Motivations of the true elect
Motivations for spiritual warfare

Chapter Thirteen


What motivates Rachel elect like me to do what we do? I used to think like Leah elect, absorbed with the cares of this life, thinking God is too big a mystery for me to figure out. Just believe God loves me unconditionally and somehow I'll get to heaven. Just trust God with that decision, because we'll never have all the answers. And yes there will always be truth to those statements, but if you have read all my site thus far, there are many deep things God DOES eventually reveal to all His Rachel elect! When Paul had his road to damascus experience, Christ started to reveal the mystery of iniquity (humans are incarnations of fallen angels) to Paul and he disappered for 13 years to work through it all. Then he came out fighting. For me it has been about 18 years, but I did not have the background in the Old Testament Paul had, and I live in rich secular Canada, where the cultural attitude is "Keep that religious nonsense in your church, as we are sophisticated here in the west and know we evolved from pond scum and there is no God!" It is hard here to engage in any passionate spiritual warfare debate about spiritual things, as I find Canadians are dismissive and typically walk away. Paul had passionate believers in God in his day at least who loved to talk about God! Now thousands of years later, with European history of religious violence, burnings at stake, inquisitions, etc...the world backlash has been to separate church and state and create secular democracies to keep order. I think secular democracies WERE the best solution for sinful, flawed human beings at the time, but this type of government is losing its way, soon to be replaced by the literal Kingdom of God on the earth. In Canada, the two hot button issues of murdering babies in the womb right up to 9 months, and gay marriage is legal now, cannot be solved in a godly way because secular leaders are not held accountable to a higher power on such important issues. I certainly don't want to live in a theocracy until Christ openly reveals Himself to the world, but some issues are important enough that the elected leaders should admit they are accountable to the God of the Bible and simply take a stand using the already legal notwithstanding clause. But Canadians are to blame for this state of things, because the citizens have bought into the lie that church and state can be totally separate, and demand their politicians never openly talk about that "evil" religion stuff. It is not possible to totally separate church and state, as there is a little instinctive "religion" (conscience) in us all, or else the government would not naturally know to enforce 4 of the 10 commandments about "Thou shalt not steal", and "Thou shalt not kill", and "Thou shalt not bear false witness" (ie lie, for example lying in court is called perjury and can lead to jail sentence), and "Thou shalt not covet" (ie you covet, desire something unlawful, before stealing, so enforcing command against stealing automatically covers this one too). But then the confused politicians often bastardize definitions of God's commandments, for example the baby is only legally alive once it is fully out of the birth canal and umbilical cord is cut. Until then you can kill that blob of non-human flesh, right up to 9 months, just before birth. Ridiculous! Canadians should refuse to vote for a leader who will not admit there is a God based on simple, easy to understand fulfilled prophecy like Nebuchadnezzar's dream of the statue of a man containing five different metals predicts five world ruling empires, which Daniel plainly told us, starting in Daniel 2:31. Daniel blatantly tells us these five empires would hold sway over Israel until the return of Christ, even naming the first three empires as Babylon/Gold, Medes-Persians/Silver, and Greece/Bronze,(see Daniel 8:20) and history showed these empires indeed came and went, and the fourth empire easy to see was Rome, and the fifth world empire of 10 independent "toes" (independent nation states) is our end-time financially and militarily powerful G8 nations, last two probably China and Iran,(minor guesswork needed on last empire). Yes, I've heard the typical debunk that skeptics try to use to break this simple and easy to understand prophecy. Click HERE to understand why it is in error.

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Elected leaders must defer to the God of the Bible on such important issues as murdering unborn babies, and marriage, the stable building block of society and families. They could simply say, "Notwithstanding we don't want to create a theocracy, nonetheless simple and fulfilled prophecy proves the Bible true and on VERY important issues we will simply defer to God. Notwithstanding people want the legal right to murder babies for their convenience, we will no longer allow abortion beyond first trimester, when brain waves are detected, proving life and sentient consciousness, that which makes us alive and human, BECAUSE GOD SAYS MURDER IS WRONG! Notwithstanding people want to redefine marriage as anything consenting adults want, can be gay marriage, polygamy marriage, incest marriage of parents with adult children over 18 etc....we will no longer allow legal marriage to be anything other than one man and one woman, BECAUSE GOD SAYS SO!"

I liken my maturing process to the United States' attitude before entering World War Two. They were pacifists, not wanting to commit to war because of the cost in pain and suffering and lives. Of course this is understandable, and I didn't understand the spiritual war with demons either very well in my spiritual infancy and didn't want to fight. Then the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour, meaning God allowed Satan to viciously attack me with the mystery of iniquity, which I had never consciously considered before. I thought God hated His enemies, the devil and demons, and was a hypocrite who just expected me to do such an impossible thing, but He would torture His enemies in literal fire forever. If I was wrong about that, what else was I wrong about? Many things, it turns out, as my site details, as I spent 18 years mobilizing to enter World War Two. But I still wanted peace too much, too much Lamb and Priest, not enough King and Lion, not sure what one person like me can do to change the world. But I mobilized for war by deconstructing everything I thought I knew and amassing knowledge, wisdom, understanding, the equivalent of America fulling committing the nation to build conventional weapons of war. I still naively sought peace with my enemies the Germans, Italians, and Japanese (tried to ignore and forget demonic attack or explain it away as mental disease), but they kept attacking periodically. Finally, I had enough! As President of the United States, I told my citizens (my mind) that after repeated and wanton acts of aggression by the enemy, I am no longer content to enter World War Two unless we have the fucking nuclear bomb! I initiated the Manhattan project and committed everything in the nation to create the atomic bomb BEFORE EVEN ENTERING THE WAR (before going public)! I am sorry I am late entering the spiritual war Rachel elect! Many British and allied troops have suffered and died in my absence and delay, my fellow Rachel elect, holding off the enemy, but I have the nuclear bombs Fat man and Little boy ready to go, and also a special surprise. I am so enraged by Satan's bullshit I have endured for years and understand now very well what Christ and all elect have and are experiencing and have yet to experience. I solicited special help from Christ Himself to also create a superhydrogen bomb, many times more destructive than small Fat man and Little boy. Now the United States is ready to fight, to the death, no surrender, winner takes all. Now I understand what Christ meant when He said blessed are the peacemakers for they shall see God. Peace can only be once the enemy is defeated and destroyed, primarily the enemy within the Rachel elect in form of the carnal mind, as we all come to see our own hypocrisy, but also outwardly there are many Satanic lies being passed off as "truth" in this world, which need to be fought to the death, even though, in light of God's total sovereignty, resisting the "evil" God causes through demons, will never make total sense to the human mind except to know a sovereign God is ultimately behind Satanic lies too, and all other evil, to teach Rachel elect by contrast and the importance of fighting sometimes, for the ultimate good of salvation of all, and Rachel elect are the first to really get it and so will be in the first resurrection. I am learning to become a good actor, but I am also blessed to finally see the paradoxical truth that peace can only be at the end of a gun, and it is with good reason the original Colt 45 was called a peacemaker. Indeed, blessed are the peacemakers, and only God's Rachel elect become "good" spiritually violent peacemakers at this time, suffering through the demonic violence and spirit war to enter the Kingdom of God within and hear His voice about these complex issues.

"And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force." (Matthew 11:12) This United States intends to make up for lost time by entering this war with everything the nation has and will not stop until the enemy is defeated or America is no more. My conventional weapons are knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and my small nuclear weapons are Fat man (the Lord's authorization to speak plainly about all mysteries), and Little boy (attitude of don't care what people think, persecution, suffering, or even death), and my superhydrogen bomb is a kamikaze, suicidal spirit like Samson, who pulled down the pillars of the temple, killing himself in the process but happy to do so as he killed more philistines in his death than his entire life. I am happy to die physically even if necessary if I can also likewise kill many philistines (destroy much of the devil's lies in this world, help other Rachel elect) and bring down the temple of lies of traditional Christianity, lying Christian leaders, all religion in fact, and also the whole lying secular system that says evolution is true and there is no God, and yet God as a highly evolved being is nonsense they say! I don't know where the Lord is going with all this, my life, by book, this site, etc...But I know the Bible tells us the life of Samson and his death even, was all ordained by a sovereign God because "But his father and his mother knew not that it was of the Lord, that he sought an occasion against the Philistines: for at that time the Philistines had dominion over Israel." (Judges 14:4) So in other words, since Philistines represent demons, God is making points with demons in my life, and perhaps my destiny is to help some in the outer world too, and in some way lessen the demons' domination over spiritual Israel, aka Rachel elect. God is going to need some more Samsons afterall in the near future, as when the ancient alien-gods (demons) openly show themselves, what will the world do? The world will fall away quickly, and in about 3 years the whole world will be directly following them, as these beings have supernatural power to make you "happy" if you obey them and follow them, and decidedly miserable and tormented if you don't. And who doesn't want to be happy? After open contact's initial fear and panic calms down, the demons will give everybody supernatural "happy" pills, good emotions, wonderful technology advancements, medical improvements, monetary prosperity, etc... only the Rachel elect will refuse to go along because we know. I am happy to help other Rachel elect while I am alive, if I can. The governments of the world are already cooperating with the so-called alien-gods, demons really, preparing the world for open contact, and my superhydrogen bomb may be detonated if secret government assassins try to shut me up with a bullet, because I know too much and they do not want this information public.

But until I'm dead, I fight on! I have seen the future in my spirit (mind), and I know Pearl Harbor is coming (open contact). This open contact deception is a sneak attack on an unsuspecting world, that mostly has no clue of what is truly going on and the capabilities & desires & motivations of the enemy, anymore than the literal United States had any clue Japan was only pretending to talk peace. While Japan was meeting with the United States and feigning peace, the Japanese attack fleet was already in the air and heading for Pearl Harbor! These demon "alien-gods" I liken to Japan because the demons will supposedly come in "peace" and "truth" to an unsuspecting world, but these demons have absolutely NO intentions towards peace/truth AT ALL, anymore than the real Japan did at the time. But we elect know how to implement God's kind of peace to types like these. After my (and other elects') few short years of public opposition to the demons (aka "alien-gods"), likened to America's entrance into World War Two with conventional weapons (because God will not give us elect outward supernatural power right away and our opposition will seem natural/conventional, as in words/ideas/concepts only), and after the world as a whole has been deceived and following after the false gods, God gives us Rachel elect "spiritual" nuclear weapons (aka overwhelming Almighty power) to payback Japan (aka total destruction of mighty demons, our enemies). We will be happy to use these Almighty spiritual weapons of mass destruction! We will destroy all demons, everywhere! Our thoughts/desires to destroy ALL DEMONS EVERYWHERE will be backed up by the Almighty Father God's power to do so. Untold trillions of fallen angels will temporarily cease to exist. They CANNOT hide in other dimensions & universes & realities! The true God sees everything and is everywhere! We just think/imagine it, and the real God will do it! Then the real Christ openly takes over the planet, and after the literal thousand year millennial reign of Christ, we Rachel elect will reconstitute the devil and demons to tempt the world to rebellion, and fire falls from heaven to destroy the earth (Revelation 20:9) and the lake of fire age(s) begin, as God's final act of love and grace to save all unrepentant rebels by fire, finalization of universal salvation of all creation, and final culmination of Christ's words in (Mark 9:49, NIV), "EVERYONE will be salted (saved, as salt is preservative) with FIRE". Everyone means everyone. Nobody escapes the fire (hell), and everybody is saved by it. In depth explanation of this simple statement starts HERE, if so inclined/desire to understand deeper, and perhaps you have accidentally come across this page and need to read my site from the beginning. God's love to save all creation through suffering is crazy, isn't it? If what I reveal on my main site doesn't scare the shit out of you, oh well, what can I say? IT SHOULD! Elect, like me, think that's some hot and scary love, but we understand non-elect, as we used to think like them; non-elect think that's weak, and if universal salvation is true, just sin more and enjoy it, and let God burn me after physical death. No big deal, as I get saved anyway. This little parable attempts to dramatize why this attitude is a really bad idea, and this little parable attempts to dramatize why this attitude is really not nice.

When the lake of fire age(s) begin, we will start the salvation process in earnest for all unrepentant humanity and the literal devil and his fallen angels, because all the Rachel elect will have come in by that point. There will be NO stopping us! Our spiritual nuclear weapons at that point in time will be likened to Father's power/knowledge/wisdom that we elect will share to the degree Father allows, and we will be able to utterly destroy ALL carnal minds! Although created beings like Christ and the elect will never be totally Almighty nor literally God, we don't have to be. When fully supported by the Almighty God, it's just a matter of time before ALL ARE CHRIST! When the United States finally FULLY committed to war AND supported the Allied powers (Great Britain, France, the Soviet Union, and China), it was also only a matter of time before the enemies of love and truth (Germany, Italy, Japan likened to be the literal devil and demons) are defeated and converted to friends. Today, America has a cordial relationship with Germany, Italy, and Japan, not dwelling on the past, and all creation will one day be saved and reach this point. In the meantime there is a war to fight daily and seems we can lose sometimes, but faith knows that is not true. In the present day, the Soviet Union has collapsed to just smaller Russia, but she is still the largest landmass nation in the world and still rivals America in military power. If today's America, Russia, Great Britain, France, and China (all nuclear powers now by the way) decided to cooperate and engage in all out war with ANY number of conventionally armed nations united against them, what chance would they have? Now consider, how much time would it take for a conglomeration of these nuclear armed nations to be victorious if these nations decided not to stress their conventional militaries and bring out the nuclear weapons. I hope you see my point, and discern the parable. Father God is these 5 nuclear armed nations (Almighty), all other nations combined are demons (mighty but even then only in a conventional sense), and a few thousand Rachel elect like me are just humans with sticks and stones against either side. But if these 5 nuclear armed nations put us in charge, our sticks and stones would have some clout. In my analogy, the literal dramatic second return of Christ is waiting to play out inwardly similar to as I describe above (ie where I describe elect stop being pacifist and fight their inward carnal nature to the death, despite all the truths I reveal on this site), but also outwardly (as there will be public propaganda battles when the time comes). One day soon, my predictions about open contact will come true. My site has details about this alien-god(s) deception and the real truth about it that I have yet to see exposed on the internet or anywhere. The elect have always come to the point of supernatural understanding of all that I write on this site, by God's supernatural means, not by human means, though it appears God needs humans and created beings like angels sometimes. Father just gives us something to do, and learn how to be a good actor and such, but really God is not the least bit stressed or anxious about saving everybody. Created beings may doubt sometimes, but it is pitifully easy for Father God to save all, no challenge at all, and the true Father God already exists in a layer of dimension/reality where everybody is "friends". World War Three is over, from God's point of view, all are saved, America and Germany are cordial...but from the human point of view, there is still much warring/evolving to go. But it seems I am the only elect in history, so far as I can see on the internet and in the history books, who God allows to write plainly about ALL the Lord's full truth.

The elect's secret gospel, detailed in other pages on this site, has only ever remained secret from the world at large. God always makes sure His true elect thoroughly "get it" before physical death, and it is always ultimately totally supernatural that any elect can understand these depths of truth(s) I write about. Most who read my site will write me off as insane nut-bar pretty quickly. Upon open contact, most will still write me off as insane nut-bar to reject what my 5 physical senses say (which is correct to do since we are in The Matrix anyway and physical senses can be rendered irrelevant) and only accept what my 5 spiritual senses tell me, aka my God-thoughts and understandings, aka Holy Spirit speaking in and through me in the moment. The literal Christ also learned to walk Holy Spirit inspired moment by moment. So, my knowledge doesn't mean I am some great and smart guy, just the same as any elect in history, as far as knowledge is concerned. Of course, everybody has different personalities. Rather me blasting this knowledge to the worldwide public at large simply means this scripture is coming true by God's sovereign determination/design and timing: "And this gospel of the kingdom (elect's secret gospel) shall be preached in all the world (my internet site reaches the world) for a witness unto all nations (just a witness as most don't listen); and then shall the end come (end of Satan's invisible rule and beginning of Christ's open millennial rule)." (Matthew 24:14) America's reluctance/delay to fight in World War Two could be likened to Father's delay in implementing the literal return of Christ and outwards millennium, but analogies always fall short, as Father doesn't really delay (due to ignorance of what is right to do), nor is He reluctant to fight (because of cowardice or other evil motivations). He knows all things, and knows what He is doing, and is in sovereign control of all things, and His timing is perfect, just calculated and methodical...but in a good way. Although all verbal and written teachings/instructions will always fall short, the true elect teach like the literal Christ did, with analogies, aka parables. Father may seem short on timing, but He is NOT really short on timing OR determination. The Bible and all reality is a parable. Even the alien-god deception of literal open contact with demons pretending to be God is a parable too of daily open contact with demons that we all experience. The concept will manifest more fully upon literal open contact, as this event will literally happen one day, but lack of discernment to detect Satan's general lies in daily moment by moment life is another form of deceptive open contact, negative "open contact" of demons with your mind right there, usually caused/influenced by literal demons you can't see with your physical eyes, but you would have seen with your spiritual eyes if you were tuned into Holy Spirit. Remember, God speaks about the earth in metaphor, as if it were a human consciousness when He says, "O earth, earth, earth, hear the word of the LORD. (Jeremiah 22:29)" This verse highlights "inward open contact" because we all inwardly hear both truth (the word of the Lord to our "earth, earth, earth") and lies (the word of demons to our "earth, earth, earth") in daily life, so outward literal open contact with deceptive demons (aka "alien-gods") is just more manifestation of the inward "we are all evolving into 'God'" lies most believe these days. We are all evolving into the "Created Beings God" class (Revelation 3:14), not the literal Almighty Father God. Haven't we all felt like fools when somebody deceives us massively and we didn't even see it? It happens to all of us in various ways, and the pain and embarrassment of these kinds of stupid mistakes helps wake an elect up to many things and stay awake. If you can't sense if someone is lying to you, you don't have enough steady connection with the Holy Spirit of truth to discern like a mature spiritual adult. Everybody develops some carnal skepticism about everybody's motives. That is fleshy discernment. I am talking about real connection with God through Holy Spirit, who will confirm my writings as true. If you think I am a whack job and total false prophet in what I write, that shows lack of discernment. It is really topsy turvy that I am considered the crazy false prophet by the 2 billion professing Christians, who are the real crazy false prophets.

To counter any fleshy discernment my readers might have to think that I am just a crazy false prophet, I will ask you to consider what selfish motivations do I have in making this site? Am I going to get rich giving away my fiction book about open contact and also charging nothing for all the truth I reveal plainly on this site? Am I going to get famous with this site? Infamy is the only type of fame I could get with what I reveal here, and even that only once open contact actually occurs. Until then, I am just crazy in the eyes of most, and even the elect will supernaturally struggle to believe the things I say and write. Upon open contact, I will be infamous as the crazy dude who can't accept reality, and even the extremely small number of Rachel elect manifesting with me at that time will struggle with my public opposition to these beings and the other 7 billion humans, who are destined to follow these false gods pretty quickly. What do I have to gain in the here and now as flesh and blood? I have ZERO negative/evil motivations and nothing positive/good to gain from this site, not from humans anyway, which is all most think about, rewards from humans like fame, money, etc... but these types of "fans" and/or "friends" and/or "rewards" are fickle. God has better ways, and there is more to life than comfort/pleasure in the flesh. The alien-god deception is destined to fool ALL except the Rachel elect. My site is just the beginning of prep for what is coming. As literal demons have prepped the world with UFO mind games now for decades, my site is prepping to counter this event; I continue to add to this site every now and then, as God leads. Open contact is coming and probably fairly soon, by human standards of time. My site might help get some elect up to speed quickly then, who demons are currently keeping down, but I am still not so naive as to think God needs me. We need God, but God does not need me or anything or anybody. It is my joy and privilege to work with God to reveal these things, though the majority reject/hate me for it and accuse me of being crazy. As I write these words right now, the date is March 28, 2021. I STRONGLY sense God tell me open contact will occur in perhaps 5 to 15 years, maybe 20 at most. I could be wrong about the general timing, as it may be a little sooner or later. But I also STRONGLY STRONGLY sense God tell me it will happen in my physical lifetime. I'm currently 51 years old, and could be wrong about the general timing here too, as it may happen after I die. But the Bible's predictions about all I reveal on this site will happen, even if sometime after my death, and the truths I reveal on this site will always be true, even though the vast majority disagree with the truth. They disagree with Christ then (the truth), not me. There will always be elect on the earth to deal with these demonic fuckers, but probably very few who could deal with them as effectively as I could. :-) I think my site is pretty clear on what is the only effective means to deal with literal demonic fuckers.

Leah elect will never understand the motivations of Rachel elect. I KNOW I am a first resurrection destined Rachel elect. I am not trying to gain some status, reward, save my soul or anybody's, impress God or anybody, leave a legacy, nor do I fear death or hell anymore. I used to be like that, but Rachel elect get beyond such primitive thinking/motivations. This is who we Rachel elect are. This is what we do. We overcome all things while flesh and blood, in love for God, Christ, and all elect (both Rachel and Leah, but focus is on Rachel right now), so we might know Christ in greater fashion every day, gain daily resurrection power in the spirit, and oddly enough enjoy fellowship "suffering" with Christ in our hearts to know inexpressible things most cannot understand at this time. Words are inadequate. While Leah elect are our enemies right now, we know it will not always be so. Although all get saved in the end, we get saved God's way, not the devil's way, and God's way is learning to discern ever deepening levels of truth, not embracing lies and trying to make these lies into truth (devil's way). During this 7 thousand year phase of universal salvation known as the human phase, God's way of saving is for we Rachel elect to come to know all the secrets I reveal on this site and refuse to recant these truths against internal attack (demons have ways of trying to make you doubt and disavow) and also external attack (humans also act like demons when I share these things). Rachel elect MUST and always HAVE eventually died overcoming by knowing all the secrets on this site in the right and motivating way, battling demons to the death, overcoming the alien-god deception in their hearts, by accepting the mystery of iniquity and rejecting the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit end-time deception that God and Satan are literally the same being, sharing the same Spirit, just different sides of the same coin, friends, having evolved together in another reality and working together to mature and also evolve mankind up to their level. We Rachel elect are ready to die outwardly even if necessary in opposition to such alien-gods, we Rachel elect knowing now that we are much closer to this open contact deception than ever before. Our motivations to do what we do become simply love, gratitude, appreciation, and we hear and believe (salvation) and also obey outwardly sometimes, do works, sometimes crazy works, with humble attitude it adds nothing to our salvation, content to just get to heaven and have the lowest seat. This frees us from others' judgment, condemnation, or expectations. We know the truth (Jesus), and the truth (Jesus) has set us free in our hearts, joy, passion, and enthusiasm we live there, despite having to endure hardships and trials of various sorts outwardly!

I know many mysteries about the nature of God and what God is doing. Here is a very motivating mystery for we Rachel elect. "And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God (first resurrection) with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour (second resurrection) as thyself." (Luke 10:27) Satan's lies are clever, because there is always some truth mixed with lies to make the deception more effective. Yes there is some truth to the idea we are all evolving into "God" and will share the collective consciousness of God one day, but this will be done God's way, not the devil's way. It can't be stated enough that God's way is learning to discern ever deepening levels of truth, not embracing lies and trying to make these lies into truth (devil's way). So Christ and the first resurrection elect are the Lord, as Husband (Christ) and wives (Rachel elect) are one, so to love the Lord with all your heart and strength means to love Christ and Rachel elect in Christlike sacrificial ways! Now you know why there are so few Rachel elect in the world! Who would do that in the natural? Jealousy in such a polygamous marriage almost always prevents one polygamous wife from dying naturally, or spiritually, for another polygamous wife, like Christ died for all His wives, but Bible and history shows many Rachel elect, like the apostles, DID eventually get it and die well. The Rachel elect learn to voluntarily die well for other Rachel elect wives now as flesh and blood if necessary and in the spirit, die to self will and build the Mind of Christ, simply for love's sake for Christ and the Rachel elect, Leah elect even in the back of our minds, but they are not our primary focus now as flesh and blood creatures. Although all created beings will share the collective consciousness one day, and God will ultimately be collective consciousness of Father, Son, and all elect (both Rachel and Leah), there is still much war/work to be done to bring all creation into submission to God and Christ. Rachel elect are closer to Christ now as flesh and blood, and destined to be closer as spirit beings, like Peter, James, and John, who Christ allowed to see Him transfigured on the mount, as Christ allows Rachel elect like me to understand mysteries with ease, a type of transfiguration, as we see Christ in all His glory. Love is a choice, but love of feelings is more for another with more naturally and easily similar mind. God makes His Rachel elect similar enough in experience to understand spiritual things with ease, after trial and testing brings one to this level. Christ loved the other 9 disciples (Leah elect) by choice as much as He loved Peter, James, and John,(Rachel elect). But Christ has more emotional love for His Rachel elect, who come to the proper conclusions, in the right and motivating way, as He did, while flesh and blood, instead of just mental assent belief but with very little, if any, corresponding action (Leah elect thinking). Rachel elect end life doing crazy outward actions, obedience, crazy works, like Abraham was going to kill his son, only for love to support Christ and other Rachel elect, knowing such is not required for first resurrection salvation or to avoid hell (second resurrection). Leah elect cannot understand this, the Holy Spirit's, way of thinking, and cannot generate deep truth as I have on this site, but I attribute it all to a sovereign God, moving me by the Holy Spirit.

Leah elect even have hard time understanding the things I write or say, and certainly to believe it is beyond the Leah elect at this time. John understood he was Rachel elect and understood this principle of being more emotionally loved by Christ than Leah elect, as he wrote in his gospel of John, as led by the Spirit to hint, "One of them, the disciple whom Jesus loved, was reclining next to him." (John 13:23) John knew the Holy Spirit would help Rachel elect like me understand what he meant. He did not mean he was the only disciple Jesus loved, but knew he was a symbol, along with Peter and James, of greater emotionally loved Rachel elect, versus Leah elect. But the Spirit's complex way of making parable points in human lives is confusing to Leah elect, who cannot understand that ALL disciples ended life KNOWING they were Rachel elect, and yet Jesus chose Peter, James, and John, to see Him transfigured versus the other 9 disciples who were not chosen for this revelation, to symbolically demonstrate the distinction between Rachel elect and Leah elect, and yet all disciples were also Rachel elect in the end. The ultimate definition of human Leah elect is they must physically die and end up in their own lake of fire suffering alternate realities as pure spirit beings to come to the proper conclusions I reveal on this site and be saved. Evil spirits (demons) Leah elect will also endure similar fate, though these ones never get chance to experience physical existence as human. Rachel elect come to the proper conclusions and understandings in the right and motivating way, while still flesh and blood. Therefore, the other 9 disciples were symbolic demonstration of Leah elect, while also ending life as Rachel elect. Leah had many children for Jacob, as Leah elect and her children in this world are many, identified as those who believe in literal fire forever ideas, proof these ones are children of the devil and will go to the lake of fire after physical death for fiery salvation to recant such blasphemous evil doctrine against the loving nature of our Heavenly Father. Rachel was barren for many years and could not bear Jacob children, as all Rachel elect are barren for many years and cannot produce truth children, but eventually Rachel had two truth children, and though fewer in number, Jacob loved Rachel and her two children much more! Christ loves His Rachel elect much more than Leah elect, though He loves all creation and will marry all eventually, and Rachel elect's children, though far fewer in number, are loved more by Jacob. Rachel's two truth children Joseph (universal salvation, understood in the proper and motivating way) and Benjamin (alien-god deception, overcome inwardly in the heart and even outwardly one day soon) are two key truths all Rachel elect have come to understand in human history. Soon we will be able to physically identify the Rachel elect, as after the alien-god deception comes to fruition, only the Rachel elect will be left standing in opposition to these demons, after a few short years, about 3, will see the entire world following after the alien-gods. We Rachel elect will eventually be given Almighty supernatural powers above these mighty demons to utterly eviscerate them. "I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High." (Psalm 82:6) Satan is said to be the god of this world, and Jesus quoted this verse in defense of calling Himself God. But we are all gods! We are just not the Big God, Father God, Jehovah, who is putting together a type of "government" to keep order in the future through a type of war, which is also a type of how Father Himself evolved into existence in levels of reality none will ever fully comprehend. All created beings, human or angel, are parable characters doing their part in dramatizing this truth and also Father is using His sovereign power to prepare all for positions of leadership and roles in this collective consciousness of created beings.

"These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God." (Revelation 3:14) Jesus is said here to be the beginning of the creation of God. As I explained in previous pages, there is the real God, Almighty Jehovah, Father God, and there is the created beings God, and Jesus is the beginning of these created beings who will represent the invisible God once all is said and done, as Jesus was the first to cross the God-barrier in the preexistent war to share Father's Spirit. He is the beginning of the creation of God, the created beings God, and all others will eventually join Him, but in Father's way and timing, not the devil's. This 7 thousand year human history is a testing and training ground to prepare the strongest preexistent devils, known as we Rachel elect, to defeat Satan and demons in the spirit (mind) and the end-time elect even get to do so outwardly in the 5 sense realm soon. In the first resurrection, we Rachel elect marry Christ literally, become spirit beings who share Father's Spirit (mind) and become God in this sense, and of course share Christ's Spirit too and share the collective consciousness of God in a polygamous type marriage union, able to stimulate each others' consciousnesses in pleasurable ways likened to physical sex, but even better. Very pleasurable union, as you might imagine the type of Christ, King Solomon, who had 1000 wives, might have enjoyed an orgy with all His wives, all pleasure and no shame at the spirit level, and King Solomon and all His wives pleasure each other in every way, lesbian sex (female gender represents submitted mindset and follower of the man, and so lesbian/bisexual sex is wives submitted to each other, still under the man though) totally natural, normal, and healthy in this spirit union, but there is only one man,(Christ, the man being dominant and leader) which is how polygamy is to be properly done. There is no male homosexuality (more than one dominant) in this collective polygamous consciousness marriage, nor incest marriage, as the human existence is for Rachel elect to mature beyond thinking like children, so there is no incest, and become mature spiritual adults, capable and desirous to be submitted to each other and the Lord. I am a submitted wife, definitely NOT a submissive wife. Big difference and Christ desires and needs strong wives, not weak ones, which Leah elect are, but we will add them to the collective consciousness in time. "But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him." (1 Corinthians 2:9) Now you know what this verse is talking about and the hot and sexy reward awaiting Rachel elect, MORE PLEASURABLE HOT SEX WITH JACOB AND OTHER RACHELS THAN LEAHS WILL GET! Paul knew all this I reveal, as all Rachel elect come to understand with ease, but could only hint at it in this verse, as evil human nature, which dominates in Leah elect, most of the world at this time, typically has a big problem with combining sex and God, so one can lose credibility, as only the mature can understand or desire such a thing. Obviously, you can tell I don't give a shit what Leah elect think, and unlike Paul, my mission is not to try and create more Rachel elect and endure the maturing process with them, hinting at things sometimes, to help them become mature wives for Christ. My mission is to blast the full truth to the whole world, both Rachel elect and Leah elect, no holds barred, and let the chips fall where they may, as we are in the very last of the last days, and I KNOW "this gospel of the kingdom (the secret Rachel elect gospel) shall be preached in all the world (by the internet) for a witness unto all nations;(just a witness as most don't listen) and then shall the end come (Christ's return is very near)." (Matthew 24:14)

This secret Rachel elect gospel, now revealed to the whole world through my site, is just for a witness, a sign the end is near, for God already predicts not many will listen and then the end will come. Father created sex and has NO problem at all creating lots of hot polygamous wives for His Son, Christ, in the end! All this hot sex talk about fucking Christ and other Rachel elect wives in the first resurrection collective consciousness typically disgusts Leah elect, who some such profess to know Christ, but obviously do not or at least have much maturing to do. This greater reward that comes from being Rachel elect like me, also comes with greater persecution, suffering, and sometimes even death, as what I am about to reveal could get me in trouble with the majority Leah elect Canadian government and population. Satan and demons share a type of collective consciousness too, but they are all male types, dominant, aggressive, submitted only as made to by force, power, pain, suffering, the devil's way, and this mindset must be changed before these Leah elect will be added to the collective consciousness polygamous union. The devil and his angels' collective consciousness could be likened to male homosexual marriage, two males, two dominants, the physical type symbollically representing our enemies, the devil and demons. This is not hate speech against male homosexuals, though in Canada today many may try to spin it that way and attack me. This is explaining physical to spiritual parallels, not hate speech, as I do NOT hate physical sexual sinners, as I do my own sex sin too. I get my needs met through porn, fornication, have done adultery in the past, may do so again in future depending on the situation, but I don't slander or attack people with hate speech accusations who tell me some of this is evil and sin. I agree with them! But I enjoy my sex sin as much as anybody and will do it if I like, just like everybody! But I understand what I am doing. I also understand hypocritical Canadian society may try to persecute me in Canadian kangaroo human rights tribunal courts because I explain the spiritual sexual mystery of what male homosexuality represents. As I explained above, I do not hate physical male homosexuals, but insist on my right to call some things sex sin (ie commonsense nonconsensual things like rape, secret adultery [ie swinging does not count], minors with adults, etc...), and also freely admit I do my own version of sex sin and have no problem with people calling it sin too! We are ALL sexual sinners, by somebody's definition. But I freely admit I HATE spiritual male faggots, also known as demons, and this is my legal religious right to admit to hating spirit beings, demons, who many say are just imaginary metaphors for evil thoughts. Was Jesus casting out personal metaphors with names, like when He cast out the demon called Legion? If some want to spin that as hate speech, I disagree, but we can talk about it in court if you want. I am spewing hate towards NO identifiable human group of people, only hate towards the spiritual equivalent of what male homosexuals symbollically represent. A fine legal line some may say, and we can debate it in court if you feel so inclined to test the judge's ability to discern true hate speech from religious freedom of expression. It is vile and wrong to harm physical sexual "sinners", which we all are to various degrees and by somebody's definition, whether LGBTQ or others! All fleshly human devils must initially be forced to submit to the Lord, work through all these spiritual issues, and learn to voluntarily submit to the Lord. We Rachel elect understand the sexual mysteries very well, as we have a type of spirit sex with Christ and the other Rachel elect in the spirit while human, as we hear the voice of the Lord and submit, pleasurable eventually but can feel like rape sometimes along the way to maturity, but also battle deceptive demons, who have supernatural power to deceive, can definitely feel like rape and abuse to be confused by them and submit to inappropriate abuse. Even Christ allowed Himself to be abused and crucified, when He could have called 12 legions of angels. Mature Rachel elect learn when and how to do this for His sake sometimes, as human it is sometimes necessary, but when we can see the demons, alien-gods, we will be allowed to trash them with 100% King and lion whoop ass eventually, once we endure through the first few years for the world to be deceived. Some Rachel elect will die during this time, but those left standing after all is said and done will be given total supernatural power for some major payback, and prepare the world for the return of the real Christ.

So in summary, as confusing as all this may be to Leah elect, we Rachel elect understand because it takes many years of spiritual warfare with angels and demons to mature to understand this stuff with ease. When you hear Christ clearly He helps you sort out the mess of confusion around such issues and you move beyond Leah elect thinking to become a Rachel elect, no more immature or confused about anything. So Rachel elect move beyond immature motivations of reward (first resurrection) and punishment (second resurrection) and KNOW who they are and what God is doing. We do what we do in the flesh simply for love for Father, Christ, and Rachel elect. We will do what we do in the spirit, literally ruling and reigning with Christ a thousand years also only for Rachel elect, who are destined to join the collective consciousness after dying as flesh and blood during the millennium. Then comes the great white throne judgment, where all those chosen by a sovereign God to have been Leah elect (all unrepentant humanity and literal devil and demons, and even angels on God's side need some processing believe it or not) are cast into lake of fire suffering alternate realities of obvious supernatural proportions to be changed and prepared to share the collective consciousness of the created beings God. After reading all this, I still expect Leah elect will be confused and disagree, and for sure would not be motivated by this deep understanding of truth to oppose even evil human authority to the death like Daniel, and the 3 Hebrew slaves, let alone die in opposition to evil spirit authority, alien-gods, demons, with supernatural powers you cannot oppose unless God supports you. When all is said and done, the super collective consciousness of God will contain untold trillions of former angels, both good and bad, and humans, both good and bad. This will be the "government" of created beings God, who will speak for the invisible Father, the real God, to adjudicate disputes, keep order, and provide support to other levels of reality, universes, dimensions, and intelligent beings to continually be brought into existence forever. We will still experience time but perceive it differently. "But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day." (2 Peter 3:8) This verse is talking about the created beings God, who experience time pass more rapidly, a thousand years feels like just one day feels in our human experience. However, the real God, Father, is totally outside of time and does not experience time at all, nor struggle, pain, suffering, or emotion. I might say that sounds like a boring existence, but that implies emotion, which Father has totally evolved beyond experience of these things, but we will be allowed to evolve to the level of experiencing time differently, and only positive struggles, positive emotions, and positive pain and suffering, for to evolve much beyond that we would return to source, evolve into Father, and lose sentient awareness and individuality, spirit returning to God permanently, but Bible says our spirits return to God only temporarily upon death, awaiting resurrection in first or second resurrection. As for positive struggles, pain, and suffering, I am reminded of a TV interview where Arnold Schwarzenegger told how he experienced joy with every repetition of weights, as each struggle to lift, each pain and suffering, brought him closer to the muscles he wanted. I experience something like this with each new challenging question God gives me and build spiritual muscles. The Rachel elect all think similarly to me in this way, and we will be closer to Christ and each other, sharing more of Father's Spirit than Leah elect.

All in the collective consciousness will share Father's Spirit and understanding on the non-negotiable absolutes and support each other in these, symbolically represented in this world by the 10 commandments, and the Rachel elect will share Father's Spirit and understanding on the negotiable relatives, leaving lots of room for freedom and disputes which Christ and the Rachel elect will have the knowledge, authority, and power to solve. The Leah elect will NOT share the collective consciousness of God's understanding and mind about the negotiable relatives, less intimate with God, less pleasure, less sex so to speak, and will have to take direction from Christ and Rachel elect at times, who will hear Father clearly sometimes, even literal voice as necessary. The Rachel elect were strong devils in the preexistence, enjoying the devil's way of using pain, suffering, and abuse to force obedience and order in the devil's collective consciousness. We change here and hate these methods, which are not God's way of willing, voluntary, self-sacrifical acceptance of pain, suffering, and abuse, in love for others rather than dish it out. You're not allowed to dish it out if you can't take it, as the saying goes. The Rachel elect and Christ will no longer have to dish it out OR take it amongst ourselves anyway, understanding and agreeing such methods are not God's ideal, but rather Christ and the Rachel elect will be able to come into agreement 100% of the time and support each other, motivated by love only. The Leah elect however, will NOT share the collective consciousness of God's understanding and mind on the negotiable relatives, and do not evolve, by God's sovereign design, beyond thinking only extreme enforcement tactics and force are the only way to make a recalcitrant one obey Father God. Therefore, the threat of Almighty force and the actual use of may occasionally be necessary to keep obedience and order in the collective consciousness "government", such methods Christ and the Rachel elect may have to use on the Leah elect, once Christ and the Rachel elect are in agreement on such a thing, support by the Almighty Father proven by literal fire punishment for a time can only happen upon Father's explicit authorization. Christ and Rachel elect will never have to use such methods on each other, for this is not the ideal of love, and Christ and the Rachel elect learn to unconditionally love and support each other, and know there is another way to make a recalcitrant Rachel elect obey Father God, give that one genuine understanding of what the love and truth of a matter is all about, and also supernaturally support that one Rachel elect by all other Rachel elect, and Christ, and Father too. The inner circle of God's consciousness, Father, Son, and Rachel elect will always be able to come into genuine agreement and support rather than force. Leah elect not so much, but the Leah elect should be glad Christ and the Rachel elect love them enough to give them some type of decent existence, for Leah elect cannot fully understand the many levels of depth of God's love and deserve literal fire forever anyway. I am reminded of a good quote from actor Robert DeNiro, who was playing a cop, and in the movie said to another character, "Most people respect the badge and uniform, but everybody respects the gun." Rachel elect come to respect the badge and uniform only, move beyond even thinking of the gun, except as perhaps to take a bullet for another Rachel elect. Leah elect thinking will always need negative consequence force tactics sometimes like the gun representing hell. Unfortunately, the gun will always be necessary for Leah elect. This is reality in this world, and is reflective of a certain truth in the next life as well. The Bible symbollically shows this distinction that some will be closer to God than others, not only in Peter, James, and John versus the other 9 disciples (Leah elect, who will always be greater in number, but not power, nor wisdom, knowledge, or understanding how to use absolute power without becoming absolutely corrupt) but Old Testament symbolism shows God chose some humans to represent God to the Jewish nation yet still holding some distinctions, as there was the priest class (Rachel elect) and the levites (Leah elect) and also the High Priest (Christ). All priests were to be Levites,(Rachel elect come out of Leah elect thinking) according to the Law, but not all Levites were priests (Leah elect will never become Rachel elect). The selection of Rachel elect is what this 7 thousand year history of humanity is about, select and train and test the strong fleshly devils to become Rachel elect, strong again in a different way once they become spirit beings again in the resurrection. Even during the millennium of prosperity and peace, there will still be the internal struggle within the hearts of mankind, literal devil and demons temporarily put away into the bottomless pit, but the spiritual Rachel elect at that time will be doing the devil's job of spirit attack, but for loving motivations to train and test and trial the last of the Rachel elect to join the collective consciousness. Even in the millennium of outward prosperity and peace, there will be internal tribulation sufficient enough to propel the fleshly devils we want into the Kingdom of God within, so they hear our voice and become who they were destined to be.

"Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee." (Jude 9) So in light of all I reveal above, this enigmatic quote can be understood properly, as many have speculated what this dispute was about between these two mighty angels. The Holy Spirit tells me He inspired this coded message to be understood by all Rachel elect in their own time. Contending over the dead body of Moses is a coded way to talk about spiritual warfare around the true body of Christ, true believers, who Moses' dead body represents, dead as in Paul, who was part of the body of Christ, said he died daily to his own will in obedience to Christ. "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints." (Psalm 116:15) This verse talks about this lifelong spiritual death process, and spiritual warfare brings true Rachel elect to this "dead" state of mind, dead to your own will and mind, and building the Mind of Christ, this person coming to understand that he or she forms part of the inner core of the collective consciousness of God, composed of Father, Son, and Rachel elect. During the 7 thousand year trial and training of the Rachel elect like Moses, there is much contending in the life of each Rachel elect in history, spiritual warfare in other words, Michael representing good angels assisting and training on the "light" issues, and the devil representing evil angels involuntarily assisting and training on the "dark" issues, sincerely trying to defeat that Rachel elect,(therefore defeat Christ as Husband and wife are one) but never able to do so in the end. Prior to Christ's life, the dispute contended around if any could be saved, as until angels witnessed Christ become literally perfect and sinless, it had never been done before, and there was huge doubts and Satan was very confident that he would win. That issue has been settled. But no Rachel elect, Moses, or any of us, die perfect and without any sin or unbelief, and yet no Rachel elect ever ultimately loses by the end of their life. Satan knows this but still tries to intimidate with fear tactics, and follows a bitter scorched earth policy, taking pleasure at causing as much pain and suffering in retreat as he can, but is eventually driven to defeat in the life of each Rachel elect. It is also part of God's kindness to even the devil to allow Satan to toughen us Rachel elect up in spiritual warfare experience before turning the fate of the dark forces over to us for salvation. Satan and demons hate us Rachel elect, and the feeling is mutual right now, but they also know they can trust us to do right by them when their time comes. We are fair but firm. Satan is unfair and vicious if allowed, so we Rachel elect will do likewise outwardly against the alien-gods (demons) when the time comes to demonstrate we can, and usher in the return of the real Christ. After the literal thousand year millennial reign, we will revert back to fair but firm policy, as possible, for all in the lake of fire, but also we have duty to cleanse, purify, and reform, so will do as necessary.

The Rachel elect eventually assimilate all the dark issues surrounding universal salvation and the alien-god inward heart deception issues (since past Rachel elect knew they would not witness the alien-god deception outwardly) and come to the same deep understanding of it all I detail on this site. "And I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places, that thou mayest know that I, the LORD, which call thee by thy name, am the God of Israel." (Isaiah 45:3) There is treasures of hidden riches, secret things, when fully understand what these treasures of darkness are about,(dark understandings which comfort only mature souls) as I have tried to express in various ways in other pages, which hopefully you caught if you read systematically to this point. Inward passion, enthusiasm, understanding the goodness of God in all things, good and evil, even understanding the goodness of hell, even as endure difficult outward trials, but becoming fearless of anything...persecution, suffering, death, has no sting or meaning anymore, when fully assimilate the treasures of darkness in the right way. Since the days of the first Rachel elect, Abel, what the Lord is doing has been known to angels and demons, and all Rachel elect go through similar process, as hinted at in the (Jude 9) account. Both angelic sides respect each other and not even the great Archangel Michael, dares rail and accuse Satan, as both sides have legal rights and there can be consequences. But the devil is called the accuser of the brethren and I sure have felt many railing accusations of Satan to me. When you know who you are, YOU REPAY SATAN'S RAILING ACCUSATIONS BIGTIME! Satan can not intimidate one who knows they are the Lord, as I explained above how first resurrection Rachel elect are conceptually one in marital mental union with their spiritual Husband, Christ, so Rachel elect ARE the Lord in that sense, as Bible says Husband and wife become one in marriage. So when Michael says to Satan, "The Lord rebuke you," it means Rachel elect mature to thoroughly come to understand we can rebuke Satan in ways even mighty light angels cannot without risking major consequences. I AM THE LORD AND SATAN CAN GO FUCK HIMSELF! Nothing bad will happen to me from that railing accusation, and in fact, those Rachel elect alive to outwardly battle the alien-gods in the 5 sense realm when the time comes will need such a fighting attitude and more. Satan will be the Lord too in the end, when all is said and done, but he is Leah elect and right now he is under my heel. "And I will put enmity between you (Satan) and the woman,(Rachel elect) and between your offspring (literal demons and human Leah elect) and hers; he (Christ but also Rachel elect, as Husband and wife are one) will crush your head,(Satan totally defeated in lives of Rachel elect) and you (Satan) will strike his heel (as painful as life is for Jacob [Christ] and His Rachel elect, it is like a strike on the heel compared to the head crushing that awaits all Leah elect in the lake of fire)." (Genesis 3:15, NIV) Rachel elect can only be true friends with Leah elect, including the literal Satan, once Satan's nature, and all Leah elects' natures, is/are sufficiently changed from his/their own processing (evolving) experience in the lake of fire.

If you have read all my site thus far, now you know the types of thoughts, generally speaking, that were going through the mind of Christ, and all crazy elect in the Bible, and recorded history, and even unrecorded history, who matured to point of ending their lives doing crazy things for God and what their motivations were. And I emphasize that if you have read all my site to this point, you probably understand these are both disturbing and fantastic truths I reveal that are only for the spiritually mature. I don't share these deep truths with minors under the legal age of physical 18 years. You can only really become mature crazy Rachel elect, when the God of the Bible supernaturally reveals Himself to you, supernaturally judges you redemptively, proven by you truly work through all the issues of life and the heart and come to the proper conclusions in the right and motivating way, and no longer fear human opinions, persecution, suffering, pain, death...NOTHING! I strive for neutral balance now, neither fearing death anymore or seeking it. I am a little kamikaze, and suicidal in spirit, but in a good way, like Samson, willing to die even physically if God asks, but not foolishly, fearless in a good way. When you know God exists, is good, loves you, you are saved, and don't even feel need to be on earth anymore, things get very interesting. "For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." (Philippians 1:21) No longer just words. Paul was looking forward to dying, and so am I! If you doubt me, a demonstration can be arranged! I don't feel the need to prove myself to God or anybody anymore. Quite the contrary, God has proven Himself to me, by giving me all the answers. May you find your way as pleasant as the Rachel elect! Only a God who loves all, and CAN and WILL save all, while also humbling all in the process, ensuring justice is also done in the end, and simultaneously making all obedient unto death of their own particular cross, can be implicitly trusted in all things. Never totally understood, but totally trusted.

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