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The Origin of God

On the Origin of (the God) species by means of (super)natural selection:

The Theory of (Christo)evolution

By Dennis Gilmour, aka "spiritual" Charles Darwin (clickable name)...some also call me Yisra'el or Yisra for short (click red name for definition)...some even like to call me Kal-el
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But perhaps the best analogy would be calling me the angry Simeon/Levi preacher...click and read down to the part about Simeon and Levi and you will understand what I mean

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There are 193 official nations in the United Nations PLUS Vatican city and Palestine "observer states" equals 195. By that standard, I have collected over 90% of the world's flags in visitors, but I am making my goal the ENTIRE world! Please join me regularly, onsite and in chat, in discussing some important issues the world needs to know about UFOs and the God-connection--and how the whole world is FAMILY but does NOT understand this and many other things right now, because human history is sort of like a family squabble and amnesia is part of it for humans!