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Top gun


Movies about warfare and instruments of war, like the Navy pilots in "Top Gun" are good parables, because they speak to the spiritual war between God and Satan, both reflective of the inner struggle between the spirit (God) and the flesh (Satan) within our hearts, but there is also a real supernatural adversary the devil, who adds to this inner struggle as God allows, sincerely trying to defeat the true elect, but ultimately unable to do so in the lives of all the true elect.

I will assume my readers have already seen this popular movie, with Tom Cruise playing Navy fighter pilot, "Maverick", named such for his fly-by-the-seat of his pants courageous, yet dangerous sometimes, fighting style, picturing how some of the elect at first fly-by-the-seat of our pants in our spiritual warfare fighting style with demons, courageous in some ways, but dangerous too, passion and enthusiasm in a sense driving us, but undisciplined, as Maverick was. If you have not seen the movie, it is easy to search the internet to get a summary of the story. As dangerous as Maverick, amply named, can be, one of his instructors at Top Gun said he was a hell of an instinctive fighter pilot, but that is good in many ways, as it is a Navy pilot's job to push it in combat in the air. Translation: our spiritual instructors, Father, Son, Rachel elect, light side angels, admire our instinctive skills, good in many ways, as the Rachel elect must learn to push it in combat with demons. At Top Gun, Maverick's main rival was "Iceman", played by Val Kilmer, because his fighting style was as cool as ice under pressure, disciplined, and according to the book. Iceman represents Rachel elect who spent more time studying the Bible and trying to live it in their earlier walk, whereas I spent more time passionately and enthusiastically living a strong Christian life in the pages of my fiction book, The Unveiling. :-) "Iceman Rachel elect" are more cool under spiritual attack pressure, disciplined, understand God's rules for spiritual warfare and stay within boundaries more easily than a "Maverick Rachel elect" like me. If you read my entire site, you will see I break a lot of rules, by plainly revealing secrets it seems none are allowed by Father God to reveal yet. God has His reasons for compelling me to create this site, but from my point of view, I think I've earned the right to be honest and tell the full truth of God, having to endure being so repressed most of my life. "But if I say, 'I will not mention his word or speak anymore in his name,' his word is in my heart like a fire, a fire shut up in my bones. I am weary of holding it in; indeed, I cannot." (Jeremiah 20:9, NIV) So I understand how Jeremiah felt, being repressed in his day, to know all the "secret" things I reveal on my site, as an Old Testament elect, like any elect in history, has to have these things revealed supernaturally and personally by God Himself. But Jeremiah was unable to say plainly, as in those days God did not allow plain speech about the complete mystery of God, until after the time of Christ. New Testament elect like me are allowed to talk about it, but modern times are just as repressive about the things of God as any age has ever been. Everything on my site is wonderful news, but only the Rachel elect think so, and even then it takes time to process it all correctly and agree with such a statement I just made, so I understand people's rage at the things I reveal. In Canada, you will not be killed or thrown in jail for your faith,(not by the government anyway, but private citizens might try kill me for the true but offensive things on my site) but it is a repressive environment in its own unique way, as most won't engage here, and the cultural attitude is like, "Shut up, keep that religious garbage in your church, as we are sophisticated here in Canada and know we evolved from pond scum and there is no God!"

But back to my parable. In the Top Gun training school, Maverick is castigated openly once by Kelly McGillis' character called "Charlie", a civilian contractor, who is not a pilot, but a trained expert nonetheless, for breaking the rules and flying in a rather reckless and dangerous maneuver that worked in the school setting this time, but would likely get most pilots killed. Maverick was upset at the criticism and Charlie confronted him privately that she had to say that publically, as part of her job, but she sees genius in his flying that she can't admit to in front of others. This sparks an intimate relationship with Charlie, and romance between a man and a woman in a movie almost always has the spiritual connotation of relationship between Christ (Husband) and His spouse, the true spiritual church (elect), which non-elect say is sick if you take it too literally. You can't desire to fuck your God, one friend of mine likes to say, as that is sick shit. It is only sick shit to the non-elect, and if one desires to understand what spirit sex is, which is better than physical sex, read link on main page called What motivates Rachel elect like me. My deep understanding of the Mind of Christ is proof I have this type of spirit sex with my spiritual Husband, Christ, or I would not understand these things or be able to express myself in inspired parable form, like Christ did. Gender roles can be reversed, as Husband and wife are one, so in this case Maverick represents elect and Charlie is Christ. Charlie, "Christ", is our instructor who castigates "Maverick Rachel elect" in our spirits more so than other elect, especially in our early spiritual walk, for we are naturally spiritually reckless and dangerous in ways that could get us physically or spiritually killed before our time. But we survive somehow. We "Maverick Rachel elect" are predictably upset at the criticism and lack of support, but in time, Charlie (Christ), admits privately that He/She sees genius in our spiritual fighting style, but still her job is to try and teach Maverick some discipline. This admission sparks a more intimate relationship between "Maverick Rachel elect" and Charlie (Christ).

Maverick's rear flying partner is "Goose", his best friend, also a type of Christ, as Abraham was called a friend of God, and characters in movies can have overlapping symbolic roles. During a Top Gun mock practice battle, Maverick's inappropriate enthusiasm for the fight causes him to do some typical courageous, yet risky and dangerous flying that causes him to fly through another plane's jet wash and causes his own plane to spin out of control, unrecoverable. This pictures "Maverick Rachel elect's" courageous, yet risky and dangerous, spiritual warfare combat style that causes us to get into major spiritual trouble after uncovering the truth about the mystery of iniquity (humans are incarnations of fallen angels), akin to Maverick's plane spinning out of control and doomed to crash. We "Maverick Rachel elect" crash and burn big time on this revelation. Intellectual mental assent belief to some truth is what Leah elect do, who might agree this sounds like true doctrine, but it doesn't really affect them. In the movie, Maverick's jet is spinning out of control so violently that Maverick can't pull the ejection handle,(meaning the true "Maverick Rachel elect" are mentally affected by this truth, rather than just mental assent accept it), but Goose (Christ) manages to pull the ejection handle to save Maverick, even though Goose (Christ) is destined to die by this act, meaning Christ starts to reveal the many depths of His salvational death amidst the spiritual turmoil this revelation's "jet spin crash" typically impacts the true destined "Maverick Rachel elect". Goose hits the canopy hard upon ejection and is killed, Maverick feeling responsible for his death, due to his reckless action, meaning God starts to deeply convict that one "Maverick Rachel elect" of how his/her sins personally killed Christ on that cross, and we feel a deep personal sense of responsibility for Christ's death, due to our own reckless actions as devils before even coming to earth, and of course our reckless sins as human too.

The Navy investigation board clears Maverick of any responsibility in killing Goose (Christ), because there was no way Maverick could have seen the other jet's "jet wash" or avoid it, meaning God forgives us for our sins, because we did not know what we were doing in preexistence, and often even now as human we don't understand, but still Maverick's confidence is shot. "Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do." (Luke 23:34) To be technically and officially cleared of responsibility for Gooses' death (forgiven for killing Christ), still does not make Maverick feel any better and he can't engage in spiritual warfare jet battles very well anymore,(lost confidence against demonic attack) even though his instructors (Father, Son, Rachel elect, light angels) keep sending him up in his plane for continued training exercises (still battles demons, just not very well).

The rest of the movie pictures the real life scenario that we Rachel elect will face if the alien-god (demon) open contact happens in our lifetimes. Maverick's commanding officers (Father, Son, Rachel elect, light angels) still have confidence in Maverick (the "Maverick Rachel elect" I mean) though that he/they will pull it together in real life,(will be ready for real open contact mental "battles" with visible demons, not just simulated practice "Top Gun school" in our imaginations) and at the end of the movie, in a real life scenario,(literal open contact) Iceman (another Rachel elect) is sent up against a single radar contact of Russian Migs,(literal demons openly visible and attacking another elect, perhaps publically on TV) Maverick in his plane on the aircraft carrier, ready to backup Iceman if needed, meaning other Rachel elect must be ready to support each other's words upon open contact, whether you are more Maverick type or Iceman type.

This will be open spiritual warfare battle, a battle of the mind, which has always been for 6000 years in the lives of the Rachel elect, but now open for public consumption in ways never done before. This battle manifests now in more tame ways with other humans, for example if I am arguing with another supposed Christian leader about trinity. Now if I cannot agree with another human, I am forced at some point to just let it go and say, "believe as you wish, I cannot convince you of the truth, so bye", and walk away, or if it is someone you are close with, often you just have to "agree to disagree", as the saying goes, and not keep bringing up a touchy religious issue you cannot agree. But trinity, or any issue around truth, whether classified and compartmentalized as so-called "secular" truth versus "religious" truth, is important for the salvation of ourselves, and all creation. On some instinctive level, we all know that and that is why there is so much conflict in this world around truth, who is a person, Christ. All conflict is over some point of truth, so subtle spiritual warfare, and we all have conflicts in relationships and difficulty agreeing what is truth. Even though God cannot lose and all get saved in the end, God has supernatural ways of convicting and motivating His true Rachel elect to fight nonetheless, or this universal salvation will not come true. And yet it will and cannot be stopped. It is a supernatural thing I tried to explain a bit on other pages, but Leah elect (second resurrectioners) always think, "It's not right to argue 'religion' and if it's true all get saved anyway, just sin more and enjoy, and God can fix me after physical death." The illogic of delaying the inevitable can't phase a Leah elect, who typically mock because they can't really believe universal salvation, and also they can't see their own hypocrisy to then go argue some subtle, and often trivial, "religion" (truth) with their spouse about whether it is true the man should put the toilet seat down or not after peeing. Divorces have happened over less. And while now, I am not forced to continue to battle another human, and I can just let things go, or find some compromise solution, the Rachel elect come to realize that when alien-gods (demons) openly manifest, we can not simply stand down or walk away from demons. Humans yes, demons no. I will no more stand down from visible demons I can interact with in open visible reality, than I currently stand down from invisible demons I battle every day. While other humans may cower in fear and awe at them, we Rachel elect will do like Maverick and Iceman. Fight! It is a battle to the death if necessary, and we need practice before open contact. I try to do this for people on the internet.

Anyway, back to the movie parable. The radar contact turns out to be a trap,(demons will have endless traps for us at this time) as 6 Russian Migs (demons will outnumber us) were flying in close formation to fool radar. Maverick is sent up to help Iceman against symbolic overwhelming odds, meaning Rachel elect will be very outnumbered against perhaps untold billions of alien-gods (demons) manifesting all over the world, and our fellow humans will quickly fall away too in about 3 years, and start hating and attacking us too, the odds very much against the human sons of God versus the spiritual sons of God, demons. If I wanted to inject a Biblical example here, I might refer to the story of Gideon in the Bible, who with but 300 men and God's supernatural assistance to instill fear in the enemy, was able to defeat the much larger Midianite army without a fight. There are parables all over the Bible, but really it is about hearing God's voice personally, whether Bible parables, or movie parables, or nature parables, etc... Holy Spirit tells me the much smaller numbered Rachel elect will have supernatural assistance to beat the odds, but we might have to sweat literal drops of blood to do so, so one parable does not explain all, as many Bible characters suffered and died in their battles, and as end-time elite we must be willing to do same. But Maverick and Iceman are two Top Gun pilots (the end-time Rachel elect are the elite) against 6 Migs, evening out the odds because of our greater skill, Rachel elect knowing our skill comes from staying close to Christ and hearing His voice and saying and doing as He says, the only way to defeat the greater numbers and skilled Russians (demons are definitely no slouch in spiritual warfare). As Maverick joins the battle, he soon flies through a Mig's jet wash, temporarily producing an uncontrolled plane for a few moments, simulating the accident that killed his best friend Goose (Christ), but Maverick is able to recover control of the plane. This pictures how in real open "thought" battle with these alien-gods, we Rachel elect will be faced with similar guilt and/or negative emotions that troubled us after being convicted of our part in the mystery of iniquity, and for our part in killing Goose (crucifying Christ), for demons have supernatural ability to induce fear and negative emotions for sins of the past. But like Maverick, we will be able to recover quickly. Nonetheless, Maverick is scared and leaves the fight, pissing off Iceman, who didn't have confidence in him anyway. Iceman, another Rachel elect, pictures the more disciplined mindset Rachel elect, slightly different experiences in life, but still a Rachel elect, who also struggled with the mystery of iniquity in his own way, as we all do. Maverick holds Goose's dog tags in his hand and says, "Talk to me Goose", and his dead friend Goose (Christ) talked to him and told him to get back into the fight. There is a little Maverick (good but instinct/emotion driven) and Iceman (good but cool and disciplined under pressure) in every Rachel elect, but Mavericks are Rachel elect who are a little more prone to negative emotion attacks than Icemans, so to compensate, Goose (Christ) will speak more clearly to them upon open contact, like Goose spoke to Maverick in the movie and told him what to do. Maverick re-engages the battle, predicting all Rachel elect will pull it together, despite negative emotion attacks, when the time comes and support each other, and Maverick's instincts take over and he helps Iceman destroy 4 Migs, doing some of his typical reckless actions that succeed in destroying some Migs, but also refuses to leave his wingman, Iceman, which he did once in Top Gun school and it went bad, having learned some discipline. Mavericks will always be Mavericks, more instinct and emotion driven, but having learned some tough lessons in Top Gun school, from losing battles and negative consequences like guilt over killing his friend, Goose, also learn to be a little more disciplined, like an Iceman. Icemans have same experience in their own ways, but less instinct and emotion driven, more disciplined, and Icemans will not hear Christ's voice literally, as some "Rachel elect Mavericks" will hear literal voice of Christ and be able to predict future events with 100% accuracy sometimes to prove we are real. The alien-gods (demons) will have deceptive spin stories to explain this power, which I detailed on other pages, to continue to deceive the masses. But other Rachel elect will know I am on their side when I display this power. You see I am much more a Maverick than an Iceman. :-)

This paragraph is something I experience even now in greater ways each day, but probably even more so, if open contact occurs in my lifetime and the fight is on. The 2 remaining Migs "bug out", run away, showing alien-gods (demons) will retreat often when the Rachel elect stand together at this time, and Maverick gets his confidence back, meaning better emotion control when the time comes. He buzzes the tower in defiance of an order not to do so, like he did in his old confident days, when he had less knowledge and experience, meaning "Maverick Rachel elect" will remember antics from days of "innocent" youth, and do them again with more mature mindset. On the aircraft carrier, Iceman and Maverick share newfound respect in each other, all Rachel elect understanding to great degree the stress of being a first resurrection destined Rachel elect, and Maverick throws Goose's dog tags overboard, meaning the more emotion driven "Maverick Rachel elects", are able to let go of excessive guilt, but still talk to "Goose", as evidenced by my continual adding to this, my ministry site.

Offered any assignment he chooses, Maverick decides to return to Top Gun as an instructor. At a bar in Miramar, Maverick and Charlie reunite, picturing the actual first resurrection when the alien-gods (demons) are defeated and "Maverick" marries "Charlie", all Rachel elect literally becoming spirit beings and merging with Christ in a polygamous collective consciousness union, as Icemans are destined to marry Christ as well.

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