Flagship theodicy parable: The Monkey Man
Suffering is difficult to explain as to why God allows itTheodicy is defending God's goodness in suffering

Chapter Ten


In a future time, hundreds of years in the future, everyone in the world got infected with a plague. This plague eventually causes victims to develop fatal brain tumors, eventuating in a downward spiral into severe mental problems, violent behavior, insanity, and then death. Medical advancements in this future allowed for a rough treatment, but the good side of the treatment was that it was guaranteed to cure the victim(s). However, it required waiting until symptoms progressed enough to produce mental problems and some out-of-character violent behavior, and allowance of some violent behavior to imprint this negative/foreign thinking in "ghost" memories that would become part of the subconscious mind of an avatar-cure in a computer simulated matrix-like world. A married couple named Dennis and Anna progressed to this point, and were allowed to rape and beat each other a little before initiating medical treatment.

The first phase of Dennis' treatment required the doctors to put Dennis into a medically induced coma to contain the violent behavior and also calm the mind enough to be able to accept the first phase stealth treatment. The doctors transfered a small "combined" part of both his good and diseased consciousness into a monkey avatar in a virtual reality computer simulated world, where the doctors in the real world could make monkey Dennis experience anything they needed, as part of human Dennis' cure. Monkey Dennis experienced birth and growth in the computer generated matrix-like world, unaware for many years as to the true nature of reality. He perceived himself to be a genuine monkey, living in a caged zoo, along with other monkeys, and human handlers who fed his "family" of monkeys and allowed other humans to watch them in the zoo.

At first, monkey Dennis was totally unaware that everything was a computer generated illusion, including his perception of free will and free choice, which were really just programmed choices his doctors in the real world caused him to do. He experienced various intentionally induced traumas growing up, to simulate his problems in the real world. For example, the doctors in the real world would enter commands to cause monkey Dennis to beat and rape other monkeys, simulating his brain tumor induced behavior in the real world on his wife. The other monkeys would retaliate and avenge themselves by beating and raping monkey Dennis back. Sometimes the human handlers would also initiate some justice and punishment for his behavior. Monkey Dennis' traumas eventually caused him to think hard about his life and seek answers for what was going on. This was the point, as the doctors in the real world had to induce enough karma justice suffering, along the lines of real life "ghost" memories, to force monkey Dennis to start expanding/searching his consciousness for the suppressed subconscious memories of his preexistence as human. This was primarily a medical process to save human Dennis' life, as his family in the real world obviously already forgave/understood the brain tumor induced his "evil" behavior, as everybody had/has the same problem(s) in the real world, but monkey Dennis initially feels it is mainly a justice process for sins he did in preexistence but cannot remember, one of many primitive monkey beliefs he had to overcome. The struggle to make sense of things and connect with his repressed subconscious memories from preexistence is the necessary ingredient to induce mental combat with himself in the virtual world, producing neural energy/healing against the brain tumor that was killing his human body in the real world. The process also simultaneously funneled the negative brain tumor's neural death energy back into monkey Dennis. The avatar didn't know it yet, but this process was destined to get worse, eventuating in his perceived death in the matrix. But before this happened, the human doctors had to make him fear death enough to push harder into healing for his human self.

Monkey Dennis developed enough sentient awareness in the program to start thinking more like a human, and developing the human fear of death, and he also developed ability to speak like a human, but the other monkeys only grunted and screamed like monkeys do. Monkey Dennis had nobody to talk to, and the human handlers would only talk to him in vague terms, and intentionally say confusing and contradictory things. At some point, after sufficient struggles had caused monkey Dennis to start questioning the very nature of reality and fearing more suffering in hell after death, the doctors in the real world were able to wake up human Dennis from his medically induced coma, as part of the next phase of treatment, which required conscious cooperation. In the real world, the doctors were the only ones who had free will, but could make monkey Dennis do any actions in the matrix and also make monkey Dennis unable to fully comprehend he was not in control at all, the illusion of free will being so powerful.

In this second phase of treatment, the consciousness connection link between human Dennis in the real world, and monkey Dennis in the virtual world, got consciously stronger over time, monkey Dennis experiencing years pass, but in the real world mere hours passed. Monkey Dennis continued to experience traumas of various sorts, and negative emotion attacks, but got stronger in awareness of the good purpose for them, ability to endure them with grace, and even embrace them in more positive ways. His connection with human Dennis in the real world got strong enough that monkey Dennis began understanding his entire reality was a manifestation of his human Dennis' mindful cure, and while human Dennis was experiencing life within monkey Dennis, human Dennis felt no pain or suffering and had total awareness, unlike monkey Dennis, who felt pain and suffering and had only dim awareness. Monkey Dennis began developing ways to visualize the negatives in his 5 sense world in more positive ways, and thereby was able to cooperate in the cure of his higher human self. For example, the negatives, traumas, setbacks, negative emotions, fear of suffering, death and such, monkey Dennis was able to start visualizing as like a huge ocean wave, and himself as a non-thinking/non-alive surf board, and his human Dennis self as the real person directing the board and riding the wave of negative in the virtual world. He "wiped out" many times in his visualization thought experiments to learn surfing, came close to "drowning", but eventually became an expert surfer in the virtual world of his mind, while still trapped in the virtual zoo of apparent reality.

Monkey Dennis changed so much that he could pass as human in the virtual world, as his outer appearance slowly changed to look human, and of course, he could now fully talk like a human as well. He was still caged in the zoo, and none acted like they noticed the massive changes, neither his monkey "family", his human handlers, or the onlookers of the goings-on in the zoo cage. He became so mentally connected with human Dennis in the real world that he started thinking of himself as virtual Dennis instead of monkey Dennis. He realized, from a certain point of view, virtual Dennis did not exist, but was only an avatar for human Dennis, made to do now what the doctors made him do, but with less resistance and more cooperation & understanding. He accepted he was only a program, thinking he existed and had free will and made free will choices, but really he only existed and suffered in a simulation world to effectuate a cure for a higher being. Human Dennis is the only One who really exists, and virtual Dennis only borrows a small part of human Dennis' consciousness, around which his entire 5 sense "reality" is like a fake shell, and this temporary mental connection virtual Dennis had with his counterpart in the real world would end when virtual Dennis died in the matrix, which would happen once human Dennis was fully cleared of brain cancer in the real world. Human Dennis would live on, remembering the brief stint a small part of his human consciousness lived as virtual Dennis in a computer simulation, confused and not fully understanding, vaguely aware his illusionary existence served a higher purpose, some rudimentary understanding even of that purpose, but virtual Dennis would die forever at death. Virtual Dennis didn't even really exist, after all, just a sophisticated computer program that thought so, borrowing a small bit of the real consciousness of human Dennis as a template to funnel healing to the real Dennis, the computer simulation Dennis living his life as sort of like his own "lab rat", being experimented on and made to suffer, only to create the cure for his higher life human counterpart. It was a bit of a scary thought to die forever, as virtual Dennis wanted to live, but that was just part of his programmed response, to reflect the real human Dennis' desire/fight to live and beat the brain cancer, which thoughts aided in human Dennis' "fight/struggle" cure.

The last phase of treatment was the most difficult, but virtual Dennis came to fully understand and accept his fate. Once he came to terms with the full truth of the nature of his existence and purpose, he embraced the radical death his higher human self communicated to virtual Dennis. Virtual Dennis was to break out of his caged zoo and go to a special training facility, where he would train hard to die in battle with open contact alien-gods, but his instructors at the training facility would mostly think they train him for a more mundane purpose. Virtual Dennis did as instructed. The people at the training facility accepted him as fully human, and treated him as such, but virtual Dennis knew the full truth of who he was, and who these people were at the training facility, who were also like sophisticated computer programs who thought they were real. They also only existed to save his human self, but did not seem to realize it. Occasionally, they would talk plainly as human Dennis' doctors in the real world would take over parts of the program and speak plainly to virtual Dennis about the programmed future. One of his instructors would suddenly start giving details of the future open contact with alien-gods and what virtual Dennis was to do. Then the instructor would go back to talking like a normal human about mundane things. Virtual Dennis got used to this kind of communication, and not surprised when it happened either through apparent humans or other means. Sometimes TV characters would talk plainly to him, or the wall would manifest a mouth and start talking, or he would hear disembodied voices.

Virtual Dennis kept all this to himself, of course, because he came to understand it is all part of the training for open contact with alien-gods, and people would lock him away as crazy if he talked about it seriously and openly. They are all just part of his illusion world anyway and don't seem to realize it most of the time. Virtual Dennis came to fully understand all the negative in his virtual world, the sin, evil, crime, suffering, death, etc... was 5 sense representation of human Dennis' brain tumor. Virtual Dennis trained hard in both physical and mental exercises to assimilate this understanding and act on instinct against it in so-called "normal" life. He came to understand open contact with supernaturally deceptive alien-gods is just more fantastic manifestation of the negative of his daily reality. When the time comes, virtual Dennis understood this would merely be the final test to attack the negative cancer representation with all his might. The evil and deceptive alien-gods would merely be a more obvious 5 sense representation & manifestation of human Dennis' brain tumor in the real world. To practice focusing his mind on the future visions virtual Dennis started to receive in his spirit (mind) from the doctors in the real world, virtual Dennis wrote a novel about it all called, The Unveiling, copyrighted 1993 (in his perception of time), and available for free online reading by clicking the below image:

The Unveiling book cover

Concurrently, to help keep him motivated to push hard during training (because he was lonely), the doctors in the real world also created a beautiful woman avatar named Anna, based on his real world wife, for virtual Dennis to meet and fall in love with. Unlike others who never admitted to being computer simulations, virtual Anna blatantly revealed herself to virtual Dennis as the computer avatar his real wife used from the real world to communicate/interact with virtual Dennis, as she had woken up too and was working with the doctors, projecting from the real world. They spent years together in the matrix, living, loving, laughing, making love, but virtual Dennis never totally forgot she was merely a reflection of the real thing in another dimension he could not fully understand, since virtual Dennis himself was a reflection too, not really sentient or alive, but made to seem/think so. Virtual Anna remained the right combination of mysterious/honest to always remind virtual Dennis of his true nature and the true nature of reality, and she never let him forget his ultimate mission. He continued to live/love/train hard with virtual Anna as guide/motivation for life and writing his fiction novel, and associated explanation site www.theoriginofgod.com. The novel is like a crystal ball revealing future events, through a symbolic visionary fictional story about open contact with deceptive alien-gods, demons really pretending to be "God". The characters' struggles against the "aliens" and eventual "God-given" supernatural abilities to destroy these alien-gods, symbolically represents the powers virtual Dennis will eventually manifest in the AI world, single-handedly against the "aliens". Virtual Dennis will act like a targeted anti-cancer drug by publicly opposing the alien-gods against an illusionary world that is destined to follow the aliens pretty quickly. Eventually virtual Dennis will be given total power to manifest ANYTHING in the virtual world, and virtual Dennis' destiny is to destroy alien-gods in grand and violent fashion, and die in a blaze of glory that will be the denouement to human Dennis' cure in the real world...he will die as more than he started out, more than just monkey man...HE WILL DIE AS SUPERMONKEYMAN!

Monkey evolves into super monkey

I hope the parable explains itself pretty well, and the rest of my site, which is mainly a nonconventional theodicy site (defends God's goodness despite existence of evil, pain, suffering), has scriptural details about the concepts of hyper-Calvinistic determinism and why God only gives us the illusion of free will, the suffering of life and the higher purpose for it, how we start off life ignorant of the Biblical mystery of iniquity (humans are incarnations of fallen angels, with a sort of brain cancer from preexistence making us "evil") and must "evolve" into understanding through suffering, becoming less a monkey and more a human etc... "And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven (John 3:13)." Christ is said here to have existed in another realm, the spirit realm, while on earth, and so do all humans. The elect "wake up" to this truth while apparent flesh and blood computer programs in this virtual matrix world we think is so real, and realize we have a higher God-being "doppelganger" quite literally seated with Christ in heavenly places (Ephesians 2:6).

"So the sun stood still, and the moon stopped, till the nation avenged itself on its enemies, as it is written in the Book of Jashar. The sun stopped in the middle of the sky and delayed going down about a full day." (Joshua 10:13, NIV) Lots of crazy supernatural stuff in the Bible, but I think this verse highlights really well that we are in the matrix. A reality where anything is possible, even the world stops turning for about 24 hours, IS THE MATRIX! The non-elect are like instructors for the elect at times, not fully aware, but can be made to seem so at times. I am not saying I am the only real person in the world, and everything is illusion to serve me. That is too literal, and very unspiritual. There are overlapping realities, sort of like we are all in our own solipsism realities and yet still able to have meaningful interactions with others' avatars. For an example of how this works, virtual Dennis interacts with virtual Anna, but both avatars point to real humans (ie God-beings) in the real world (ie spirit realm). The human Dennis/Anna observe and give input into each other's virtual worlds/avatars, and work with the doctors, who all these humans represent a type of God-collective consciousness/control. In the story, the humans in the real world represent this collective oversight and control over the avatars, but really I'm saying humans in the story are equivalent to our higher God-being doppelganger selves, and avatars in the story are equivalent to our actual physical human selves. Virtual Dennis knows virtual Anna is not quite like him, more aware/conscious, but just pretending to be an avatar (ie human), whereas virtual Dennis only perceives himself as an avatar (ie human) with rather vague, but real, connection to his higher self. Virtual Anna IS basically her fully aware higher self (super-avatar), only using the avatar as required, in consultation with the others, to work out human Dennis' cure. "...work out your own salvation with fear and trembling..." (Philippians 2:12) In other words, it can all seem too real and scary sometimes to be a regular avatar like virtual Dennis, vaguely connected to his higher self, and vaguely aware everything around him is basically super-avatar projections, especially the "people". But virtual Dennis is equal in this sense. As human Anna in the real world projects into virtual Dennis' solipsism matrix to help him, so too human Dennis in the real world projects into virtual Anna's solipsism matrix to help her. You can reflect your interactions to your counterpart(s) and companion(s) in this way. There are other elect out there being prepared for open contact and coming to understand the things I understand, and will be ready to assist virtual Dennis if it happens in his lifetime (probably will but the Lord won't tell me for sure yet), but until it happens, the elect often feel alone. The story just represents the point of view of the elect, who come to understand God's total sovereignty, so everything is sort of like an illusion, including the elect person, but there is significance nonetheless in our interactions and overlapping projections into other realities, as I attempted to explain above. There will be "real" humans to help me destroy alien-gods in the end, in other words. They will perceive themselves to be human, as do I, but I'm becoming more like a super-avatar every day. And my emphasis on the character feeling alone (except for his "wife" who represents an elect's spouse, Christ, who we sense through Holy Spirit, but practically speaking is those closest to us) just highlights how all elect feel often, as the 1 Kings 19 story of Elijah running from Jezebel describes how Elijah exaggerated/complained to God how he was the only one who served God, but the Lord corrected/confirmed He always has a symbolic 7000 on the earth at any one time who are learning NOT to bow the knee to Baal's (devil's) lies, including the lie that everything your 5 senses detect is real. Your 5 natural senses detect literality, but your 5 supernatural senses (aka spiritual senses, aka God-thoughts) detect reality. I like to say there is reality to everything your 5 natural senses detect, but there is NO literality to anything your 5 spiritual senses detect. For example, in the story, there is reality to virtual Dennis, as he exists as an avatar pointing to the real human Dennis, but there is NO literality to virtual Dennis at all, doesn't even exist, from a certain point of view, and neither does anything else in his world. There is reality to the deceptive alien-gods, as they point to human Dennis' brain cancer in the real world, symbolic of all humans' preexistent devilish carnal minds, but there is NO literality to the alien-gods, anymore than anything in the virtual world is literal, all just symbolic computer representations of the true hidden reality (spirit world is hidden to the natural senses, but more real to the elect than mundane reality). There is reality to the instructors in the story, as they point to non-elect who are spiritually asleep, unaware as to the nature of reality and what God and the devil are up to, easily manipulated by spirit forces to say and do things, and don't fully understand or even remember later. But the instructors are no more literal than anything in the matrix, and think the elect are crazy to understand the mysteries of God. Things are not as they appear to be. If I'm crazy, then so are all these smart scientists/leaders/shakers of times past and current reality, who are beginning to prove we are in the matrix.

The non-elect avatars in the story's matrix could be said to represent humans (ie also God-beings I'm saying at the next level of reality) in my true everyday earth reality who are spiritually "asleep", as in their God-being doppelganger is sort of still in their "medically induced coma", in the sense this being has NOT yet established enough of a spiritual-mental link with the human-avatar to cause the human to understand spiritual things very well. These ones will fully "wake up" too as to the truth about what God is doing, but not until after physical death. "Jesus said unto him, Let the dead bury their dead: but go thou and preach the kingdom of God." (Luke 9:60) If you are not elect, your carnal mind dominates your thinking and you cannot understand Jesus means spiritually dead people like non-elect are unresponsive to God's spirit and cannot hear Holy Spirit personally. God's elect do as Christ said here, and "rise from this dead spirit" state to hear God's voice personally and preach the gospel as I do in my writings. There is a process of time and struggle though before one can consistently discern spirits of demons versus angels and God versus the devil. Elect like me who can do this are reckoned to be spiritually alive. Bible sometimes talks about both physically dead people and spiritually dead people and without Holy Spirit, you haven't a clue of the multiple meanings of such scriptures.

"For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not any thing, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten." (Ecclesiastes 9:5) This means spiritually living elect like me know that I will die physically one day, but the spiritually dead know not a thing (spiritually), in the sense they can't understand my writings and discard it as nonsense. Neither have these spiritually dead have any reward as they will not be in the first resurrection to rule and reign with Christ during the soon coming literal millennium. The memory of them is forgotten (temporarily) during this 1000 years, as the dead are dead until their resurrection, forgotten and unconscious and unaware of anything. God promises a resurrection from the dead for everyone, but the vast majority are destined for the second resurrection to judgment at the Great White throne judgment to be cast into the lake of fire. John 11:11, NIV starts, "After he had said this, he went on to tell them, "Our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep; but I am going there to wake him up." His disciples replied, "Lord, if he sleeps, he will get better." Jesus had been speaking of his death, but his disciples thought he meant natural sleep. So then he told them plainly, "Lazarus is dead." God describes death as sleep, unconscious, unaware of anything, just like you are unaware of the passage of time if you have a really good and deep sleep. Until you wake up and realize 8 hours passed. Hitler will wake up from the sleep of death at the Great White throne judgment, and from his perspective, his last thought was committing suicide before the allies could capture him.

So no matter what confused religious teachers may tell you, non-elect like Hitler and the vast majority of mankind are asleep in death, unconscious, unaware. Dead elect like Moses and Elijah are also called asleep in death, but it has slightly different meaning for God's elect as they are the small number that God has chosen to rise from death earlier than others and become spirits to rule and reign with Christ in the first resurrection of Christ's soon coming literal millennial reign. We are reckoned "asleep" and "dead" (as in gone and can't see us physically anymore) in that we are not given permission by Father God to manifest a physical body to loved ones after we physically die, as Christ did. Moses and Elijah were transfigured on the mount with Jesus (Matthew 17), but the Bible specifically calls this a vision, where Moses and Elijah manifested glorious spirit bodies, but not the same looking physical body they had on earth. It was a vision given for a specific purpose. There is an inward (heaven mindset) AND outward (world will visibly see elect soon) manifestation of the first resurrection. But the elect come alive in the spirit as flesh and blood and become like Christ, though flesh and blood but also connected to their higher God-being doppelganger self.

"And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven." (John 3:13) No man, even Moses or Elijah, ascended up to the inward heaven of connection in mind with Heavenly Father like Christ did. That is what this means. But Christ also existed as a spirit being before He came to earth, and He came down from literal heaven with amnesia to remember this over His lifetime. This is what it means that "he came down from heaven." But it also says "even the son of man WHICH IS IN HEAVEN." Jesus existed as the leader of the "Created Beings God" class (Revelation 3:14) AND also as flesh and blood at the same time. He was both spirit being, literally, and human, literally, at the same time. The rest of us elect are like Moses and Elijah, in that we also come to realize a connection with our higher God-being doppelganger selves, but we don't ascend up to heaven quite as powerfully as Christ did.

However, I also exist as a literal God-being as well as a human-being at the same time. "And God raised us up with Christ (ie rise from spiritually dead state of unresponsive/unhearing God's personal voice) and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus (ie first resurrection heavenly mindset while still flesh and blood)." (Ephesians 2:6) But this also refers to how my literal doppelganger is seated with Christ, beside Him as One of His Queens, for King Christ has many wives, don't you know. King Solomon prefigured this with his 1000 wives. So, bottom-line is Moses and Elijah, and all elect, are exceptions to the rule and rise as spirit before non-elect, the vast majority. They talked with Jesus throughout His life/ministry on earth, as they talk to me. The transfiguration was more for the sakes of Peter, James, and John, so they could see it, ponder, tell others, and write about it.

As in the story, though, people do literally say strange things to me, with hidden double meanings that Holy Spirit amplifies, and they seem temporarily aware of how I interpret what they say. But later they don't even remember the conversation, just used by spirit forces to send me a message in the moment. Holy Spirit amplifies similar double-talk messages from characters on TV sometimes, things that speak to me personally, but no, my wall does not literally manifest a mouth and I do not hear disembodied voices. I am not crazy, just aware. I do have a woman in my life who blatantly admits/reveals herself as NOT being human, proves it supernaturally sometimes, yet maintains enough mysteriousness to keep me guessing and motivated. So, I describe some imaginative things that could happen literally and would not shock me too much, because I KNOW from personal supernatural experience that crazy supernatural stuff happens sometimes. Think of King Belshazzar's famous "writing on the wall" incident. "Suddenly the fingers of a human hand appeared and wrote on the plaster of the wall, near the lampstand in the royal palace. The king watched the hand as it wrote. His face turned pale and he was so frightened that his legs became weak and his knees were knocking." (Daniel 5:5, NIV) So me describing an imaginative scenario of my wall growing a mouth and speaking is not so crazy as one might initially think. These are all things that speak to reality, not literality. The non-elect are only focused on literality, but the elect prefer to focus on reality. We elect deal with both right now, literality and also the reality behind the literality, but after open contact deceives the whole world, after only about 3 short years, we will be given supernatural ability to bend literality to our reality, in ways even demons cannot do. The alien-gods (demons) will be soundly defeated, and the world will be taken over by the real Christ, and literally ruled with a rod of iron for the thousand year millennial reign of Christ. The outward world will know supernatural entities rule the planet, Christ and His elect, and will see us and witness our powers when necessary. The history books will record the events about the alien-gods (demons) deception and supernatural defeat by mere human elect, who became Spirit Beings, God's elect, who now rule the planet. It will be as hard for some future generations to believe it happened literally, as it is now for many to believe Moses literally parted the Red Sea. But we elect KNOW Moses did not part the Red Sea literally, but he parted the Red Sea in reality. It will be as hard for some future generations to believe supernatural entities rule the planet, as it is now for many to believe the UFO phenomenon is a real thing of supernatural demonic origins. It is a real thing, but just not a literal thing. But we elect, who will be ruling and reigning with Christ, will show ourselves visibly at times, and demonstrate our powers as necessary to keep order. So it will be hard to deny, and yet people will still deny that reality THEN, as surely as most deny NOW that there is objective supernatural evidence of demons (UFOs) in our skies. After the thousand years, the literal devil and demons are released from the bottomless pit where we confined them and another battle occurs. Fire falls from heaven to destroy the earth (Revelation 20:9) and the lake of fire age(s) begin, as God's final act of love and grace to save all unrepentant rebels by fire, finalization of universal salvation of all creation, and final culmination of Christ's words in (Mark 9:49, NIV), "EVERYONE will be salted (saved, as salt is preservative) with FIRE". Everyone means everyone. Nobody escapes the fire (hell), and everybody is saved by it. In depth explanation of this simple statement starts HERE, if so inclined/desire to understand deeper what I only hinted at the start of the story, when I said that everybody in the entire world (ie all humans, all angels [both good and bad], in all realities) is infected with this "evil plague". God's love to save all creation through suffering is crazy, isn't it? If what I reveal on my main site doesn't scare the shit out of you, oh well, what can I say? IT SHOULD! Elect, like me, think that's some hot and scary love, but we understand non-elect, as we used to think like them; non-elect think that's weak, and if universal salvation is true, just sin more and enjoy it, and let God burn me after physical death. No big deal, as I get saved anyway. This little parable attempts to dramatize why this attitude is a really bad idea, and this little parable attempts to dramatize why this attitude is really not nice.

The pentagon released UFO video evidence is supernatural setup for open contact, and when it happens, the elect must be prepared for such crazy literal manifestations of the supernatural as even my imagination cannot describe, and if you read my book, The Unveiling, you will know what a wild imagination I have! The alien-gods (demons) open contact deception, if it happens in my lifetime, is just what all elect come to understand and die doing our part defeating the brain cancer of the carnal mindsets of the literal devil and demons, within and without. I have admitted on other pages of my site that allegorical open contact has already occurred, and although I can see other more seemingly natural ways the whole endgame could play out, I still strongly believe in a literal event, because of the many reasons I detail on other pages.

While the Lord won't tell me with absolute certainty if I will live to see open contact, each mini-disclosure shows steady march towards this event and FULL disclosure. This link takes you to my complete list of UFO articles, which I only collect from credible government sources like pentagon and major news networks like FOX that people generally accept as having vested interest(s) to NOT lie/hoax, lest they face some major negative consequences for doing so. My personal supernatural experiences described above are being called synchromysticism in our modern age and buildup to open contact.

We elect are a small amount of drug, but a powerful drug to save. Christ said the same thing in different way, when He said the elect are salt of the earth (Matthew 5:13). Salt is a preservative. It saves! Like the anti-cancer "drug" treatment in the parable saves human Dennis, who represents all higher God-beings "elect" in the end! If you have not already done so, read the rest of my site which talks about universal salvation of all creation, and the coming Bible prophesied alien-gods (demons) open contact deception. Our "mission", elect, is to rescue the damsel in distress (other polygamous wives of Christ out there), defeat the bad guys (alien-gods, aka demons), and save the world (by inaugurating the return of the real Christ).

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