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NOTE: The video introduction is condensed wording for best video effects. Below is a more expanded version of the words, which paragraphs/links below briefly expand on major themes in my Theory of Christoevolution, that true evolution/deep time happened in another universe, and the issues of life and the heart originated there. A war there between God and the devil, and associated issues, is being worked out in this universe. My sarcastic humor is interspersed throughout this site, but since this is the introduction section, I'll give a starting explanation here on this one, just this once.

The inward heart battle between the spirit and the flesh (aka the carnal human mind) manifests in many ways, but since humans just naturally tend to think God is an asshole (oh yeah, I curse on this site too sometimes), I intentionally mock the carnal mind by presenting Jehovah Father God as Palpatine and Jesus Christ as Darth Vader. My Theory of Christoevolution, detailed on this site, explains why the natural carnal mind tends toward thinking like this, and I also attempt to exlain why most people are dominated by their carnal minds, although many are good at pretending pious. I don't play that fucking game, as you can easily see.

In the beginning, an extremely dense particle exploded in a big bang that became a universe of practically infinite dimension, as galaxial evolution produced stars and planets over untold trillions of years. Physical life struggled & evolved & warred with themselves and each other in this universe until sentient physical creatures evolved enough to cross the spirit barrier and become angels, continuing to struggle and war to try to evolve into God. This cosmic "STAR WARS" continued between the light side angels, led by Jesus, and the dark side angels, led by Satan, until Jesus crossed the God-barrier and evolved into the ultimate state: Almighty God.

Once on the other side of the God-barrier, Jesus discovered the true God, Emperor Jehovah, already existed and had always existed. Now they shared the same Spirit. Emperor Jehovah christened Jesus' new name: Lord Christ. However, Emperor Jehovah decreed all other angels, both light and dark, were unworthy "rebels" compared to His One and only begotten Son. Emperor Jehovah and Lord Christ created a simulated reality, based on their own spiritual universe, to test and train and evolve ALL angels from mere light/dark Jedi masters into God as well.

The plan required some rebel angels to incarnate as human on a simulated planet called earth, in the simulated universe, while most rebel angels remained in their spirit form, invisibly working & warring with the humans. Lord Christ's primary mission is to save His extremely small number of first resurrection destined elect, by incarnating Himself to set an example, and deal with the vast majority later, in the second resurrection unto judgment in the lake of fire.

The origin of god is the story of our Lord Jesus Christ, and The Unveiling of His first resurrection destined human Rachel elect ... "creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God, (Romans 8:19, NKJV)" ...

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