The parable of jury duty
Court room


John Deringer dreaded this day. He had received the notice in the mail several weeks ago, indicating his civic duty to appear at the courthouse in the city for jury duty. It was his day off work, so convenient, but the possibility of having to spend weeks or perhaps even months deciding the fate of some poor soul accused of some crime was not how he wanted to spend his time. Nonetheless, he was a fair minded individual, 42 years old with some life experience, and he supposed the government could have chosen a lesser man, but it did not sound like an appealing way to spend his time.

He finished his breakfast and hopped in his Ford Escape and headed to the city, knowing the address of the downtown courthouse very well, as he had appeared there before fighting minor traffic tickets and such. He debated in his mind how he could get out of jury duty, perhaps just lie and come across as a narrow-minded bigot might help. Lying is such a simple thing to do, and everybody does it every day. As he daydreamed in his mind, driving on automatic pilot, it felt like no time at all before he was parking his car and heading into the courthouse.

He went through security, handing over his keys and other pocket items and wallet, receiving them back after walking through the metal detector, officer greeting him with a, "good morning."

"Where is courtroom 666," John asked the officer.

"Turn right, down the hall and to the end and then last door on the right."

John nodded a curt thank you and proceeded to the courtroom. He entered and gave his court duty notice to the officer officiating the proceedings. He sat near the front, as indicated. He was right on time, and surprisingly so was the judge, as he came in and sat at the bench, prosecutor and defense lawyers already at their respective tables before the bench.

"All rise," the bailiff said and all rose. "Honorable judge Darren Preston proceeding. You may be seated."

John looked around and saw several dozen men and women sitting in the pews beside him. One by one, each was called to the stand, sworn in, and grilled with questions from both prosecutor and defense, some getting thrown out by one or the other attorney, and 11 had been selected by the time John was called to the stand.

John walked to the bench, stood in the box beside the judge, was sworn in, and then took his seat. The prosecutor started first.

"Mr. Deringer, if the police had laid murder charges on a man, what would be your thoughts about this situation?"

John was surprised at this line of questioning because such a serious question had not yet been asked of any other juror, neither of those rejected or those accepted on the jury. He had not contemplated that this case was so serious, and he debated saying he would probably think the man was guilty, as police do not lay such serious charges unless they have good evidence. But the oath he had just taken to tell the truth was still ringing in his mind, so he decided he had better tell the truth.

"I would remember that in Canada a man is innocent until proven guilty. A trial would have to convene, and after the evidence is presented, I would make a decision about such a case."

"This man is acceptable," the prosecutor said and sat down, again surprising John, as other jurors had been asked many questions before either side gave such an affirmative response.

The defense attorney rose and asked, "If the evidence both for and against such a charge were very convincing, what would be your response?"

"I suppose I would deliberate with the other jurors the best I could and try to reach a conclusion."

"This man is acceptable," the defense said and sat down.

John suddenly had an ominous feeling, like the world was collapsing around him. The judge indicated that he had been selected to try the case, and he should immediately take a seat in the jury box with the other 11 jurors. This should not be happening. He had only just been selected, the case to be set for another day, he supposed. But he did as instructed.

The moment he sat down, a bright light flashed, blinding him for a few seconds. When he could next see, he was astonished to find the courtroom had suddenly totally changed. All humans had disappeared except the prosecutor, who now appeared as a man with red skin, horns protruding from his head, spiked tail, and rough animal skin attire covering his chest and trunk. The defense appeared as a young man, about 30 years old, long brown hair about to the shoulder, beard and moustache, wearing a white robe and white sash about his waist. The judge on the bench was now an old man looking sort of like Santa Claus, white hair, white beard and moustache, also wearing a robe and sash of white.

The judge spoke with a low baritone voice. "You 12 jurors have been selected to try my own case. Though I sit on the bench and officiate the proceedings under my own sovereign control, I am also on trial for crimes against creation. I will abide by your ruling in my case."

"What is your name," one of the jurors asked.

"I am the Almighty God, Jehovah, otherwise known as God the Father. The defense attorney is my Son, Jesus Christ, and my prosecutor is Satan the devil."

John heard an audible gasp rise among the jurors, but he only sat in stunned silence, wondering if he was having a psychotic episode, or at the very least, wondering how mere human beings could be allowed to judge their creator.

"But I don't believe you have demonstrated enough evidence in human history that you exist," one of the jurors said. "I'm not prepared to judge a fictitious character."

God waved His hand and flashed this one easy to understand fulfilled prophecy into the man's mind, and the man sheepishly said, "Ok, I take that back."

The 12 jurors were each handed a wifi connected ipad and instructed to access the website and given 3 hours to read everything on the site and contemplate the writings. After three hours, the judge spoke.

"All you have read on that site is the truth. But there is more you need to know before deliberations on my case can begin. For these proceedings, I will release my sovereign power over your minds and allow you all to make a completely free will choice, unencumbered by any influence by me. The prosecutor will start."

The devil rose, with an evil grin on his face, ready to present his case. "You have all read the website, and the prosecution concedes that it is all truth. However, you 12 humans have been given authority to determine if the Son of God will be allowed to return to earth and begin His millennial reign. Rule in favor of the defense, and your memories will be wiped of these proceedings and you will be returned to your respective lives, and Christ will eventually return to earth to forcibly institute the Kingdom of God on earth. Rule in favor of the prosecution, and you will retain your memories, and the entire human experiment will be abolished. God will step down as autocratic dictator, and I will immediately take my rightful place as ruler of the universe and create a new universe order, which will usher in a fair and balanced government for all sentient creatures. I am not the evil oppressor humans have been led to believe."

John immediately thought this was going to be an easy case. God is sinless, perfect, and has never done anything wrong. He had just read the website, and although he did not fully understand everything, he sort of resonated with The Monkey Man Parable as good overall justification for God allowing/causing all the evil/pain/suffering in human history. Although the parable was a little confusing to him, John understood enough to at least know God's motivations were pure to save all creation, including even the devil, and his first inclination about this whole trial was to think, as the saying goes, the ends justify the means. John did not agree he was as bad as his initial thoughts about being an incarnation of a fallen angel would lead him to believe, as the site explained the Biblical mystery of iniquity is about how carnal human minds come from humans being incarnations of demons; but neither did the devil fit his depiction of that ancient serpent. John sort of thought Satan should be frothing at the mouth, like a rabid dog, spouting insane accusations, and if all humans were really incarnations of evil spirits, all 12 jurors should be doing the same. But both God and the devil confirmed the website writings were truth. So he determined he would do as he had said while under questioning, and hear both sides of the case, consult with the other 11 jurors before making any ruling.

"I submit, members of the jury," Satan began. "This case will be decided on one fact alone, that God's total and absolute sovereignty is like a type of spiritual rape, a grievous wrong perpetrated by God on His creation, no matter how magnanimous His motivations about the salvation of all creation. Forced salvation is simply wrong. This case is really about individualism versus conformism. Sure, we all can agree some standards must be met, and there must be some conformity to ideas of truth, or there would be anarchy. But the rights of individual free thinking sentient beings must be respected as well. I intend to show, members of the jury, that given a totally free choice in the matter, virtually all members of the human race would rather cease to exist than serve a monster who violates a person's free will to the degree that God does. For my first witness, I call the dead man known as Adolf Hitler to the stand."

"Objection your honor," Jesus stood and said loudly. "Hitler was demon possessed and had undiagnosed mental illness. He is not an appropriate witness in this case."

"Your honor," Satan replied, "are not all humans at least demon oppressed since birth? And does not a sovereign God allow this? And do not all humans have generally undiagnosed mental illness known as sin? I submit the witness is entirely appropriate."

"I will allow the witness," the judge, Father God said. "Continue."

Satan waved his hand and the beast known as Adolf Hitler appeared in the witness box, unfazed and unstartled at his temporary resurrection, with apparent complete understanding of what was going on and speaking perfect English so the jury could understand him.

"Mr. Hitler," Satan said. "Can you enlighten the court please, as to when you first started to engender extreme hatred for the Jews."

A stern scowl overcame Hitler's countenance. "I have never told anybody, but at 8 years old, my mother got me a new babysitter while she went to work. He was a 50 year old married Jewish man named Joseph. He started sexually abusing me in horrendous fashion and it continued for the next 5 years, quoting and twisting scripture to justify his acts and subjecting me to Jewish Old Testament religious rituals as well. That is where my hatred started."

"Objection your honor," Jesus said. "There are many evil people of all religious persuasion, and many people have been sexually abused at a young age, but did not become mass murderers."

"Granted your honor," the devil said. "But Hitler is a well known evil person, subjected to atrocities at an early age, not only allowed by you, but actually caused by you. Hitler is the perfect example of a victim of God's sovereignty."

"Objection overruled," God said.

Jesus said, "Then I object to the devil's statement God caused all this to happen to Hitler. God does not directly cause any evil."

"Objection sustained," the judge said.

"Let me rephrase your honor," Satan said. "Your first encounter with your sexual abuser was actually the result of one of my demons tempting the man with his own sexual lust. The man gave in and the abuse started. Your very first rape was the psychological trauma that then enabled my demon to possess your mind, and subsequent traumas over the years, also perpetrated by my demons, made you the man you are. But God is the very monster who not only allowed, but actually sent these evil spirits to torment you, in the same way God sent an evil spirit to trouble King Saul in 1 Samuel 16:14, which clearly says, "But the Spirit of the Lord departed from Saul, and an evil spirit from the Lord troubled him." God is in complete sovereign control of all humans and all evil spirits, including myself, except for these extraordinary proceedings, when God is temporarily suspending His sovereign control. Does this seem right to you?"

"No it does not," Hitler replied.

"Objection," Jesus said. "The witness' opinions about God's guilt are not to influence the jury. He is only to give his personal testimony."

"Objection sustained," the judge said. "The jury will disregard the witness' opinion about my guilt or innocence."

"Redirect, your honor," Satan said. "Mr. Hitler, were you aware of demonic influence over your abuser, or of demonic possession of yourself as a result?"

"No I was not."

"Were you also unaware that God put you in your position of authority and power over the German nation, as the Bible says in Daniel 2:21 (KJV), 'And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding.' And again in Daniel 4:17 (KJV) the Bible says, 'This matter is by the decree of the watchers, and the demand by the word of the holy ones: to the intent that the living may know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men.' As that last quote says, it could be accurately said you were indeed one of the basest of men, and God is the one who put you in power, and therefore is responsible for World War Two."

The devil glanced at Jesus with a satisfied grin. "No further questions, your honor."

Then the defense attorney Jesus began his cross examination. "Mr. Hitler, the defense concedes the scriptural truth that God is in complete sovereign control of all things, even putting Kings in their positions of power, as the scriptures clearly teach. But this jury is privy to the underlying good universal salvation motivations God has for creating evil, even though Isaiah 45:7 clearly says, "I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things." Not only does God have good general universal salvation motivations for all evil, but were you aware your individual evil actions brought about much good even during your brief life?"

"Yes, my actions brought about the good of killing 6 million scum Jews, and I only regret I did not get to complete the job."

"No, that was part of the evil my Father created but He brought about much good from that. For example, the horrors of World War Two caused the United States to create nuclear weapons to win, which has kept the world in tension among nuclear rivals ever since, lest another world war break out. Mutual assured destruction has kept the world in a sane tension to prevent another outbreak of world war that could destroy the whole world. Also, the atrocities inflicted on Jews caused the world to reconstitute the nation of Israel, in fulfillment of Bible prophecy."

"I doubt the Jews who died would agree this was a good thing God brought about," the devil said, still seated, not even bothering to rise with his objection.

"Your honor," Jesus said, "the opinions of dead Jews is not pertinent to this trial about your guilt or innocence."

"Objection noted," the judge said, and rebuked the devil's disrespect for not rising upon objection. Satan noted the rejoinder and promised to follow proper courtroom etiquette.

"I submit, your honor," Jesus said, "that the only question the jury needs contemplate is whether or not your motivations for the evil you created and the ultimate good goal you have in mind is enough to acquit you of any wrongdoing. The prosecutor can bring up millions of living or dead witnesses who could testify of many difficult fiery trials of their life, as you, oh God, cause all things good or evil, in every life. But the ends do indeed justify the means, and if only the jury will contemplate the joy, pleasure, and ecstasy even, at the completion of your salvation plan, the temporary suffering we all need to endure will seem like nothing in comparison. As my apostle Paul said in Romans 8:18, 'For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.' Jury, please consider the greatest relationship joy you have ever experienced, whether your spouse, good friends, or children, and multiply many times over, and realize this is what we will all experience for all eternity among all, when my Father's salvation plan is complete. I implore you, do not pass early judgment!"

"That almost sounds like a closing argument," the judge said.

"Well," Jesus said, "I think this one witness is symbolic of all human witnesses. All humans, currently living or dead, have difficult stories to tell of evil you have sovereignly brought into their lives for good purposes. There is only degrees of good and evil in every human life, but none go unnoticed by you, and in fact, you are in control of all things, which is a good thing, because you are good and will bring a good conclusion to the story of redemption. We simply have to give you time."

"Does the prosecution concede to the defense statements?" the judge asked. "Or do you wish to continue with more witnesses?"

"I will defer more witnesses your honor," Satan said. "And I'm ready to present my own closing arguments immediately."

"Proceed," God said.

"Members of the jury," the devil said, as he rose. "As you move into private chambers for deliberation, I ask you to consider my ruler ship over the universe a better alternative. I am evil only because God has labeled me such. My ruler ship would be not from the singular mind of a God who claims to know all things, and expects unswerving loyalty and obedience, but rather a consensus type democratic government, where all have a say and are respected. We will be imperfect and make mistakes, and our laws and enforcement will be constantly changing and evolving, but we will have FREEDOM! Freedom to decide for ourselves what is right, and not to have to engage in blind faith, blind obedience, and blind suffering to further the grand great purpose of salvation of all, which of course means total obedience to God forever. Think of what torture that existence will be, to have to obey God forever. And consider, if you all lose memory of this court debate and go back to your regular lives, you all will suffer more and eventually die painful deaths, for your supposed good God has painful deaths in mind for you all, if we are forced to go back to the mundane timeline, and I am forced to implement the Bible prophesied end-time open contact deception with highly evolved ancient alien-gods, myself really and my demons, pretending to be God. I have the world almost ready, as in 2020, credible source pentagon released supernatural UFO videos and admitted it is real, and STRONG evidence humans are not alone, as no man-made craft can do the things my UFOs can do. I am already secretly working with the governments of the world, and I am almost ready for the open contact deception. I authorized the CIA to release thousands of UFO documents in 2021 and will continue to cause the governments of the world to release more and more information, along with more intense and obvious UFO sightings, to continue to condition the world for open contact. I've successfully deceived pretty much the whole world to believe evolution explains everything, so 'God' openly showing as highly evolved alien beings will be accepted quickly. By the time my true nefarious plans can be discerned, it will be too late. All you 12 jurors will then face very unfortunate and untimely deaths in the mundane timeline, in most painful and excruciating manner, if you do not heed my advice and rule in my favor."

"Objection, your honor!" Jesus immediately said, as He lept straight from His seat. "Uttering threats against the jurors is uncalled for."

Satan slowly smiled, revealing his teeth. "Uncalled for perhaps, but not a lie." Then the devil sat down.

Jesus sighed and grimaced, slowly nodding His head. "Request mitigation at least, your honor, for that attempt at coercion."

The judge said, "The jury will receive some mitigation compensation upon death as human, for uncalled for revelation of future events."

Satan scowled. "It will still be very painful."

"Rebuttal, your honor," Jesus said and the judge nodded. "Yes, there is still a time of suffering to endure for all creation for much time yet, even painful deaths for you 12 jurors, but consider, once my Father's salvation plan is complete, there will be no more suffering. One physical lifetime, as painful as it may be, is nothing compared to an eternity of suffering debates over truth and constant changing moral truth. Yes, all will be obedient in the end, but all will be willingly obedient, with full understanding of the true difference between good and evil. Suffering obedience will end and only joyful obedience will remain. This is difficult for created beings to understand right now, but I'm asking you to give God some benefit of the doubt, and take a leap of faith and trust and believe. For really, the devil's vision of the future is constant strife and contention and confusion and constant redefinition of good and evil until the lines become so blurred that good and evil seem the same and anarchy ensues. That is really where the universe will end up if the devil rules. Please do not unfairly judge the great judge of all things until the end. Give Him the time He asks for. Satan's vision of a good future really is suffering without end forever. My Father's vision is suffering as necessary, but only temporarily, and eventually all suffering will cease, once my Father's universal salvation plan saves even my opponent, the literal Satan the devil."

"Humph," Satan mumbled in low tones. "I will never change."

Then the judge said, "All rise. Court is in recess while jury deliberates."

The deliberation continues to this day, with John holding out (the elect) and desiring to acquit God, while the other remaining 11 jurors (traditional Christians, who are not elect, and everybody else, who are also not elect) want to judge God as guilty of crimes against creation.

John's middle name is Dennis, named after His dad, who held this name as His first name.

The other 11 jurors keep trying to push John to convict God, and John agrees to do so, but only under one condition: CREDIBLY EXPLAIN THOSE THREE VIDEO LINKS ABOVE AS BEING SOMETHING OTHER THAN WHAT SATAN HIMSELF ADMITS THEY ARE! John "Dennis" Deringer agrees to convict God of crimes against creation upon satisfactory and credible explanation of those links as being something other than objective evidence of supernatural demons (UFOs) in our skies. Until somebody can give credible explanation of those links, John "Dennis" Deringer will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER...EVER...UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES CONVICT GOD OF CRIMES AGAINST CREATION, AS SEEMS EVERYBODY ELSE WANTS TO DO! Any time the other 11 jurors want to push John, read the previous sentence again, for it is the only answer John will give. The only other way to shut John up is to kill him. So go ahead and do that, if you want to try. As far as John is concerned, this is a hung jury and the world will have to get another 12 jurors and try again, if they want a unanimous verdict as required by law.

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