information on steady march towards open contact and FULL disclosure

  4. December 18, 2017 - Former Pentagon UFO official: "We may not be alone"

  5. January 4, 2021 - Future promise for more disclosures coming in 2021 from the pentagon

  6. Ufoexplorations.com: Good site in general with archives to MANY more credible government links than my own site.

  7. December 17, 2020 - Senior Government Officials Keep Saying That UFOs and Aliens Are Real

  8. December 8, 2020 - Aliens and "Galactic Federation" exist, ex-Israeli space chief claims

  9. April 14, 2021 - Leaked footage of 'pyramid-shaped' UFOs is real, Pentagon says

  10. April 16, 2021 - The U.S. military takes UFOs seriously. Why doesn't Silicon Valley or academia? (Good summary article with links to many other credible articles)

  11. May 16, 2021 - UFOs regularly spotted in restricted U.S. airspace, report on the phenomena due next month: Bill Whitaker reports on the regular sightings of unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAP, that have spurred a report due to Congress next month.

  12. May 31, 2021 - Fox News report confirming the reality of UFOs and speculation about them and next month's pentagon report.

  13. June 1, 2021 - Close encounters: Democrats and Republicans unified in taking UFOs seriously (stigma and skepticism continues to slowly disappear).

  14. June 1, 2021 - How Harry Reid, a Terrorist Interrogator and the Singer From Blink-182 Took UFOs Mainstream: The hidden history of how Washington embraced a fringe field of science.

  15. June 1, 2021 - Pentagon whistleblower warns of UFO intelligence failure...Tucker Carlson reacts on Fox news.

  16. June 27, 2021 - Introduction to the UFO pentagon report that was disappointing, as expected, in continual slow buildup to full disclosure and open contact

  17. June 25, 2021 - The UFO pentagon report -- Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

  18. July 27, 2021 - Avi Loeb's Galileo Project Will Search for Evidence of Alien Visitation (now private projects are beginning to slowly validate/legitimize the UFO phenomenon in prep for open contact)

  19. October 19, 2021 - The Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) and Nuclear Weapons (former nuclear missile silo commanders opening up about UFOs shutting down nuclear weapons in 1967)

  20. November 24, 2021 - Pentagon announces plans to streamline UFO reports and analysis

  21. May 10, 2022 - Canadian UFO report survey.

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