Various ways to spin Bible verses and spiritual concepts upon open contact
Ancient aliens

Chapter Eight


There is always another way to spin spiritual ideas, concepts, and scriptures. Eventually, the devil and his demons will stop conditioning the world with UFO mind games and openly show themselves, pretending to be our highly evolved ancient alien "space brothers" from another dimension/universe, claiming they are basically our "God", having influenced/guided us for thousands of years, from behind the veil of physical reality. For those who think UFOs are NOT real and pure imagination and fantasy best left for the movies, I suggest to click this link for proof they are very real. Upon open contact, these demonic beings will do a wonderfully supernaturally deceptive spin job of confirming the logical end result of evolution: we are all evolving into God! There is some truth to the idea, as the rest of my site explains, but there are big differences between the real God, Father God, and the Created Beings God class (Revelation 3:14). Satan will NOT make these distinctions, of course, once the true God gives the devil the green light to deceive the world more directly/visibly in our 5 sense physical realm. My site is a more powerful counter-measure to Satan's many, many decades now of UFO conditioning for the big event; I communicate the truth as clearly as possible on this site, and let the "chips fall where they may", as the saying goes. I will show my readers some of the ways the devil and demons will spin things, as I sense the Lord tell me the general paradigm of how Satan will present his spin arguments. Although God does not always fulfill the scriptures as we initially think, and after years of maturing, I can also see an allegorical form of open contact has already occurred, I still strongly lean towards this event eventually being literal too. I felt that decades ago and still do, but for reasons of intellectual honesty, I also submit open contact has already sort of occurred in the hearts and minds of the people of the world. The devilish spin arguments below could then be said to be the confusing mishmash that demons already supernaturally project into people's subconscious minds to make them believe evolution explains everything, despite much solid evidence against the theory (for this reality anyway).

They will support the first two chapters on the "Star Wars Saga" page (review chapter one and chapter two if needed) as truth, but modify the last little bit at the end of chapter two to suit their deceptive needs. That little bit at the end of chapter two said: "Jesus crossed the God-barrier and disappeared from the perceptual abilities of all the angels. Father God, the Almighty God came into existence but none could see Him. Nanoseconds later all angels disappeared and all reality collapsed. There was only God. This is where things really get interesting. Please read further chapters to see the ingenious plan Father God hatched to deal with His enemies."

Modify this to read: Jesus crossed the God-barrier and disappeared from the perceptual abilities of all the angels. Father God, the Almighty God came into existence but none could see Him. After a period of time, as the angels continued to battle, they all crossed the God-barrier. After the good angels' leader Jesus disappeared, they were confused about what happened to Jesus and went back to their old ways, not simply absorbing suffering and abuse but inflicting it as well. None understood that Jesus waited on the other side of the God-barrier for all to cross, which they all did eventually, based on their several fighting abilities, most of the good angels crossing first, due to greater love, but eventually even the devil and his angels all crossed and became "God", by adding their consciousness to the omniscient consciousness that is God. The being known as God the Father, the Almighty God, is actually the combined consciousness of all these trillions of angels, both good and evil, but even such concepts of good and evil are meaningless to "God", for all just is. The being known as "God", shares a collective consciousness with all angels. Jehovah is the name for this collective mind, which is sort of like the Borg collective consciousness on Star Trek, but none lose their individuality or are forced to do anything against their individual will, which is automatically and easily submitted to Jehovah, once an angel joins up with "God" and shares the collective mind. While Jehovah is His collective personal name, the Holy Spirit is the actual collective minds that form Jehovah. A good analogy is my name is Dennis, but my spirit or consciousness is the sum total of trillions of individual brain cells (ie one brain cell is likened to one angel mind), and the combined neural energy of each contributing brain cell (ie each individual angel) makes up the collective consciousness (my spirit analogous to the Holy Spirit) that is me, Dennis, typing these words right now. I have many thoughts and make many decisions every day, but my mind is in unison. There is no conflict in my mind when I decide to do something, anymore than there is any more real conflict between Jesus and good angels and Satan and evil angels. When my mind decides to drink a glass of water, my body obeys in unison and grabs the glass, fills it, and I drink. Similarly, when God the Father, Jehovah (the collective mind of angels) decides to do something, all angels act together in unison to make the thing happen. Psalm 139:12 "Yea, the darkness hideth not from thee; but the night shineth as the day: the darkness and the light are both alike to thee." When "God" openly shows Himself to humanity, this "God" will claim this verse proves that concepts like light (good) and darkness (evil) are both alike to highly evolved beings, who mankind can become like as well if we simply trust them and cooperate. Although "God" inspired the Bible, and the Bible has much to say about "good" and "evil", mankind's days of thinking about simplistic ideas of good and evil are over. The Bible was only "God's" simple guide for a primitive mankind, but now that "God" is openly showing Himself, mankind no longer needs the Bible. Our "God" will now show us the true nature of good and evil, and how there really is no such thing. Such primitive ideas were necessary to make mankind war in the mind over spiritual truth, which evolves the consciousness in similar manner as the real war that raged in the preexistence between Jesus and Satan. "God" had to reproduce this battle in the minds of mankind to evolve our consciousness to prepare us to join with "God" when we shed our physical bodies and become "God". Remember, we humans are incarnations of the consciousnesses of the physical creatures that existed in the preexistence and contributed to the evolution of angels. "God" wants us to join with Him and become "God" as well, and share the collective mind, a duty "God" owes us for the part we played in the preexistence to evolve angels into existence in the first place, who then became "God". "I have said, You are gods; and all of you are children of the most High (Psalm 82:6)." Humans are all God-children, evolving into the most High (another name for Jehovah, the collective consciousness)

All of this is lies by the way, in addition to what I will say next. Just because God is the creator of evil, as Isaiah 45:7 says, "I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.", and just because God is sovereign over what He creates (ie all evil as expressed by the devil and demons) does NOT mean God, at this time, directly engages in evil. At this time in human history, all evil is expressed through the devil and demons. Later, in the first resurrection, the true elect will basically be God, sharing directly in God's Holy Spirit, knowing almost all He knows, although Jehovah does not even share 100% total knowledge with Christ, yet I have no doubt Christ has probably 99% total knowledge at this point and the Rachel elect, very elect, will probably have something like 98% total knowledge. Angels are somewhere around 50% total knowledge and humans like me, although I am very elect, still only have something like 3-5% total knowledge at best, and this is focused on spiritual knowledge and less on knowledge of the natural physical world like angels have. "But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise (all angels, especially fallen angels, can be a little arrogant sometimes thinking themselves wise); and God hath chosen the weak things of the world (the elect are as weak as anybody without Christ's strength) to confound the things which are mighty (again angels are mighty in many ways but puny compared to the true God)." (1 Corinthians 1:27) The idea of a collective consciousness will only be true at the time of Christ's physical return (ie the first resurrection), and the idea that God directly engages in doing evil will be true at that time, in that Jesus and His bride (the true elect) will share a collective consciousness and be directly engaging in evil, though with 100% loving motivations (empowered by the real God to be so), any "evil" expressed by God (through Christ and His elect) is negated and eliminated. God is justified in doing evil directly, if that is what is necessary to save all, though at this time, all evil is only done indirectly by God in the sense that God is sovereign over the evil that the devil and demons can do. But the devil and demons will openly show themselves and co-opt this part of God's plan and will claim to be God and share a collective consciousness and have always done evil directly, as I will try to explain. But this will not be true. The devil and demons can read each others' minds so share a collective consciousness, but they cannot read God's mind, nor the minds of the Holy angels. And the devil and demons definitely do evil, but only as the true God allows and directs.

The purpose of the devil and demons openly showing themselves and spinning all these lies will be to tempt people (especially the elect) to put aside the Word of God, written or living, and stop testing these spirits by the Word of God. Once you do that, you will be deceived. We are always to test spirits by the Word of God, written or living. Before Christ, the elect lived the secret things of God privately in their hearts, sometimes having only the living Word to test spirits and learn discernment. After Christ, the elect still live the secret things of God privately in their hearts, but now are allowed to openly preach the deep and secret things of God publically, which requires both the written AND living Word of God working together to teach people, test spirits and live discernment. "Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try (ie test) the spirits (using the Word of God) whether they are of God (1 John 4)." These deceptive lies will be a great temptation that everybody, except the elect, will eventually fall for. Given enough time to be exposed to these powerful lies I am about to reveal, even the elect will be powerfully tempted to fall for this deception, but God will not allow His elect to be deceived. "For there shall arise false Christs (the deceptive demons will claim to be Christ), and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders;(the demons will be able to preform any miracle in the Bible) insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect (but will not be able to) (Matthew 24:24)." If you believe the lie that the devil and demons are actually "God", as they will claim, then it logically makes sense that the collective consciousness that they will claim to share with all spirit beings, essentially makes them all one and the same. Any spirit can claim to be Jesus and Satan at the same time, and an angel of light or an angel of darkness at the same time, and it would be true if they all shared a collective conscioiusness. They will claim to have been playing a deceptive mind game on humanity since the creation of Adam and Eve. They will cleverly endorse everything in the Bible as having happened literally, even the creation of this universe in 6 literal days, and at the same time be able to cleverly deny everything in the Bible by simply admitting to having lied about everything and played mind games on humanity, for our own good, to get us to grapple with spiritual truth, so our consciousnesses could evolve enough to become ready to join the collective consciousness of "God" one day soon. They will claim mankind has evolved enough, as evidenced by our massive increase in knowledge in the past 100 years or so, that they can now openly show themselves and cause us to grapple with a deeper level of truth, that "God" is all of these spirit beings, who share a collective consciousness and have directly engaged in evil for thousands of years to prepare our own sort of human collective unconsciousness to accept them. But don't let your guard down for a minute. It is all a lie.

Here are some scriptural spins that they will use to confuse people and get people to give up trying to understand the Bible and just start trusting what they say, which will be a great temptation in today's Biblically illiterate society. But the true elect will refuse to give up testing these spirits by the written Word of God. Many will fall away immediately and just believe them, and some nominal Christians will struggle for a while, but eventually all humans, except the very elect, will fall for it. The Lord tells me it will take perhaps a little over 3 years for all but the elect to be deceived. I write what I write in hopes some elect will read what I write and be helped. Combined with the demons using their supernatural powers to temporarily do only "good" miracles in order to get a greater payoff in suffering and death in the long run, and showing mankind how to create technology that can duplicate many of their "miracles", plus constant scriptural spins to confuse even the very elect, eventually ALL but the elect will be deceived. Here are some ways to spin the Bible to support their deceptive lies. The book of Job shows that the devil could not touch Job until God stopped protecting Job. Then the devil attacked Job's livelihood, and children. Then when that didn't cause Job to curse God, God allowed the devil to physically attack Job, but put a limit on Satan that the devil could not kill Job. This shows, in traditional theology, that evil is subject to a sovereign God, but the devil and demons will claim to collectively be both the light and darkness in the cosmic struggle between good and evil, simply playing roles to cause mankind to grapple over truth and evolve in consciousness, a reflection of the true cosmic struggle in the preexistence that lead to all angels becoming "God", which mankind can become as well. They will claim all angels are "God" and "God" simply lies and engages in evil as necessary to make mankind grapple with truth and evolve in consciousness to prepare people for open contact and eventual evolution into "God" themselves. For those inclined to test these spirits with the Bible, we have many scriptures to show evil is subject to God, such as when the devil demanded permission to sift Peter like wheat, and God gave permission and Peter denied Jesus three times. The key thing to note is the scripture shows the devil needs permission before he can do anything to God's elect, but these beings will claim this is just a Biblical way of hiding the fact that the devil is as much God as Jesus, and the devil loves mankind as much as Jesus or any angel, and voluntarily submits himself to the collective will of "God" in service to humanity, who need some angels to play the role of evil to evolve mankind.

Their deceptive game plan will be to get humanity to stop testing them by the written Word of God and confuse and frustrate people into giving up trying to understand the Bible and simply believe and trust what they say, since they will claim the Bible was just a temporary preserving influence that mankind no longer needs, since our "God" is openly showing Himself and we no longer need the written Word of God. For example, to prove "God" engages in the evil of lies, these evil angels in disguise as our "God" will point out "And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion (ie another way of saying God lies), that they should believe a lie (2 Thessalonians 2:11)." They will claim this verse and many others prove "God" engages directly in evil such as lies. For those who need more verses to prove this, we have Ezekiel 14:9 which says "If a prophet be deceived when he has spoken a thing, I the LORD have deceived that prophet." Here God directly admits to lying in the pages of your own Bible! And "God" does not simply deceive false prophets and insincere people, but also His own chosen people as Jeremiah, one of God's own prophets, admits God deceived him when he says in Jeremiah 20:7, "O LORD, thou hast deceived me, and I was deceived: thou art stronger than I, and hast prevailed." The Bible has Jeremiah admit that God is stronger than Jeremiah, or any of us, and if God wants us to be deceived, then we will be deceived. Simple as that. But these evil angels will claim to have simply played the role of deceptive spirits when mankind needed such to make us grapple over truth and evolve our consciousnesses. God and Jesus and Satan and good angels and evil angels are actually all one and the same, since they share a collective consciouisness which makes them all the same. They all engage in both good and evil as necessary to help mankind, but stop reading or trusting your Bible, as it is not necessary anymore, since we can now see and talk to "God" directly. That is their game plan. But refuse to stray from the Bible. Point out that the Bible says there are evil angels who are destined for the lake of fire, and these beings are the devil and his angels. Refuse to budge of this point elect. They are liars. There are many verses which could be confused to say both God and the devil are one and the same to support their deceptive theology, but really these verses just show God is sovereign over causing the devil and demons to do evil that the true God needs done to save everybody. For example, the Bible records that King David sinned by counting Israel's army, and the account in 2 Samuel 24 says, "And again the anger of the Lord was kindled against Israel, and he moved David against them to say, Go, number Israel and Judah." Here God moved David to sin, so God caused David to sin, but He did so by causing the devil to tempt David. This actually simply shows God is soverign over the evil the devil does, but these evil angels will claim this proves God and the devil are one and the same, as the same account in 1 Chronicles 21 says, "And Satan stood up against Israel, and provoked David to number Israel." So one account says God caused David to sin and another account says Satan did it. The evil devilish spin is this proves God and Satan are one and the same, but the good and true understanding is God is simply sovereign over the evil that He causes the devil and demons to indirectly do on His behalf. But remember, the collective consciousness idea will come true when the elect (ie the Lamb's wife) share a collective consciousness with the Father, Son, and all Rachel elect through the Holy Spirit, in the first resurrection, and at that time God will be directly engaging in evil through the true Jesus and His Rachel elect, which is good, because only God knows how to engage in evil in a perfect way in order to bring about the greatest good, the eventual salvation of all humanity and all evil angels. It may seem strange to say, but the devil's quality of evil is just not good enough to save everybody, so God must get more directly and obviously involved at some point with His creation, but everything one does with 100% loving motivations, including evil, takes on such pristine quality as to become an unstoppable force. How about this one, the Bible says after Jesus' baptism, Jesus was tempted of the devil. One of the temptations was Satan said he would give Jesus the kingdoms of the world if Jesus would worship him, since they were given to him and Satan could give them to whoever he wished. Jesus did not argue that Satan was the god of this world and owned their kingdoms, which traditionally is taken to mean Satan puts kings in their positions of power. But since these evil angels will claim to collectively be Jesus, the real physical Jesus was on their side and playing along with the deceptive mind games that humanity needed at that time. The devil and Jesus are not at odds, but rather "God" simply wanted mankind to believe this at that time, but rather Jesus was simply lying about things to play along with the idea that there really is some sort of war going on between God and the devil. Mankind needed to believe this lie at that time. But other scriptures make it plain that God puts kings in their positions of power, as Daniel 2:21 says, "And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding." Also another Daniel verse confirms this when Daniel 4:17 says, "This matter is by the decree of the watchers, and the demand by the word of the holy ones: to the intent that the living may know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men." These verses clearly say a sovereign God puts kings in their positions of power, and yet the devil clamied in Jesus' temptation to hold this power. Again, you can say this means the devil and God are the same, and Jesus knew this and simply played along with the deceptive game to help mankind, or you can simply accept there is a real spiritual war between God and the devil, but God is sovereign over the devil, and Satan is a defeated foe and he knows it. Christ totally defeated the devil at the cross, one day soon that defeat will be more fully realized when Jesus returns to set up the literal Kingdom of God on the earth.

I could go on and on, for there are many verses which talk about God being totally sovereign over all good and evil, but I hope you get the point. For those not inclined to think too much or take the Bible seriously, you can easily conclude that verses which show God is the Creator of evil and sovereign over that evil shows that evil is simply one side of the expression of "God", which is necessary to help prepare mankind to also join up with "God" in the collective consciousness one day if we believe and trust these evil spirits, who will claim to be our "God" when they openly show themselves and claim to just be another side of the expression of "God" and mankind is mature enough to start to understand light (good) and darkness (evil) are the same as Psalm 139:12 says, which we will understand better in time if we trust them to help us evolve deeper, as they can openly show themselves now and help with this. But the true elect take the Bible a little more seriously and reach the proper conclusion that there is a very real and literal deceptive devil and demons that are adversaries to God and trying to oppose God, but God in His sovereignty is Almighty and always has ways of turning the evil that God allows (causes) the devil to do into ways of glorifying Himself and furthering His plan to ultimately save all creation. All angels, both good and evil, have no free will either, but do not struggle as much as humans to accept and walk in the truth of God's total sovereignty, although it is still incomprehensible to mighty angels how the Almighty God can simultaneously easily manipulate untold trillions of angels like puppets and also control all realities and all universes and all dimensions as easily as I move my little finger. From our point of view though, even though God's total sovereignty will never make total sense, we are still forced to take life seriously, and discern Satan's lies. Here is the rock of truth you, as King David, must sling at Goliath's head to defeat these supernatural giants. The ultimate Biblical test to prove these beings false is demand they do the one thing the Bible says only God can do but the devil cannot. These beings will be able to do any miracle in the Bible except predict future events, the one thing the Bible says only the real God can do, as proven in many prophecies already fulfilled, a key one in Daniel 2:31.

In Daniel 2:31, Daniel explained King Nebuchadnezzar's prophetic dream of a great statue of a man with head of gold, arms and chest of silver, belly of bronze, legs of iron, and feet with toes of iron mixed with clay. Daniel explained plainly this spoke of world ruling empires with influence and control over Israel, starting with the head of gold, representing Babylon and the King's control of Israel in captivity to Babylon at that time. Daniel went on to explain the arms of silver and belly of bronze represented the Medes and Persian empire and Greek empires that would follow, and Daniel 8:20 plainly names these empires as the Medes and Persians and Greeks, which history shows eventually happened. This really is like blatant cheating of God's part that He is real, for at this time in history we can look back and see plainly all these things happened! And people still say there is no God! Amazing! The legs of iron Kingdom is not specifically named in the Bible, but an honest look in history easily shows the empire that followed Greece and controlled Israel was the iron Kingdom of Rome, the right leg representing the ruling capital in the west called Rome and the left leg representing the ruling capital in the east called Constantinople. This prophecy is so specific and actually happened that critics who don't want to believe in the Bible have tried to claim Daniel was written in about 165BC so the first four empires, including Rome, were already history. This is the only way to try and break this simple and easy to understand prophecy, but it doesn't work. Why? Two legs signified the two divisions of the ROMAN empire! Something that didn't happen until 285AD! Here critics can't claim Daniel was written in 285AD because even Jesus talked about the book of Daniel and called Daniel a prophet. And even if that was true, we exist now in the Kingdom of the 10 toes, so was that a lucky guess? Or was the book of Daniel written after Israel became a nation again in 1948? Wake up people! We are in the time of the end, so now exist during the time of the 10 toes of iron mixed with clay, 10 independent and separate "toe" nations with the "iron" financial and military might to control the world and have influence over Israel but don't cleave together as iron and clay DO NOT, so these 10 nations are prophetically significant since Israel became a nation again in 1948. Even secular authorities admit the G7 industrialized nations, with all their financial and military might, basically control the world and have major influence over Israel, especially the United States because of military and financial aid to Israel, but throw in Russia and it is called the G8, pretty close to 10. The last two toes are probably China and Iran. A little guess work is needed for this last world ruling Kingdom of 10 toes, but this whole dream's specific details about empires influencing Israel, Israel becoming a nation again even, and naming of the first three Kingdoms specifically, and history showing the legs of iron Rome came to pass, and the last world Kingdom now of 10 nations with the strength of Rome, iron mixed with clay, but don't cleave together as the 10 toes are independent nation states, is too accurate to dismiss for any honest person. The iron toes speak mainly of the 10 nations that are independent nation states, and clay emphasizes these nations don't "mix" well, because each has their own governmental systems, but mainly toes are just separate toes. The clay has special meaning in regards to open contact with the alien-gods (demons), and what will be happening with God's Rachel elect at that time.

Daniel 2:43, adds, "And whereas thou sawest iron (human governments) mixed with miry clay (God's elect), they (demon "gods") shall mingle themselves (open contact) with the seed of men (humans generally): but they shall not cleave one to another (God's elect will manifest against human governments), even as iron is not mixed with clay." God's Rachel elect are the clay, who have never mixed well with corrupt human governments, but God has asked us to endure under these corrupt systems for a time. But no longer upon open contact do we have to restrain ourselves. "Then I went down to the potter's house, and, behold, he wrought a work on the wheels. And the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter: so he made it again another vessel, as seemed good to the potter to make it. Then the word of the Lord came to me, saying, O house of Israel, cannot I do with you as this potter? saith the Lord. Behold, as the clay is in the potter's hand, so are ye in mine hand, O house of Israel." (Jeremiah 18:3) Here God clearly says clay represents Israel, true spiritual Israel, aka Rachel elect. This verse talks about the clay (elect) being marred first in life with lack of understanding, maturity, or wisdom, as we all are at first, but God re-makes the clay into something better, and into the final destiny of that particular elect. The verse hints the clay NOT cleaving or mixing with the iron portends outwards supernatural conflict is coming between God's manifesting Rachel elect against humans generally, human governments, and the alien-gods (demons). I say bring it on, bitch. I'm tired of waiting. You can say this is fringe speculation, and my nice "normal" explanation of this prophecy is getting wacky, but I say that is why one must hear Holy Spirit personally to decode the mystery of God, as my site does. The Rachel elect out there understand, and can hear Christ's call to be a Green Lantern in preparation for what's coming. The dream ends with a rock (Christ) being cut out of a mountain without hands and smashing the statue of a man, and the rock grew to become a huge mountain and filled the whole earth. This speaks of Christ's real second coming, once we get past the outward manifestation of the end-time alien-gods (demons) deception, when God dramatically and forcefully establishes the literal physical Kingdom of God on the earth. But since this hasn't happened yet, I will not elaborate further.

"Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand." (Daniel 12:10) This verse speaks both of the end times we are in outwardly for the world as a whole, and how the elect, such as me, always in the fullness of time experience their own individual inward end times and are being tried, purified, and made white in the Lamb's blood of fiery affliction and demonic attack. I have struggled for years to understand what is happening in my life and the world right now, and I know enough to know God considers me wise because I sought His face and understand much, as the verse says, but those God considers wicked will not understand and continue their ways until the Lord's literal soon return. "The anger of the Lord shall not return, until he have executed, and till he have performed the thoughts of his heart: in the latter days ye shall consider it perfectly." (Jeremiah 23:20) I am in my own latter days in my heart and perfectly considered all things and have come to this perfect understanding God speaks about. It is a supernatural thing to understand my site, and God chooses who He will at this time, as I have explained in previous pages. Even though I write as plainly as I can, it is supernatural thing to understand my site and be influenced in the proper, good, and motivating way. And also one's understanding of the truth becomes easy and obvious when you enter your own "latter days". Take the Biblical Holy days, which picture God's master plan to save elect now, and eventually everybody. The spring festivals are Passover, Feast of Unleaved Bread, and Day of Pentecost. These initial festivals are at the beginning of the year, picturing your beginning and early and initial walk with Christ. We start out with simple believing faith by accepting Christ as Lord and Savior, as best we can understand it at that time. Christ is our Passover, as the death angel passes over the doorposts of our hearts as the lamb's blood on the doorpost in the Old Testament account pictures this passing over of the death we deserve to instead start to give us eternal spiritual life in downpayment form now in flesh and blood. As we grow in faith we experience the Feast of Unleavened Bread, as Christ said beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, so leaven represents false teaching about sin and God's plan to eradicate it, and we attempt to put sin out of our lives, to live without leaven (sin and false teaching) but ultimately unable to do so because we are weak, lazy, selfish, and just plain immature and unable to understand how to distinguish the voice of Christ from the devil, whether that voice manifests just in your thoughts, through Bible reading, or through the things people say, as sometimes both the Lord and Satan can use things people casually say to send an elect a double message. To think spiritual truth is only found in Bible verses is naive. I often sense Christ piggyback a unique individual message to me through an apparent unspiritual statement or conversation. I am curious if the person knows what is going on, because it seems they do sometimes, and I know not everybody who appears human really is. But until one matures to understand this experience personally, we tend to be legalistic, thinking our lame outward obedience to some religious rules somehow impresses God and some subtle sense we earn salvation, unable to even conceive of such a thing as universal salvation. The Day of Pentecost within is like when the early church started to move beyond rules and outward obedience and the heart starts to move into inward understanding, as the Holy Spirit came in big way at Pentecost to demonstrate this ultimate reality happens in the heart of all true elect eventually. An example of starting to develop this understanding was a big controversy of the early church was whether or not physical circumcision was necessary for salvation, but eventually the apostles understood circumcision of the heart is all that is necessary for salvation, a painful and supernatural cutting away of the foreskin of our carnal minds and developing the Mind of Christ, belief only salvation (for all creation) and extreme outward obedience also even though it counts nothing towards salvation. The later fall festivals picture your own inward end times later in life, when more mature and able to handle it, and Christ reveals the mystery of iniquity and starts to judge you intensely. The feast of Trumpets pictures the trumpet judgments of Revelation and other judgments of the book during your inward latter days, and you start to live the Book of Revelation and come to understand Revelation is about Christ coming to you personally and supernaturally, like a thief in the night, and you live the reality of the 5 foolish virgins. False or immature believers say true Christians do not live Revelation or the fate of the 5 foolish virgins, but that is a lie and they will find out sooner or later, in this life or the next. Jesus said man must live by every Word of God, both the good parts AND the bad parts of the parables, and Christ lived this spiritual experience too so only the elect at this time are destined to understand. I will live the reality of the 5 wise virgins when I physically die, as I am spiritually awake and alert now mostly, only occasionally sleeping, but instantly able to spiritually awaken and have plenty of oil (Holy Spirit) and ready to physically die at any moment, having overcome the fear of death. The Day of Atonement pictures the Revelation battle between God and Satan within the heart, and the eventual subduing of the carnal mind, representing the devil and demons within. The feast of Tabernacles pictures when we fully realize how Christ is tabernacling in our hearts, and He is revealed within us, and we have entered to Kingdom of God within, as Christ said it is through the much tribulation of Revelation's judgments one enters the Kingdom of God within, where we hear His voice explain all these things I understand and much more. The feast of the Last Great Day, pictures the Great White throne judgment of Revelation, and lake of fire judgment said to torment the devil and his angels and all unrepentant humanity forever and forever, an allusion to how within the heart our carnal minds will experience a certain degree of fiery trials and torment until our physical deaths, but with understanding things get much easier. Don't get me wrong, it is not all just symbolic, as there are literal devil and demons and also a manifestation of the lake of fire after the thousand year millennial reign of Christ soon to be inaugurated in a literal way for a very confused world. But for the elect now, these "latter days" fall festivals (feast of Trumpets, Day of Atonement, feast of Tabernacles, Last Great Day), lived within the heart, are the supernatural revelations of Christ to you personally in physical reality and also in your spirit (mind). The world as a whole will soon understand how these latter days will manifest outwardly upon some sort of worldwide earth threatening scenario, probably nuclear war or total financial collapse, and then the fake alien-god return of Christ unveiling of our supposed "saviors" will start the countdown to the return of the real Christ.

I suggest to read my fiction book, The Unveiling, for a good outline in symbolic story form of how it could actually happen. But as for how one's inward latter days manifest, the details are different for each individual but I can easily detect false believers now with a few choice questions, such as "What supernatural experiences have you had in physical reality pastor when you lived Revelation and entered the Kingdom of God? For example, have you talked with angels in disguise who revealed themselves by doing supernatural things, such as I have experienced?" A pastor who gives me a confused look to such a test question does not impress me. A pastor or even lay Christian who claims to have been supposedly walking with the Lord for 50 years will know all this, because he will have lived Revelation too, even if he does not like to talk about these things because it is controversial and functioning physical churches in today's world must stay within the boundaries of the spring festivals or lose their religious customers and financial support. Nobody likes to be judged and the fall festivals, 5 foolish virgins, and Revelation are just different symbolic ways to describe the redemptive "fiery" corrective judgment for the true elect, as Christ comes to you personally and reveals Himself to you personally and supernaturally, and you enter your own personal thousand year millennium, ruling and reigning your own earth (your spirit), something supernatural only the Lord can help you do in the correct way anyway, so most pastors in today's religiously liberal world don't like to even discipline themselves, let alone the congregation members. And only the true elect could teach it anyway, and there aren't many of us in the world. It takes more strength to rule your own spirit than to rule others' spirits. "He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city." (Proverbs 16:32) Nobody will literally rule the world outwardly with Christ in the first resurrection until they learn to rule their own spirit well. It is difficult for sinners to judge other sinners because nobody is perfect, but judging situations or people as lead by the Holy Spirit is entirely different, as now this is simply the perfect God doing the judging, using a sinner as a chosen instrument. But since unbelievers or immature believers do not hear the Holy Spirit they always accuse you of being judgmental (at least in thoughts even if not verbalized), and in fact, people often feel the most convicted if you "judge" matters only as lead by Holy Spirit, because the Spirit uses your words to impact the other, while privately you know it is really God doing the "judging". But the end result of this process of fall festival experiences is finally being able to overcome sin and put sin out of your life by moving beyond focus on outward obedience, rules, etc...and developing inward understanding of God's mind and building the Mind of Christ within, hearing His voice personally and KNOWING you have eternal life simply by believing what He tells you personally, as my entire site is about all the things He tells me, including how I am greatly beloved and a first resurrection Rachel elect, like Daniel was.

"And said, O man (Daniel) greatly beloved, fear not: peace be unto thee, be strong, yea, be strong. And when he had spoken unto me, I was strengthened, and said, Let my lord speak; for thou hast strengthened me." (Daniel 10:19) The angel comforted Daniel here because he was dealing with some fears, as all humans have fears but don't always understand deeply why, but Rachel elect like Daniel are special targets of demonic attack and attention around the issues of life and the heart. The experience and words of God to one elect pertains to all, so just as all Rachel elect have the same experience and come to the same conclusions, so God's words of commendation apply to all first resurrection destined Rachel elect. We are all greatly beloved! My outward obedience is decent, but I no longer attach salvation to it in any way, shape, or form whatsoever, as all Rachel elect come to understand universal salvation in the correct and motivating way, even facing the lion's den as Rachel elect Daniel did, though he knew he did not have to in order to be saved and in the first resurrection even, but loved Christ and the elect to yet be born, who Daniel knew would benefit from his scriptural example. By the way, Daniel, like all Rachel elect, made tons of mistakes and learned the hard way too how to die well daily, spiritually, to his own will in obedience to Christ, and even die well physically if challenged to face such. But the scripture says NOTHING bad about Daniel whatsoever, only compliments, seemingly perfect from birth, symbolically showing Heavenly Father views His Rachel elect as blameless, even though the Rachel elect have special and unique internal struggles with spirit forces that non-elect (aka Leah elect) cannot understand or appreciate at this time, constantly attacked supernaturally by the devil and demons. I am saved by inward obedience in form of believing only what He tells me, and I also obey outwardly often as I enjoy hearing the voice of Christ moment by moment as I do so. We talk about so many fascinating things I don't even mention all of it here. But one example to illustrate, Psalm 139:16, NIV, says "Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be." Not only does this speak of the mystery of God's total sovereignty and how, from God's point of view, all our days are written in stone (His book) before we were born and cannot be changed, yet the Rachel elect learn to walk in this mysterious truth well, taking nothing for granted in still trying to honestly discern God's will and do it AS IF we had free will, and find comfort in God's sovereignty and universal salvation, but Christ also tells me Daniel's inspiring example and also the inspiring example of all Rachel elect in the Bible are symbolic of the inspiring example of all Rachel elect like me in history who are not recorded in the Bible for others to read at this time, but our Rachel elect lives are written in God's book of our individual lives and will likewise be an inspiring example for the Leah elect in the lake of fire.

My life is sort of like the character Will Ferrell played in the movie, "Stranger than Fiction", in which he starts hearing the literal voice of a woman omnisciently narrating his life as if he were a main character in a novel, yet he is unable to communicate with her. The difference is, in my life I don't hear literal voice of God, but I hear, and I can communicate back and forth with the author (God) as He writes the story of my life, in His Book, as the verse above says, seemingly able to get the author to sometimes write me to do as I wish, but really I know even this seemingly spontaneous interaction and outcome was all written in His Book before I was born. God interacts with His creation in a manner that only seems spontaneous, even with angels, who understand this stuff better than most humans, but I am certainly an angel in understanding compared to most humans, who probably either get very confused reading my site, offended, or just plain think I am crazy. For more Biblical proof of God's sovereign communication style, consider the following account of God discussing with angels how to destroy a man named Ahab in battle. "And the Lord said, 'Who will entice Ahab into attacking Ramoth Gilead and going to his death there?' One suggested this, and another that. Finally, a spirit came forward, stood before the Lord and said, 'I will entice him.' 'By what means?' the Lord asked. 'I will go out and be a deceiving spirit in the mouths of all his prophets,' he said. 'You will succeed in enticing him,' said the Lord. 'Go and do it.'" (1 Kings 22:20, NIV) Notice some key things. The Lord asks for angelic input about how to entice Ahab into a situation that will end in his death. God is in sovereign control of all things, even this interaction, and angels are not as stupid as humans and understand this is God's way of communicating with created beings in an apparent spontaneous fashion. Notice God is not shy about killing people either, as some think. Angels make some suggestions, accepting better than humans can accept how God is sovereignly causing them to do even this. Finally, one angel said he knew how to do this, and the Lord asks him how? Duh!? Did you catch that? Do you think the Lord doesn't really know what the angel is thinking and will say? Wake up people. When you can comprehend God's total sovereignty and total knowledge a little better, you will never read the scriptures the same way ever again. The angel says he will lie to Ahab through Ahab's prophets about Ahab's success in battle. The Lord drops the act for a moment, and makes a prediction that this angelic lie will succeed. He knows all things afterall, even what this angel was going to suggest, and the angel can then proceed on mission, confident he will be able to deceive Ahab, because the Lord's predictions always come true. The Lord commissions this spirit to lie, probably was an evil spirit for suggesting a lie, but not necessarily, as all angels ultimately answer to God, and either side can do any "good" or "evil" thing you can imagine, as it is only heart motivations that determine good angels from bad angels. There is a struggle between a real God and a real devil, but scriptures like this put an entirely different take on it all, don't you think? Things are not what they appear to be. The final thing to note is God has no problem lying and deceiving right now through spirits, to teach Rachel elect like me some deep things. Technically, God does not directly lie here. He just indirectly lies by allowing (causing) the angel to supernaturally deceive Ahab's prophets, who ostensibly speak in the name of the Lord, and they do only in the sense a sovereign God is behind all things, good and evil, for tough training and evolution of all up to His level eventually, Rachel elect first.

Ahab is deceived by "God", not directly, but indirectly, and Rachel elect appreciate his example and contribution in scripture of what NOT to do, but we all experience the Ahab thing in our own way, but I have not physically died yet as Ahab did. Therefore, we Rachel elect understand our duty to save even Ahab one day in the resurrection, as we all should have died before becoming first resurrection Rachel elect. Some evil is necessary to save all, and right now that necessary evil is done through devil and demons, so God's hands can be said to be clean of any evil, kind of a technicality, but if God wasn't a bit legalistic we'd all be fucked because of our sins, but God is justifying His means to save all, and the ends justify the means, but God brings the ultimate good from all evil,(lies or otherwise) ultimately saving all, humiliating the devil and demons along the way, so nobody doubts or questions the real God's motivations ever again, even though the methods leave much to be desired sometimes. So next time you read scriptures describing God as doing evil like deceiving, try not to get confused with the devil's suggestion that God and the devil are one and the same. "And if the prophet be deceived when he hath spoken a thing, I the Lord have deceived that prophet." (Ezekiel 14:9) Blasphemy of the Spirit doctrine says verses like this prove God and the devil are one and the same, because if Satan is the deceiver and yet God admits to deceiving people, does that not make God and Satan the same being? And discerning the distinction here is what the end-times alien-god deception is all about, both inwardly and outwardly. God is simply sovereign over the evil the devil and demons are allowed to do, and God takes credit in scripture for what devil and demons do AS IF He is the one doing it, but really just accepts responsibility for it because He certainly allows it at least. None can argue that! But did you catch even my sly way of describing things here from a human point of view? The real God, Father God, is always the 100% total sovereign power behind all things, both good and evil, so can God really just take credit for things devil and demons do, accepting responsibility for allowing it, but not really be doing it? Well Father doesn't seem to do it directly, but uses interface layers of angels and demons to technically keep His hands clean,(while always being sovereign) interface layers having various degrees of good and evil motivations, the interface layer of created Beings God having the most loving motivations, and can be empowered by Father with as much knowledge, love, and power to get the job done. God's total sovereignty gets confusing doesn't it? And this is how real demons confuse and terrorize people at subconscious level, because we are afraid to accuse God of doing evil and attributing evil to God, so we rather not think about it and run away in our minds, therefore becoming mind control slaves of Satan's deceptions. The answer is God is 100% love and has 100% loving motivations for all He does, including any pain, suffering, and evil. Father God is not evil, although He creates evil and uses it for His good purposes. Labels like good and evil don't even apply to the real God, Father, just part of childhood training really, and angels and demons still have some processing (evolving) to endure in the lake of fire before understanding this well enough to join the collective consciousness of the created Beings God. A Being like Father with 100% loving motivations, total knowledge, and no emotion,(therefore agape love of choice to all creation) can be implicitly trusted but never totally understood. Even the created Beings God, the collective consciousness of all in the end, will never have total knowledge of all things, as Father refuses to share all His secrets. See the link on the main page called, What motivates Rachel elect like me, where I give more details about the concept of the created Beings God, a type of government and collective consciousness that Father is putting together to represent Him when all is said and done.

We should strive, from our point of view, to understand our motivations and make them as loving as possible, but created beings, even the created Beings God, must be supernaturally empowered by Father sometimes with knowledge and loving motivations, and learn to put on a good act sometimes to teach and train others, like the account above the Lord Himself acted as if He did NOT know what the angel was going to ask, but rest assured the Lord knows pretty much everything, being in close mental telepathic relationship with the Almighty Father, who knows all, and certainly when the Lord makes specific predictions like declaring the angel's lies would be effective deception to lead Ahab to his death, the Lord's predictions always come true. Bible describes things both from human relative point of view sometimes, and also God's absolute point of view sometimes, and spiritual maturity can catch this. Father allows (causes) angels, and demons, and humans to do what we do, rightly takes credit for it all, while we appear to have free will and do things, even evil things like the angel account above where angel gets permission to lie from the Lord, and the Lord is the visible interface representing the invisible Father God, and this created Beings God interacts with another interface layer called angels and demons, who in turn interact with humanity and this physical realm. And this created Beings God is constantly being added to through history as more Rachel elect come out from the Father and reveal themselves to angels. I am seated with Christ in Heavenly places (Ephesians 2:6), quite literally, as my higher Spirit Being, God-Being, doppelganger self already has been revealed to angels and demons. Father is the driving force behind all things and only reveals Himself more fully to Christ and the Rachel elect first, which is why I understand these things. Eventually, all Leah elect too will understand the invisible Father God pretty well as I do. If you have read my site thus far, hopefully at least you do not doubt God's motivations anymore for the strange things He does, understanding the big picture and grand scope of it all. Try to remember all this and don't bitch and complain when you end up in the lake of fire after the literal thousand year reign of Christ, as most in the world are Leah elect and it is not your fault, just God's sovereign choice for you if you think like Leah elect and have no desire to understand this stuff, or cannot understand it, and are the type who cannot overcome doubting God about all the truth I reveal on this site. Leah elect cannot get beyond doubting God, or thinking force tactics are necessary to keep order in God's Kingdom, but Rachel elect get beyond considering such tactics for other Rachel elect or Christ. We learn to unconditionally love and support each other, through good communication and understanding. Leah elect not so much. You are not Leah elect you say? You do not doubt God? If that is true, why do you doubt some, or perhaps all, of the things I write on this site, like Leah elect do? All Rachel elect in history came to understand and believe universal salvation in the right and motivating way, risking physical death even sometimes, some actually dying literally. Would you do that? All Rachel elect in history came to understand and believe the truth about the alien-gods, sometimes opposing the human symbol of, evil human authority, to the death in non-violent fashion, letting themselves be killed, if God asked them to. Other Rachel elect would sometimes oppose the human symbol of alien-gods, evil human authority, to the death in violent fashion, destroying them, if God asked them to. We end-time Rachel elect need to be able to do both, if God asks us to. Right now, the alien-gods are any deceptive and evil authority, so you can practice with any human really, as we all do in various ways but perhaps don't understand what we are doing. Your parents if you are young, your human boss, the government, any human actually can play this role, as all humans are made in God's image so everybody is somewhat of a symbol of authority, especially the evil alien-god authority, as we are all evil to some degree, but actual human authority is best practice. I mostly practice with the real thing, battling with actual angels and demons about the deeper issues rather than superficial symbolic battles with humans about superficial truth perspectives. I hear pretty clearly most of the time, and it is all good practice for open contact. I am only human, and if my site baffles, and confuses, and mystifies, imagine what supernatural demons can do if God allows them to openly manifest, razzle and dazzle with nice sounding lies, make you believe it, and able do any miracle in the Bible to "prove" themselves, except they will not be able to predict future events with 100% accuracy. Most people I attempt to discuss these matters with are Leah elect, who tend to run away pretty quick, another characteristic of most Leah elect. Leah elect cannot endure spiritual warfare, and run away! It can all be a little disturbing I understand. :-)

Bottom-line is, God sees all, all is being recorded, our thoughts even, and I, and all Rachel elect, will be an inspiring Daniel one day for the Leah elect, even as Daniel was inspiring Rachel elect for the Rachel elect that I am also. These fall festivals are lived concurrently in the heart, and not linearly, as sometimes supernatural demonic attack is such that I even have to practice the basics of the meaning of Passover, but even NHL superstars must practice the basics of skating, shooting, passing, one never becomes so great in the flesh to never need practice of even the basics. I obey Christ outwardly now, which is only possible once you hear His voice personally and are spiritually awake and alert, spiritually risen from the dead, having truly begun the process of daily dying to self and living for Christ. One can only really do this if one sees themselves as living the fall festivals and can hear Him personally about this and many other things the elect come to understand. I obeyed Him by creating this site, while also KNOWING outward obedience is irrelevant to salvation. My motivation is simply love, gratitude, appreciation, and I am prepared to even die in opposition to these fake alien gods if necessary that the fake alien god return of Christ happens in my lifetime.

"When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him." (Deuteronomy 18:22) So in light of all this, upon the unveiling of the alien-god deception, you need only demand for example these beings predict the exact closing numbers of all stock market indexes tomorrow to test they are really God, but these beings will have some evolutionary excuse why it is not in mankind's best interest to prove themselves in this way, as mankind needs to grapple more with some uncertainty about their revelations to evolve consciousness, but in time we will trust them. But really they are false prophets, demons, and don't want to give themselves away. One can use creative storytelling about the philosophy of evolution to explain ANYTHING, as perhaps many think I am doing too with my creative story about evolution being true in another reality, but not true of this universe. But that is why I say one must admit they hear from the real God personally, to know truths on His matters, and die to self over these truths,(sometimes even physically die) as one of the major ways to prove one really knows God! Jesus proved He knew the real God by His death, and most elect in the Bible, minus the odd killer King David type, proved this, and this is a MAJOR test that the real God uses to PROVE to Satan and demons you are worthy to rule other God-beings as a Rachel elect, in the first resurrection collective consciousness of God, not that one needs to prove anything to the real God, Father, who knows all things. As I said, by death I don't mean only physical death, although sometimes God calls one to that, but always spiritual death to your own carnal mind's way of thinking must happen sooner or later in the lives of the Rachel elect. Here is another evolutionary spin story to conveniently explain away the one test mankind could use to prove these beings true, the ability to make 100% accurate prophetic predictions. They could say their ability to make 100% accurate future predictions is dependent on secrecy and manipulation of minds behind the scenes of our conscious awareness to help make these predictions come true. That is why Bible prophecy always came true, but now that they openly show themselves, they no longer have this power. Do you see? Spiritual warfare is just story upon story, and spin upon spin, but what you are willing to die for, shows what you really believe. Terrorists died flying planes into buildings on 911, so I KNOW they really believed in their "god", as people do not die for a "god" they think is false, but I also KNOW they were following the wrong "God". I cannot prove this assertion against their false "god" to the satisfaction of all at this time, but neither can I prove ANY of the things I write on my site to ANY at this time, since I am only human. The true God proves these things to His Rachel elect, for I am only human at this time and do not have such power. Most of the "truths" we fight about can't be proven in a controlled reproducible scientific experiment, or a big booming voice of God from the sky that at least I KNOW is God, even if others don't hear it. But I can also say I personally KNOW the true God has shown me the depths of His sovereignty over all things, and we have no free will at all, and it is total illusion, and this is a good thing, or else God could not save all creation. So also because of this, this potential argument the false alien-gods (demons) may make is just that, bullshit, as Almighty Father God can easily make any prediction He wants and also sovereignly make it come true, as none can resist His will, since we only have the illusion of free will. I will die over this belief if necessary, but that still doesn't prove I am right. It only proves I really believe what I write and say.

Read The parable of the 95 theses for LOTS of details and scriptures that prove God's total sovereignty, to my satisfaction anyway, and also dismantle many of the lies Christians preach in Jesus' name. If you die for what you believe about God and/or kill, AND you also truly KNOW the real God, only then are you a Rachel elect like King David was a killer for God, yet still knew the real God. But God considers David's attitude less than ideal treatment towards our fellow humans,(but not alien-gods, demons) as shown by the Lord not allowing David to build the temple, because God said David had too much blood on his hands. Sometimes killing is necessary in this world, and we need some King David Rachel elect types in the first resurrection, but God prefers we show maximal restraint towards our fellow humans, who are also fleshly devils, as per the mystery of iniquity, but most don't understand it. However, upon open contact, we Rachel elect will NOT be required to be nice or kind to demons at all, AND I WILL NOT! After the world falls away into their deceptive spin, after about only 3 years I hear the Lord say, we Rachel elect will be given super-supernatural power beyond these alien-gods (demons) to dish out some major payback, but also die in the process, sweating drops of blood like Christ in the garden (psychological pain) and suffering physical pain sensations like Christ on the cross as we do so. God says prophets (human or alien) who fail the test of false prophets we are NOT to be afraid of. Do I sound like I am afraid of them? Only the elect will have supernatural courage like King David to defeat these Goliaths, as everybody else will be supernaturally terrified of them. Everybody else will fall for it eventually. I know from personal spiritual warfare battles over these truths I know that these beings can induce extreme supernatural fear at a subconscious level to cause you to cave. Think of Christ sweating drops of blood in the garden of Gethsemane and you get an idea of the kind of super-supernatural power mere human Rachel elect will have to be endowed with from the true Almighty Jehovah Father God to destroy these demon trash, who will feel MAJOR suffering BEYOND what we Rachel elect will be enduring while we die shedding drops of literal blood. Read The parable of the Terminator for more information about the preparation, training, and destiny of Rachel elect at this time. Without God's help, you will not stand, even though I plainly tell you the test you need to apply to prove them true or not. And if all I write above about personally experiencing the fall festivals, 5 foolish virgins, and Revelation sounds stressful and fear inducing then you are correct, but it is good practice to openly oppose the evil authority, alien-gods (demons), one day soon. Those the Lord is preparing know what I am talking about. Nobody can make complete sense of the Bible's coded way of being written without supernatural personal experiences, both good and evil, and seeking God for personal divine revelation and understanding. Then you start being able to make personal application of every verse of the Bible to your life, and Jesus' words about man living by every word of God makes sense as Holy Spirit helps make this application. It becomes relatively easy to hear His voice and understand the good increase in faith and trust God brings from fear, negative emotions in general, pain, evil, and suffering, and you easily see yourself even in seemingly negative verses like the prophecy in Malachi 3:16 that speaks of the good end result of these difficult experiences to create the proper fear of the Lord.

"Then they that feared the Lord spake often one to another: and the Lord hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the Lord, and that thought upon his name. And they shall be mine, saith the Lord of hosts, in that day when I make up my jewels; and I will spare them, as a man spareth his own son that serveth him. Then shall ye return, and discern between the righteous and the wicked, between him that serveth God and him that serveth him not." (Malachi 3:16) This verse speaks of how the true Rachel elect develop some healthy fear and respect of the Lord's crazy insane love to save you using any and all means necessary, and train you to withstand anything, knowing you may feel alone physically, but God's presence and angels are always with you. You can sense them and talk to God and spirit forces all the time, even the devil and I argue and engage in spiritual warfare all the time. This is what it means to speak often to one another who fear the Lord, talk often to spirit forces in other words because these ones fear the Lord in the right way, even angels on God's side, and certainly demons fear God's crazy love that will do ANYTHING necessary to teach all creation the lessons about love and truth to evolve all in the end up to Christ's level. "...the devils also believe, and tremble." (James 2:19) But humans do not generally understand deeply the issues of life and the heart, so being able to speak often to humans who understand what this fear of the Lord is about is rare. Of course, the verse confirms the Lord hears everything in our thoughts and remembers His Rachel elect in a special book of remembrance, written for His Rachel elect who fear Him in the right and loving and reverential way and who often think upon His name and His burdens and His concerns. We Rachel elect shall be His in a special way, when He makes up His jewels (marries His wives) in the first resurrection, spared further judgment in the second resurrection, likened also unto sparing His own son that serves the Lord. We return, as the verse says, like the prodigal son, and can now discern how God judges between the righteous (the Mind of Christ mindset of first resurrection destined Rachel elect) and the wicked (the worldly-Satanic mindset of second resurrection destined Leah elect). We Rachel elect serve God in our hearts, with true faith and belief, hear His voice and believe and agree with Him always, and can easily discern now those who do not serve the Lord in this way, whereas before we were confused how God can call any righteous verses wicked, when we are all sinners by God's perfect standard. We Rachel elect KNOW we are perfect inwardly only in that we believe the things He tells us, the deep truths we come to know, going deeper all the time, but outwardly we sin as we choose to, just like everybody else. Outward perfection is impossible for regular human beings and NOT required for salvation as first resurrection Rachel elect, and inward perfection is simply to discern the voice of Christ from Satan and believe Christ over Satan. Once I have done that, I am free to enjoy any sin I choose to, as I still believe and agree with the Lord, even though I am too weak to actually perform the Lord's will outwardly all the time. My spiritual Husband, Christ, declares me perfect and sinless by faith alone in believing what He personally tells me, then I do whatever I want.

However, God brings the true Rachel elect to the point that we can at least appreciate how hard it must have been for Christ to have literally become perfect inwardly and not cross lines inwardly into unbelief (sin) and also perfect outwardly with the body. I cross inward lines all the time, for example lustful thoughts of women (like every man who is honest), and outwardly too if I want, but I am still reckoned by faith to be perfect because I believe and agree with the Lord that I should not commit adultery in my heart, or in outward reality too. But of course, I will do so if I want to, just like everybody else in today's sexually crazy world, but for sure the principle still stands for ANY sin people do that they know is wrong, but too weak to resist, and I am still Rachel elect compared to virtually everybody else, who is Leah elect! If you cry foul, that is easy believism, anybody can do that, then I say that is nonsense, because if you have read everything I wrote thus far on my site, DO YOU REALLY FIND IT EASY TO BELIEVE IT ALL? There is a funny saying, "I can resist all things except temptation!" That funny statement applies to all regular humans, but God only allows one to mature to understand the depth of it after making some honest effort to resist your own particular fleshy lusts and temptations and fall flat on your face, unable to overcome in practical outward reality. But Rachel elect at least mature enough to also appreciate Christ's struggles and how He eventually resisted all things, even all temptation, after being supernaturally empowered at His baptism to be able to do so, but He understands our reality, having lived it before His baptism, falling on His face too and always having to get back up, unable to overcome and be perfect and sinless in outward practical reality, until the symbolic baptismal crossing of the God-barrier. All I reveal on my site is true, whether you can believe it all right now or not, and mature Rachel elect will already know everything on my site from Christ personally telling them in their head, combined with personal supernatural experiences, both good and evil, because personal experience speaks volumes! Do you hear Christ confirm everything on my site? Then you are mature Rachel elect. Do you hear Christ in some of it? Then perhaps you are maturing Rachel elect. If you think I am a totally raving lunatic and false prophet, you are Leah elect. Having said all this, if the cause is big enough and important enough, such as opposing the alien-gods (demons) to the death, then we Rachel elect will do that outwardly as well, as we have always eventually consistently done inwardly for 6 thousand years, no matter the cost in personal pain, suffering, or even death, knowing we do not HAVE to in order to avoid hell and gain first resurrection salvation as Rachel elect. We KNOW our spiritual Husband, Christ, is sovereign and will be the One who causes us to do this.

There is a big difference between mental assent to these truths I reveal on this site, and belief so strong you will suffer and die in non-violent opposition to these beings (or even violent opposition) if necessary, despite all I reveal about universal salvation of all creation. That is a miracle only God can do. The Lord will not tell me exactly when all this will start, or if it will even begin in my lifetime, but when it does, approximately 3 years later we Rachel elect will be given almighty supernatural power to deal with these beings, and I sure would love to dispense a little payback if allowed and enabled to do so. I explained the concept of Rachel elect (first resurrection) versus Leah elect (second resurrection) in previous pages, and also the concept of the symbolic 7000 elect on the earth at any one time. But now I feel lead to differentiate a little more. All God's true first resurrection destined elect on the earth at this time are by definition Rachel elect, aka very elect, since all other elect come to realize they are Leah elect in the lake of fire after the 1000 year literal millennial reign of Christ on earth, soon to be inaugurated. But even among the elect on the earth at this time, there are still some like Peter, James, and John, closer to Christ than the other apostles were and special to Him. I am one of those, but this distinction only applies temporarily, as all Rachel elect become like Peter, James, and John before physical death. I am not trying to brag, or show off my knowledge on this site, just stating a fact the Holy Spirit convicts me of. My motives are sincere to help other Rachel elect on the earth. Remember the mystery of iniquity (humans are incarnations of fallen angels) and how only the humble can accept it and anything else the Holy Spirit says? So it takes humility to accept and say this and also humility to say the devil and demons are terrified of what I could do if God unleashed the King and lion aspect of Christ in me to supernaturally oppose these forces upon their unveiling. I have a God given wild imagination, and if you read my fiction book, The Unveiling, you will realize how true that statement is, but none of the wild supernatural stuff in my book even compares to the wilder supernatural stuff in the Bible, and God tells me how the actual end-times will play out will be even more supernaturally wild than even my crazy fictional account of it all. If I am alive to see it, and God gives me supernatural ability to make anything I will become reality as easily as I will my arm to move, then the world will be amazed at what God can do through one weak, sinful, flawed human being surrendered to God. In my own strength I am nothing, but scripture says greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world, and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, and when we are weak then He is strong. Christ said of Paul "my strength is made perfect in weakness". (2 Corinthians 12:9) I am storing up much understanding of my own weaknesses in preparation of a showdown with these forces for a confused world to see. "God hath chosen the weak things of the world (the very elect) to confound the things which are mighty (demons)." (1 Corinthians 1:27) It seems like contradiction, but only when we are humbled and know we are weak and unable to defeat mighty demons, can we do so. Demons may be mighty compared to weak humans, but demons are like weak humans compared to the Almighty God, who helps His weak elect overcome and confound demons.

My way of thinking scares the shit out of demons, who probably given a choice by the Lord to unveil after I physically die or unveil during my lifetime once I am fully prepared, will choose to wait until I am dead. There will always be elect on the earth ready to oppose these forces upon their unveiling, but demons would rather deal with a symbolic 7000 elect with spiritual guns versus one elect like me with the spiritual equivalent of a nuclear arsenal at my disposal, even if I have to suffer and die to use it. "Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord." (Romans 12:19) My understanding and divine revelations go deeper every day, and I may be used of the Lord to demonstrate some 100% King and a lion vengeance to demons who openly show themselves to mankind pretending to be God, thereby making themselves easy targets for my own supernatural payback attacks for what I, and all very elect, have suffered for thousands of years. I have much revelation and understanding, things that Paul also knew and said in 2 Corinthians that these things were unlawful to speak at that time. But not anymore, as we are in the very last of the last days and I plainly reveal the deep mysteries on this site that all Rachel elect come to understand. In Old Testament times, Rachel elect were not allowed to speak of these things, and in New Testament times even Rachel elect like Paul had to hold his tongue about much of it, because it is deep and was unlawful for an immature church to be exposed to it at that time. But this Rachel elect is not hindered to at least write about it on the internet, though in regular life I have not found another who exhibits evidence of Rachel elect understanding like I have. There is a price to pay to be Rachel elect at this time, as "because of these surpassingly great revelations. Therefore, in order to keep me from becoming conceited, I was given a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me." (2 Corinthians 12:7, NIV) Demons torment me too, as they did Paul. It is not pleasant, but does keep one humble and fighting to deeper levels of spiritual warfare understanding all the time. Like Paul, I am not conceited, but I speak with confidence that others do not share and most accuse me of being arrogant. As I said in the page on explaining the mystery of iniquity,(humans are incarnations of fallen angels) one cannot believe that revelation and truly be arrogant, but rather the arrogant cannot receive it. If the alien-god bullshit happens in my lifetime, humans need not fear me, for I will always choose to be more Lamb and priest to humans, but I do not have to be nice or kind to demons. Demons can read my mind and know all about me and are scared shitless of what I could do when fully submitted to the sovereign Lord's direction (still in progress now). Demons know all of the very elect from birth, and it takes a lifetime to come to spiritual understanding and much preparation and practice to fulfill your destiny and defeat them. In the book of Acts, after witnessing the apostle Paul cast an evil spirit out of a person in the name of Jesus, a non-elect tried to do the same to another demon possessed person. "And the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are ye?" (Acts 19:15) Then the demon possessed person violently attacked the non-elect. Demons know and fear only the very elect, whom God supports, nobody else, and you cannot fake beings who can read your mind, so suggest not to try. If the unveiling shit hits the fan in my lifetime, mankind will be glad to have someone like me on their side, but especially some elect may need some help at that time, who will be like the 5 foolish virgins who did not prepare for the bridegroom's arrival and did not have enough oil (Holy Spirit) to trim their lamps.

These alien-gods will not be the literal bridegroom but they will pretend to be and confuse the masses, some elect even unready. Read The parable of the 11 virgins for a story about this. The unready elect may try to get some more oil, but the bridegroom comes in power and the other 5 wise virgins go with Him. I will walk in power at this time, going with Him where He leads like the 5 wise virgins, but there was a time I was a foolish virgin too so understand and will dispense a little oil if I can. But for the most part, the 5 wise virgins had to be hard and go with the bridegroom and leave the foolish virgins to their fate, outer darkness and weeping and gnashing of teeth. Of course, God cannot fail, nor will He, even though it feels that way sometimes, and I explained best I can in previous pages the poetic analogy words about hell being a state of mind likened to fire, and now outer darkness (mental spiritual darkness, emotional pain, confusion, like most who read what I write do not understand or believe, and some may gnash their spiritual teeth especially at God's total sovereignty over both good and evil). If you read all previous pages, you know Christ could speak of these spiritual experiences with such words, as like all of us He experienced doing a few sins too and was attacked by the devil before He overcame and became perfect and sinless, as all those elected (now you know why the "elect" are called so) by Father God to represent Him to a created order and save all this created order must eventually understand God's mind and nature by experience. God is not weak in His goodness to tolerate sin for a season and for a good purpose, just kind, compassionate, slow to anger and wrath, while always under control, and while Satan will torment with evil motivations and for pleasure, God eventually does the same but with good motivations and for your salvation, making His Rachel elect those who are "choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season." (Hebrews 11:25) When you can tell the difference in spirits and respond positively to God's push and save the negative counter-attack for the devil, then you are getting very ready for what is coming. I fear many of the very elect are not ready for what is coming, but I am not exaggerating to say this one speck of salt the sovereign Lord is making me to be is holding back this entire demonic alien-god deception from being unleashed on the world. The Lord will not let the devil and demons unveil until I am ready, and once I am fully ready, they will have to weigh carefully the risks involved with having to deal with a kamikaze elect like me with a wild imagination and the will to spontaneously use that wild imagination as the Lord directs, even if I have to simultaneously endure the physical and mental agonies of Christ on the cross as I do so. This is the kind of thinking one must have, despite knowing all about universal salvation, to not get spiritually lazy and abuse the Lord's grace, but rather develop the opposite attitude and defeat these giants now in the spirit (mind) and also in physical reality if necessary one day. Of course, this mindset is called "the mind of Christ", which only God can supernaturally create in a person over time and experience.

What motivates a person to radical obedience says much about that person, but all elect in history knew the things I reveal here and did crazy things. Daniel in the lion's den, the three Hebrew slaves in the fiery furnace, Abraham willing to kill his son, Jesus Himself, all the apostles martyred except John, many burned at the stake throughout history etc... I do not know exactly what thoughts motivated them moment by moment, but I know they knew all I reveal on this site, as all elect eventually come to understand, and a sovereign Lord spontaneously stimulates both inspiring and terrifying thoughts simultaneously to create a balanced walk in the spirit and even a run in the spirit sometimes. But you only get this way after your preordained and predestined seven times fall. "For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again." (Proverbs 24:16) Since man must live by every word of God, and seven is God's number for perfection, everybody will experience a perfect spiritual fall, making their life a mess and hitting rock bottom in their own way, either in this life or the next. But the elect eventually assimulate the mysteries I reveal on this site, get back up, and finish their course, after they learn to wait on the Lord. "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." (Isaiah 40:31) Experiencing spiritual realities is NOT a linear experience but rather a concurrent experience. You do not wait upon the Lord once and done and on to the next experience. I concurrently am waiting on the Lord, have waited on Him in the past, and will wait on Him again in the future. But renewal comes daily with daily waiting and renewing strength. The ultimate mounting up with wings and spiritually soaring as an eagle will start in my life if the demonic alien-god deception unveils in my lifetime. The Lord will have me ready for it. I could easily and literally fly like an eagle with the Lord's supernatural power to will my thoughts into reality. I will be able to both spiritually run in the spirit and not be weary and literally run in physical reality like Elijah ran faster than a horse, but even faster. (1 Kings 18:46) Even walking in the spirit can be challenging sometimes, but the Lord promises those who wait upon Him shall eventually consistently walk in the spirit and not faint in the heat of the day's fiery trials. My seven times fall could be compared to the fictional boxer character Rocky in the Rocky III movie, when clubber Lang (devil) beat him. Fellow boxer Apollo Creed (Christ) helped Rocky recover the "eye of the tiger" mentality needed to defeat clubber Lang in a re-match. I am in training with Apollo Creed. The re-match will start if the devil and demons unveil in my lifetime, and Rocky won that re-match easily in the third round, as the world will see. The elect have taken enough of Satan's abuse for thousands of years. Time for a little payback. My policy at that time, if privileged to implement it supernaturally for a confused world to witness, will be 100% Lamb and priest to humans, and 100% King and lion to visible demons. Having said that, I am privy to other revelations, for example not all who walk this earth who appear human really are. Some are good angels in human disguise, even close people in your lives, on long term missions to assist you, and others are bad angels in human disguise, likewise even close people in your lives, on long term missions to deceive and destroy you if they can. Lots of crazy stuff already going on that appears natural.

If obvious crazy supernatural stuff starts happening after open contact, I may be called up to active duty to battle these beings, like a reservist soldier given orders by my Commander in Chief, Christ, to go to war. I would prefer not to harm even those who appear human, but focus my whoop ass on the demonic alien-gods, but I have wider responsibility to all creation so must do as the Lord commands. As far as the reservist analogy goes, I am a seasoned and battle hardened spiritual warrior, somewhat recovered from my years of combat, although PTSD, anxiety, and depression are constant low grade companions now, occasionally manifesting bigger. I have learned to turn the negative emotions and fear to some advantage, as it places me in a more higher and focused state of mind if I embrace it in the right way. I am like a soldier whose arms and legs were blown off by a bomb, and lost one of each double organ, lost an eye, lost an ear, lost a lung, lost a kidney, etc...but the government patched me up with bionic replacements and now I am an augmented soldier called the 6 billion dollar man, able to do things normal soldiers cannot do. The government (Christ) appreciates my past contributions enough in wartime to only ask I keep myself fit and ready while on reservist duty, ready for full activation at any moment, which the government ensures they will only do if the alien-gods openly show themselves. I agree with the government to do my duty in this eventuality, as I am well trained, augmented, and experienced, and there are not many others who can do the job as well. "For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God." (Romans 8:19)

Alien dying on a cross
What really died on the cross?

The alien deception is coming, and scripture says creation has been waiting almost 6000 years now for the human Sons of God (elect) to manifest openly and supernaturally against what the Bible affirms are the spiritual Sons of God (fallen angels, our former compatriots). This battlefield for the mind has always been since Adam and Eve but only the elect come to understand what it is all about, and secretly overcome in the mind. God has plans for His end-time elect to no longer battle secretly and seemingly naturally, but demonstrate the battle openly and supernaturally for a confused world to witness. We elect have the advantage if your faith and confidence and implicit trust of the Holy Spirit's leading eventually causes you to embrace radical obedience, no matter the personal cost in suffering or even death, motivated by the truth of universal salvation to be used like a safety net to inspire courage to walk the tightrope across the canyon, knowing all is fine even if you fall (rather than not even try), appreciating Christ experienced all we regular elect experience, except He had to eventually walk across the canyon without a safety net when He was baptised in the Jordan at age 30, and had to be literally perfect and sinless from that point on. Although it feels we have no safety net sometimes, Christ is always our safety net, but appreciate He eventually had none! Universal salvation was all up to Him, and because He succeeded, we all will eventually. God will support such radical obedience attitudes, using knowledge of universal salvation in the right way, and these beings will not be able to stand against us.

"Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father." (John 14:12) Right now the battle is still seemingly natural so the greater works refers to the very elect's ability to speak and write words of truth as I do, and Holy Spirit will use this communication to do spiritual miracles in those destined to be elect. All Jesus' instantaneous physical miracles were symbolic of these greater works of the gradual spiritual miracle equivalent over time in the lives of the elect, ability to heal the lame to walk in the spirit, heal the spiritual deafness to hear the voice of the good shepherd, heal blind spiritual eyes to see truth in the Bible etc...but the greater works shall we do will also be instantaneous supernatural physical miracles beyond what Jesus did as human, as He was unable to do miracles in His hometown due to their lack of faith that He was anything special because they knew Him. But He also rose Lazarus from the dead, which required no faith at all from Lazarus, since dead people have no faith. This is what the very elect will be able to do, instantaneous physical miracles that require no faith, and if that is not enough to make people think, we will be able to make 100% accurate predictions of future events, like Old Testament prophets, that these supposed alien-gods will not be able to do. And the weak, sinful, flawed human elect will be able to call down fire from heaven and roast these supposed "gods". But the price to pay for this power is to practice consistent radical obedience now in personal life, secretly, with no need of recognition or following, content to live a seeming normal life, but ready and willing to go supernaturally public if the unveiling happens in your lifetime. All very elect throughout history knew all I reveal on this site, but they also knew approximately where they were in history to the dramatic showdown. Abel, the first very elect, battled demons daily as well, but knew the battle would not manifest outwardly and phyiscally in his lifetime. Likewise the apostle Paul, who I have quoted before showed he understood about the alien-god deception, as all very elect in history eventually come to know, but Paul also knew the outward and physical manifestation would not happen in his lifetime. I cannot say for sure I will be alive for it either, but it is very possible. We are closer now to this fake return of Christ than ever before, just before the return of the real Christ.

I quote much scripture on this site to try and prove my points, but I also speak parables like Christ. If you noticed I use much metaphor, reference, analogy, which is the primary personal way God will speak to His very elect. You will learn how to interpret His personal speak to you, as guidance for personal living. Here is another parable for you. I liken this end-time lead up to open contact with alien-gods like one last game of chess God challenges Satan to. During the centuries, God has allowed the devil to win some chess games to keep him motivated, but God is in the lead in games won. Now in this very last of the last days, God challenges Satan to one last game, winner takes all. If the devil wins, then God will step down and allow the devil to become God and roast us all in literal fire forever, but if God wins, then the devil will admit God is good and loving to forcefully save the devil and all creation with symbolic fire of any and all means necessary. God makes strange moves in advancing weak insignificant pawns only, while the devil brings out more powerful pieces and attacks God's more valuable pieces, rooks, bishops, knights, but God only advances pawns with His moves. Satan thinks he is winning because he captures many of God's pieces, but eventually sees the strategy and begins to panic. As all chess players know, the pawn is the weakest and most insignificant piece on the board at the start of the game, but in the end game (end times) the pawn can become the most powerful piece. All the pawn must do is survive the warfare and get to the end of the board (survive fiery spiritual warfare) and then the "pawn promotion" move allows the pawn to be transformed into any piece desired, most sane people choosing to make the pawn a Queen (aka bride of Christ) as it is the most powerful piece on the board, more than the King (Christ). The King and Queen are equal (marriage partners are equal believe it or not) in that they both can move any direction, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, but the Queen is more powerful, as she can move in any direction AND also as far as she desires, but the King can only move one space at a time. Christ said the works He did the elect would do, but greater works would we do in our end-time ability to elucidate the complete mystery of God as a witness against a confused world, while helping other elect with the spiritual equivalent of Christ's physical miracles, but also able to do any instantaneous physical miracle regardless of faith level when the alien-god deception plays out, and also able to predict future events accurately 100% of the time. Indeed the Queen is more powerful! The devil now clearly sees God's strategy to promote pawns to Queens and then he will most certainly lose the game. Satan tries to kill some pawns, but pawns can take pieces diagonally and it is a battle, but Satan cannot stop all pawns. One pawn reaches the end and becomes a Queen. Now this once insignificant piece enjoys trashing the devil's pieces and protecting the King. The Queen is the most powerful piece, but the game is all about the King. Lose the Queen and the game is still on but checkmate the King and the game is over. She enjoys being a Queen now, more than just a pawn, getting some revenge on the devil. She protects the King primarily, but secondarily she must protect other pawns to become promoted as well, and her tertiary pleasure is destroying as many of the devil's pieces she can. Two more pawns get promoted to Queens, as in chess one can have as many Queens as desired (Christ has many wives, true believers, aka very elect). Now with three Queens on the board, God is in the dominant position. Three is the number of judgment bringing victory, as Christ said as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the whale as judgment against his disobedience, so Christ would be in the heart of the earth three days and three nights and rise in victory. So too with three Queens on the board, God quickly judges the devil's game a poor one by bringing swift victory and checkmating the devil's King.

This is a play by play parable written sort of like a sports announcer might describe a hockey game. The Bible says life is like a race, so sports analogies are valid, but life is also like a war, so battle analogies and armor of God analogies are valid too. When the alien-god bullshit hits the fan, mankind will be blown away by it all and deceived. I train now for the game/war to come, practicing with my teammates, angels primarily but sometimes humans understand me, and also engage in war games. I listen to my coaches and drill sargents now, whereas I used to get by on sheer enthusiasm and passion and instinct but not so disciplined. Think the famous 1972 Summit series hockey games between the Canadians and Russians. The Canadians won the game, barely, as they had passion and enthusiasm, and played with heart and emotion, breaking sticks and arguing with the referees' calls often. The Russians displayed no emotion, passion, or enthusiasm, but played like cold professionals, cool under pressure, disciplined. I am Canadian, so think more like the Canadians in the hockey game and probably always will, but I am learning the hard way the value of the Russian way as well. I will engage in both styles of play/battle if the demonic alien-god bullshit unveils one day openly, though the Lord doesn't want me to know for sure at this point if it will happen in my lifetime. But if it does, I will consider myself like the first pawn to literally be transformed in physical reality into a supernatural Queen like the game above, with the threefold duty to protect the King (protect His interests by listening and obeying completely, as He will speak in literal voice sometimes), protect pawns (elect who have not quite been promoted to my level of supernatural ability at that time), and trash the devil's pieces where I can (publically opposing the alien-gods' deceptive philosophy, sometimes even demonstrating greater supernatural abilities than these "gods" to make people think). I have had practice in the spirit in preparation for all this, and will be ready if it happens in reality. It seems none on earth are as aware as me, but I know not all is as it seems. I know of no accurate website or public education effort about all of this except my site. Many websites talk about the alien connection to demons, but God has not given them enough specific divine revelation to really understand it all, and I know demons' supernatural abilities to deceive these ones. They will not stand either, based on typical Christian lies on their sites about trinity, free will, eternal torment, and limited salvation of only the extremely small number of first resurrection destined elect. I understand and finally appreciate this chess game has been played in my spiritual life already, and God sacrificed all of His more valuable pieces and many pawns to get me to this point of understanding and revelation. As a Queen in the spirit even now, I will continue to practice protecting the King, protecting other pawns, and trashing the devil's pieces (lies). The world will understand what that means in the physical if it happens in my lifetime.

One last point to make. After Christ's resurrection, the early church continued to display supernatural power in healings Acts for more details. God wanted to give them a good start, but eventually this power faded, as the believers came to realize the spiritual equivalent of the physical miracles is what God desires, and to simply live a seemingly natural life but really a supernaturally quiet life of private obedience to God once you can clearly hear His voice personally, motivated by love, gratitude, and appreciation. No need for fanfare, following, or fame. You can promote the cause of Christ in your own way if you want, but you don't have to, and love should always be your motivation, not charging money like all fake ministries do. Now I do what I do for love of God and Christ, as I am more mature, and not greedy to sell books for fame and fortune. I charge upfront for my hardcopy book only, of course, because human nature does not respect free. Even eternal life as free gift is something most do not understand in the correct and motivating way, so God has ways of making you "pay" for it, though not really, but it can feel that way sometimes. To distinguish myself from fake greedy ministries, I will refund the price of the book to those who buy it and then ask for refund once read, no questions asked. But back to supernatural power manifestations and what, if anything, this will prove when the alien-god bullshit hits the fan. It is more supernatural to live a quiet life of obedience to God, suffer and die even with trust and good attitude, than be a supernatural superstar. Christ did both, and believers who can do both correctly will be needed at this time. But when this all plays out, the reverse of fading power will happen, as true believers continually ramp up in power to oppose these beings, and to help, there will also be an initial extra infusion of power for those like me, who will be promoted supernaturally to Queens extraordinaire, even given extra powers above the Queen's normal ability for a time. The Queen basically combines the ability of both rook (vertical and horizontal moves as far as desired) and bishop (diagonal move as far as desired). To get this thing off to a good start, some special elect like me will temporarily be given a little extra power like a pawn promoted to Queen but also able to do the knight's move (jump over pieces, two forward and once to right or left). This extra power will be my ability to predict specific future events accurately 100% of the time (hearing God's literal voice like human), which the alien-gods cannot do but will spin explanations to deceive, probably claiming I am one of their kind in human disguise to give mankind the proof mankind demands about ability to predict future events to prove they are God, but do it in such a way as to cause some doubt about things to remain within the "evolution of consciousness, grappling over the truth" paradigm, as people struggle to know if I am really a human prophet of God warning about these alien-gods, or perhaps I am really an alien in disguise helping humanity in the strange ways these beings will claim to have done for thousands of years. These explanations may challenge the very elect for a while, but God has ways of breaking through any deception and promoting more pawns to Queens. I will be happy to lay aside any extra powers once more Queens are on the board, and happy to be taken off the board even, once more Queens are promoted to finish the job. Since these beings will claim I am really one of them, these "alien-gods" will convince people that I am the one lying and pretending to be human and pretending to be a prophet of God, because my fellow "alien-gods" and I agreed to continue this deceptive game of grappling over truth to evolve the consciousness of mankind, who still need some alternative possible explanations to challenge us to grapple with "truth", which will help mankind mature and evolve in consciousness to be able to accept them in time. Nice explanation and without ability to read God's mind and discern truth, people will follow the crowd and trust the alien-gods, who will initially bring healing and prosperity to the world, grooming the world like a pedophile might initially be wonderful to a child, but really just waiting for opportunity to unleash the horrors of sexual abuse. It is all about trusting your heart and instincts, or what your 5 senses tell you. But heart and instincts must be trained through tough circumstances in life to cry out to God for real truth, which you must learn to distinguish the voice of Christ from Satan or you will be deceived. Spiritual warfare is tough and topsy turvy, as most will think the things I reveal on this site are lies, but it is truth and only the real God can help one understand that. It may seem sometimes to angels that God does not know what He is doing, seemingly wasting much time, effort, and resources on me. But He knows what He is doing.

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