The Origin of God Operational and experimental science has proven a great many strange things as true. For example, do a google search on quantum mechanics and you will see that it has been experimentally proven that at the quantum level, elementary particles can pop into existence from nothing and then quickly disappear. We don't yet fully understand how something can come from nothing, but perhaps one day we will. Nevertheless, we must accept that this is true, as science has proven it. However knowledge about God and spiritual things cannot be proven by scientific experiments. Such knowledge has to be revealed by the Spirit of God. I can say God speaks to me and has shown me the things I am about to reveal, but of course, I cannot prove it. But neither can any religious leader prove their beliefs or interpretations of holy text or insight. All humans must retain their right to think for themselves and make their own apparent choices (though I will talk about God's sovereignty later to balance out such idea). I simply assert what I am about to reveal to you is true, as God told me, and you must decide for yourself. I freely admit, I am not schizophrenic and hear literal voices, but I simply "sense" God speak to me in my mind, like He does to every human on this planet. Ask God to speak to you and confirm if your heart agrees with all I write. Please read it all before you decide, but keep in mind, dark evil spirits will attack you to create doubt as you do so, for they do not want you to believe or understand anything on this website, or their power over you will be diminished and possibly broken all together.

God is a highly evolved alien, just like on Star Trek and other science fiction shows proclaim! Gene Roddenberry had it right! But he was mistaken on how he dramatized the characteristics of this alien God, as science fiction (inspired by Satan) always shows God to be an evil and capricious God who has flawed morals and always tries to cruelly force lesser evolved entities to "worship" him. In another reality, perhaps much like this universe, but with a virtually infinite amount of time necessary for true evolution to happen, God came into existence. This universe we are currently in has hints and clues to how this happened, but the universe we are currently in is only about 6 thousand years old, according to the Genesis account in the Bible. Let me try to explain....

God has created this universe with certain characteristics to deceive those who want to believe there is no God, and also enough evidence for true truth seekers to know the truth if they are persistent in their search for truth and knowledge, as I am. As I mentioned, scientists have already proven that something can come from nothing, although we can't explain yet how this can be. But this "something" is always unintelligent elementary particles. It is postulated that an infinitely dense elementary particle exploded in the Big Bang, which created this universe. There is evidence for this theory, but all supposed evidence can be manipulated to prove whatever Satan wants you to believe. Check out for a ministry that does a good job refuting all evidence for the Big Bang, evolution, and all other anti-God propaganda.

However, the Bible says with God all things are possible. God has given His creation an amazing imagination to dream up many possible explanations for things. If something was impossible for God to do, we would not even be able to imagine it. But in a universe of virtually infinite possibilities, reality is still what God says it is. God is the One who gets to ultimately decide what truth is, whether natural truth in the objective physical world, or spiritual truth. And God says in the Bible that the universe was created in six literal days about 6 thousand years ago. In the opening chapter of Genesis, the Bible says God created the heaven and the earth, and stars were created several days later. So there was no Big Bang, and subsequent star, planetary, and biological evolution to slowly bring us to where we are. That is Satan's lie. But the mere fact we can imagine such a thing, and find apparent evidence to prove it is a hint that these things happened in another universe and another timeline we are not aware of. God wants His children (humans) to understand His origins or I would not have been able to imagine all that I reveal. At this time in human history, it is important for the near future that humans have some basic awareness of the origin of God, Jesus, angels, Satan, demons, and the origin of this spiritual war between God and Satan, which humans are involved in every day in various ways, and what the stakes are in the daily choices we make. The Bible is our only true and reliable guide to help us discern the mystery of our existence, and the nature of true reality, whether physical or spiritual. But the natural world and even false science, and even fictional stories like Star Trek and the book I wrote called "The Unveiling", can help exercise our imaginations to discern deeper truth behind the veil of the physical. Stories are valuable, or Jesus would not have told stories (parables) with deeper spiritual meaning. That is all Jesus did to teach! He told stories! The story I am revealing about the origin of God, Satan, and the spiritual war can help increase our faith that God is real, a good God, perfect in fact, and that He will win this war of attrition, and all will work out in the end. All that is made is a parable about spiritual things, even the natural world, scientific theories, and even movies and fictional novels. Afterall, the Bible says, "For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse" (Romans 1:20).

So the reality is, in another universe, in another timeline of virtually infinite time, nothing created a particle infinitely dense of infinite energy, yet unintelligent, which exploded into all, coalesced into stars and planets over untold trillions of years. True planetary and biologic evolution occurred in this reality, which true evolution requires trillions of years, not mere billions as scientists claim. In this other reality, the physical beings who evolved into existence discovered natural laws that don't exist in our current reality, laws that prove evolution conclusively, where experiments could create life from non-life and watch it evolve. We don't have these laws in this universe, so creation of life and observation of evolution in action are not possible, but in the other reality, evolution was a definite and proven fact. Even if, as scientists claim, our current universe is 14 billion years old (which it is not) and even if the earth is 5 billion years old (which it is not), that is not anywhere near enough time for true evolution to occur, nor are we able to create life from non-life and watch it evolve, so evolution cannot be proven conclusively for our current reality. But the hints and clues in this reality are meant for mankind to decode at this time. The devil and his angels are going to openly reveal themselves soon and claim to be highly evolved beings come to help mankind. They will be able to reproduce almost any miracle recorded in the Bible, except make accurate future predictions 100% of the time, the Biblical test to prove the alien-gods (demons) are false prophets, and will claim to be mankind's ancient alien "gods"; they will claim to have inspired the Bible and will be able to explain all religions, all miracles, all enigmatic scriptures, and put an evolutionary spin on it all that will sound very believable to those who want to believe lies. They will give mankind new technology to make our lives better, new medical advancements, and will initially be our "saviors" from the heavens. But it is all a massive lie to set us up for destruction. More on that later.

Even in our current universe, we have hints and clues about how this happened. Some stars in our current universe are able to burn trillions of years, the necessary time required for true evolution to occur. These are called red dwarf stars, and because they are smaller, with less gravity and burn less intensely, they do not burn all their fuel and go supernova for trillions of years. True evolution occurred on a planet like this, in another reality, and simple physical creatures evolved enough intelligence to create technology to enable them to leave their planet and colonize another planet before their sun went supernova. They had all the same problems we do with good and evil, and disease, and crime, and natural disasters, but no God had evolved yet so the problems were even more intense in many ways. Yet, these beings thrived and continued to move from planet to planet as necessary to survive and let the slow process of evolution take its course. Inevitably, these physical beings shed their corporeal bodies and became beings of pure energy and light, what we might call today spirit beings recorded in the Bible (angels). And this is the beginnings of spirit beings, God, and the cosmic conflict between good and evil.

As trillions of spirit beings came into existence, they still had conflicts about who gets to define "morality" and truth. These beings had what we humans would call "supernatural" abilities to do just about anything you can imagine a "god" could do. They could warp time, space, matter, reality (both physical and spiritual) in ways we cannot fully comprehend. A great war ensued between two opposing factions. The being we know today called Jesus lead the forces of what we call the light side, and Jesus had His angels supporting Him, and the being we know today called Satan (the devil) lead the forces of what we call the dark side, and Satan had his angels supporting him. Concepts of good and evil had not even been defined yet, as no One True God existed yet, so both sides were engaging in this war using both good and evil means, and each side used good and evil means to order their "society" of followers. Yet there were subtle differences in ideology. For example, Jesus' ideology called for all to cooperate and mutually submit to one another in love, considering all equal, and enduring all things, even pain and suffering, in love for one another, and only occasionally and reluctantly using pain and suffering in a deterrent and redemptive way. Satan's ideology called for discord, strife, and competition and to force submission to the strongest using pain and suffering as a means to intimidate all by fear into obeying Satan their leader; not all are considered equal, and enduring pain and suffering for each other in love was a repulsive and foreign idea, but rather pain and suffering was considered the right of the strongest to dominate the weaker in power, who were considered inferior, and so the incentive was to inspire one another to constantly become stronger to dominate others. All angels came to understand they had some power to consciously propel their evolution forward and possibly evolve to the ultimate state, an Almighty God, all powerful and all knowing. The leaders of both factions (Jesus and the devil) had more innate ability to push themselves and their forward evolution and become God, much like the natural abilities of the great hockey players Wayne Gretzky versus Mario Lemieux. In my analogy Wayne Gretzky a.k.a the Great One (Jesus, as even the hockey world dubs Wayne with a title hinting at his life as a parable of the ultimate Great One, Christ) ultimately won the title of the greatest hockey player and broke all records, but Mario Lemieux was hindered in his quest for greatness due to back problems. Similarly, the devil was somewhat hindered in his spirit due to a greater propensity towards evil than Jesus, and hence lost his bid to become God, but rather Jesus became God. Nonetheless, Jesus and Satan were the only two who had any hope of becoming God, and like Wayne and Mario, they had to practice and push themselves to develop their greater natural abilities to succeed. Nothing comes easy and greatness had to be developed. All creation will thank Jesus one day, but still the battle rages for many reasons. But had the devil won, it would be a far less pleasant universe for us all, much like if Adolf Hitler had won World War Two the earth would be far less pleasant world for us all. Let me try to further explain....

These spirit beings were what we would call immortal and virtually omnipotent, but not totally, as the Almighty Lord Jesus Christ had not yet become God. These beings could not kill each other, but they could cause either side pain and suffering to distract them from concentrating their mind powers to propel their forward evolution. They could also capture opposing forces and imprison them to neutralize their contribution to their leaders. While imprisoned, they would be tortured to also keep them distracted and unable to develop enough power to escape. Missions on either side ensued to rescue captured comrades, at great risk to themselves. The name of this nasty war game can be compared to Chess, the ultimate goal of the game to capture the King (white King is Jesus and black king is Satan). Some pieces are more powerful like the Queen (aka perhaps like Michael the Archangel) and spirit beings of lesser power and ability like Knights, rooks, bishops, and pawns. Satan had equivalent pieces in his arsenal too, but we know the White King won.

As in Chess, all pieces fight to protect their King. Jesus' angels protected Him, while He concentrated on propelling His forward evolution to become God. Likewise Satan's angels did the same thing while Satan tried to become God. The war continued for a long time as we understand time. I have no idea how long, but even Word War Two took many years to defeat the madman known as Adolf Hitler. The race was tight. Jesus would leap ahead, and then Satan would sometimes take the lead. They could see the finish line up ahead, and both desperately wanted and needed to break the God-barrier to become God, for they both believed they needed to be Almighty to bring order to the cosmos in their own way. The devil would have ruled much like an evil dictator in this world, whereas Jesus intended to rule more like a consensus government like a democracy. Here is where another analogy can help us understand. In the Star Wars universe, the battle was between two opposing types of government, the evil sith Emperor and Darth Vader like the devil, ruling by fear, and pain, and force, and the dark side of the force, versus the Republic ruling by democracy and consensus and the Jedi using the light side of the force. The battle was fierce and the outcome uncertain. But thankfully, Jesus learned the secret which would guarantee Him victory, and He became the being we know today as God the Father, otherwise known as Jehovah. Read the next chapter to learn and understand this secret.