Conventionally refuting evolution nonsense
Apes evolving into alien gods

Chapter Nine


My specialty is unconventionl theodicy & apologetics mainly by personal divine revelations and supernatural & natural experiences, which I write about in code on this site, and sometimes just blatantly admit things. All elect came/come to understand the things I do, and as a New Testament elect, I labor for the cause of Christ in my own way. Paul understood enough of Satan's origins & evolution lies to do his mission, and put hints & clues in the scriptures for us in these very last of the last days end-times, about the supposedly "highly evolved ancient alien-gods" deception that will openly manifest one day soon and deceive the world. He did not need to know the depth of scientific lies, twistings, creative evolution storytelling of what happened in the past, creative interpretations of dinosaur bones etc... but Paul knew in the very end-times the lie of evolution would overtake the world and be a major challenge for all elect. There is some truth to it. Physical evolution, as explained in previous pages, happened in the reality that birthed Jesus and His angels, and Satan and his angels, and also birthed the associated issues of life and the heart. Some evidence exists for physical evolution, but much against the theory as well, and yes it's just a theory for this universe. It only has some intuitive sense because of our subconscious memories that it happened in our preexistence, where as fallen angels we followed Lucifer there and the scenario repeats itself here for the elect to overcome this time. All humans are incarnations of fallen angels, as per the Biblical mystery of iniquity, and only spiritual evolution happens here, development of mind, discernment, critical thinking, hearing Holy Spirit, and especially IMAGINATION, until an elect comes to understand this. Exposure to physical evolution concepts help spiritually evolve an elect's consciousness to get to this point of realization.

As mentioned above, and as per my specialty, I combat these lies in my own unique way, personal divine supernatural & natural revelations & experiences and from talking to God, and creative communication of such through non-fiction style writing, videos, supernatural & natural storytelling called parables, etc... For those still too much trapped in the matrix illusion of this 5 sense physical realm, I offer this page which is a collection of good sites & resources from people & scientists deemed more "credible" for those who struggle to believe in the supernatural God of the Bible and struggle with the reality of the supernatural all around us. I make myself a contributor as well to this page, as I collect my own form of natural evidence to prove the supernatural God of the Bible. However, I will put myself at the bottom of this page, as this page is dedicated to people & Christians & elect who are more orthodox in refuting the lies of evolution. My section deals with my other specialty, exposing the often unspoken of highly evolved ancient alien-gods (demons really) associated lies, which pentagon released UFO videos, and admissions from credible source pentagon that the UFO phenomenon is real, and STRONG evidence we are not alone, as no man-made craft can do the things Satan's UFOs can do, portends the Bible prophesied end-time open contact deception is almost ready to be unveiled.

Good Resources to Conventionally Refute Evolution Lies

  1. Dr. James Tour

    1. Wikipedia Introduction

    2. In 2001, Tour was one of a small number of nationally prominent researchers among the five hundred scientists and engineers whose names appeared on the Discovery Institute's controversial petition, "A Scientific Dissent From Darwinism."

    3. Spiritual warfare attack on Professor James Tour

    4. Discovery Institute Page for Dr. Tour

    5. Dr. James Tour

    6. Dr. James Tour's youtube videos

  2. Creation Ministries

    1. Creation Ministries specializes in scientifically refuting ALL evolution and deep time ideas, from a Biblical perspective, not just evolution.

    2. Example of Creation Ministries' response to lack of transitional species.

  3. Stephen C. Meyer

    1. Wikipedia Introduction.

    2. Stephen C. Meyerg Stephen C. Meyer received his Ph.D. in the philosophy of science from the University of Cambridge. A former geophysicist and college professor, he now directs Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture in Seattle.

    3. Discovery Science youtube channel.

    4. Stephen C. Meyer youtube channel.

  4. My own ministry site, which you're on, main site starts

    1. Although I respect Dr. James Tour as one of the preeminent scientific experts to refute evolution nonsense scientifically, this is his own quote, full excerpt HERE.

      "I have been labeled as an Intelligent Design (sometimes called "ID") proponent. I am not. I do not know how to use science to prove intelligent design although some others might. I am sympathetic to the arguments and I find some of them intriguing, but I prefer to be free of that intelligent design label. As a modern-day scientist, I do not know how to prove intelligent design using my most sophisticated analytical tools- the canonical tools are, by their own admission, inadequate to answer the intelligent design question. I cannot lay the issue at the doorstep of a benevolent creator or even an impersonal intelligent designer. All I can presently say is that my chemical tools do not permit my assessment of intelligent design."

    2. To me, the answer to the mystery in point #1 above is simple, and I will attempt to show below that there is no such thing as randomly & unintelligently where God is concerned. Perhaps Dr. Tour already knows the answer, but cannot publicly admit it, lest he lose credibility as a sane & balanced scientist, so stays within the boundaries of his spiritual warfare expertise & training & limits. However, the Lord does NOT put much constraints on my free expression. People try to do that but not God. People are dismissive, call me crazy, and try to shut me down in various ways. They're being used by demons to try to discourage & demotivate me. It only makes me stronger in prep for open contact. I understand spiritual warfare better than most, from insane personal supernatural experiences, so I understand this simple answer may elude Dr. Tour and people in general. Although it may seem too incredible to believe, reality itself is ALIVE (called panpsychism)! Dr. Tour could no doubt elaborate better on the simple example I will now give, from my own days of higher education in university biochemistry class. I remember learning how an ATP molecule moves to a certain area of the cell, and gives off an electron to release energy to power a certain cell reaction, becomes an ADP molecule, and then goes to get recharged with an electron etc... I didn't think much at the time, but in my old age, I look back now and ask myself the obvious question: how does an apparently unintelligent ATP molecule know to go about doing this very intelligent and purposeful work? And you could ask the same question about every EXTREMELY detailed nitty gritty operational detail in the cell that no doubt Dr. Tour knows better than me how to describe. Physicists could ask the same question about how atoms and electrons behave, protons, neutrons, quarks, energy strings now they postulate vibrate which creates the apparent physical manifestation of quarks, etc ... everything about reality itself SCREAMS irreducible complexity and intelligent design AND INTELLIGENT OPERATION MOMENT BY MOMENT! A simple analogy might be how a Pinocchio puppet moves about by intelligent human control. Pinocchio is to an ATP molecule as the human handler is to God. All apparent sentient created beings, human or angel, operate on the same principle. Complex to us to understand, but simple to God.

      We exist in the imagination of the Almighty, a simulated matrix-like imagination existence to test you to see if you are worthy of true eternal spirit life forever. I meet God in the dimension of imagination every day, and I am one of God's preeminent elect on earth right now, driving history to culminate in the return of Christ soon. Can you see the obvious? Can you admit the obvious? I ask God to explain His imagination to me. We don't see any obvious visible God-like being(s) (but just wait as open contact is coming--after years of maturing, I can also see that a spiritual form of open contact has already occurred in the hearts and minds of the people of earth, so a literal event might not even be needed) so we just think intelligent reality is random stuff that just happens. An unintelligent ATP molecule moves about a cell as a sovereign Almighty intelligent God causes it to do. Every atom and molecule of our bodies does the same. All unintelligent elementary particles of our human bodies do as the sovereign God wills, who is intelligent. Unlike elementary particles, though, we appear to exist and have free will and apparently think and make choices and do things. But God is 100% totally sovereign always, and all is sort of like an illusion, all good, all evil, all choices, all pain, all suffering, all pleasure, is all being caused by God for the grand great purpose this parable attempts to explain: The Monkey Man Parable. A simpler analogy, using Pinocchio again, might be seeing the puppet dance around and appear to talk. Children are fooled (non-elect), but mature adults (elect) grow up and know the dummy is not alive or really talking. Only dummies believe the dummy is really alive. :-) We elect know invisible strings and ventriloquism are the truth. Pinocchio puppets being manipulated by humans represent humans who are being manipulated by spirit forces, angels and demons, who are in turn manipulated by Christ and His elect, who are manipulated by the One True God. Jesus called Him/It Father God. All creation & realities, apparent sentient or apparent inanimate, IS A PART OF THIS GOD! We're not really alive and independent from God, or ever will be! Compared to God, all apparent sentient created beings are Pinocchio puppets, and God is pulling the strings and throwing His voice. The simple explanation why God does this is He is love, and all God does is the most loving, true, and perfect way to do things. For the long detailed and complex explanation why God does this, please start reading from the beginning of my site:

      We humans are as much unintelligent parts of the matrix as ATP molecules I wrote about above, though it appears otherwise, and the monkey man parable attempts to illustrate this. The buck stops with the true God. But we think we are alive, think, and make free will choices. Even Neo grappled with the Oracle in the matrix about questions of choice, existence, free will: "The Oracle: We can never see past the choices we don't understand. Neo: Are you saying I have to choose whether Trinity lives or dies? The Oracle: No, you've already made the choice. Now you have to understand it." We're here to understand the choices we made in preexistence, and the choices a sovereign God causes us to make now. All choices have already been made. Now we have to understand them. Do these statements seem ridiculous? Of course you're alive and have free will? Perhaps you think Neo just struggled with some things, but you can relate to him because he was human with free will? Can you relate to the programs in the matrix that weren't connected to any humans? They thought they were alive and made free will choices too, but I'm sure my readers would agree with me that they were just sophisticated computer programs made to think so. At one point, Neo, who could fly in the matrix, started manifesting powers in the real world. In my example here, the independent and/or unaware computer programs (like humans deceived by the matrix) in the computer world represent non-elect humans, agents of the system are demons, and Neo and the Zion freedom crowd represent God's lightside elect, both human elect who come to realize they are avatars with a mental connection to a real human in the real world (ie picturing humans connected with their higher God-being self), and lightside angel elect. Some of the elect develop abilities like Morpheus and Trinity, and some elect develop more powers like Neo, but we human elect do so right now only in our imaginations, where God tells us fascinating things and we develop supernatural powers of comprehension of/in the matrix.

      I am like Neo, who died in the matrix but rose from the dead, and then could see the matrix's green computer code and agent Smith (the devil) was no match anymore. Apostle Paul expressed the same ideas when he said he died (Romans 6:8) and yet rose from the dead (Colossians 3:1). Paul (Neo/me) experienced this mysterious death too, while battling Satan (agent Smith), and Paul (Neo/me) rose from the dead. I just express the spiritual truths & experiences using contemporary images & symbols for our modern times, movies, science ideas, etc... These are spiritual statements I make. Paul meant he died to carnal minded ways of thinking and rose to spirit minded ways of thinking, and instead of his carnal mind dominating his spiritual mind, his spiritual mind dominated his carnal mind. Perhaps now Galations 2:20 is more understandable, "I am crucified with Christ (Romans 6:8 "death"): nevertheless I live (Colossians 3:1 "resurrection"); yet not I, but Christ liveth in me (Paul is aware now of God's total sovereignty): and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God (mature elect like Christ & Paul develop deep & rich faith to understand these things), who loved me, and gave himself for me." Upon open contact with the false alien-gods (demons), there will be some elect like me, human "Neos" who manifest Neo-like supernatural powers in the real world. We will be more supernatural than the alien-gods and be able to do more than even Christ did. "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me (in the end-times), the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father." (John 14:12)

    3. I am university educated too, with a B. Sc. in Pharmacy, but my technical knowledge of chemistry is shit compared to Dr. Tour. I forgot most of what I learned in university decades ago, because working as a pharmacist in the real world, you don't really use it. As the saying goes, "use it or lose it." However, I'm still legally entitled to call myself a Pharmaceutical Chemist, but nothing compared to Dr. Tour's knowledge of chemistry. My gift is hearing Holy Spirit speak to me abstract symbolic spiritual truth and communicating it in writing mainly, and can even verbally get on a roll sometimes, but I'm NOT the best public speaker. Since reality is an imaginary matrix, I ask God to explain His imagination to me and I write about what He tells me. Here are some key things God points out to me, and I provide scientific proof and 5 sense data for some of it, not all but some:

      1. Five sense data proof that reality is a matrix simulation, where anything is possible, even the moon can deflate.

      2. This scientific experimental data proves what is true and what is false about physical evolution.

      3. This link makes people THINK I'm crazy, and makes demons KNOW I'm crazy ... hahaha ... do I seem concerned what created beings think, human or angel? I love it and would have it no other way.

      4. Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus never even conceived the matrix could be like this.

      5. If I'm crazy and arrogant to think I'm one of God's preeminent elect, how can I explain the gospel out of this classic Star Trek episode, with Holy Spirit inspiration and wisdom?

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