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If you are reading this, I hope you have read my fiction book, The Unveiling, to help augment my explanations more about the spiritual messages behind my book. If you have not read my book yet, you can still get something out of what you are about to read, but without reading the book first, some of the things I write here might not make total sense. Also, I believe God prefers people NOT read the following information unless they have been prepared first through reading my fiction book. Personalized/signed hardcopy of my book is available for a nominal amount at, or the goodreads et al. site below (right side table) has hardcopy as well as reviews and other interesting things. If you want to financially support this author, Amazon has both Kindle digital version AND hardcopy available HERE, and an amazon Kindle preview is available by clicking image below:

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Practicing Thought Experiments before Open Contact, aka spiritual warfare in Conceptualworld, Imaginationland, aka THE MATRIX
Practicing Thought Experiments before Open Contact, aka spiritual warfare in Conceptualworld, Imaginationland, aka THE MATRIX 10 members
My flagship short story, called "The Monkey Man Parable", is available to read by clicking read about the Monkey Man. This one particular mind-bending story is a good description of what I desire this group to be about. Let us talk/debate about all the ideas/implications in this parable. If and/or when open contact happens, people are going to have to thoroughly understand what place the "supernatural" has in today's modern world. I have many other interesting stories available by clicking read all my parables.

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Jesus told stories (ie parables) to teach spiritual truth and this is a gift He has given me as well. Contrary to popular opinion, Jesus did not tell stores to help make His meaning plainer, but rather He told parables to obscure His truth so that those He did not want to understand, would not (Matthew 13:11). Later, Jesus would privately expound to His disciples the meaning of His stories (Matthew 13:18). There are no accidents in life. Everything happens at God's sovereign design. If you are here, I am assuming you are one that the Lord wants me to reveal some things to, so I will expound the deeper meanings behind my writings. I will treat you as a disciple of the Lord and tell you more of the things I know, for in these very last of the last days, there is no need to hide anything, but reveal all! I speak plainly of my parable stories and hide nothing I know to be true. I often talk confidently about a literal UFO demon open contact event, as if my book will literally come true one day, but I have admitted on other pages of my site that allegorical open contact has already occurred for the world; although I can see other more seemingly natural ways the whole endgame could play out, I still strongly believe in a literal open contact event, because of the many reasons I detail on other pages. People generally diss the supernatural too much, but I've had enough legitimate supernatural experiences in this matrix reality to know ANYTHING is possible. Those experiences helped inspire by fiction book about open contact and this entire site actually.

My book, though fantastic and supernatural, is actually both a story about what is going on right now in the world, as well as a prophecy of future things to come. If you have already read it, you might be wondering if I think much of what I have written will come literally true. The answer is Yes and No. My book is full of types and shadows of deeper things. Yes, I believe the end time deception will entail the devil and his fallen angels openly showing themselves and using supernatural power to deceive mankind into self-destruction, but my book is a mere type and shadow of how it will all happen. The actual deception will be even deeper and more powerful than my book describes, and many of the details about how it all happens will be different, but the basic gist is there. My book is not a literal telling of the future, but consider it the broad strokes and outline of what is coming. It doesn't have to be that way if we will repent, but alas, this is something all humans initially refuse to do and it has been this way since the dawn of human civilization, so God is going to teach all of humanity a mighty lesson about deception. Before I get into the most likely future, though, let me give you the interpretation of how my book shadows things that are happening in the world right now, and how if we truly repent individually and collectively, we can prevent things in my book from more literally coming true (Bible predicts this will NOT happen collectively though).

The nuclear confrontation in the beginning of the book is basically a religious conflict between state's of different religious ideologies. This merely typifies mankind's longheld individual and collective destructive nature and propensity to justify this with the belief that "God is one their side". In seeming desperation to stem this violent madness, mankind reached a point in time when they attempted to remove "God" from their consciousness, as we subconsciously think a belief in "God" is the cause of our problems (but it is not). The physical disappearance of true Christians during the nuclear standoff pictures the time when Darwin first revealed his theory of evolution and Christians' influence began to disappear. The rapture of the Christians pictures the removal of the influence of godly people in the world after the publication of Darwin's Origin of the Species, shown as an abrupt removal of the Christians (salt and light in a dark world) for dramatic purposes in my fiction, but in real life it has really been more of a process spanning almost two centuries. The idea that no judging "God" exists to condemn us seemed so freeing at first to the world, and even produced some initial improvements in social advancements (pictured by the social improvements the aliens bring) by throwing off oppressive ideas about God, but the world ends up in destruction later in the book because we all lose our way eventually without an intimate connection with our Creator.

Since the time of Darwin, the influence and beliefs of Christians in the world has waned to virtually nothing, and again I emphasize that this is pictured in my book by the true Christians being taken away in the rapture (ie their influence disappears). Nowadays, we are at the point where our societies seriously teach that complex beings such as humans must have evolved from primordial goop without any direction from a Creator God. Ridiculous! Evolution and deep time are NOT true of this universe, but click HERE for the first chapter in revelation of what is true of these concepts nonetheless in another reality, where we all originate and the spiritual war there gave rise to issues being worked out in human history. But our societies are so secular that evolution is taught as fact in schools, prayer is outlawed in schools, the 10 commandments are removed from court buildings, references to God in the constitution are being challenged etc...and all of this is preparing the way for Satan's masterful future deception, which is already here in typified form.

After the disappearance of millions of Christians, the aliens unveil and masterfully explain away all religions, especially Christianity, as simply their attempt to favorably influence our evolution in a forward direction. This is a type of how after the influence of Christians began to disappear with the advent of Darwin's theory of evolution, our scientists began hammering away at a belief in God with vigor. In my story, the aliens are able to "prove" their claims by doing any supernatural thing that has ever been recorded in any "holy" book, including the Bible, and can spin logic, reason, scientific "evidence" support their claims. Then they start showing mankind how to use technology to reproduce their seeming "miraculous" powers. This part will literally happen one day, and these alien-gods (demons) will initially be our "saviors" to set us up for the fall. UFO activity has steadily grown more intense since end of World War Two, and now governments are openly admitting to the reality of the UFO phenomenon, working with the alien-gods (demons) in preparation for open contact, though upon recent release of this video evidence from the pentagon, the American government pretends to be ignorant of what the fighter jet was chasing in the #1 UFO video evidence list in the next blue link. Plausible deniability until open contact. Proof of governments slowly releasing credible evidence of UFOs to prepare world for open contact. But for now, these aliens in my story could be said to be a "type" of our human scientists, who virtually unanimously agree with the aliens' philosophy that we evolved from primordial goop without help from any God, so scientists are denying the validity of any faith at all, just as the aliens do in my book. Our scientists (aka the aliens in my book) can spin logic, reason, and scientific evidence to support their claims, reading carbon dating, fossil records, rock strata, make very convincing sounding arguments that humans are the result of random mutations and blind chance. Nowadays, in any conflict between religion and science, we tend to defer to the scientists' views, as religion, we feel, can only persecute scientists like Galileo, who believed the scientific evidence showed that the world revolved around the sun, when the Catholic church believed the earth was the center of the universe and the Sun (and everything else) revolved around the earth. We all know who was eventually proven true on that one.

Our scientists are also like the aliens in that they can do seemingly miraculous things (ie with technology), again increasing our confidence that the aliens/scientists must be right about our origins, since they have proven themselves right about understanding of so many other intricate details of the natural world. Imagine if you could transport a human from even just 100 years in the past into our present time. What seems commonplace today would seem supernatural to a human of even just 100 years ago. Think of the advances in science and technology, the discovery of atoms making atomic power and atomic weapons possible, satellite technology, advances in understanding of the human body (medical diagnostic machines, understanding of genetics, miraculous drugs etc...) including how "unseen" tiny enemies make us sick (bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc...) instead of supernatural curses or divine punishment, computers, space shuttle, Apollo visits to the moon, TVs, phone, cell phones, microwaves, DVDs, and forays into artificial intelligence and virtual reality, hubble telescope revealing the vastness of the universe, advances in understanding of chemistry and physics, Einstein's discovery that mass and energy are different forms of the same thing, the space-time connection, flying through the air in big flying machines, horseless "chariots" (ie vehicles) that travel faster than anything ever seen 100 years ago, etc, etc... I could go on and on. Today's scientists are the aliens in my book! They can create technological marvels to dazzle us mere "mortals" and can explain so much! So when they say we evolved from lower animals and there is no God, a part of us naturally believes it on some level, which creates doubts that Satan can use as a foothold to start deceiving you further.

In my book, the aliens (aka our scientists) get the world to trust them, slowly but surely using evolutionistic ideas to erode the world's belief that there is a God to whom we are accountable, so much so that years later the majority of the world embraces the aliens fully and begins "integration" with them. This pictures the point we are pretty much at in history, as the official stance of most influential governments of the world is an atheistic and secular one, influenced by our "scientists" to believe this way. This philosophy is "integrating" fully into the souls of our citizens, with the resultant increase in sinful behavior one would expect when this philosophy is truly believed and followed. However, a belief in God is not our problem. People are their own problem, as they are denying their consciences that tell them there is a God and we must inwardly believe Him to be saved, and outward obedience in words, deeds, and actions, though important for a whole host of reasons, for a good God always has good reasons for what He asks you to do (such as building this website as He asked me to do), is desired but counts nothing towards salvation itself. Outward obedience is works, and works are NOT a necessary part of salvation (Ephesians 2:8), which the rest of my site explains in detail if you are confused on this point at all; most "Christians" are confused on this very basic gospel point, although they try to pretend they understand. Their basterdization of the concept of salvation by grace alone through faith is proven by Christians' subtle or direct insistence that one must outwardly "obey" God to be saved. I show on this site how to judge/test/prove the subtle lies Christians propagate in the name of Jesus, as the Bible tells us to do. But as far as parallels to real life from my story, modern people are fully integrating with evolutionistic ideas, creating a feeling of non-accountability to God, even without realizing it, or while denying it is true, and this is degrading their thinking and behaviors in major negative moral ways.

This degradation is beginning to be expressed in deviant sexual behaviors, such as homosexuality, being accepted as normal, even among those who call themselves Christian. In our world today, people who are vocal about their beliefs, especially about sexual right and wrong, are mostly marginalized and ignored or viewed with fear and suspicion that they are radicals who might cause harm, hence the hate speech laws aimed at silencing Christians who merely teach the Bible's instructions on sexual morality. It seems religion/belief is fine as long as you never talk about it, or talk only lightly about how God is all love and mercy and forgiveness (true) and expects nothing from you, especially obedience (not true). Obedience is expected, even extreme obedience like Christ and the apostles all died for God, but you understand obedience, even extreme obedience, counts nothing for salvation. This humble type of obedience based purely on love for God is a rare thing in this world. Most are confused and don't even understand it.

In my book, the demons' strategy to destroy the world begins with encouraging total sexual freedom and creating an environment where this is possible without fear of negative consequences (ie perfect birth control, perfect anti-biotics/anti-virals that can cure any sexually transmitted disease etc...). Soon, people become horribly confused about sexual morality, accepting all behaviors as good and normal (homosexuality, bestiality, polygamy, incest, exhibitionism, necrophilia [i.e. sex with dead bodies], pedophilia, rape, etc...) and even bringing legal persecution to anyone who voices opposition to sexual sin, eventuating in burning Bibles and jailing Christians. This pictures what is beginning to happen in real life right now, as scientists (with seeming "miraculous" ability) have enabled many negative consequences of sexual sin to be prevented or "fixed" (ie 99% effective female birth control, anti-biotics to treat bacterial sexually transmitted diseases, good anti-virals can now keep AIDS controlled and condoms can prevent AIDS in the first place etc...). The legal persecutions in the book picture the current legislative environment, as homosexual activists are firmly entrenching legal precedents that say any condemnation of their lifestyle is hate speech, and many legal persecutions are already happening against people who speak out about Biblical sexual values. If this type of legal persecution continues and is successful at intimidating and silencing people, it can only serve to eventually cause more corrupting sexual behaviors to be expressed with opposition suppressed with more hate speech intimidation tactics (probably challenges to polygamy laws will be next is my guess, as the same logic and reasoning for gay marriage applies to any type of "marriage" re-definition to anything consenting adults choose).

An atmosphere of acquiescence is setting in, as people are getting tired of fighting over defining proper sexual boundaries. But giving up the fight just leads to things getting worse. Our confused world is already seeing massive worldwide increases in illegal child porn, perhaps to be normalized too one day soon. After all, fifty years ago adult porn was shunned by society but has now become mainstream, with many porn magazines easily accessible to adults, satellite providers routinely offer exclusive porn stations to customers, just about every extinct video store used to carry a porn section, soft porn is often on regular cable channels late in the night etc... I've heard pedophiles justify their behavior by suggesting that children are sexual beings too and enjoy sex so society should remove the "age of consent" laws. This may sound sick to us now, but porn in general seemed deviant to society fifty years ago too. Do you seriously think things will get better on this matter in the near future? If you are honest with yourself, I think the answer is obvious.

Fifty years ago, homosexuality was deemed deviant too, was classified as a disease in doctors' diagnostic manuals, and was even illegal in most parts of the world. But look how far we have come! It's becoming illegal to even say anything against homosexuality. I even feel intimidated a bit just writing this, thinking I might have to fight a hate crimes lawsuit for having written this page talking about how I feel! My book could easily offend the sexual sensibilities of some homosexual "rights" groups, and I might have a fight on my hands there too, but I've decided I just can't stay silent anymore! Now is the time for Christians to be as courageous as possible in the Lord, and start speaking out more and fighting the good fight of faith. If you examine the arguments closely, you will see that the same logic and reasoning one uses to justify homosexuality can be used to justify just about any sexual behavior and "marriage" between consenting adults.

In my story, the Bible becomes banned as hate speech and Bibles are burned, and those who teach Jesus is the only way of salvation are persecuted. I put this in my story because I believe it is only a matter of time before Bibles are literally outlawed as hate speech (or at the very least the sexual passages censored or re-written to change their clear meaning), as Bibles speak about such things as sexual sin, a concept that is being lost in today's world (click link for brief podcast). And I can see how claiming Jesus is the only way of salvation could eventually be outlawed too, since the legal precedents against using Bible verses to speak against homosexuality can be applied in the same way against Christians who use Bible verses to speak against any other way of salvation except through Jesus. After all, this idea is viewed as narrow-minded hate speech too by many who have different views about religion and salvation and want open acceptance of all religions, as if all were equally valid, which they are not. True Christianity is far superior to any other religious belief system, and the Bible is the only Holy Book with easy to understand fulfilled prophecy to prove it comes from some Higher Power. But if the courts can successfully muzzle expression of all the Bible verses that speak against homosexuality, then the government will also have legal precedents to persecute those who believe the verses that say Jesus is the only way of salvation.

The bottom line is: when sexual corruption begins to entrench itself in society (beginning now with acceptance of homosexuality and hate speech laws against people who say it is wrong), it has a devastating spiritual effect on individuals and societies, blurring all moral lines, eventuating in total destruction of individuals and society at large, as just about anything and everything sexual becomes viewed as normal and no boundaries are respected, leading to increased violence, confusion, suffering and death (both physical and spiritual). Read about the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible for a vivid example of a sexually degraded society where even rape was condoned and pretty much considered normal, as a rape gang scoured the city in broad daylight looking for victims, and had no fear of consequences. For the rapists to be able to do this in broad daylight, this sexual deviancy had to have been either explicitly or at least implicitly accepted by the "law enforcement", an oxymoron if there ever was one.

This degradation we are experiencing now, beginning with acceptance of homosexuality, is pictured in my book by the world devolving into madness and anarchy. We are soon coming to this point in real life. Believe it! I shudder to think what the world might look like in 20 to maybe at most 50 years from now (assuming we don't nuke ourselves) if good moral people continue to sit on the sidelines and not fight the social trends that are happening in the world. My book and this site is my way of fighting. Everyone is called to do different things, but I'd suggest everybody do what they can. Which brings me to one possible future that I will now describe below.

The rest of the book pictures my feeling of a revival that may come in the near future, assuming we collectively repent of all our evil ways and return to using the Bible (living Bible I mainly mean, as in the risen Christ is called the living Word of God) as our guide to a true and deep spirituality. I must admit, this is seeming less and less likely with each passing day. In my book, the aliens eventually reveal their true identities to be fallen angels and those who have integrated with them realize they have volunteered for demonic possession, some liking the transformation to wholesale evil and some trying to resist. This pictures a future point, when society has becomes fully corrupted, and violence and sexual deviancy permeate the entire world, similar to the time of Noah before God sent the flood. Many will love this new corrupt social order, but some will realize they made a mistake and begin resisting, typified by Nick, Ronny, and Valerie resisting their demons, and eventually all three being set free from demon possession. At this point in the book, the true Christians who disappeared in the opening chapter are released to fight to bring society back to truth and righteousness, and these Christians head out into the world in supernatural power to start battling demons and evil humans. This pictures the coming real world battle, when Christians begin positively influencing the world once more, uniting in faith and fully engaging the enemies of Christ, struggling for victory both in the spirit and in the physcial.

If my future prediction comes true, this coming real world battle will probably manifest in various social conflicts (Christians winning court battles to turn back homosexual "rights", Christians turning out to vote for righteous political candidates, tightening of divorce laws and abortion laws etc...or Christians letting themselves be killed as martyrs in non-violent resistance to those who oppose their beliefs, pictured in my book by some Christians willingly dying for their faith etc...) In my book, the battle between the supernatural forces of God and Satan gets nasty and bloody, typifying the radical struggle that will have to take place to stem the tide of severe corruption that is beginning to manifest in this world.

Some of the biggest allies in this fight to take our societies back to right standing with God will come from some of the previous enemies of the cross. I show this by Nick eventually getting saved, as he realizes how evil he is, even to the point of believing he preexisted his human life as a fallen angel. In my book, I raise the question: might all humans have preexisted human life as fallen angels? Certainly, the Christians and church leaders that I've approached with this idea do not agree it is possible, and that's why I had Lawrence argue with Stephanie over the concept and refuse to accept it. Lawrence, as leader of the complex, is representing traditional Christian leaders here in that they universally deny (at least in my experience) the possibility that humans could have preexisted as fallen spirits, refusing to accept the concept (it's not very flattering is it?), and making counter-arguments to refute the idea, just like Lawrence did in my book. I never actually answer this question definitively in the book one way or another, as I wanted the reader to ponder this for themselves and come to their own conclusions, but this site describes the truth of this concept in detail and what God is doing.

At the very least, at this point in the story, for those who can't yet accept the literality of the concept, Nick is representing that part of us all that sometimes feels horribly dirty, guilty, and ashamed of ourselves and our sin before a Holy God, that part of us that sometimes thinks we are just too evil, and too much of a sinner to change our ways or to be forgiven by God, as we realize our natures are no better (or substantively different) than even Satan the devil. However, Nick is eventually inspired to submit to God by his sister, Stephanie, suffering in love for him, picturing the power of God's love to save even the vilest of sinners. All of humanity are God's wayward children, and Stephanie's suffering pictures a point in my predicted future revival when true Christians will go deep into their faith to, in love, start suffering and dying in love for their fellow human "siblings", even their human "enemies". This would probably manifest in the real world through believers becoming bold and speaking Biblical truth in love, yet maintaining a stand of non-violent resistance, and then willingly suffering the inevitable persecution that comes when one does this, manifested by unfair legal persecutions, jail time for speaking the truth (labeling it "hate speech"), and possibly even state sponsored executions or vigilante killings of true Christians. Nick dies but comes back from the dead to help save 11,872,312 people from Satan's grasp, picturing the power and influence that previous enemies of Christ's cross will wield, as they repent fully (ie come "back from the dead" in a sense, meaning to come fully alive spiritually, pictured in my story by Nick literally rising from the dead) and inspire others to do the same. Nick is just an average person, typifying average people repenting in all areas of their lives and fully surrendering to God, inspiring millions to do the same and beginning ministries with massive influence, as God's spirit is poured out on all flesh.

At the end of the book, Jesus returns in supernatural power to begin the millennium. This pictures how society will have been turned around, even to the point of a "virtual" spiritual return of the Lord, manifest as a stable world that for the most part does not have to legislate morality, as the majority will be wholesome citizens, respecting boundaries for themselves and others, loving others sacrificially, less selfish, less greedy, having moral clarity on right and wrong (especially sexual right and wrong), compassionate in judgment of those who fall short of reasonable standards but enforcing basic standards as is necessary, disciplined, respectful of authority, and all believing in God as an authority, openly talking about the Bible and using the Bible as basis of our laws, everybody learning and teaching about all aspects of God's love, properly balancing both God's softer side (ie love, forgiveness, heaven) and harder side (ie judgment, punishment, hell) and walking humbly with our God. Sort of like going back to the simpler and gentler times of the United States in the 1950s but with greater awareness, maturity, and understanding of how bad things can get if the majority gets slack about spirituality and drifts into complacency. It has been said that eternal vigilance is the price of freedom. We need to return to this vigilance now or we will lose our freedom.

If you read the book (or have already read it), you now know some levels to my writing I tried to subtly convey in entertaining story form. My book is like one long complex parable, meant to convey various levels of spiritual messages, but many might think it is just a sci-fi thriller adventure ride to entertain. Now that I've given you the "present" interpretation of my work and one possible future, let's talk about where the world is headed if we don't repent collectively, the most likely "future" interpretation. I hate to sound too negative, but I'm a realist about human nature, and I think what I'm about to write is probably more likely. Let's delve into my book again, this time interpreting the characters and happenings a little more literally. God is going to allow the devil and his fallen angels to openly show themselves and deceive the world if we don't change our evil ways. I will get much more Biblical in this explanation, and give more scriptural details to back up why I think this massive alien/UFO deception is soon coming to the world and why God is going to allow it. The thing you have to understand, though, is the "highly evolved aliens" in my book are only a type and shadow of who and what these fallen angels will really claim to be. Just as in my previous explanation the aliens represented human scientists, in this interpretation the aliens represent something else, a type of being nobody has ever thought of before, our ancient "alien-gods", in plural totality form. Let me try to explain. These beings will claim to have evolved together in another reality, and now share a collective consciousness like the Borg collective on Star Trek, except none lose their individuality or are forced to do anything against their will. They are now friends, but they used to be in literal conflict between two factions, lead by Jesus and the other side lead by Satan. Now they all have evolved into God, understand all, and share a collective consciousness, reproducing the spiritual battle within the hearts and minds of all humans born, such reproduction of the battle in our individual spirits prepares one to also evolve in consciousness and prepare to join them after death. All humans' consciousnesses come from the physical beings from this alternate reality that need evolutionary struggle of spirit, similar to what they experienced, to come up to their level. But all those in the alternate reality that shed their corporeal bodies have all already evolved into this collective consciousness known as God, as those who evolved enough to change from physical to spiritual beings in the alternate reality were naturally strong enough to complete evolution into God. Humans need their help to reproduce similar experience and evolve their spirits (minds) enough to join them after physical death. Some called the elect in human history have done this, but many humans still need help, and the aliens are now openly showing to help mankind get to this stage of evolutionary development before we destroy ourselves. They gave their collective consciousness a name called Jehovah, the Almighty God, the Most High, otherwise known as Father God. Jesus was the first to cross the God-barrier and become this God, and volunteered to relive physical existence as example to other humans, because He was the most loving and self-sacrificial to be able to do this and became God before any others, but the collective consciousness of God contains all spirit being characters humans know about, such as Michael the Archangel, the angel Gabriel, Satan, etc... These beings just play roles of "good" and "evil" in human minds to reproduce the struggle over such concepts and "truth" to help evolve mankind in similar manner as they and become God also. The Holy Spirit is the name they give to the combined neural energy of the consciousnesses that make up the collective consciousness of God, each individual spirit being like one brain cell in the human brain. Just as trillions of brain cells combine neural energy to form a singular human consciousness with a name, so too the joining of singular spirit beings is like human brain cells combining consciousnesses to form the spirit in that one human, and so too the combined neural energy of all spirit beings contributes to the Spirit of this One God. The combined consciousnesses of spirit beings is called the Holy Spirit, analogous to the human spirit, composed of combined consciousnesses of many brain cells. Jesus is the preeminent "brain cell", the first one to cross the God-barrier, analogous to the first brain cell to form in the fetus of a mother's womb, and Jehovah is the personal name they have given to themselves, and Holy Spirit of God is the combined collective consciousness of Jesus and all spirit beings, including Satan, who are all friends now, sharing the same mind. Puts a whole different spin on the idea of God being Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, don't you think? There is much truth to these ideas and concepts about what God is doing, as the devil is clever to mix much truth with some lies, as this is more deceptive. "And the serpent said unto the woman, 'Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.'" (Genesis 3:5-6) Satan lied because people have been dying ever since, but some partial truth makes lies work better, as even God confirmed the serpent spoke some truth about our original parents now knowing good and evil. "And the LORD God said, 'Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil.'" (Genesis 3:22) I suggest to read the rest of my site, which outlines in detail what is true, and what is false, in these concepts of evolution and deep time, and what God is really doing, and what is going on in human history. But briefly, there is a collective consciousness within the "Created Beings God" class (Reveation 3:14) called Christ and His elect. Father is part of this collective too, but He is the only One who truly knows all things. God uses the devil to do some necessary dirty evil work, but Jesus and Satan are not "buddies", working together, sharing the same collective consciousness, and just different sides of the same coin. That is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit to think so, and what the end-time's deception is all about and most fall for it. Only the elect do not. Actually, we work through it, and are likened to NOT have committed blasphemy of the Spirit, a technicality only because we work through it and overcome it. But since we do it too (and so did Jesus), we understand others and have compassion on others, who are NOT supernaturally empowered to see through the deception. This is how Father proves He exists to angels (one of many ways) who cannot see Him either. Father God supernaturally empowers His elect in history to truly understand the deep issues of life and the heart and see through the devil's deceptions.

Believe it or not, the Bible contains many scriptures that talk about this supernatural alien-gods deception coming on the earth if you have spiritual insight to see it. For example, 1 Timothy 4:1 says, "Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils". Right now, these seducing spirits are invisible demons that tempt you and put evil thoughts in your brain, lies, and false beliefs about God and His character. That is the application of that scripture 2000 years ago when Paul penned this letter to Timothy, but Paul was aware of the double meaning he planted with those words. It is also talking about a future time when these demons will be visible and will be plainly deceiving humans in a direct fashion. Sound incredible? Impossible? How real are demons to you? If God allowed it, why wouldn't the devil and the demons show themselves and continue their deception game that they have been playing for thousands of years? You might think I'm kooky in my interpretation, but if so, I'd say you just haven't learned yet that the scriptures have multiple levels of meaning and interpretation. Haven't you discovered that as you grow spiritually, you are interpreting scriptures in a deeper way as you go deeper into your faith? Here is another example, Galatians 1:8, says "But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed." Again, Paul was exagerating here to make a point, as the first century application of this verse, that he was confident that his message was true and straight from God. That is the application and understanding of that scripture for 2000 years ago when it was first written, but Paul also knew, inspired by the Spirit of God, as I am as well, that it also applies to the devil when he openly shows himself at sometime in the near future. Lucifer is an angel from heaven, after all, just a fallen one though. And when he openly shows himself and spouts his lies, many will believe him. I agree with Paul, these angels that will be visible and preaching a different gospel should be accursed! Paul knew exactly what was coming in the future. Paul was an exceptional Christian/apostle, and God gave him direct revelation that 2000yrs into the future the devil and demons would openly manifest, teaching a different gospel full of lies, so he tried to give us some clues of what Christians could expect in the distant future with the kind of quotes we find in Galatians 1:8. Another example would be 2 Corinthians 11:14, where Paul says Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light, hinting at the devil's supernatural abilities and hinting that someday in the future the devil will literally appear in the guise of a deceptive light entity. In today's modern world, when this happens, most will probably describe these beings as "aliens of light" because most don't believe in real evil deceptive supernatural entities. Paul didn't want to plainly tell Christians to expect the devil and his demons to openly manifest in 2000yrs because they would get too discouraged about the long delay in the Lord's return. However, Paul was a man that seemed unable to get discouraged by anything for very long, so God secretly told him everything, as He has me. Paul also had revelation that some of his writings would survive the apostasy that was occurring even in the 1st century, so he littered his writings with little hints and clues for people like me to decipher at this time. I know for sure what was going through Paul's mind when he wrote these words because God tells me, so these are not just guesses. I KNOW the Spirit tells me that the devil and his fallen angels are going to openly manifest one day soon, and look out for the lies and miracles they will be able to do! They will be able to do such signs and wonders as to deceive even the very elect if possible (Matthew 24:24), even to the pulling down of fire from heaven (Revelation 13:13). Many people think I'm crazy when I try to tell them this. I think this is because in our modern times, the idea of evil invisible beings influencing our minds seems kooky. We may believe in a God, but a real devil seems somehow more unreal. We don't see a devil, so we don't believe in a devil. But then we don't see God either, so why believe in Him? In these modern "scientific" times, we tend to want hard, provable, testable "facts" that can satiate our five senses before we will believe anything. That's why my book is so believable on many levels, because the deception is going to pander to this common human desire. The devil is going to show up visibly one day and oblige your wildest imagination!

These, and many other scriptures talk about this "alien" deception happening, but these beings will claim to be much more than just highly evolved aliens, but our actual ancient alien-gods, sharing a collective consciousness so are really our One God, Father, trinity ideas replaced with multinity ideas, as all "angels", both "good" and "evil", are all equally part of this God. Primitive ideas of a literal struggle between God and the devil will be cast aside for the full "truth" they now tell us. The actual deception and display of supernatural abilities of these beings will be beyond even the wild happenings in my book, and Bible predicts all but the elect will fall for it. The rest of my site explains what the eternal stakes are, and what you must believe and do if you find yourself in a soon future eerily like my wacky little "fiction" book. Though there appears to be risk within the human soul, my site talks about the awesome total sovereignty of Father God to make sure all who are reading these words right now ARE SAVED! You are guaranteed eternal life, as the rest of my site describes in detail. Some of the things I will reveal on this site seem incredible and difficult to believe and many will probably toss it aside as nonsense. So be it. If you are still alive when the demons openly manifest, you will at least be somewhat prepared even having just read my book, or read the rest of this site. The Lord will bring my story to your remembrance at the proper time, or the rest of my writings on this site, and if you are destined to be saved in the first resurrection, the Lord will see to it. I will be honored to have been a small part of it. When the "aliens" reveal themselves, just try to remember that Satan has influenced the minds of people for almost two centuries (beginning in earnest with Darwin) to fall for the ultimate conspiracy. We've been brainwashed and prepared for open "alien" contact. For a long time now, scientists have been spouting evolution theory as fact, governments have been shoving it down our kids' throats in school as the only truth about our origins, Hollywood is constantly portraying aliens in movies/TV, sometimes as good, sometimes as evil, but always as definitely existing, and logically this must be through the same evolutionary mechanisms that brought about humans! The Unveiling is soon going to happen one day literally! Believe it!

My calling from the Lord was to write about the alien/UFO deception in fictional form and also describe more deeply on this site, but many good non-fiction books exist that go into scriptural details about the alien deception that is coming in the near future. I don't endorse any one particular author, but if you'd like more Biblical proof to confirm what I am saying is true, a google search on the terms "aliens Bible deception" returns many website ministries that believe similarly as I do on this matter, and this would probably be a good place to get more scriptural support, but reading the rest of my site will make you more aware of the deception even these ministries are under, as they pretty much all promote the four biggest lies of Christianity, trinity, free will, eternal torment, and limited salvation of only the extremely small number of first resurrection destined elect. I prove these ideas false on the rest of my site, and those who believe these lies will NOT be in the first resurrection. In addition to typically promoting the four big lies of Christianity, the problem I have with these website ministries is that they only understand part of the story. Yes, fallen angels will openly show one day soon, and claim to be our highly evolved alien-god(s), who have always been existent and influential on planet earth, but mostly invisibly and subtly, and now they openly show to help mankind. Although I know that will occur, one needs to understand more fully what is going to happen and prepare for it. I have not found anyone yet who has even imagined the full truth on these matters, and although both my fictional book and this site reveal much, there is much more I cannot say. The Lord tells me I have to talk to any desirous person personally about these issues and help prepare their hearts for the future if they ask. The main page of this site has my email, as the primary means to contact me and we can discuss any matters further.

The true nature of reality, and the true nature of the struggle between God and the devil is beyond the ability of most to even imagine! I can imagine it, but then if you've read my wild fiction, and/or this site, you already know I have quite the imagination to hear God speak to me and put it into words! :-) The typical Christian cop out answer (ie The Lord works in mysterious ways, and we will never have all the answers) to difficult questions is not satisfying for very long, is it? There will always be some truth to it, of course, but reading the rest of my site, I hope my readers come to understand God does indeed, eventually, give real answers to persistent truth seekers, who ask good questions like: Is there a God? If so, can we prove it? If we can prove God exists, can we also prove He is good, and all powerful, and all knowing as many claim? Is there a purpose to life, and if so, what is it? If there is a God and we can prove He is good, and all powerful, and all knowing, can we also prove the good/all powerful/all knowing reason why this God allows, or perhaps even causes, so much suffering and evil in the world? How can a loving God torture most of His creation in hell forever, if there even is such a place, and can we prove this idea as well? Might there perhaps even be something loving about hell? How can I be sure I'm going to heaven, and again, is there a way to even prove this heaven idea too? If you are searching for answers and you can just sense some things are not quite right in your belief system and/or the belief systems of the world, please read the rest of my site and contact me if you have any questions. I provide deep answers to all these deep questions and more in my book, The Unveiling, and on this site, but I am available to help honest seekers personally wade through any confusion. As you can probably tell from the number of times I used the word "prove" above, I am a very skeptical person. It comes with age. Yet at the same time, I have strong faith, because the good side of doubt and skepticism can build this, and it is a necessary part of growing up both physically and spiritually. God desires we build these traits as we grow up, becoming strong in faith towards God, and strong in doubt and skepticism towards created beings, whether human or spirit being. The following verses demonstrate this clearly. "But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man" (1 Corinthians 2:15) and "Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world" (1 John 4:1, NIV) and "Prove all things; hold fast that which is good." (1 Thessalonians 5:21) The rest of my writings on this site are littered with my judging, testing, proving, mindset, which is not a bad thing. Paul commended the Bereans for not just accepting what he said, but searching the scriptures, but Paul also knew the written Word is a tool to learn how to hear the living Word, Christ Himself, speak to you personally, so with maturity searching the scriptures takes on deeper meaning of searching out the mind of Christ personally, through all the physical 5 senses detect. Paul, like Christ and all elect, learn to speak truth out of nature (the things the 5 senses can detect) and parables, as Paul talked truth around physical things making analogy to spiritual things like armor of God (Ephesians 6), the statue of the unknown God (Acts 17:23), parables in scripture about Hagar's son, Ishmael, son of the bondwoman versus Isaac son of the free woman (Galatians 4:23), etc... I do this as well on this site, proof I hear from God personally, and I desire to help others learn to do so as well. Paul said God revealed Himself in nature (Romans 1:20), as nature IS Christ, "for in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring." (Acts 17:28) The elect become like Paul and Christ and able to speak truth in many ways out of nature, parable, scripture, movies, reference, analogy, metaphor, songs etc... so many ways God speaks if people were only listening and open to hear.

I believe it is possible for humans to know the deep things of God, and although I don't claim to have all the answers, I am connected to Father God through Christ, who speaks to me by Holy Spirit. The true God DOES know all things. The answers I have come up with are buried deep in the written scriptures and also the living scriptures (Christ Himself) in hidden form, as in the parable Jesus gave (Matthew 13:44) about hidden treasure (God's truth) in a field (the written Bible and the living Bible, Christ Himself, all reality our 5 senses detect) and how the man bought the field so he could unearth the treasure and be rich (spiritual riches are pictured here but you have to unearth them, and I can help you with that). Real answers to the mysteries of life are available for those who have eyes to see the plain, yet hidden things (Matthew 13:16). I look forward to hearing from honest seekers, and sharing with you the faith journey of life. mainpage homepage