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I welcome all questions/input around creation, evolution, universal salvation of all creation, the alien-gods (demons really) UFO deception coming soon openly to a theatre near you (once these beings stop conditioning the world for open contact with their UFO mind games), and personal divine inspiration by Holy Spirit as the means by which God's elect come to understand about these things. In 2020, pentagon released UFO videos and admitted it is real, so governments are opening up and revealing/admitting things, and will probably openly admit UFO demons have always covertly controlled all governments of the world, if the NWO marshall law worldwide lockdown/crackdown is successful. I hate rules (for mature adults) so have only one: if you post anything the police could arrest you for, I will boot you off AND send the police after you. For example, if you say you hate certain people or groups, that may be unkind and/or garner a hate crimes lawsuit, but police won't arrest you. If you say you hate certain people or groups AND promise physical violence against them, that is uttering threats and police are coming. Sexual content about consenting adults is fine, but minors NOT, and police are coming. Other than this ONE simple rule, I like free speech so will not inhibit debate or nasty comments. I welcome them. Hope my one simple rule is clear. Now to describe the flavor of my site.

Glad to have you here! My name is Dennis Gilmour and I live in the small city of Medicine Hat, in the province of Alberta, in the country of Canada. I can be directly contacted at if you have any questions or comments to make about what you are about to read. As for the knowledge/truth/information I detail on this site, I like to call it the Theory of Christoevolution. I must call it a theory because I have no way to prove it absolutely, other than to say God speaks to me through Holy Spirit (not a literal voice but I hear), and I "just know". Down through the centuries, many people have said "God speaks to me", which typically just spawns cults, so I encourage my reader to decide for themselves. Although I can only "prove" the things on this site in the sense that God's Holy Spirit convicts/convinces some, similarly I can only "prove" the traditional theory of evolution wrong in this relative sense. Even the traditional theory of evolution cannot be proven in an absolute sense because we cannot create ANY initial/postulated unintelligent chemical "soups" which somehow randomly create life from non-living chemicals and then watch it evolve over time.

The closest experiment to confirm such an idea (and it is just a conceptual idea) was the Miller-Urey experiment, which showed some amino acids (building blocks of life) could be "randomly/unintelligently" created in the lab under certain conditions. Those who want/choose to believe in pure evolution jump on such minor experiments as absolute proof of the theory, but it is NOT, and much leaps in imagination are still necessary to believe this explains everything about the origins of life, for the experiment did not create ALL amino acids necessary for life, and even if it did, that is still a far cry from these amino acids somehow randomly assembling into trillions of irreducibly complex interworking DNA code driven cells that gave rise to sexually self-replicating sentient humans. I hope my readers understand that DNA code is many orders of magnitude exponentially more complex than comparatively simple computer code I'm using right now to type this, but even this "simple" code took teams of highly trained and intelligent programmers/engineers MANY years to create it. Other pages on this site go into the likelihood such a thing could happen totally on its own on this postulated mere 5 billion year old earth, so please be patient as you read to get to those pages for more detail. I provide a more credible story, IMHO, how this universe is a simulation that reflects some truth(s) from another reality, where something like this happened. This whole evolution idea is just a story, but the story widely accepted in today's secular world. My readers will have to decide how credible my "story" is versus the standard party line. That immediately previous blue link has greater details about this simple explanation about how little a person can trust their 5 physical senses in the matrix regarding evolution.

Evolution is called "Historical Science", where we examine evidence in current reality and take educated guesses what happened in the past, like forensic science in a murder trial. We have to make a verdict on origins, but courts allow overturning guilty verdicts because the system is not perfect, nor are juries, and new evidence can prove the convicted man innocent. I submit traditional evolution, inspired by Satan, has unfairly convinced most people that not only does God probably NOT exist, even if He did, Father God is guilty of crimes against creation! Rather the truth of the matter is evolution predicts God probably exists as a highly evolved being like omnipotent "Q" on Star Trek, so there is more to what God is doing than is generally known and/or understood. My site is a theodicy/apologetics site, but unusual in that I don't focus on scripture as the ONLY absolute authority to prove truth(s) about God and what God is doing. I quote much scripture and respect the written Word of God, but ultimately my final authority is what the living Word of God, Christ Himself, tells me by Holy Spirit. Yes, that's right. Christ is a book. Don't take me so literally. "And He was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and His name is called The Word of God." (Revelation 19:13)

I write with much metaphor, reference, analogy...abstract spiritual symbolism in other words, aka parables, Jesus' main teaching style while human. People accuse me of being fantasy prone and making stuff up, but that is only partly true. I "make stuff up" that only the world as a whole has not heard before. God's elect have always come to the proper understanding of truth before physical death, and ALL God's elect come to the same understanding. We may express it a little differently, due to different personalities and ways of thinking/explaining the truth, but no true mature elect will have major problems with the things I write on this site. Immature elect will hear the voice of the good shepherd in what I write, but perhaps struggle with my words for an indeterminate amount of time. "My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me." (John 10:27) If I "make stuff up" by inspiration of the Holy Spirit, then from a certain point of view, it is as much scripture as the Bible. I encourage people to decide for themselves if they think that rather bold statement is true. It is actually unusual for someone to claim to be one of God's mature elect, as I do, and not talk/write in this confident parable manner.

My site exists to balance against today's modern secular societies' WAY overplay of the "science is our all-knowing God" idea; the secular governments/scientists/organizations (like universities and public education, etc...) all typically only allow evolution to be taught as fact and the only "truth" about origins. As per the analogy above about forensic science, that is like a murder trial where only the prosecutor is allowed to present his case and you, the juror, are instructed ahead of time the prosecutor is correct and you must comply or else. I don't insult the intelligence of my readers like that and provide balanced views, and try to teach what is true versus what is false about evolution (there is some truth to it) and origins. I hope my readers come to understand that this type of science, historical/forensic, is really about spinning stories about the evidence and making stuff up to try to prove your story is correct.

In a murder trial, the prosecutor spins stories with the evidence to try to prove guilt and the defense spins stories with the evidence to try to prove innocence. You the juror must decide, but I freely admit I am defense attorney for God and very good at my job because I used to work as a prosecutor for many years, so know the tricks of the trade for the other side. :-) It is great to be logical, reasonable, commonsensical, but everybody defines those terms in their own way. As I said above, to think pure, random, mindless evolution could somehow assemble simple computer code (compared to DNA code) to run my computer right now is NOT scientific, nor "logical, reasonable, commonsensical." But try to tell that to the so-called "scientific" community! I have both a scientific mind AND the mind of a mystic, apparently a type of mind God decided needed to be born into this reality and time of the human experiment/fix about the angelic rebellion. None can figure out the mystery of God very well without a blend of both types of minds!

Science and faith are actually the same

As far as the main thrust of my site goes in decoding the mystery of God, theodicy refers to attempting to understand and defend God's goodness, despite all the evil/pain/suffering (a part of Christoevolution) in our own lives and the world as a whole. Apologetics is the spiritual discipline of defending godly doctrines/beliefs (such as Christoevolution) through systematic argumentation and discourse, and is related to theodicy, because you can't defend God's goodness unless you thoroughly understand theodicy, and head knowledge is NOT enough. Only real experience(s) in life can build twin qualities of understanding the truth, AND maintaining proper heart attitudes of love/compassion/redemption when inevitable spiritual warfare (ie over emotionalism) ensues around open discussion of the issues of life and the heart. It is actually only when a person experiences major suffering that that said person is motivated to push into Holy Spirit for real answers, and this is only when true saving faith comes. "So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." (Romans 10:17) This is talking about salvation faith and it is talking about the living Word of God. It is NOT only talking about the written Word of God and the beginning of faith, though that is an application for the immature. Mature elect know it primarily refers to saving faith and hearing this personally from Christ Himself. The rest of my writings try to make such distinctions as mature versus immature, truth versus error, how to think versus what to think, divine inspiration (singular) versus human inspiration (collective) etc... Mature elect, who know the truth, and know how to think, will understand and agree with what I just said. Immature elect, who do not know the full truth yet, and must be told what to think sometimes, will typically think I sound arrogant but be somewhat drawn/fascinated by what I write nonetheless. Non-elect will not only think I am arrogant but also just write me off as crazy. The term apologetics also has special meaning to mature elect, who understand that later in your life, after making all the same mistakes everybody makes in their own way, you do your thing for God as a way of sort of "apologizing" to the Almighty for being so stupid and following the crowd about the stupid things the masses believe, a big one these days called evolution, which I used to be an atheist and wholeheartedly embraced this nice excuse to dismiss God entirely. There is only partial evidence for the theory.

I am not so naive as to think anything I do counts anything towards or against my salvation at all, but I do this site and associated things for the Lord nonetheless. I have the ability, and He asks me to. That's it. Specifically, as a former computer programmer, pharmacist, current published author, and one of the Lord's lifelong Holy Spirit inspired/taught elect, God has both given AND developed the "trinity" qualities within me of technological/theological/linguistical ability to do what I do. I write the word "trinity" in quotation marks to emphasize it is THE major false doctrine that false Christians push in the name of Jesus. If you read the rest of my site, I hope you come to realize why this false concept and many other false ideas characterize the typical lies that dominate carnal-minded people, which are the vast majority on this planet. Along with trinity, my site deconstructs the top 5 major lies false Christians and organized religion pushes in the name of Jesus: 1) trinity 2) free will 3) eternal torment 4) limited salvation of only the extremely small number of first resurrection destined elect 5) the UFO phenomenon (and linked evolution theory) is NOT real and has no spiritual component anyway, even if it was real. You don't have to be outwardly religious to be dominated by these false ideas, as the typical atheist believes in free will, eternal torment, limited salvation, and UFOs are not real and total imagination and fantasy. Belief in trinity just identifies a religious carnal-minded person. Of course, carnal-minded atheists will only admit to believing so-called secular ideas on the list like free will is true and UFOs are nonsense, but I understand symbolism and how it relates to real life.

For example, the concept of eternal torment is essentially about extreme justice that is final and irreversible. Except for fringe Neo-Nazi-type groups or other strange individuals, who doesn't agree that the Nazis executed after World War Two for crimes against humanity did NOT get what they deserved, right? God doesn't do that (ie Biblical "eternal torment" is neither annihilation OR literal fire forever...more on that later). Limited salvation is about how only our little group has the truth and is worthy. What atheist does not believe only their little atheist group is correct and worthy to teach about origins in the public school classroom? Oh, I know atheists are a large group outwardly and their beliefs dominate today's secular public school classrooms, but they are small in the sense a true atheist would admit their hypocrisy that pure evolution only proves God probably exists as some sort of highly evolved being and allow honest discussion/debate about the fact that some sort of God likely exists. Otherwise, humans could not even have "evolved" enough to be here and developed the ability to think about the mystery of origins and existence itself; now the world subtly promotes the idea (in our systems/institutions) that humans are evolving into "God" as well (for why should evolution stop until humans evolve into "God"?), to which there is some truth that the rest of my site explains.

However, the vast majority of humans on this planet are currently more like the "god" of this world, Satan the devil, rather than the real God because it's just like the devil to use whatever abusive power he has to shout/shut down any discussion about these good points I make (which the system does). And the serpent is subtle and crafty to have indoctrinated the whole world to lean towards pure evolution as THE explanation for everything, in preparation for open contact where we'll get more of the same from the false "highly evolved ancient alien-gods (demons really)", and also that ole great red dragon has somehow blinded everybody to these obvious truths, and people typically refuse to admit or concede these irrefutable and evident things I say. Oh, sure, people can always make up lame debunks to try to deflect any issue, but I am not so stupid anymore to fall for that crap.

The world's authority/majority secular governments/scientists promote the idea that pure evolution is "fact", even though it is far from it, and these same ones use every abusive tactic in the book to force their opinions on all. Again, as I said above, the real God doesn't do certain things, such as inhibit free speech around truth, whether in public education or private life. People do that because of fear of confronting the real truth and having to admit/change being deceived. God does NOT fear truth because He knows all things and IS therefore pure truth, but people sure do dismiss/get angry when I point out the flaws in their thinking. I meet very few atheists who will admit their hypocrisy about these issues, but rather most atheists refuse to admit their beliefs have religious symbolic connection to real life and so they most definitely believe in eternal torment and limited salvation. As you can see by my communication style, my focus is not making friends/money with this site, but rather communicating truth as purely as I can.

I say it is time to re-examine traditional evolution in the light of new evidence, and overturn the "God is evil and guilty of crimes against creation" verdict that most seem to want to put on God, as it is exactly the evolution concept of pain and suffering over time (our lifetime) that produces slow change to spiritually "evolve" you from something like an animal into a God-being. Consider yourself on the new jury, for the re-trial of God, as you read through my site and deliberate the new "evidence". I am a Christoevolutionist, for I know there is something evolutionary/revolutionary to Christ's spiritual sufferings. Physical evolution is false, but there is sufficient intentionally created spiritual warfare "evidence" in our reality (which is more like a simulation: Matrix movie style) for physical evolution to get an elect to think of the concept, and eventually God's elect realize only spiritual evolution is true. I hope you read further and discover the flavor of what I mean, but briefly, spiritual evolution refers to the development of mind, discernment, critical thinking, hearing Holy Spirit, etc ... and especially IMAGINATION, as with God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26). If you can imagine the things I write on this site are possible, then you will be well on your way to becoming one of God's elect.

Subtitle for this website:
"Abrahamic religions, quantum mechanics, the matrix, evolution, suffering, and the UFO demons connection"

Click colored phrases above if you want to go to specific chapters devoted to the concepts, which chapters have hidden meanings behind the chapter numbers themselves.
This link talks more about THE SIGNIFICANCE OF NUMBERS IN SCRIPTURE, but briefly.

Abrahamic religions, Chapter 12 = "perfection of government." Abraham type elect will form the perfect government of the Kingdom of God.

quantum mechanics, Chapter 16 = "superabundant." Since 8 denotes that which is superabundant, 8x2 means science has doubly proven that it is superabundant quantum mechanics proves humans create reality with our thoughts.

the matrix, Chapter 17 = "perfection of spiritual order." Perfect spiritual order can be brought to an elect's individual life and the world as a whole, when the elect learn to manipulate the matrix like Neo.

evolution, Chapter 9 = "finality or judgment." The final judgment on evolution is that it is only a physical parable of true spiritual evolution.

suffering, Chapter 10 = "perfection of divine order." Perfect divine order of character in an individual elect's life can only be brought about through suffering, and though suffering is unpleasant, it has this effect. It is the same for all created beings, whether other humans in the messed up world or angels too. Only then does one truly seek God and receive the full truth.

UFO demons connection, Chapter 8 = "spiritually complete (7) and superabundant (+1)." Spiritual completeness and superabundant salvation comes with thoroughly understanding what the UFO demons are all about.

My site tries to tell you just about all you ever wanted to know about God and more. I am an author of a fiction book that explains much of what I reveal on this site about open contact et al., but in one long dramatic 326 page entertaining parable, aka a novel. However, on this site my teaching method is mainly explanatory prose, though I have a parables page too for shorter illustrative stories. The book and this site are meant to work together in tandem fashion, preferably the fiction story should be read first, but I am NOT just trying to make money or get famous, or I would not make the novel available for free. This site explains the whole UFO phenomenon and open contact from a Biblical perspective, and explains what is true about evolution. For example, micro-evolution (change WITHIN species) is observable versus macro-evolution (change INTO species) is NOT, and spiritual evolution is intuitively noticed over a lifetime versus physical evolution is NOT. The only other game in town to explain how we all got here is evolution, so I devote much time to the concept, as the mystery of origins is a key thing God is working out in human history. I continue to creatively add to this site over time, and show what is true of spiritual evolution, what is false about physical evolution, tie this in with Biblical themes and the admittedly/demonstrably real UFO phenomenon, and explain what it portends about open contact soon.

UFO ancient alien gods lies

It is important to know what the UFO phenomenon and associated beliefs are all about because most beliefs, like physical evolution, cannot be proven in an absolute sense. Upon open contact, these beings will be able to turn beliefs into reality by seeming "magic", and today's world is extremely skeptical about the supernatural and demands 5 sense physical proof before believing anything is true. The world will get its 5 sense data and fancy explanations from these beings about how the "magic" works, and new technologies based on the "magic" to prove the magic is not magic at all. Seeing is believing, as the saying goes, but to the elect, believing is believing and seeing is also desired but not necessary. "Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed." (John 20:29) My book is called The Unveiling and personalized signed hardcopy is available from me directly for a nominal amount at [The Story of Open Contact], and a deeper understanding of the hidden meanings of the book is available by clicking the book image below, but also FREE online/digital access is available at this page too, as well as conventional hardcopy acquisition methods such as AMAZON, and also digital Kindle version too. A quick preview of the Kindle digital version right on the amazon website is available HERE.

The Unveiling fiction story about open contact that will soon no longer be fiction

I will now dive right into a huge topic for today's world. The only two explanations as to how we all got here is the somewhat credible theory of evolution over billions of years, or some sort of "God and/or gods" created everything. People have tried, unsuccessfully, to marry the two concepts in some sort of theistic evolution, but it just doesn't work. All Holy Books have creation stories of various sorts and claim inspiration from God, but only the Bible has credibility as authored from a legitimate Higher Power, based on easy to understand fulfilled prophecy alone. And pure evolution or even theistic evolution cannot be true, as the Genesis account in the Bible clearly says God created this universe in a literal 6 days and rested on the 7th day, approximately 6000 years ago, and death came from Adam's sin, rather than death is some wonderful biological life-creation force over billions of years (at least death as creation force is NOT true for this reality, but WAS true of Christ's reality, where we all originate).

Also, just looking at it from a scientific point of view, evolution and deep time are proven false in many ways,(for this universe anyway) but the biggest weakness in this theory is, if it were true, there should be thousands of transitional species in the fossil record showing change into different species, croc-a-duck and such. But there are no such conclusive fossils, rather only a small handful of highly disputed ones! See Creation Ministries if you need more scientific convincing, as this site specializes in scientifically refuting ALL evolution and deep time ideas from a Biblical perspective, not just this one small point about lack of transitional species. Click HERE for a good scientific article from this site demonstrating the lack of fossil record evidence, and how evolutionists simply continue the spin/reinterpretation/redefinition game to justify their wrong belief, unwilling to admit evolution and deep time wrong for this universe. This common human tendency to rationalize/justify/redefine erroneous "truth" shows the real issue is really that people just want to believe there is no God to which they are accountable, and choose to create arguments and "evidence" to rationalize this position. Of course, God already knows this as He says "the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness," (Romans 1:18, NKJV) and it is spiritual warfare (a battle of the mind) to get people to admit the obvious truth, which this verse confirms humans tend to suppress, that God exists!

This creation/evolution debate is all just more spiritual warfare, which helps God's elect develop critical thinking skills, but also confuses and deceives the masses. Spiritual warfare is not just debating scripture, but ANY debate around ANY truth perspective. But debating scripture or evolution (the only other explanation to counter the "God created everything argument") are more obvious forms of spiritual warfare, because they strike right at the core issue that only God knows all things and can define truth about origins, or any truth at all actually, which Christ said He was the truth (John 14:6)! All creatures in the fossil record show as if instantly created supernaturally, and the Genesis account in the Bible confirms God did just that. People just don't want to accept that, because of the implications of then having to believe God on other things the Bible says. Click HUMOR for a mainly funny, yet also serious, response I gave to a lame insult from a science editor named Rob, at, when I inquired about his willingness to reconsider his site's dedication to evolutionary dogma. Although Rob's dismissive attitude is enabled/supported by the authority and majority establishments (beholden to Satan's corrupt system), the general public is mostly unaware that nonetheless a small number of honest/courageous scientists are willing to publicly admit/oppose the many falsities of traditional evolution, including Dr. James Tour, preeminent American chemist and nanotechnologist, ranked one of the top 10 chemists in the world over the past decade by Thomson Reuters in 2009.

Nonetheless, although I know young earth creation (YEC) is true, both origins beliefs have some intuitive sense about them, and some scientific/philosophic support for either side, and there is intentionally planted sufficient spiritual warfare "evidence" for people to "spin" to support either belief. The purpose of this "evidence" is to test people in general, and create what the Bible calls "God's elect", who develop spiritual warfare critical thinking skills to eventually see through the deception, and also inflame the passions of those who want an excuse to dismiss God entirely. God has revealed to me what is true of evolution and deep time in another dimensional reality, where we all originate and the spiritual war there gave rise to issues being worked out in human history. My site explains all this in depth, and what God and Satan are really up to, and all the important issues the elect of God need to know. But before reading further, might I suggest click the video link for a good video introduction of two key concepts everybody is going to soon need to understand before all of the increasing worldwide UFO activity culminates in open contact with supposedly highly evolved ancient alien-gods (demons really). Even credible source pentagon admits the UFO phenomenon is real, and STRONG evidence we are not alone, as no man-made craft can do the things these UFOs can do. Excerpt from pentagon UFO link below:

Nevertheless, Luis Elizondo, the former head of the classified program (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program), told CNN in 2017 that he personally believes "there is very compelling evidence that we may not be alone."

"These aircraft -- we'll call them aircraft -- are displaying characteristics that are not currently within the US inventory nor in any foreign inventory that we are aware of," Elizondo said of objects they researched. He says he resigned from the Defense Department in 2017 in protest over the secrecy surrounding the program and the internal opposition to funding it.

Note:This link has Elizondo on video admitting that many higher pentagon officals already know UFOs are demonic, but the implication in the video is that Elizondo himself does not believe this.

I find it VERY curious that mostly those who do NOT want to believe in God declare evolution is FACT! Supposedly, as they want us to believe, all credible scientists and government authorities have proven pure evolution is incontrovertible FACT! Not only is this NOT proven fact, some credible/courageous scientists disagree and refuse to cave to the system's bully tactics, as mentioned above. Oddly enough, when I ask these same "evolution is fact" people, "Then that must mean the UFOs in our skies can only be highly evolved ancient alien-gods, right?" Typically, the waffling starts. That stuff is just weather balloons, or Russian drones, or we can't know what that is, or government is lying about it being non-human craft, etc... Hmmmm...very interesting that when sinful flawed human authorities of various sorts declare things as FACT that we want to believe, it is true! But when those same authorities also declare it is FACT that we have non-human craft in our skies, suddenly those same authorities are wrong or lying to us. I smell a rat here of intentional confirmation bias to only believe what we want to believe, and only recognize "facts" that support what we want to believe?

Evolution false ancient alien gods

Why would people staunchly declare evolution is FACT, when we have NO observable 5 sense physical evidence to support macro-evolution specifically (only micro-evolution is observed, as per my links in the opening paragraph to the Introduction), but then DENY the observable 5 sense physical evidence of UFOs, which supports their "FACT" of evolution because our highly evolved ancient alien-gods must be the beings in our skies? Can macro-evolution be real (which we can't observe) but then UFOs are NOT real (which we CAN observe)? Why believe preposterous/unobservable ideas like macro-evolution, but then refuse to believe sensible/observable video evidence, credible navy pilot eyewitness testimony, pentagon confirmations, etc...? As per my murder trial forensic evidence analogy again, people are easily convicted of murder on testimony of credible eyewitnesses combined with corroborating evidence, but suddenly similar proof is not enough for UFOs? Why must UFOs always be cases of crazy/hoaxing/deceived, when the science "FACT" of evolution predicts "God" probably exists as a highly evolved being of some sort, so open contact seems logical and inevitable at some point?! Obviously, people who think inconsistently like this have their own personal agendas/biases and either intentionally (or naively) choose to believe the propaganda they want to believe.

Evolution false ancient alien gods

In 1979 respected astronomer Carl Sagan popularized the aphorism "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" (ECREE). But conveniently/hypocritically, macro-evolution has NO observable evidence but is declared FACT by those who also dictate macro-evolution is NOT a case of ECREE! But it is. And then UFOs have MUCH observable evidence but are declared imaginary and/or too mysterious by those who also dictate UFOs are a case of ECREE! Am I the only one who sees the hypocrisy at declarations that macro-evolution is NOT ECREE but UFOs are ECREE, when macro-evolution predicts humans will morph into highly evolved "gods" too billions of years from now?! Logically, if you believe the system's bullshit, ancient alien-gods gotta be out there somewhere. Why should ANY such system believers be surprised the world is being prepped for open contact? The term for this kind of behavior is called gaslighting. Here is Wikipedia definition: gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person or a group (the majority scientists/authorities in this case) covertly sows seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or group (the whole world in this case), making them question their own memory, perception, judgment, or ability to determine truth. It may evoke changes in them such as cognitive dissonance (the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes) or low self-esteem, rendering the victim additionally dependent on the gaslighter for emotional support and validation. Using denial, misdirection, contradiction and disinformation, gaslighting involves attempts to destabilize the victim and delegitimize the victim's beliefs. But governments are slowly legitimizing UFOs now, as they turn their gaslighting behavior towards mass acceptance of the "good aliens".

Famous quote by Dennis Gilmour: If you consciously BUT unintenionally gaslight because you understand the limitations of written and verbal communication simply make otherwise impossible, you are wise; if you unconsciously BUT unintenionally gaslight because you do NOT understand the limitations of written and verbal communication simply make otherwise impossible, you are foolish; if you consciously AND intentionally gaslight because you understand the limitations of written and verbal communication make it excellent for control and manipulation tactics for selfish and self-serving reasons, you are evil. Welcome to your government.

Evolution false ancient alien gods

If you really believe evolution is FACT and authority is right on this one, and authority also declares it FACT that non-human things are in our skies, then the non-human craft in our skies can only be highly evolved ancient alien-gods conditioning mankind for open contact! Makes sense, right? Why does the government take a stand on admitting there are non-human beings/crafts of some type in our skies, but then refuses to also take a stand on admitting these beings in our skies MUST be highly evolved ancient alien-gods? Since government claims evolution is FACT and UFOs are also FACT, then it logically follows that the "aliens" in our skies can only be our long lost highly evolved ancient alien-gods "parents". The government can support no other conclusion, if the government really believes their bullshit science "fact" of evolution that they shove down everybody's throats as early as possible in the public education system. Hmmmm...methinks the government just wants to slowly condition and prepare the world for open contact. They are slowly releasing more information and admitting to more things. Satan and his demons are in our skies prepping for open contact, and these beings are already secretly working with the governments of the world for a controlled disclosure/unveiling. The pentagon is not known for hoaxing, and the United States military is still best in the world, and very capable/competent to assess craft violating their airspace as either human threats from another nation, or something non-human. NOTE: I have no doubt some UFOs are psyops, but not ALL can be explained this way; God allows/requires demons to do various mind games only as permitted, while humans currently have more apparent freedom. Most government officials have plausible deniability because only the TOP ELITE are in the know about what is going on and these TOP ELITE are working with the aliens/demons, directing the human side of the show. Not many will complain upon open contact about how the governments of the world chose to do The Unveiling, anymore than Americans were upset to find out years after the Cuban missile crisis that Kennedy made a secret deal with the Soviet Union to prevent nuclear war. Extraordinary times required extraordinary measures, and the ends justified the means, was the simple and accepted rationale then as it will be upon open contact. I am not elite by human standards to know these things. I only know stuff because God tells me. The devil and demons are as enraged at me blasting secrets to the whole world on the internet as the king of Aram was angry at a supposed traitor in his midst (WARNING: Sexually crude parable on click). The king could not understand how Israel was always prepared for his attacks.

2 Kings 6:11-12, NIV:

11 This enraged the king of Aram. He summoned his officers and demanded of them, "Tell me! Which of us is on the side of the king of Israel?"

12 "None of us, my lord the king," said one of his officers, "but Elisha, the prophet who is in Israel, tells the king of Israel the very words you speak in your bedroom."

The very words Satan speaks in his bedroom I tell any kings of Israel out there reading. It is generally accepted that World War Two's "Foo fighters" started the modern buildup of increasing UFO sightings. UFOs have been increasingly increasing since 1940s "Foo fighters" (but UFOs have been reported for millennia) and for sure no country had capability to make something like these UFOs back then, and we still can't! However, only in the last few decades, these beings have been secretly working with some humans in prep for open contact. Some of these humans KNOW these beings are demons but don't care, and some are sincerely naive/deceived to actually think these demonic beings are really highly evolved ancient alien-gods. This whole UFO phenomenon directly relates to the origins debate, as there can be NO doubt these things are real, and since there are only two credible options for how we all got here, the only question is: are these beings really our highly evolved ancient alien-gods (evolution answer), or demons out to deceive us (creation answer)?

Open Contact Bottom-line
This page, "Welcome to My Unconventional Theodicy/Apologetics/UFO Site",
available for reading from the top (click here), if you are coming to this link section for the first time

Obviously, we are being conditioned for open contact, and everybody will have to choose whose side you will be on, God's or the devil's. I try to warn people in various ways on the social medias below, but typically most are dismissive and skeptical UFOs are even real; if the information written above does not at least open a person's eyes to the objective reality/importance of the UFO phenomenon, I am not sure what else to say. However, for those who can accept the reality that there are non-human beings/crafts in our skies, prepping the world for open contact (in more obvious/blatant ways with every passing year) I say this: if physical evolution is true for this universe, then these UFO beings in our skies really ARE our highly evolved ancient alien-gods, who will set us straight upon open contact on some of the goofy UFO religions humans have made up and vague associated New Age ideas. But if it's true that God created the universe in a literal 6 days with only the appearance of great age to test the elect and then rested on the 7th according to the Genesis account in the Bible, then that is NOT enough time for evolution and these beings can only be demons out to deceive us, because the Bible has much to say about the reality of very real and personal supernatural demons, and their leader Satan the devil. I have yet to encounter anybody who can give me ANY other credible option(s) for the UFO phenomenon other than some sort of highly evolved beings (evolution) or demons (creation). I've already thought about the quantum paradox position of time-symmetric retrocausality, a concept of cause and effect in which an effect precedes its cause in time and so a later event affects an earlier one, a fancy way of saying highly evolved humans from the future, who are "God", are the effect which precedes our own cause of Big Banging the universe, initiating abiogenesis (non-living matter giving rise to life), and tweaking the DNA of all living beings on planet earth over time to bring us to this point in history. This is still an evolution explanation, though, and not entirely credible for various reasons I detail later on this site, but this explanation can be made to be pretty close to the truth, and may be the very "spin" the devil and demons will use to deceive the world upon open contact, about who is God, and who God is.

Excerpt from (Top of Page 6) June 25, 2021 - The UFO pentagon report -- Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena below:

"Although most of the UAP described in our dataset probably remain unidentified due to limited data or challenges to collection processing or analysis, we may require additional scientific knowledge to successfully collect on, analyze and characterize some of them. We would group such objects in this category pending scientific advances that allowed us to better understand them. The UAPTF intends to focus additional analysis on the small number of cases where a UAP appeared to display unusual flight characteristics or signature management."

"we may require additional scientific knowledge" ... for such ... "objects in this category pending scientific advances that allowed us to better understand them" ... because these ... "UAP appeared to display unusual flight characteristics or signature management"

Pentagon techno-babble isn't so hard to decode, is it? They are saying our science is too primitive to understand these UFOs, their flight characteristics/capabilities, and lack of discernible propulsion emissions. I'm not even an expert and I can read it clearly. If you cannot, then you are spiritually asleep to the truth about what is going on. The Matrix has you!

Note: Click here to zip up this page a bit for proof that Luis Elizondo, former head of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, admits that many pentagon officials already know UFOs are demonic but the implication in the video is that Elizondo himself does not believe this.

The rest of this site is dedicated to fleshing out details from this youtube video playlist, which introduces/summarizes some of these complex issues in about 20 minutes. The Bible prophesied end-times' literal open contact deception with supposedly "highly evolved ancient alien-gods" is almost here, and open contact could even be said to have already allegorically occurred. It wasn't exactly the true Father God who died on that cross (which the rest of my site explains in detail), but neither was it an incarnation of their alien leader (the devil) like these beings will claim.

Highly evolved ancient alien gods killed on the cross
What really died on the cross?

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When confronted with the mysteries of existence, those who don't believe in some sort of personal God generally subscribe to the modern scientific view that the universe came into existence at a cosmic "big bang" explosion billions of years ago, and everything (including life forms) subsequently evolved slowly through natural processes spanning these many billions of years. In his book The Origin of Species, first published in 1859, Charles Darwin was the first to successfully popularize this concept of evolution in relation to organic life, although the concept has been philosophized for millennia. Ever since evolution's growing acceptance began in earnest after 1859, Darwin's biological evolutionary beliefs have been hotly debated between two general camps: those who believe in a personal Creator and those who don't.

If evolution is true, then it is logically possible that other beings exist in the universe farther along the evolutionary scale than humans, the veritable "gods" humans have always worshipped, and in fact, humans are evolving to such a state as well. If these beings exist, they might have interacted with ancient man and influenced our beliefs about God for some grand great purpose that humans were too immature to comprehend at the time. Mankind has technologically advanced greatly in the last 100 years or so, but are we advanced enough in our consciousness to fully assimilate information aliens might bring us about our concepts of God? Are aliens going to openly show themselves one day soon and help mankind understand the mysteries of our and their existence?

On the other hand, many people would be fearful and suspicious of open contact with aliens. The Bible and other ancient religious texts speak of the existence of dark forces of evil that oppose a very real and personal God, and also speak of a great cosmic struggle between a devil and this God. If open contact occurred, would you believe these aliens to be "demons in disguise" trying to deceive mankind for some evil purpose? Or might there be good evolutionary explanations as to why our cosmic "parents" led mankind to believe in the existence of a devil and demons, as well as a God and angels? Read on to help you discover the truth on this matter and prepare you for the future, for like it or not, The Unveiling open contact is coming, and the aliens will be able to explain The Origin of God, and the whole world will be talking!

Explanation Section Ahead:
"Spiritual/Religious" = A UFO-God-Connection Through "Evolution/Creation"

This Quora post is accurate about who I AM, although I would rephrase #4 to say I read people at first glance by what Holy Spirit unction informs me, and I tend to make silly sarcastic jokes, either in my head, or even verbally if I think the person is mature enough to handle it. I am not as arrogant as my communication style sometimes seems to indicate. A sarcastic smile

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