The parable of the bad Santa
Bad Santa


A young child named Dennis was lied to by his parents growing up, who told him about the wonderful, generous, Santa Claus, who brought gifts at Christmas time. However, they mostly emphasized to young Dennis the more terrible, and terrifying aspects of Santa Claus' character. They made the analogy of "Father" Christmas Santa Claus to Father God of the Bible, since Christmas has both themes about Santa Claus and the God of the Bible. They thought it was a good idea to terrorize young Dennis with the more negative aspects of Santa/God lest he get out of line in bad behavior. They wanted their son to be well behaved, afterall. The bracketed highlighted words below are examples of the types of indoctrination words young Dennis was repeatedly subject to, screamed at actually, emotional terrorism always followed by physical violence in form of angry spankings and such, until Dennis was well brainwashed to comply with believing evil shit about Santa/God upon negative emotional terrorist words alone, such words intentionally designed to trigger disassociation and PTSD blind obedience to believing evil shit about God and also get as much outward blind obedience to angry commands as possible.

You better watch out, you better not cry
(You better watch out everything you do or Santa/God is going to getcha! He will burn your ass in literal fire for all eternity if you don't be good and perfect little boy! You better not cry or show any negative emotions about any of the "truth" about how a just God must punish in literal fire forever!)
You better not pout, I'm telling you why
(You better not pout at things that don't make sense and desire better answers! Don't ask any good questions! Don't doubt anything I tell you about God, don't question God, or you will BURN, BURN, BURN!!! Why will you burn? Like the song says, I'm telling you why: because you doubt the Almighty loving Father God/Santa, who must burn little shits like you who question God about anything [Dennis was too young to see the obvious bullshit that doubting a stupid human's corrupt beliefs is NOT the same as doubting God]).
Santa Claus is coming to town
(This verse means you must be ready for Christ's return at any moment to getcha! Be perfect and sinless or you will burn! There is a mysterious trinity so Father Santa God is the same as Christ, and coming to town means Christ's second coming is imminent, as the town represents the earth. Santa is coming to town, so quake in fear at your literal fire demise!)

He's making a list, he's checking it twice
(You see! You see! God/Santa is making a list of your sins to show you why you must roast in literal fire forever. He's checking it twice so He can thoroughly explain to you why you must burn! BURN! BURN!)
Gonna find out who's naughty or nice
(His list thoroughly finds out who is naughty or nice! And you know you are definitely not nice at all! Gonna burn, burn, burn, you little bitch!)
Santa Claus is coming to town
(You need constant reminder of the explanation of this verse above as you keep forgetting Christ is returning to earth any moment to get a disobedient little evil shit like you!)

He sees you when you're sleeping
(You see! You see! Santa sees you when you're sleeping, proof He is God, as His omniscient abilities to know all is obvious. You can't hide your badness from Santa/God for He sees you always!)
He knows when you're awake
(Santa/God knows all things, when you are asleep or awake!)
He knows if you've been bad or good
(Santa knows all things, if you've been bad or good, and you definitely are bad, bad, bad! Gonna burn, burn, burn!)
So be good for goodness sake
(So be good or else! A loving God must punish in literal fire forever if you are not good! You are not good, good, good, so burn, burn, burn!)

As Dennis grew up, he tried to forget his traumatic childhood and move on, stuffing his feelings. This only caused him to subconsciously act out and rebel against the invisible Santa, who he felt was out to get him all the time, such belief reinforced by a majority world that insists a loving Heavenly Father tortures the vast majority of His children in literal fire forever. He had hard time making good friends and relationships or trusting people, subconsciously afraid the evil Santa (or his evil human followers, the vast majority) might come down his chimney at any moment, dowse him with gasoline and light a match to burn him to death, just a small taste of greater burning to experience after physical death. His adult work and relationships suffered as result of this undealt with trauma from being brainwashed in childhood with extreme and false evil ideas about Santa/God. As an adult, he knew Santa was not real, but could not shake the negative subconscious conditioning/association of Santa with the God of the Bible, who he sensed deeply was real. Pretty much the whole world insists this "loving" God will torture in literal fire forever, and it was impossible for Dennis to understand the scripture differently until in later years, the true Christ started supernaturally manifesting to Dennis. "He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him." (John 14:21)

A little explanation now for literalists. Over many years, Dennis came to understand the real truth, and discern liars in Jesus' name. The trauma conditioning the literal Satan (notice Santa=Satan if you simply move the "n" in Santa to the end) puts on all human children from birth, at first, and in time, deceives and destroys their innocence, naivety really, as none are born innocent, as per the mystery of iniquity (humans are incarnations of fallen angels) explained on previous pages. So the Santa/Satan symbol represents the false evil conditioning about God children get from birth, eternal torturer monster and such, from family, community, society, and world as a whole. No, my physical parents did not scream literal Santa/Satan obscenities at me, but they messed me up in their own way, as every parent does. This common childhood trauma experience and continued negative life experiences into adulthood is symbolically represented in my story by the evil Santa conditioning, which we all get at first, and the world as a whole likes to reinforce these wicked ideas about God, for the many reasons I detail on this site. The negative bracketed highlighted words symbolically represent the kinds of things real literal demons will scream into one's subconscious mind to add to the traumas of life and program one to believe evil things about Heavenly Father. It becomes supernaturally impossible to undo this damage, except by the power of the true Almighty Heavenly Father's revelations. When the real Christ supernaturally manifests to a Rachel elect, the real truth becomes evident in time, and some trauma conditioning from life can be healed, and even learn to use negative emotions/thoughts to some advantage in supernatural spiritual warfare with real demons, the former compatriots of all true humans on this planet. I emphasize the words all true humans, as we true Rachel elect also contend with apparent humans over the issues of life and the heart, but as I said in previous pages, not all who appear human on this planet really are. Sometimes a Rachel elect is engaging in supernatural spiritual warfare with an apparent human, who is really a literal demon manifesting as human, some even long term members of the community with wives and children. Wake up Rachel elect! Hear what the Spirit says! When open contact occurs with the alien-gods (demons), we must be ready!

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