The parable of Superman verus the Wonder Women and Satan's rage
Superman and the Wonder Women


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Superman became dissatisfied with fucking Lois Lane, as she was a weak human who he had to hold back on superfuck thrusting he would love to do lest he kill her. He got tired of such lame, hold back, weak sex, and broke up with her. Looking for a more robust partner but not sure where he could find one, he went to his fortress of solitude and talked to his dad, Jor-el, whose consciousness was transferred, using advanced Kryptonian technology, into an artificial intelligence computer, where Superman's father, Jor-el, could live forever (hint, hint). Jor-el recommended Superman court another superhero woman named Diana Prince, otherwise known as Wonder woman, who could withstand superfucking. Superman did so and eventually Wonder woman opened her pussy and let Superman unleash superfucking, which was very satisfying. It turned serious when Superman proposed marriage and children to Wonder woman, but she initially declined, and explained that she grew up on the amazon island, which contained nothing but women. She had to learn to get her sexual needs met with other amazon women, and these ones were like spouses to her already, so she only agreed to marry Superman if he agreed to also marry the 144,000 hot polygamous wives she had picked out for him. Superman loved Wonder woman so much that he instantly agreed to this polygamous marriage, his love for her proven by offering NO resistance at all to such an idea, seeming willing to do anything for her. :-) Alas, Wonder woman said she appreciated Superman's willingness but there was a slight problem, because 50% of her girlfriends were currently held captive by supervillains known as the devil and his angels, who were torturing them and they were weeping and gnashing their teeth. "Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins, which took their lamps, and went forth to meet the bridegroom. And five of them were wise, and five were foolish...there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth." (Matthew 25) Although she was Wonder woman, and can defeat several of the demons at once, she is simply not strong enough to rescue all her girlfriends, as each one is guarded by thousands of these demons. But Wonder woman had advanced intelligence and knew where they all were being held and if Superman would rescue them all, the marriage could commence immediately. She explained how Superman can easily defeat them all, because demons fear her hubby's heat vision, which can roast them all and remind them of their fate in the lake of fire. "His eyes are like blazing fire, and on his head are many crowns. He has a name written on him that no one knows but he himself." (Revelation 19:12, NIV) Wonder woman led Superman to each location where her girlfriends were held captive and Superman easily sent thousands of demons fleeing with a single blast of his heat vision. As special reward, Wonder woman and her newly released captive girlfriend gave Superman some hot three way action for every woman freed, and promised even hotter action once the 144,000 polygamous union is put together. The very last Wonder woman that Superman was to free was a special one Diana Prince loved in a special way. Her name was Denise. I said Denise, not Dennis. Diana Prince and Denise had done lots of fucking and sucking and were close in a special way. Denise had all the powers of the Wonder women, of course, as she was an amazon goddess from the island as well, but she also had the powers of super-orgasms and loved to fuck and suck pussy and had constant orgasms in each session, and super squirted too. She had never had a man, but lots of dildos and Diana knew she would love the idea of the real thing in form of Superman's supercock. Denise had special mind powers though and could see beyond the veil of the natural world and see other dimensions beyond the natural, sometimes even able to change physical reality with her mind. She was very intelligent, Diana Prince even a little jealous to share Denise with Superman because her intelligence could almost match Superman's super intelligence, but Diana Prince and Denise had grown close through much sucking and fucking and she determined to share Superman anyway. When Wonder woman sent Superman in to rescue Denise, Superman encountered extreme and unusual resistance. The actual leader of the demons, Satan himself, was there and battled Superman with his entire army of trillions of demonic hordes. Satan had provided all his demons with heat resistant outfits that provided enough protection from Superman's heat vision to cope in battle. Wonder woman and all her 143,999 girlfriends joined the fight and the battle raged 18 years! Eventually, Denise was freed when Superman was able to create, using advanced Kryptonian technology, amplification goggles that super intensified his heat vision to make Satan's heat resistant outfits useless. Superman and his 144,000 hot babe wives went to the fortress of solitude and married and fucked and sucked and pounded each other as long as they wanted. Denise soon confided with Superman and all her girlfriends that the reason they encountered so much resistance in her rescue is she was able to use her special mind powers to overhear the devil's plan to unveil a massive alien-god deception to deceive and destroy the world. The devil discovered too late of Denise's special ability and how she knows all the details of the plan, and Satan did not want to let her go, lest she reveal it all to the world. Denise decided to leave her Superman hubby and the other hot polygamous wives for a time to go out into the world to try to warn. She created a special website to blast ALL of the secret details of Satan's plans out to the world, free of charge, and is proceeding on target, despite periodic sneak attacks from demons.

Denise is a crazy Wonder Woman, as far as amazon princesses go, and demons mostly get their fucking asses trashed when they occasionally come around. The odd time the fight gets too intense even for crazy Denise, her Superman hubby gave her a "signal" watch, similar to pal Jimmy Olsen's watch, which she can use to call Superman. He's usually on the scene within seconds, amplification goggles locked and loaded, but Denise knows she sometimes has to dig in and wait for rescue. Superman is often very busy helping mere mortals and lesser capable humans. He knows his preeminent Wonder Woman can hold her own if needs be. Besides, as a backup plan, Denise's signal watch will automatically alert Superman's superhero friend Barry Allen, aka the Flash, if Superman doesn't respond within 5 seconds. Superman and the Flash are really great buddies, almost as if they both are the same person, since they are so close. Superman does some homo action with the Flash sometimes, and is not jealous at all if Denise wants to fuck and suck the Flash anytime, swinger style. Especially if the Flash rescues Superman's preeminent Denise Wonder Woman, the "man of steel" desires Wonder Woman reward his buddy the Flash with some "woman of steel" action, if ya get ma drift.

After only a few months to prepare herself and say goodbye, Denise barricaded herself in a secret location, unknown to even Superman and the Wonder Women, so as to be undisturbed in her work of exposing Satan's secrets on her internet website. She kept her interactions with the local population low, only leaving her own private fortress of solitude to get food or go for a walk. The rest of the time she just slept or interacted with the world on the internet through her website and social media. The devil and his demons constantly harassed Denise through fake emails, attempted computer viruses, social media trolling, disinformation etc... Their favorite ploy was to send Denise very realistic emails, apparently from the other Wonder Women, about how Superman was in terrible danger/pain and needed her help. Of course, she would call home everytime and it was always fake news. Denise eventually had enough and created a special code word for the Wonder Women to send her, if Superman were ever to really need her help. Until she got that code, she determined to ignore any such demonic attacks.

Satan and his demons, humiliated by their defeat and angry at their inability to stop Denise, discovered a rare form of purple kryptonite that removed ALL of Superman's powers EXCEPT invulnerability. They used it to ambush Superman one day, and were able then to easily take the man of steel captive. "The Lord said to Satan, 'Very well, then, he (Job--Superman) is in your hands; but you must spare his life (invulnerability)." (Job 2:6, NIV) They took Superman to a secret hideout and bound him to a cross and constantly tortured him any way they pleased, not needing to worry in the least that they might accidentally kill him, as his remaining invulnerability power ensured that would never happen. The devil created an encrypted private live internet feed and piped it to the Wonder Women mansion to taunt/torment the other Wonder Women's inability to help their husband. Satan let the Wonder Women know, even if they could find his secret location, ALL his demonic hordes of trillions of fallen angels guard the entrance. The amazon princesses almost went insane with both their powerlessness to even find Superman, let alone rescue him, AND being forced to watch their husband suffer so intensely.

"We need to contact Denise," Diana Prince, the original Wonder Woman said, after turning off the live feed in disgust. "She has special mind powers none of us have and special connection to Superman...when she wants to use it. She could read Superman's mind and find his location."

Peterella Wonder Woman said, "Even if we contact Denise, all 144,000 of us together are no match for that. There's nothing we can do."

"Yes there is," Johnanya Wonder Woman said. "Superman helped Dr. Bruce Banner develop BOTH the powers of Superman AND the Incredible Hulk. In his Super-Hulk state, he could easily kill them all."

"And since Dr. Banner is not a native of Krypton," Paulina said, "he will not be susceptible to purple kryptonite."

"Excellent plan," Diana Prince said and immediately sent an email to Denise with the special code word to let her know this was a legitimate emergency for Superman this time.

The email bounced back with a taunting message from the devil. "We have technology that intercepts any email to Denise and replaces your code word with our fake one. She will ignore it. But have fun trying to reach her."

"Denise told me she plans to return to us for a little holiday in about one year," Jameslisa said. "I'd rather die now than die slowly over a year watching this."

All Wonder Women nodded in agreement.

"I think I can reach Denise," Philipina said. "I'll die in the process but I don't care."

"What do you mean?" Thomasella asked.

"I have some of Denise's mind powers," Philipina said. "Before she left, we had been doing special lovemaking sessions where she taught me how to read her mind during sex. I can do it to some degree. Denise obviously has much greater ability than me, but she was able to teach me some basic things. It is difficult to explain why, but the reality is, this level of intimacy can still be a rather painful experience at my stage of mental telepathic connection with her. I know I can do it, but I'll die in the process. Also, I need 11 volunteers to help augment my mind, who will suffer with me. 10 will die with me, and one will physically age greatly and end up looking about 90 years old, and die shortly thereafter."

"I volunteer to be the 90 year old," Johnanya said.

The only argument the rest of the 144,000 had about this plan was who would get the honor to suffer and die with Philipina to contact Denise and rescue Superman. Eventually 12 volunteers were chosen. Their names were:

Judasella (probably the least closest to Superman but they still loved each other nonetheless)

To harness enough mental connection powers, the 12 had to engage in very intimate mental/sexual connection with each other, pleasurable but also painful, as the good comes with the bad with such levels of intimacy. Philipina was able to show them how it is done, and together they were able to telepathically connect with Denise at her hidden locale. She blazed home.

The 11 were already dead by the time Denise got home, having exhausted all their life energy just to communicate with Denise. True to Phlipina's word, Johnanya had grey-brittle hair, wrinkled skin, and was hunched over like with arthritis of the spine. Her eyes were glazed over, mentally not all there, sort of like she was exiled to an isolated island called Patmos, aka her mind, and she would die there shortly of natural causes.

"My loves are not going to die in vain," Denise said and immediately established telepathic connection with Superman. Superman cried out in more pain when Denise entered his mind. "I'm sorry honey, my love. I didn't mean to hurt you more. My intense need to connect NOW was not meant to cause you pain."

"Who is this?" Superman thought, and Denise heard it like literal words.

"This is Denise, one of your polygamous wives. Don't you recognize my voice?"

"Sort of...I can't remember. Who am I? Where am I?"

"You are going a little mad, my love, as coping mechanism to endure Satan and his demons torturing you. We are sending in the Incredible Hulk. Help is on the way. But you must concentrate enough honey, so I can know where they are hiding you. Don't speak words, or they will know something is up. Just think it to me."

"I'll try." Denise only interrupted Superman's concentration to encourage him when his thoughts were getting closer to the information she needed.

Many slow agonizing minutes later, Denise took on a demonic visage herself. "I have it," she said with a grin and started cackling. "Get Dr. Banner on the phone now."

When Dr. Banner heard Superman was in trouble, he used the very power of flight Superman gave him to immediately appear before the Wonder Women.

Denise said, "Dr. Banner, I have the address where Superman is being held. He needs your help." Denise showed Dr. Bruce Banner the address, which was written on a piece of paper. "You must concentrate and repeatedly attempt to memorize this address."

"I have very good memory," Dr. Banner said. "Even as the Hulk, I can remember a simple address."

"Trust me. Do as I say, because when I show you a certain live video feed, you are going to enter into that raging state of mind that Superman asked you to intentionally take on to defeat that alien fleet years ago. Except this time you won't have Superman beside you to give you direction, nor will you have to intentionally try to do this. This will be pure instinct, and I only hope you can remember this address."

Dr. Banner did as Denise asked, and then Denise turned on Satan's live video feed showing Dr. Banner's friend, Superman, being horribly tortured for pure pleasure and amuzement of sick fucks. Dr. Banner instantly transformed into the Incredible Hulk, and only said one simple phrase before taking off in flight. "HULK SMASH PUNY DEMONS!"

Denise called the devil directly, using the live feed teleconferencing option. "I just wanted you to know something, Satan. We were able to discover your hideout and the Incredible Hulk is on his way now to rescue Superman."

"So what? The Hulk is strong, but we've defeated him before and with less demons than I have guarding this place."

"Yes, but that was the old Hulk. You are not aware, but a few years ago, Superman helped the Hulk obtain the powers of both Superman and the Hulk. This new Hulk is eager to meet you. And since he is not vulnerable to purple kryptonite, I suspected your eagerness might need a little bolstering. Do you want to know the secret handshake that calms down the Hulk?"

The devil's bottom jaw dropped. "Oh, my God," he said.

"No, not God exactly. But more than enough power to kill you all. Enjoy your last few minutes of life."

Just then, one of Satan's top lieutenants approached and said, "Sir, we have a bogey closing fast from the north. What are your orders?"

"Try a last stand! What choice do we have? Order all forces to engage with everything we have. Try the purple kryptonite too. Maybe it has properties on non-Kryptonians I don't know about."

The Incredible Hulk met trillions of demons in the air. He incinerated them all instantly with an intense blast of blue-white heat vision. The devil and thousands of his top lieutenants tried to flee, but they were not fast enough. Hulk-Superman chased them all down and destroyed them all. Satan tried to escape into another dimension, but Hulk used Superman's super vibrational ability to follow him there. Hulk incapacitated the great red dragon with a less intense heat vision blast and dragged him back into earth reality, taking him before Superman.

The Hulk dropped the devil before Superman's feet, who was still hanging on the cross and suffering. The Hulk took Superman off the cross, and it only took a few minutes for Superman's sanity to return.

"Hulk now kill puny Satan."

Superman shook his head. "No, Hulk. Let him go."

Hulk slowly nodded his head. "Yes...Hulk let devil go...for friend." Blue-white heat vision blasted from the Hulk's eyes and the evil leader was no more. "Let go into non-existence...oblivion."

Superman sighed and nodded. "Very well, my friend. Let's get the hell out of here."

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