The parable of the terminator


God speaks to me about the movie, "The Terminator", and subsequent sequels. I'm sure most have seen the movies, or at least know the premise, or can easily search internet for movie summary. Basically, Arnold Schwarzenegger's character, a machine Terminator from a future AI world gone bad, where machines are trying to destroy humanity, goes back in time to kill Sarah Connor before she can give birth to John Conner, destined to be the leader of the future that defeats the machines.

The Terminator goes back to the year 1984 and starts systematically killing all Sarah Connors listed in the phone book, in Los Angeles, as that is all the machines knew about mother of their foe, John Connor, who defeated them. John of the future sends Kyle Reese back in time to stop the Terminator and save Sarah, not telling Kyle that he is actually his father too, for John could not influence too much what he knew would happen, from his mother telling him stories about it all. Holy Spirit tells me this story pictures a common theme in the lives of the Rachel elect. Although universal salvation of all creation is true, and everybody gets saved in the end, Rachel elect refers to first resurrection destined elect, who are closer to Jacob (Christ) as Jacob loved his wife Rachel in the Bible more than his other wife Leah. Leah elect then refers to those in the second resurrection, who don't come to the proper conclusions as flesh and blood, and so Christ is not as close to them, as He experienced similar "fiery" spiritual experience(s) to Rachel elect and came to understanding of universal salvation in the proper motivating way (ie just sin more and let God fix me after death is not proper). Sarah represents a Rachel elect, the heartless Terminator is demons, and Kyle is Heavenly Father, destined to conceive John (Christ) in Sarah. Both the Terminator and Kyle reveal themselves simultaneously to Sarah, and the battle starts for her soul. She is adult by this time, and this pictures how typically around age 30, Christ manifests supernaturally to a Rachel elect. "He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him (John 14:21)." What I am about to describe happened generally in Christ's life too, before age 30, and He was special exception to get the greatest supernatural manifestations, starting age 30, with His baptism, than any other elect. If I am alive for the alien-god (demon) unveiling bullshit, I will get a baptism of power too, but right now, I am living the life of obscurity Christ lived before His baptism. I will get extra power too, and more revelations, once the unveiling starts. But He experienced similar experience too, as all elect, but coming to understanding before age 30, when He started His mission. Typically, with regular Rachel elect, we are doing our religious thing, thinking we are growing and understanding, and doing well in some ways, and then Wham! Your true entry into the tribulation that sends you into the Kingdom of God within, starts in earnest around age 30, and you come to understand you are living the Book of Revelation's judgments, which bring you to understanding the secret Rachel elect's gospel, all I reveal on this site. In time, you complete your particular mission, typically around age 45-50 you know enough of truth and real life experience to understand the scoop and do your thing. I say this website is still just warm-up for me, like Christ before age 30, for my real "mission" will be crushing alien-god (demon) fuckshit, like Christ did for 3 years, trashing and walking all over little scorpion shit like nothing until my "crucifixion", which will be hard, but also fun payback to the alien-god (demon) trash. His life before 30 years was difficult training and supernatural but unseen, then 3 years supernatural victory but sword (spiritual warfare) never departing, then supernaturally impossible sweating drops of blood and painful at the end. I am right about what will happen (in a general sense), but the Lord just won't tell me about the timing of it all. If the alien-god (demon) bullshit happens in my lifetime, then my 3 year "mission" to supernaturally walk on snakes and scorpions (demon trash) will happen during my 3 year supernatural opposition to the visible demons, walking in supernaturally powerful words of wisdom and hope for the world, sometimes displaying more supernatural power than the "aliens", but the world is destined to fall away during the 3 years, so I won't stress out because I KNOW very few will listen to me, nor will they listen to the other Rachel elect opposing these lying alien-god (demon) fuckshit assholes. "Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you." (Luke 10:19) After the 3 year ministry of victory, publically prophesying against the alien-god (demon) trash, like Christ after His 3 year ministry, we few Rachel elect doing this must sweat literal drops of blood, enduring major Satanic psychological/physical attack, but the plus side is we are given total Almighty power for major payback vengeance against the demon trash as well. They will suffer more than us "two" witnesses, one a "Maverick" type like me and the other an "Iceman" type. What I am describing here is the ministry of the two witnesses in (Revelation 11:1). I have already lived Revelation inwardly so understand my personal application here, and Holy Spirit tells me the outward manifestation of these two witnesses will be two "symbolic" men like "Maverick" and "Iceman" from my Top Gun parable, meaning only a very small 2 Rachel elect out of a symbolic 7000, will be blasting pure truth to torment humans at this time, supernaturally protected while doing so, and will make war with the beast at the end,(major payback) be killed eventually, but not before exacting major payback revenge against the devil and demons for Christ and all Rachel elect in history, but then rise from the dead 3 days later. Read The parable of Top Gun to get some idea of the mindset of these two witnesses, which I may be literally one if this all happens in my lifetime, but if not, the two witnesses are just symbolic of extremely small few Rachel elect during this time will be able to perform this role of the two witnesses. Read the Revelation account and ask Holy Spirit to speak to you, for I already understand these two witnesses inwardly, having lived Revelation, but the outward application I only generally understand, as the Lord only gives me greater understandings as the time draws closer. I will understand more perfectly when and if the time comes.

But back to my general common understanding that applies to all Rachel elect. Sarah, like all Rachel elect, got her first shocking supernatural manifestation, when the "supernatural being" (demon) known as the Terminator tried to kill her, but Kyle (Father) intervened and stopped him. Temporarily anyway. I won't go into complicated theology about Holy Spirit, but read rest of my site for proof the real God is Heavenly Father, and Christ is called Lord. The Holy Spirit is called the Spirit of God, so Spirit of Heavenly Father (Matthew 10:20). Your first real supernatural manifestation and battle with demons and Holy Spirit revelations begins your tribulating entry into Kingdom of God within. You will know when it happens and what I am talking about, if you are destined to be a first resurrection destined Rachel elect. In time, Revelation's judgments produce the understandings on my site, which the fake Christians say is fantastic and far fetched. Rachel elect understand in time, and regardless of anything I say. It is all of God, and I teach nobody, though I did this site as compelled by Father, as God does use people sometimes. I find it interesting. Anyway, this first major encounter with demons and manifestation of Holy Spirit to you is like Kyle rescuing Sarah and narrow escape. Kyle tries to convince Sarah of an incredible story about the being that looks like a man is actually a machine and they are both from the future and she must survive to birth John or humanity is doomed. This pictures the whole incredible story I reveal about the mystery of God's elect and battle with demons that none will really believe or understand without God's help, like Sarah did not believe at first, and none in the world were aware of what was going on either. They have more "supernatural" encounters with the Terminator, close calls, human interference etc...and slowly Sarah becomes convinced, as it takes time in life of a Rachel elect too, and many supernatural encounters with demons and Holy Spirit to become convinced about the truth. The attitude of demons can be summed up in Kyle's words to human authority figures, the police, who confined Kyle, representing human "authorities", pastors etc... who will try to prevent Kyle (Father) from protecting and educating Sarah,(Rachel elect) countering with lies that Kyle (Holy Spirit) is full of shit, and the things I say are false, like the cops in the movie tried to convince Sarah the Terminator was just a man on drugs, with bullet proof vest that stopped Kyle's shotgun blasts. Don't talk to humans about what I write people. Ask God! Kyle said to the police, "He'll find her, that's what he does! That's all he does! You can't stop him, he'll wade through you, reach down her throat, and pull her fucking heart out!", meaning pastors and supposed leaders can try to restrain me and dad all they want, but that will not stop the demons (Terminators) from hunting the Sarahs, Rachel elects, on this earth at this time. Kyle escaped, grabbed Sarah, and continued the rescue, as I am also like Kyle, inspired by Holy Spirit to do what I do, and religious authority figures be damned. I know what I know. If any Sarahs are reading this, beginning to have strange supernatural experiences, tribulation, troubles, fears, things happening around you and you can't explain, and everybody just wants to convince you that you are crazy, I repeat what Kyle said, "Listen, and understand! That Terminator is out there! It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop ... ever, until you are dead!" So you either learn to listen to Kyle, the Spirit, or you will die physically before your time! You will learn to listen, if destined to do so, and die the proper way, die to self-will in obedience to the Father, like Christ did, and all Rachel elect eventually learn to do as well.

Once convinced and fully on board with Kyle, Holy Spirit of Father, she begins to believe Kyle and take direction from him, following his lead and learning. They eventually become more intimate and Sarah gets pregnant from Kyle, meaning Father impregnates that Rachel elect with Spirit and Christ is truly conceived within the heart of that Rachel elect, before just playing religious games, preparation for real stuff. In the final battle, Kyle dies trying to protect Sarah, but she manages, just barely, to destroy the Terminator machine with another crushing machine, meaning she has supernatural help from angels, once Kyle dies. Kyle dying represents Sarah, Rachel elect, learning they can no longer listen to human voices, as Kyle was a human voice giving clear direction on things, but at some point, Rachel elect must get weeded off human voices, even human voices like Kyle that spoke some truth. She must understand Kyle is with her in spirit, and learn to talk to Him in spirit, and worship Him in spirit and truth. Sarah was sort of on her own at that point, knowing what she knew, that none else knew or believed, and could not tell others. She gave birth to John and nurtured his growth, preparing him to be a great military leader of the future, meaning Christ will be born more fully in your spirit, mind, consciousness, and will grow. Sarah (a Rachel elect) must nurture, protect, and train, the new mindset thinking of John (Christ) to adulthood. There will always be some Sarah (nurturer, disciplinarian mother, and trainer), and John (freedom fighter, leader, mentor to guide others how to fight the machines/demons), and Kyle (father nurturer, man with a mission to protect "Sarahs" and birth "Johns" [ie Christ] in others, willing to die/actually die fighting the "machines" to protect his love, Sarah) within the heart of a developing Rachel elect until death. It can be a HUGE hurdle to get beyond the universal salvation paradox (and associated universal obedience paradox) to get started on your mission and stay focused and complete it. It is a big temptation of the devil to develop a lazy attitude and get distracted by what Jesus called "the cares of this world (Mark 4:19)." Sarah did not relax and think, John will somehow become what he is destined to be all by himself, and neither should you relax so much. She started sexual relationships with military type mercenary men, and learned what she could from them to teach her son, John. So you will get close to people to a degree, learning what you can from them, as Holy Spirit will cause others to give hints and clues, sometimes not even being aware of how God amplifies what they say and speaks to you. Sometimes Sarah, desiring more intimacy, would tell her men about her knowledge of the future, and "Judgment Day" nuclear war (open visible combat with demons) coming from the machines (alien-gods). That would end the relationship, so you must be wise what you reveal to those around you. Obviously, on this site I just blast the truth, no holds barred and don't give a shit what people think. I am more cautious in personal life with those I am close to, family, work colleagues etc... Use the "military men" to learn information to teach "John", the growing Christ within mindset to prepare John for his future mission, whatever God tells you is your mission in all this that is coming. Both Sarah within the heart, and John within must take this seriously and prepare for what is coming, even though I tell you ahead of time that I have seen the end of the "movie", and Sarah survives and births John. You must still play your part as actor in the "movie", seemingly spontaneously, but the script is already written, and acting roles already done and recorded. You will understand in time. Like I already said, one of Satan's HUGE temptations is to get you to develop a lazy attitude and get overly distracted with the "cares of this world," especially in light of the universal salvation/obedience paradox. However, Father God has already even written these attitudes/actions into His movie script and the remedy. He wrote the book on which the movie was made, after all, and knows how to motivate His characters. Read The parable of Stephen King's son for more hints what I mean. Other "Johns" are being prepared as well for the alien-god (demon) deception to openly show one day, but you will never know who is really a "John Connor" until the fighting starts openly and the machines (alien-gods) show themselves, as Johns fight the machines and show others how to do so as well. Others don't know what to do, or run, or get killed (meaning their independence will be killed and follow after the alien-gods).

One thing that can be rather difficult to grasp in spiritual things is living concurrently in past,(first Terminator movie) present,(Terminator 2 movie) and future (Terminator 3 movie). Father God considers spiritual Husband Christ ONE with His Rachel elect wife, as Husband and wife become ONE in marriage. So the is(present)/was(past)/to come(future) aspect of Christ's nature and revelations applies to Rachel elect on earth at this time. "I (and Rachel) am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord,(and Rachel is Lord too, as she is ONE with her Husband) which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty (only in the sense Christ and Rachel represent Father, who is the true Almighty God)" (Revelation 1:8). So while concurrently living all three movies, I focus my words now to emphasize I'm living the second movie, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, where John (Rachel elect me) is a spiritual teenager and is helped by a reprogrammed Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator to help John battle a more advanced Terminator and rescue his "mother". This means I am being helped by reprogrammed demons (changed Terminators), those humans in the past who came to understand the mystery of iniquity (humans are incarnations of fallen angels, demons) and changed, Christ's disciples and such. These fleshly demons changed with Holy Spirit's help and ended life well, resurrected as spirit beings now into the spiritual Kingdom of God within my heart, but also some walk this earth in human form, sometimes supernaturally revealing themselves to me. Like the Bible, some of the things I say are literal and some things abstract spiritual, and I don't always explain, leaving Holy Spirit to help you understand. In the movie, John risked his life, with the terminator's help, to rescue his mom, locked in a prison nut house. My "mother" Sarah, represents true spiritual family, according to Jesus' definition. "For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother." (Matthew 12:46) So translation is: those Rachel elect who died in times past as human, and are now spirit beings,(reformed Terminators) talk to me in my head (and sometimes literally reveal themselves, pretending to be human, but do supernatural things) and help me rescue my mother, brothers, and sisters, by giving me direction what to do to help my true spiritual family escape the prison nut house that the world locks them in because the world cannot believe Sarah. The prison house is this world itself, the lies all around us, our actual physical bodies, cares of this life, etc...many things conspire to lock up Sarah and keep her from helping John. But John helped Sarah first escape, as I do now by doing this site, with the Terminator's help of course, as the more advanced Terminator is always on my case and tries to prevent me, meaning I am involved in advanced spiritual warfare, but on a rescue mission for my mother, true spiritual family. Together, Sarah (spirit angel family, and the odd flesh and blood human) and John (Rachel elect like me) continue to battle the Terminator (demons) and prepare for the future Judgment Day open contact with alien-gods (demons), which will eventually culminate in "spiritual nuclear war" when the Rachel elect are given the power of the Green Lanterns to wreak havoc on the alien-gods (demons) bastard fucks. Read The parable of the Green Lantern for more details. I mostly work with angels and battle demons, as the world is blissfully unaware of what God is doing, as has always been the case for 6000 years.

As per "is/was/to come" explained above, a part of my spirit exists as adult John in the future, and even as John Connor of the future was battling Terminators, he still sent words of comfort back in time to Sarah, his mother, representing all mature true spiritually minded flesh and blood family out there, who hear truth in my writings, and who may be reading this: "Thank you, Sarah, for your courage through the dark years. I can't help you with what you must soon face, except to say that the future is not set. You must be stronger than you imagine you can be. You must survive, or I will never exist." I am also still teenager John Connor, battling advanced Terminators (more advanced spiritual warfare) with my mother, mostly spirit angel family right now, as humans are mostly unaware. What my future John says, also applies to me at this time as teenager John, and we are also Sarah, for we live all parts/characters in God's parable of human history/experience. Thank you spirit family and human family, those who can hear Christ in the things I write and say. Thank you for your courage through these dark years of preparation. My future self cannot help us with what we must soon face, alien-gods (demons), except to say that the future is not set, from a human point of view, but really it is from God's sovereign point of view. We seem to walk it out spontaneously, Rachel elect. We must be stronger than we imagine we can be. We must survive long enough to birth John, Christ within, and nurture him to maturity. A sovereign God will ensure this is accomplished, or the Johns (Rachel elects) that we are will never exist in the future to send this message back in time to us now. But if you are reading this message, it is a done deal. As Roman gladiators used to say before battle, "We who are about to die, salute you!" Die to self first, then die physically battling alien-gods (demons) openly if necessary, but for sure, Rachel elect have always died battling alien-gods (demons).

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