The parable of Superman's training
Superman's training


This parable is more complex and sophisticated, with various overlapping meanings in the life of Christ and the Rachel elect at this time, and the future battle with alien-gods (demons) one day soon. I will only attempt to explain to those who contact me by email and have read my entire site, and at least taken a stab at trying to interpret it after assimilating all the information on my site.

Superman's parents Jonathan and Martha Kent chose not to reveal to Clark who he was until age 13, because the spaceship that brought him to earth had a recorded message asking whoever found him to do so, because it would take that many years of maturing and adjusting to earth's atmosphere to even begin training in discovering his powers and how to use them. Only at age 13, they were requested to reveal everything and take Clark to the spaceship and place an artificial intelligence helmet on his head, which would take his consciousness into a virtual reality world, where his real father, Jor-el, existed, as Jor-el had transferred his consciousness, using advanced Kryptonian technology, into the AI computer.

On the first visit, Clark learned all the truth, and how his real name was Kal-el, and got to know his real dad, Jor-el, who explained that he was Clark's real father in every way. Since Krypton was doomed, Jor-el had transferred his entire sentient intelligence into the computer and left his body behind dead. Together, in the virtual reality world, Clark learned about his powers and his dad trained him how to use them. The first simulated session Jor-el asked Clark to stand on a railway track in the simulated computer generated world and hold out his hand to stop an approaching freight train. Jor-el explained Clark was invulnerable and super strong and could stop the train. So Clark did as instructed but got run over by the freight train and killed in the simulation. Jor-el transferred his son's consciousness back into a simulated Clark body, bringing him back to "life", and explained that the AI world would have the same effect on him as the real world at this time, since he had to develop certain mindsets and thinking to activate his powers in the real world. Training in a safe environment, where he could come back to life, was necessary, since in the real world, a real train would also kill him at this time in his development. However, the computer would be able to monitor and detect the changes in his thinking necessary to activate his powers in the AI environment, and the train simulation would one day not be able to run him over. Clark still felt pain the same as reality though, so the training was rough, even though he knew he could not actually die in reality. In time, he developed "faith" mindsets to believe his dad told him the truth about all his powers, and that he could stop a freight train in time. After many failures, each one a little less, in time he was able to hold out his hand and totally stop the train, knocking it off the tracks in a spectacular crash.

In similar manner, Jor-el explained each of Clark's powers and gave theoretical instruction and training on mindsets to develop that power, and practical simulated experience in the virtual reality world to use it. It took many years training and practice, and by age 25 he had gotten very good, but only occasionally and secretly using his powers in real life. By age 30, Clark had mastered all his powers so well, that Jor-el suggested it time to reveal himself to the world and gave his son his Superman outfit. Clark did so and Superman started battling bad guys, but in just a few months, Superman faced a major test. Aliens revealed themselves to the world, claiming to come in peace and desire to help mankind evolve more, and assist in bringing peace and harmony to the planet. Superman consulted with his dad, who knew all about the aliens, as they have deceived and eventually destroyed many worlds throughout the galaxy. Jor-el explained Superman could not just openly battle the aliens, since they were not violent at this point, and humans have the right to choose to trust them or not. The humans did not have enough trust in Superman either at this point, since he had only just revealed himself to mankind a few months now. So Jor-el trained his son in spiritual propaganda warfare, and how to detect lies and inconsistencies in the things the aliens said, and told Superman to point these things out to humans, and to do his best to convince the world of the aliens' evil intent. Typically, on other worlds, the aliens' evil plans become evident after about 3 years. Then Superman would be free to openly battle without violating human rights because the world would welcome his assistance.

Superman launched a website to try and counter the aliens' deceptive lies and used social media to try and reach out to the world with the truth. He had limited success, and after 3 years, as his dad predicted, the aliens became obviously evil and the battle was on. Superman did not anticipate the aliens had green Kryptonite though, and Superman got killed in painful fashion, as he was exposed to the green Kryptonite which caused as much pain as the old Roman execution method of crucifixion. The aliens thought they had won. But after much experience in the AI virtual world at dying and coming back to life, Superman had developed the innate ability to rise from the dead, and did so. Once risen, Superman had conquered even weakness to Kryptonite, green, yellow, red...any Kryptonite could not harm him anymore. He defeated the aliens in grand and violent fashion and chased them off the earth.

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