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Chapter Seventeen


If you've read my site thus far, hopefully you have hit on some of the major points and proofs (scientific even) that I have supplied to show that reality itself is NOT what people think it is. Our five physical senses are being "fooled" about a great many things. Without properly tuned five spiritual senses (ie God-thoughts about it all), you will stay stuck in this matrix, unaware of what is going on, and you will never spiritually wake up in this lifetime. If you are unconcerned about this, then you are second resurrection "lake of fire" destined Leah elect. Good for you, and enjoy your death when it comes, for you have taken the blue pill of contented ignorance.

However, if you want to wake up to the full understanding/truth of reality and have a burning need like Neo to take the red pill and KNOW how far the rabbit hole goes, then you are first resurrection destined Rachel elect. Good for you, and we Rachels WILL enjoy our deaths when they come, for we Rachel elect have the courage and willingness to learn potentially unsettling or life-changing truth(s). I have revealed much on this site already, but there is much more to assimilate before open contact. Anybody who reads my site systematically to this point with any degree of open-mindedness will have traveled much down the rabbit hole already. But you ain't seen nothin yet.

Clicking on the below image(s) will take you to another website within my website, akin to Morpheus rescuing Neo and taking him out of the matrix for training before re-insertion
The true nature of the matrixWhat is the true nature of the matrix again
Only serious people please

Be sure you want to take the red pill. Neo puked and had a hard time adjusting to the full truth, and Cypher became a "Judas" to Morpheus because he wanted/preferred the matrix again after a time. If you have assimilated much of so far, you've really only taken half of the red pill, and it has NOT even been absorbed fully into your body's system yet. Cypher said to agent Smith, "Ignorance is bliss." Jesus said similar thing when He said count the cost (Luke 14:28), for truth can be hard and perhaps you prefer ignorance. The next page is called, "The Ultimate Matrix", the beginning page of many that attempt to teach how spiritual warfare manifests in everyday life and show my readers how to both defend yourself AND launch full scale attacks against ALL the final lies the devil and his fallen angels want the world to believe, whether those lies manifest now primarily in your personal life, or communally on a worldwide scale upon open contact soon. "The Ultimate Matrix" is password protected until the Bible prophesied Galatians 1:8 open contact with the supposedly highly evolved ancient alien-gods (demons really), OR until you break the code. Upon open contact, I will release the page(s) for ALL the world to read, but until then only first resurrection destined Rachel elect know how to hack into Zion's mainframe by breaking the encryption code on the next "Ultimate Matrix" page. "The Ultimate Matrix" is disturbing shit only meant for first resurrection human Rachel elect at this time, but I will make it available for all if open contact happens in my lifetime. I am quite confident it will, but Holy Spirit constrains me about the really deep things my intranet "Ultimate Matrix" pages reveal. For those who don't know, the definition of an intranet is a local or restricted communications network, especially a private network to the exclusion of access by outsiders. My private spiritual intranet will become public spiritual internet upon open contact. If you think my site has been deep in some ways so far, ya ain't seen nothin yet! I have admitted on other pages of my site that allegorical open contact has already occurred for the world, and although I can see other more seemingly natural ways the whole endgame could play out, I still strongly believe in a literal open contact event, because of the many reasons I detail on other pages. People generally diss the supernatural too much, but I've had enough legitimate supernatural experiences in this matrix reality to know ANYTHING is possible. Those experiences helped inspire this page specifically, and my entire site actually.

As I've said on previous pages, anybody can read my site and understand bits and pieces, but it is supernaturally impossible to understand it completely AND/OR be motivated by the truth(s) in the correct and motivating way, without supernatural assistance from God! In "The Matrix" movie, even Neo took time to fully assimilate the truth, accept it, and go into the matrix again to fight alongside Zion freedom crowd to help free others. God has got to supernaturally reveal Himself to you, and train you, before you can go back into the matrix and be a Neo, Morpheus, or Trinity. The Zion freedom crowd represents the invisible forces primarily, Father, Son, invisible Rachel elect like the original apostles (not foolish humans I've heard call themselves apostles), light side angels, and lastly even Satan and the dark side angels can be better "friends" than humans, for it is better to fight over truth than be marginalized & mocked & ignored, which is what I find most humans do. The devil is always up for a spiritual fight, when he thinks he has the advantage, so is a good "friend" in that sense and I can learn something in the battle. I have to encourage Satan sometimes even, because when I have spiritual support, the devil is not too keen to fight, just likes to be a bully when he thinks he can win easily.

Canadians do stealth attacks like the devil, but are mostly spiritually immature and just don't see their hypocrisy. Most people in Canada won't engage in overt "evil" religious talk, but they do engage in covert "evil" religious talk. It's called a conversation! Humans hyper-compartmentalize truth, and in Canada, typically I find, as soon as you specifically mention God or quote the Bible people immediately glaze over, act like you are crazy, and will quickly accuse you of pushing religion and walk away, not seeing their own hypocrisy to push their "truth" (ie religion, as religion is an attempt to define truth) right there. The human tendency these days to totally divorce truth from religion is a big problem in today's secular world, and only the elect take up the challenge to accept there is truth in religion, discern the true religion, and then go on to discern what is true in the true religion. Backlash from religious abuses of the historical past cause people to shutdown immediately upon discussion of anything "religious". Defining the term religious, like any word, is open to interpretation and I say subtle "religion" is going on with every conversation, as all conversations are over points of truth, and for sure conflict is spiritual warfare over truth. Just most want to narrowly define religion as specifically talking about who defines truth and what the truth (Jesus) meant by His words in the Bible.

But back to my matrix movie analogies. Human elect are symbolically represented by Zion's freedom crowd too, but don't expect to have many, if any, of these in your flesh life. It is just sad reality that the symbolic 7000 are scattered all over the earth and rarely meet, a truth that eventually forces an elect to press into Holy Spirit personally to get needs for true intimacy met with true invisible spirit family. At this time, that is Father, Son, Rachel elect only, spirit Rachel elect I mean, as the human ones are next to impossible to know for sure. Upon open contact, after a few short years, those human elect who aren't killed and are still left standing in the end, ARE THE HUMAN RACHEL ELECT! For no mere human can withstand what is coming without greater supernatural support from Father, Son, and spirit Rachel elect. Light side angels are like casual acquaintances at work you have cordial relationship with and get along fine, but you are not too interested to hang with them outside work, but probably could for short bouts and have reasonably decent/fun time. Dark side angels are like agents in the matrix, who are good fighters to learn/practice/grow against until you become a Neo, who does not have much trouble with them anymore. Neo wasn't the least bit interested in hanging with agent Smith for some beer and nachos at Boston Pizza. Rather, Neo just enjoyed kicking agent Smith's ass when he got the chance. Just because all angels, both "good" and "evil" can read humans' minds, does NOT mean they really understand an elect.

Father, Son, Rachel elect are like your spouse, who you are happy to live for OR die for, and enjoy spending all your time with. Learning to discern the differences in the invisible forces and detect their influences on your mind is the supernatural art that can be tricky. Click HERE for a decent wordly article that captures some of the flavor of the true spiritual awakening and experience, some of the flavor but not all. The writer of the article seems would probably not understand the difference/distinction between true spirit family verus everybody else. A good line to try to describe it is what Scottish prince, 'Robert the Bruce', said in the movie Braveheart about the difference in fighting warriors he could put on a battlefield versus what William Wallace could do, the inspiration versus compulsion ideas. Robert the Bruce: "I have nothing. Men fight for me because if they do not, I throw them off my land and I starve their wives and their children. Those men who bled the ground red at Falkirk, they fought for William Wallace, and he fights for something that I never had." If you don't understand what I mean by that and how it pertains to spiritual warfare fighting, you need to get out of the matrix.

I can't do better at explaining this difference/distinction than what Mel Gibson's character, William Wallace, said later in the movie. To encourage a much smaller Scottish army (ie the human sons of God, aka human elect, who are only a symbolic 7 thousand strong) against the much larger English army (the spiritual sons of God, aka alien-gods, aka demons, who count in the trillions), which English army had heavy calvary (supernatural abilities), and had never been defeated before in battle against a smaller army WITHOUT heavy calvary (human elect have NO supernatural abilities except faith in the true God, who has Almighty supernatural abilities compared to demons, who only have mighty supernatural abilities...and we always win in the end, just like the Scots did here simply because of this faith), William Wallace said this to a Scottish soldier, who declared they must run if they want to live:

William Wallace: Aye, fight and you may die. Run and you'll live -- at least a while. And dying in your beds many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they'll never take our freedom!!!

And the outnumbered and less well armed Scots fought the English and won! If you don't hear Holy Spirit in my bracketed explanations above, you are stuck in the matrix. If you don't hear Holy Spirit now in my interpretation, you are stuck in the matrix: upon open contact, the Scots are the human sons of God, aka human elect, who will defeat the English, who are the spiritual sons of God, aka alien-gods (demons). If you have that STRONG sense of knowing what I just said is true, congratulations to you. You are elect, or at least well on your way to becoming one. I hope to be alive as "Wallace" to lead the charge, but can't guarantee it. In the movie, Wallace was captured by the English and tortured and killed before his time. But at least he died screaming, "FREEDOM"! Freedom is to know the true difference between "good" and "evil"! Who is right, God or the devil, AND why?! What are the issues of life and the heart truly are all about?! Hear what the Spirit says personally at various times throughout the day! Although Wallace died before defeating the English as completely as he might have liked, 'Robert the Bruce' eventually got it and led the charge for him. In the closing scene, 'Robert the Bruce' led the Scots in victory against the English with his own short but inspiring words, "You have bled with Wallace. Now bleed with me."

If I wanted to flip to a more Biblical parable example, I might say I am a King David spiritual warrior type. "But God said unto me [King David], 'Thou shalt not build an house [temple] for my name, because thou hast been a man of war, and hast shed blood.'" (1 Chronicles 28:3) David wanted to build the temple for the Lord, but accepted God would not allow him the pleasure because he was a man of war and killed many people, spiritual application being I have spiritually warred with many "people", spirit forces in other words...demons for sure, but I've also done lots of "friendly fire" too in my days of ignorance and inappropriate enthusiasm for the fight. I sort of have lots of the Lord's blood Himself on my hands, killed Christ many times so to speak, so might not be allowed to "build the temple" (do my special thing of greeting the alien-gods personally). But David did everything he could to at least make it easy for his son, King Solomon, to build the temple. David collected the wood, gold, silver, made blueprint plans for the temple, etc... so Solomon had a much easier time. Translation: this site and my fiction book is available to any Solomons out there in the world who might come across it on the internet, any such person likened to a spiritual "son", who hears Holy Spirit in my writings and will help make your transition/maturation into an elect less spiritually violent than mine perhaps. While I'm alive, it's easy to contact me for assistance of various kinds. I already know one woman who told me my fiction book helped wake her up, as she realized she was one who "would have been deceived by the aliens." She has my book in her safety deposit box, next to her will, with instructions what she wants done with it upon her death. Some small few have understood what I'm trying to do. Be a King Solomon! Be a 'Robert the Bruce'! Wake up! Get it! I've basically given the world all the answers on this site!

However, I also know comprehension and maintaining knowledge/connection with Father God through Christ by Holy Spirit is supernatural. Nobody can do it all the time. As far as parable analogies go, King Solomon also had 1000 wives, so did lots of sex sin (David was lesser polygamist with 8 wives but still impossible to really love that many women...that is sex sin), so don't follow Solomon in that sense. I mean whoever Rachel elect are alive to greet the alien-gods (demons) upon open contact will have to defeat them, even at the cost of their physical lives (that's not crazy...that's our jobs), and assimilating my site in the proper way can make that job easier, as King David made things easier for his son Solomon to build the temple. As far as sex sin goes, I done my share of that too before I found my polygamist wives. In today's world, who hasn't gone a little sex crazy before settling down with a nice normal two wives? But that's a story for complete discussion another day. :-) I'll just say this much. Not only am I a King David spiritual warrior type but I am a literal polygamist too (like King David AND the Lord Himself is polygamist), and my real life woman "Anna" (represented in this parable) is actually a composite of two real life women. Yes, of course they know each other and we have great threesome sex. We don't hide anything. Polygamy is best done this way, don't you know, and statistically ya gotta know at least some of King Solomon's many wives had to be bi-sexual like my wives are. Hey, the gays started redefining marriage as any two people, and they helped open my eyes to see polygamy must be made legal too one day, as we are also all consenting adults who love each other. I just ain't gonna sit around waiting for the law to catch up to engage in what I know is right; legal marriage gonna be whatever consenting adults wanna it ta be sooner or later. My final bit on this page will be a combination of links about my own reasons to believe we are in a matrix-like simulation, but also links to many credible scientists/leaders, who are starting to agree with me that our reality is more like "The Matrix" movie than most generally realize...

The concept of evolution has been philosophized for millennia but was eventually declared "fact" by authority/majority. In our modern technological age, it probably won't take anywhere near as long for the matrix simulation idea to be declared "fact" too by authority/majority, especially in an open contact situation with supposedly "highly evolved ancient alien-gods" (demons really) who will help us create technology to reproduce their "magic". But the matrix was designed to fool all except the elect, who see through the deception before physical death.

Simulation theory is becoming accepted "fact" too, like evolution theory has become accepted "fact", as both theories explain the ancient teachings in a scientific way; ancient religions and philosophies are being modernized to explain "God" and existence/consciousness itself and what is going on in human history. Wait until open contact, when the dazzling becomes fantastical beyond anything you've seen in the movies to date.

There are some similarities and differences between the two theories, best summed up in the next two sentences. Evolution theory: philosophized for millennia, some parital truth/evidence for the theory in modern times, eventually declared total fact by authority/majority (even though it is NOT). Simulation theory: philosophized for millennia, some parital truth/evidence for the theory in modern times, eventually will be declared total fact by authority/majority (and in this case it is TRUE).

All of apparent reality is subjective and physical existence itself is a myth. Many, many intelligent and credible scientists and leaders are starting to "scientifically" prove this, as much as they think they can "prove" evolution is true and so there is no God. Both evolution and simulation/matrix theory have some partial evidence but one must trump the other. Most scientists claim both are true but don't see their hypocrisy because you cannot totally trust your 5 physical senses if we are in a computer simulation, as any evidence for the age of the universe and fossils etc... could just as easily be false evidence God allowed the devil to supernaturally plant in our reality to deceive. You can't point to things in the matrix to prove how old the matrix is, as it was designed to deceive. Makes sense, don't you think? Below are many, many links to smart and credible people who claim simulation is true AND evolution is true. These smart people include billionaire Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson, Silicon Valley entrepreneur and MIT-educated computer scientist Rizwan Virk, Oxford University philosopher Nick Bostrom, etc... It is not just me who is saying this. I am simply the only one God allows, so far, to reveal the complete mystery and truth on the internet. That doesn't make me smarter than these guys, only wise to seek God for real answers and get them. The Biblical flood story, like all scripture, has personal application and symbolic/parable meaning(s). As incredible as it may seem to contemplate, all of reality has the same purpose as the flood story and you cannot trust your 5 physical senses 100%, nor your memories. This idea is called the Omphalos hypothesis, also sometimes called "Last Thursdayism", as in God could have also instantly created everything last Thursday with apparent great age, if His character is such to deceive us that the universe only appears billions of years old when it is actually about 6000 years old according to the Genesis account in the Bible. Obviously, this can be a disturbing idea if you think about it too much or take it too seriously, but since the matrix concept is the latest scientific idea to start mesmerizing the scientists/leaders/shakers, it is something these supposedly smart people need to consider AND have a good answer. Here is an introductory article about some common fears. We elect are here to learn to trust our 5 spiritual senses 100% and only trust our 5 physical senses are true as per what God tells us personally. Reality is what God says it is, end of story. We are in a simulation that exists only for the sake(s) and learning of the elect. The rest of reality (both people and inanimate) is deceptive and under the domain of Satan and demons, who are themselves under the dominion and control of a sovereign God. Satan and demons manipulate humans and inanimate reality as easily as the sovereign God manipulates Satan and demons. They have always ultimately been frustrated to total defeat in the lives of all true elect. They will soon be utterly wiped out and annihilated before the literal second coming of Christ.

Why reality is like The Matrix movie (a simulation)
available for reading from the top (click here), if you are coming to this link section for the first time

My personal reasons to "believe"
  1. My #1 personal reason to believe we are in The Matrix: supernatural signs in the skies

  2. My #2 personal reason to believe we are in The Matrix: physical evidence and experiments point to it more and more, even though you can't trust such things 100% in a simulation but this kind of proof does at least point to truth in the spiritual dimension where God dwells

  3. My #3 personal reason to believe we are in The Matrix: my own personal supernatural experiences

  4. Link to a good non-fiction book I read, from an intelligent guy named Rizwan Virk, who also thinks reality is like The Matrix

  5. Link to another good non-fiction book by Rizwan Virk, which helps to explain some of my own personal supernatural experiences. His multiverse & multiperson theories help to explain my link below.

Rizwan Virk often talks about science fiction writer Philip K. Dick, as his novels usually dealt with simulation and false reality themes, such as two of the four movies I reference a few scrolls down were based on Dick's novels (Adjustment Bureau and Total Recall). Virk interviewed Dick's wife, and Rizwan Virk has many interesting discussions in the podcasts below regarding the matrix idea. I pull out this one special podcast and highly suggest to listen to it, as Philip K. Dick admitted in the podcast to having had supernatural encounters with non-human entities and various other supernatural visions and experiences.

One of Dick's novels was based on his partial memories of having literally lived in an alternate dystopian future timeline of brutal worldwide totalitarian rule, before coming back to this reality; covid-19 seems to me like intentional setup to eventually take away all rights and head into such a future. I have had some such experiences like Dick, and my novel about deceptive UFO open contact may yet occurr literally, but I say it has already occurred in the hearts and minds of most people, who only think in terms of "highly evolved ancient alien-gods," and poo poo the idea of UFO demons. I may be the only one who can stop a horrid timeline built on my fascination & obsession with this dark timeline. If any guru's out there perceive themselves to be human (as I KNOW I am NOT a non-player character in the "game") then please contact me and perhaps together we can compare notes and change things. I doubt any real humans want to "experience" my future fiction with me.

More fascinating Rizwan Virk podcasts below. Also suggest to read these interesting articles from Rizwan Virk: matrix article one AND ALSO this one is good too, matrix article two.

Introduction to simulation's been around a long time
  1. Simulation hypothesis has been around for millennia

  2. Wikipedia brief summary article about simulated reality

  3. Ancient Plato thought about it

    Ancient Plato's take on the matrix

  4. Ancient Descartes thought about it

Many modern movies have entertained us with the simulation & manipulation of consciousness idea(s) I present on this site. Hollywood has to be subtle in the message behind their movies to make money, lest they offend moviegoers with too much overt "religion", but here are just a few of my favorites with some brief comment on the covert religious message to your subconscious.
  1. My #1 favorite movie of all time, The Matrix original, though the others were ok too. They highlight that our reality is a simulation mostly controlled by cold evil machines (demons), but Zion freedom crowd (God's elect) cannot be totally contained and the elect win in the end.

  2. Dark City summary, the movie I referred to in personal point #3 above about "My personal reasons to 'believe'". See that link for details about the deeper spiritual message.

  3. The Adjustment Bureau has some good hints and clues about deeper reasons behind our matrix reality and how the "chairman" (God) is directing the "agents of fate" (angels and demons), who don't understand everything either (though they supernaturally manipulate the matrix for the chairman). They just do what the chairman says, but Matt Damon's character, David Norris, cannot be totally contained in his passion to be with the woman he loves, Elise. In the movies, love drama almost always pictures Christ (the elect's spiritual "Husband") pursuing His "Wife" (the bride of Christ). But gender roles are interchangeable, since Husband and Wife are said to be ONE in marriage. In a subtle sense, I am Christ's Wife being pursued supernaturally in various ways in my personal life, but I am also a literal man on this earth (Christ) doing my own "pursuing" of the other part of me out there, the bride of Christ, through this website and various other means I use. Technology is not my only tool, but unlike mystics of the past, I am a former computer programmer and know how to use it.

  4. Total Recall shows we all were "bad" in preexistence (ie humans are incarnations of fallen angels as I explain on other pages of my site) and best friends with the bad guy leader, Cohaagen (ie the devil). Although Schwarzenegger's character has altered memories to battle with, in the end, he chooses to retain the better Doug Hauser version (memories) of who he had become; he didn't want "total recall" and we are all put in this matrix to likewise battle to retain our new identities and cast our devilish natures aside! Have you even created your elect identity yet?

The modern philosopher to resurrect serious interest in simulation theory is Nick Bostrom (currently living), who "coincidentally" restarted the craze in 2001, shortly after release of The Matrix
  1. Introduction article about how Nick Bostrom restarted it all

  2. Nick Bostrom's original simulation argument paper

  3. What Wikipedia says about Nick Bostrom

  4. Nick Bostrom's personal website

  5. Wikipedia article about Nick Bostrom's 2014 book, "Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies", which artificial intelligence is a natural progression from simulation theory.
Smart and rich billionaire Elon Musk agrees we likely live in a simulation. Many people in history have discovered this truth and associated ideas: business leaders, philosophers, religious icons, scientists, etc... The One to discover this secret the best and utilize perfect faith in the end was Jesus Christ Himself!
  1. Confirmed! We Live in a Simulation: We must never doubt Elon Musk again

  2. We're Probably Living in a Simulation, Elon Musk Says

  3. When Elon Musk Proposed His 'Strongest Argument' For Humanity Living In Simulation

  4. Elon Musk Warns We're Living Through The "Dumbest Experiment in Human History"

  5. Elon Musk says we may live in a simulation. Here's how we might tell if he's right

  6. Elon Musk on Artificial Intelligence (and the Basics of AI) - youtube Documentary video about matrix-like AIs we will be able to create one day, along with actual matrix universes, as we learn to create simulations of our simulated reality, which Musk believes humans already exist in a simulation.
Miscellaneous articles about simulation theory from scientists/astonomers like Neil deGrasse Tyson, and dead smart guy Stephen Hawking had a few things to say too
  1. Neil deGrasse Tyson says it's 'very likely' the universe is a simulation

    These two video links above deserve a little comment. Neil deGrasse Tyson doesn't like to admit UFOs are related to simulation theory and the disturbing implications of what UFOs could be if simulation/matrix theory is true. deGrasse's video links talk about his belief/evidence in simulation theory, but he also claims to believe evolution explains everything and there is NO God. You can't have it both ways. Like I said above, if we are in the matrix, then evolution evidence like fossils could just as easily be false evidence God allowed the devil to plant there to deceive. You can't point to things in the matrix to prove how old the matrix is, since the simulation was designed to deceive. Totally illogical! One of these links has Neil's interview with Larry King, but of course, Neil just talks about simulation theory but Larry doesn't confront Neil about his illogical and unscientific mind to believe evolution is absolute then. Either Larry is ignorant of the deeper issues or simply agreed ahead of time not to embarrass his buddy Neil. In the videos, Neil posits our matrix-like reality could be run by some kid in a basement creating our simulated world on his parent's computer in another reality. And that kid could also be a simulation of another kid's reality, and another, etc... But who is running the original simulation that started it all and where did this being come from? Neil sidesteps these kinds of good questions because that would have to admit there is some sort of first cause "God" and so-called scientists want to believe all mystery and paranormal is just things we don't understand right now but will in time. The paranormal becomes normal once we can explain it. There is no God, so the theory goes. But there is and these UFO beings are demons pretending to be our highly evolved ancient alien-gods who are prepping us for open contact. UFOs have been increasingly increasing since the end of World War 2 and allied forces called them "Foo fighters" back then, thinking they were perhaps advanced German planes. UFOs have been reported for millennia but have been greatly increasing since the end of World War 2 in prep for open contact. Here is my main page, which talks about this in more detail: Open Contact Bottom-line.

    Neil deGrasse Tyson talks about simulation theory but only covers the positive side he wants to brainwash you with. He does not cover the more negative Biblical answer of what these UFOs are about and my site explains why all non-elect think this way. The Bible predicted all this UFO activity thousands of years ago...or did it??? If we are in a simulation then history is suspect and you must decide if you trust what the Bible says. The Bible could also just as easily be false evidence God allowed the devil to supernaturally plant in our simulated reality for nefarious reasons. My site explains how God has only good motivations for what He does OR allows the devil to do, but all other created beings have various degrees of both good and evil motivations for what we do. For sure, you should not trust another person's interpretation of the Bible, but there are good reasons we can trust a God who might have supernaturally placed a "fake Bible" in this reality. If you believe simulation theory, then the Bible could also just as easily be true evidence God planted here to help the elect, true symbolic/parable evidence of something other than physical realities...obviously. The rest of my site blows the lid off all the lies and conspiracy and I plainly tell it all, free of charge, so you know I'm not trying to deceive you just to make money selling something, nor is my site likely to make me famous or get lots of ladies, the typical motivations of non-elect men. I also don't mind challenging questions or dismiss them, unlike fake Christians tend to do. Also, a devil's agent like Neil (although he may be ignorant the devil is using him) doesn't like challenging questions, and these kind of people tend to be dismissive or just get angry and walk away. They have no good answers and just want to deny there is some sort of Creator.

    Scientists are starting to prove simulation theory, that reality is literally like the matrix movie alludes! Although simulation theory, like evolution theory, has been philosophized for millennia, only now in modern times, we have found SOME evidence for both theories. But one theory must trump the other. You cannot totally trust the 5 physical sense "evidence" if we are in a matrix that was designed to deceive the 5 senses. Makes logical sense, right? So, simulation theory is where Darwin's evolution theory was about 150 years ago but is making fast progress in recognition. They say, if computer power keeps growing at the current rate, we will build an actual matrix in maybe 50 years or less. Then it will be more intuitive for people to understand we just exist in another layer of matrix that God programmed. Then it will be easier for most to understand that simulation theory trumps evolution theory. True elect like me in the future, could create a matrix simulation program to demonstrate. I used to program computers even, but in 50 years it will be even more complicated computer techniques. My program would have a person enter the simulation and show them a reality so much like the current "real world" that they can't even tell they just stepped into a computer program of the so-called "real world." The room will initially look the same. Then they go "outside" and talk to "people" who will talk like real people about beliefs like evolution. A stranger will pick up a stray "cat" and say it is proven fact it evolved from "dogs." But unlike this reality, which has NO solid evidence for macro-evolution (change into different species), this simulated person will be able to take the user to a computer simulation of a real computer and pull up tons of data and scientific evidence to PROVE macro-evolution 100%. The data will show crock-a-duck, clear proof of macro-evolution that only a fool would deny. The museums will have fossils with clear crock-a-duck type fossils going back billions of years... nah, actually, I will program trillions of years into the simulation to make it more realistic, for a mere postulated 5 billion year old earth CANNOT create such genetic diversity like we have. Then I might even program this fake reality to be able to make it possible to create life from non-life and watch it evolve naturally over trillions of years in the lab, as my simulation will also be able to isolate the lab experiment environment inside a time-bubble and do some Einstein type time dilation inside the experiment to simulate evolution over trillions of years. But simulated evolution in an entirely simulated environment does NOT make sense to totally trust such evidence, right? A science mind should understand that. I could easily then hit a programmed button and to cause the simulation to change around the real human, so that everybody around the real human in the simulation thinks their "universe" is even untold trillions of years older than the last simulation, and the evidence for evolution even stronger, and only an insane person would deny it!

    I trust my reader understands my analogy. Even in this fiction future (no longer fiction in less than 50 years probably, if computer power keeps advancing) THERE WILL ALWAYS BE PEOPLE WHO WILL SPIN THEORIES TO DENY THE OBVIOUS AND "PROVE" WHAT THEY WANT TO BELIEVE! There is no God? Who started the first simulation then? Even if I create a simulated world wherein intelligent beings create simulations within simulations within simulations, etc.... there always must be an intelligent first cause Being (ie God) to start all the simulations. Makes logical sense, right? It takes great intelligence to program a complex computer generated simulation of reality. And within such a simulation, it is NOT logical or common sense to totally trust so-called "hard" evidence for evolution, even if there was such evidence. The reality is (as far as reality can speak in our current fake matrix--soon to be proven I am right about this) there is NO HARD EVIDENCE for evolution, only SOFT evidence. But even if you had TONS of real hard evidence (which scientists do not have), it still don't mean squat in the matrix which deceives the 5 physical senses! One is NOT very logical or scientific if he or she insists I speak error here. Such a person has no choice but to try to prove/believe simulation theory is nonsense, because such carnal dominated human psyche simply cannot accept there is a God, and such a one simply must find some way to deny the obvious. This is why simulation theory trumps evolution theory, although both have some evidence in modern times. Soon, we will build an actual matrix and honest scientists will have to admit, the evidence points to some mysterious Creator God that NONE will ever fully understand. Except me, of course, because God speaks to me and explains these obvious and evident things. :-)

    Simulation theory will trump evolution theory in probably less than 50 years, whereas Darwin's theory required 150 years to gain massive worldwide support. I have a scientific left brain (prove truth) like everybody, but I also try to connect with intuitive right brain (sense truth) too. I don't pretend one can come to correct conclusions without engaging both sides of the brain in a balanced way. I say we do have enough data to draw proper conclusions right now about UFOs and reality itself, and that statement is partly intuitively discerned. My simulation argument is part science and part intuition. One really can't have evolution AND simulation both 100% trustworthy truth always at the same time, and one should admit humans should NOT trust evolution evidence then 100%, but most still choose to believe there is no master programmer (God) and everything is totally random. That is unbalanced left brain thinking. Even if I could prove the resurrection of Christ, the scientific left brain would be inclined to spin that as just a random natural process resurrection then. We all spin things how we want to believe, me included, but I say I connect with God in my right side brain too and that is why my understanding is more correct than most.

    Here is a little bit of both science and intuition prediction of the future, and although none can prove what will happen in the future, I hope my readers can hear rationality in what I am about to write. In 1969, the Honeywell Kitchen Computer was marketed as a luxury gift item, and would have inaugurated the era of home computing, but none were sold. Computers became affordable for the general public in the 1970s due to the mass production of the microprocessor starting in 1971. So, that's about 50 years ago that home computers started to take off. And what do we have today? Computer power in a cell phone alone way beyond the first computers, graphics already very realistic and off the charts in worldwide online internet gaming, already gamers playing avatars in simulated worlds portending what is coming in a better actual matrix one day. They already have virtual reality goggles and computer simulated ping pong games so realistic that players forget they are in a simulation. Books by Rizwan Virk, creator of these types of current virtual reality (VR) simulations, tell of his personal stories of almost falling over after playing ping pong in a VR simulation because he forgot there was no real table there and almost leaned on it!

    Rizwan Virk's profile and I highly recommend his books on simulation theory.

    If you want to hear some podcasts from Rizwan Virk about the matrix, please click here.

    Genesis 1:30, KJV, "And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat: and it was so." This is one of many supernatural verses that prove simulation theory, as after the fall of Adam and Eve by eating the forbidden fruit, the nature of animals changed. This simulation of reality instantly changed! Lions would have previously used their sharp teeth and claws to dig up carrots and such from the ground in their hunt for food, but now lions use those same teeth/claws to hunt and kill and eat other animals! Humans are now predatory in their own ways, and some are literal cannibals, although such has always been rare in human history. None can deny that humans are very animalistic and predatory though in many ways, and this is why many believe humans evolved from animals, since we can act like animals in so many ways!

    There is a difference between using our intelligence to advance technologically versus advancing morally. Humans have all the same issues and problems since the days of Adam and Eve. There has been NO real advancement, and there will NOT be any, until UFO demons are dealt with and a manifestation of the literal Kingdom of God is established on earth. The UFOs portend this open contact event and open supernatural war between God's human Rachel elect (the fleshly sons of God) and God's spirit Leah elect (the spiritual sons of God, aka demons).

    So, anyway, all this computer advancement in only 50 years? And do any really doubt another 50 years could easily create a realistic matrix just like the movie??? So, my example above of a person in the future entering a simulation of reality apparently trillions of years old with 100% solid proof of macro-evolution is impossible? We don't even have 100% proof of macro-evolution for this universe, but most choose to believe it over anything else, but even if humans had such proof, it means nothing in the matrix, which was designed to deceive the 5 physical senses.

    The ultimate truth is we are in a simulation of reality, and everything our 5 senses detect is only an approximation of true reality at the next level. We are both in our own solipsism reality AND also in a shared reality at the same time. Another computer example might help explain. Add a layer of complexity to my above simulation example where the person entering the simulation is also in the simulation with some other legitimate humans. One person's reality can be very similar to another human's but it can also be drastically different and none be the wiser. One person in the sim has computer settings that show tables as pink and another person jacked in on the other side of the planet has computer settings that show tables as blue. Neither is aware of each other's tainted reality, unless they start asking good questions. But even then it doesn't necessarily mean anything. One person can say to the other, "Tables are pink" and the master programmer observing can instantly override the transmission to the other who hears, "Tables are blue." They both nod their heads with satisfaction that they agree on an obvious truth, but they are both in error. This example could work in the reverse too, where two are arguing over some apparent obvious error/lie, but they are both right. We can still have some meaningful interactions with others, despite most who claim solipsism is an absolute absurdity and makes everything meaningless. My reality may yet see a UFO open contact similar to what I envision, and many of my readers may just experience a future realistic matrix sim in 50 years, which will hopefully at least jog their memories I wrote about it before it happened.

    In a sim there are also non-player characters who are not connected to a real human at all, just a part of the program that the master programmer can use to subtly interact with real humans jacked in. Can anyone reading this now even prove I am 100% human? Think about it. Simulation theory that proves there must be a God will never be popular, but the future world's authority and majority will at least declare simulation is as much "fact" as evolution. But of course, the governments of the world will also mandate some type of covid-19 virus type declaration that you must comply with ungodly nonsense or you will be banned from public gatherings (for your "safety", yeah right), barred entry into businesses unless you comply, perhaps fired from your job to keep the rest of the "sane" people safe from your nonsense that the evidence just proves God, rather than the standard party line you are supposed to comply with: There is no God because _____________ says so! (insert Neil deGrasse Tyson, or any other person who denies the obvious...they are all the same to me)

    You must decide personally who to believe, but I suggest NOT to be gullible and believe Tyson is an "agnostic" just because he claims this title. That is a convenient way to dismiss and walk away from deeper discussion of the issues, while disguising his anger at good questions and his lack of credible answers as open-minded agnosticism he'd rather keep private. But really he just doesn't want to try to defend atheist positions that fall apart under good questions. Neil deGrasse Tyson has said things that show discerning people what he really is. While claiming to be agnostic, Tyson says things that actually show his disdain for a Creator God, revealing he is actually an atheist who hates God but is too cowardly to openly defend foolish atheist positions like Richard Dawkins, who has so often easily been shown the fool he is in open debate with theists that Dawkins refuses to debate theists anymore, dismissing Creationists with mocking joke comparisons to flat-earth believers or those who believe babies arrive by "way of the stork" theory. But really the evidence for evolution is "flat-earth-stork" stuff that experts in his area of spiritual warfare make him look stupid and he doesn't like being embarrassed anymore. My spiritual warfare combat is more of a "creative Holy Spirit inspiration in the moment" kind of style, where I don't try to pretend the supernatural is impossible and prove things with nitty gritty science arguments and pretend evidence in the matrix is incontrovertible. I tell Holy Spirit inspired stories, parables, like Jesus did and all elect can do. All of reality is a story and things I can point to to tell a good story, and we are in the matrix movie, even if I can't fly through the air like Neo yet. Upon open contact, God will allow the human elect to ramp up in such supernatural abilities to counter the fake alien-gods' abilities, but see the rest of my site for more details about that. For right now, I will zoom you right to the spot on this wikipedia page where Neil deGrasse Tyson talks about his views on spirituality. I'll just quote some of Tyson's own words from the article and let my readers discern for themselves if they really believe Tyson to be the open-minded agnostic he claims to be: "There's a level of gullibility [ie theists are gullible] that leaves people susceptible to being taken advantage of. I see science literacy as kind of a vaccine against charlatans who would try to exploit your ignorance [ie theists are charlatans who want to exploit you in some way]" ... "Every account of a higher power that I've seen described, of all religions that I've seen, include many statements with regard to the benevolence of that power. When I look at the universe and all the ways the universe wants to kill us, I find it hard to reconcile that with statements of beneficence" ... "I completely respect that activity [Richard Dawkins' evolution "preaching"]. He's fulfilling a really important role out there" ... ok I apologize for breaking my word and commenting about the hypocrisy in square brackets instead of simply quote Tyson's own words. I just couldn't help myself. :-)

    Deuteronomy 30:15, NIV starts, "For I command you today to love the Lord your God, to walk in obedience to him, and to keep his commands, decrees and laws; then you will live and increase, and the Lord your God will bless you in the land you are entering to possess."

    This is why deGrasse and virtually everybody in this simulation denies and hates God. He commands you to love Him! What an arrogant ass God, after the shit I've been through that God allowed (we all go through shit and know God allows it and does not stop it all)! That is why God commands love, because it is a choice and ya don't always feel like loving a God who DOES allow a lot of crap in our lives for reasons we can only partly understand. Reading the rest of my site, however, should help my readers understand much nonetheless.

    "17 But if your heart turns away and you are not obedient, and if you are drawn away to bow down to other gods and worship them, I declare to you this day that you will certainly be destroyed. You will not live long in the land you are crossing the Jordan to enter and possess."

    Now this arrogant God not only commands I love Him despite the shit this supposedly "good" God has allowed in my life, but now this piece of shit God promises to destroy me if I bow down and worship false gods like demons? deGrasse already bows down to Satan's lies and false beliefs and will do so upon open contact too, obviously...only God's elect can defeat supernatural demons.

    "19 This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live and that you may love the Lord your God, listen to his voice, and hold fast to him. For the Lord is your life, and he will give you many years in the land he swore to give to your fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob."

    Neil deGrasse Tyson chooses death and he knows it in his heart and this is why he hates God. The rest of my site explains all the motivations of the devil's agents, as per what the Bible final note. Since I used to program computers, I know a little bit about computers and how they "think", because I know how programmers think who program them and why things have to be done a certain way and the limitations of the technology etc... The way computers are right now, they don't think AT ALL! They just do exactly what the human programs them to do and that's why computers have bugs and errors that always need fixing. Garbage in, garbage out, as they say. A flawed human programmed it, so it's gonna have some problems, as no small human mind can possibly keep track of (and anticipate) every little programming change you make and how it will affect other parts of the program and break other parts of the program. And it always does. Any computer upgrades or changes have to be thoroughly tested by the quality control department before release, and even then, problems always get released. Despite advances in computer technology and how smart your chess program may seem when it beats you, IT IS NOT THINKING AT ALL! My readers must decide for themselves how credible they think Elon Musk's fear-mongering "terminator-type" scenarios are right now. But I say it is GARBAGE, and no more credible than inorganic chemicals like calcium and potassium randomly coming together over billions of years and self-creating irreducibly complex interworking DNA code driven sexually self-replicating sentient humans. Ya do know DNA code is many orders of magnitude exponentially more complex than comparatively simple computer code that I use right now on my computer to type this, don't you? Think about it. Here is an article talking about artificial intelligence. Three key quotes I will pull out: "We need to talk more about artificial consciousness and we need to talk more about the lack of consciousness in current robots and AI" ... "Overall, researchers broadly agree that current machines and robots are not conscious--in spite of a huge amount of science fiction depictions that seem to suggest otherwise" ... "Even though there is a general agreement that current robots do not have sentience or consciousness, some authors (such as Coeckelbergh, 2010; Darling, 2012; Gunkel, 2018) have argued in favor of ascribing rights to robots." Since God has made me good with parable storytelling like the Lord Himself 2000 years ago, here is a parable the Holy Spirit just helped me to come up with to fit these modern times.

    A scientist named Neil was giving a sales presentation with some potential investors in his new board game invention. The game was called "Ouija Technology board". He had a participant from the audience come up to demonstrate. The board was a technology advancement on the classic board game, purported in times past to be inhabited by "evil spirits". The man was able to hold his hand an entire foot length above the planchette and it would move upon questioning, without any other humans involved, and the audience could clearly see this. Neil asked the man to ask the board a question impossible for anybody to know except himself. The man asked the board what his grandma said before she died, since he was the only one in the room at the time and never told anybody. The board spelled out the correct answer and the audience clapped and the man sat down. Neil explained, "The classic board worked on the same principle, but in today's modern times we can explain and make it better. The electrical signals from the hand can be read by the electrode sensors in the planchette, as long as the person's hand is within a foot's distance away, as our sensing technology is sensitive enough to pick up electrical emanations from the hand. As we know, a person cannot even hold his or her hand above the board without conscious effort to think it, and our technology is able to pick up these invisible electro-magnetic waves and decipher new and specific frequency changes induced in the nervous system of the hand when a person is asked specific questions. Based on a programmed database of frequency spikes matched against every known English word, the chip in the board is able to basically read the player's thoughts and what he or she is thinking when asked a question. It then spells out the answer you are expecting. If you ask a question you don't know the answer, your subconscious imagination alone provides an answer." The audience clapped and cheered. Neil continued, "The board is like a lie detector test in that it is very hard to cheat. It is just that sensitive. If you try to intentionally think of a false answer, you have about the same chance of fooling the board as you might at beating a lie detector test. The results are like a controlled reproducible scientific experiment in that they are consistent for all humans, no matter your nationality, religion, gender, age, etc..." The investors were so impressed that Neil was easily able to raise the millions needed to mass produce the prototype board and get it ready for distribution within a year. He left very satisfied and when he entered his car to drive away, a dark ethereal figure appeared in the passenger side beside Neil.

    "My master is pleased with your performance," the creature said. "God has given us permission to hide our supernatural manipulation behind this 'technology' to further our purposes. Our master, Satan, had to agree to certain concessions however to be given permission to do this now. It will be decades yet before we will be allowed to unveil fake artificial intelligence robots. And then many more years after that to further energize the imaginations of mankind to ultimately be able to accept open contact with highly evolved ancient alien-gods, ourselves in disguise."

    Neil calmly said, "Yes, I understand, my master. People need more conditioning to think consciousness itself can be explained and created in machines by mere humans. Then they will be more able to accept your end-times' open contact deception that you are our 'gods' who created us."

    "Yes...we have hidden behind technology for over a hundred years. The final stages are proceeding nicely." The creature cackled.

    Does my parable seem like fear-mongering? If so, is that necessarily such a bad thing? Didn't Jesus tell some famous scary stories such as the rich man in hell? Is this story any less credible than Elon Musk and others like Neil deGrasse Tyson, who talk about simulation theory and the dangers of artificial intelligence? I don't know about you, but my google searches seem like a "magic" Ouiga board in that they almost always yield immediate answers that are what I was looking for. We are in the matrix people! That much they have right. As a former computer programmer, I have literally written lines of code that should work, and works in other programs, but not in another and there is NO credible explanation. Other programmers with more experience also cannot get it to work, though they can rattle off nice sounding possible techno-babble explanations as to why, and help find a work around solution. Things are not what they appear to be...God reveals little glitches in the matrix like this for His elect to learn to discern. I don't buy everybody's bullshit explanations anymore, and I suggest my readers don't either.

    "He was granted power to give breath to the image of the beast (ie AI, image of mankind, and Bible says every man is a 'beast'), that the image of the beast should both speak and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast to be killed (magic science and technology supposedly explains everything, and if you don't go along, the world system brands you a fool and kills you, as in you lose your job and can't eat, so you die!)." (Revelation 13:15)

    God tells us who the true fools are: "The fool hath said in his heart, 'There is no God.'" (Psalm 14:1) If an honest high school biology teacher woke up from the matrix, do you think he or she would still have a job if he or she started pointing out the flaws in evolution theory in class? Would Neil deGrasse Tyson himself have a job (or influence in Satan's world) if he admitted simulation theory just proves you cannot trust your 5 senses 100% and evolution "evidence" then could just as easily be false evidence God allowed the devil to put in our matrix reality to test the elect? The image of the beast (science and technology is "God" and explains everything) is already here in typified/symbolic form, and AI would just be a more fantastical manifestation of it.

  2. Do We Live in a Simulation? Chances Are about 50-50

  3. Is It Possible We're All Living in a Computer Simulation And Don't Know It?

  4. What if we're living in a computer simulation?

  5. The Idea That Everything From Spoons to Stones is Conscious is Gaining Academic Credibility

  6. Panpsychism explains it all...we will always and forever only exist in the imagination of the Almighty

  7. Stephen Hawking's final theory sheds light on the multiverse

  8. Professor Stephen Hawking's final theory: The universe is a hologram (a simulation in other words)

  9. RESEARCHERS: THE UNIVERSE SIMULATED ITSELF INTO EXISTENCE (Since it is becoming obvious and evident that reality is a simulation, and it will be impossible to deny once mere flawed humans actually build a matrix indistinguishable from so-called real "reality" in probably less than 50 years, look for this kind of magical thinking to gain popular acceptance. The powers that be (both humans and demons) are aleady trying to plant this suggestion into the collective human psyche: although our own matrix creation will have taken Herculean efforts (millions of intelligent human minds over about 100 years, many improvements & advancements in computer power, uncountable trillions of dollars over that 100 years, etc...), SOMEHOW THIS UNIVERSE CREATED ITSELF? Nonsense! But don't questions the "experts", just be a mind controlled slave and go with the program (literally). The carnal mind, which dominates most people, simply MUST explain away the mysterious first cause master programmer (ie God) of the original simulation that must have started it all.)

So, yeah I'm not the only one in history or current reality to come to similar conclusions. However, none have created a website like mine that summarizes the complete picture and demonstrates total understanding of the complete mystery (as much as humanly possible anyway) and what God and Satan are really doing in human history. None have even communicated this information plainly in traditional written/verbal forms available in the past. Now it is all plainly laid out on my site, and with technology, the full truth is easily available to the ENTIRE WORLD! That is another "sign of our times". "And this gospel of the kingdom (the full revelation of the mysteries revealed on my site, NOT the superficial gospel everybody has already heard) shall be preached in all the world (via the internet) for a witness unto all nations (just a witness as God predicts in the Bible most won't heed); and then shall the end come (Christ's literal return is near)." (Matthew 24:14)

What is it all about? Wouldn't you like to know? This is priceless information that humanity has always claimed they wanted to know and has always claimed they seek this truth. So they claim anyway. I should charge billions for it. However, humanity doesn't really want to know the truth on these matters, so one cannot charge for it. My site is extremely offensive and controversial and confusing to even the elect for a time, although I am not intentionally trying to make it so. Human nature just reacts that way and makes it so. Even if I could charge billions for this priceless information, God would not be pleased and support me then. And by "support" I certainly don't mean that I expect God will cause everybody to believe the things I write and say!

"...freely ye have received, freely give..." (Matthew 10:8)

If I tried to charge for all the truth I give away on my site for free, I would be non-elect like virtually everybody else (pun intended, as my site explains how we are all virtual projections). I would also be supernaturally confused by God and unable to understand my own site! That's just how powerful the true God's sovereign power is over your mind while in the matrix! And the same holds true for ALL created beings at the next level after physical death, including Christ Himself. Most people are enraged at the truth(s) revealed on this site. Been there done that. Although I understand how everybody feels, it doesn't change the fact that reality is whatever God says it is. End of story.

1) The Illusion of Normal
2) Revolution in Perception
3) Holographic Reality
4) Seeing the Matrix
5) Decoding the Matrix
6) Reinforcing the Programming
7) Web of Control
8) Mind Games
9) A.I. & the Archons
10) Key to Freedom
11) Awaken the Sovereign Mind
12) The Real Revolution
13) Remember Who You Are

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