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But perhaps the best analogy would be calling me the angry Simeon/Levi preacher...click and read down to the part about Simeon and Levi and you will understand what I mean

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Hi ALL from Canada! In 2021, Canada was voted No. 1 country in the world according to the 2021 Best Countries Report. There are 193 official nations in the United Nations PLUS Vatican city and Palestine "observer states" equals 195. By that standard, I have collected over 90% of the world's flags in visitors, but I am making my goal the ENTIRE world! Please join me regularly in discussing some important issues the world needs to know about UFOs and the God-connection--and how the whole world is FAMILY but does NOT understand this and many other things right now, because human history is sort of like a family squabble and amnesia is part of it for humans!

My fiction story about open contact is meant to help the world to understand these truths in entertaining novel form, while at the same time increasing one's knowledge/understanding about what God is doing, AND prepare the reader for literal open contact. Amongst the 7 English WH question words (+ how), the difference between knowledge and understanding is the difference between "How?" (knowledge) and "Why?" (understanding). God has given me AND does continue to give me deeper levels of understanding of both How and Why God does things the way He does.

Everyday now, there is TONS of UFO activity around the world and governments are admitting/opening up about things. Aren't you just a little bit curious about this phenomenon and what is "God" about it? Or, are you UFO fatigued and/or turned off by many admittedly fake/explainable accounts? Not ALL can be explained away or are hoaxes. Many fiction AND non-fiction books have been written about this phenomenon, some books both fiction and non-fiction at the same time.

The Bible itself IS fiction, but purportedly based on non-fiction accounts of actual events, supernatural included. One cannot write a narrative about historical events without it automaticaly being fiction, in the sense it is NOT the actual events, anymore than the movie Thirteen Days about the Cuban missile crisis was the actual event(s). I still got a good sense of the truth of the drama/crisis though, from watching the movie. My book is the first "future fiction/non-fiction" book ever written. I cannot prove that rather bold statement right now, but suggest to decide for yourself by clicking the Kindle image below for my novel, called The Unveiling: the story of open contact, OR click the other image for various free reading ways of same.

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