The Origin of God

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I hear the Holy Spirit talk to me in contemporary stories in my culture. I read a comic book as a kid once that spoke to me. See if you can discern any greater meaning as I describe.

The incredible Hulk was on a rampage and destroying things. Superman came to stop him and they egaged in battle. The Hulk got full of rage with Superman, which just made him stronger and he knocked Superman out into outer space. So Superman decided to change tactics. He came back to earth and decided to stop fighting the Hulk and simply stood there and let the Hulk beat on him. Once Superman decides to not move, no force on earth can move him. He stood there and let the Hulk beat on him and beat on him but Superman did not fight back. The Hulk got more enraged at Superman's lack of fight and got stronger and Superman was getting close to being knocked out again into outer space, but eventually the Hulk got tired and calmed down. His fists had less power and he got tired, calmed down, and became human again in the form of Dr. Bruce Banner. Then Superman could reason with Dr. Banner and in this way he defeated the Hulk.

Please ponder the meaning of this story and ask Holy Spirit to talk to you. Then click here to read my interpretation.

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