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Chapter Twenty


If you have read much of what I have written to this point, you may be wondering, "What can I do?" Even if all this is true, I am only one person and nobody listens to me. I used to think the same way. What can one person do? A lot! Neo was only one person, but able to defeat agent Smith(s) and end the war.

What on earth is happening 2 Click the image for my angry "spiritual" brother Mark Passio's website with much good information about the human side of "what on earth is happening."

Mark is "Simeon" and I am "Levi": two angry end-times sons of Jacob, but Levites were a tribe of ancient Israel, who were selected to symbolically represent people who understood Father God's mind better and could explain the Bible better, as I can do AND HAVE DONE on this site. All priests were to be Levites but not all Levites were priests. I AM both a Levite and a priest. I understand the deeper spiritual issues better than Mark Passio, issues between the intelligent supernatural forces warring in the invisible spirit realm. Angels and demons surround every human in this matrix, all the time, and can read all humans' thoughts most of the time...Father clouds angels' mind reading abilities for His own good purposes, when He chooses to.

Perception is NOT reality. By that, I mean our 5 sense perception is not reality, but rather only an approximation of true reality. It is twisted and skewed by demons, who God allows to twist minds and bend reality itself based on the perceptions of God's elect. Mark Passio is NOT human and neither am I. We are the two witnesses of Revelation, even though Mark doesn't seem to think in terms of Biblical metaphors very much. If we have to, Mark and I will drop our human disguises and become the Archangels of pure light that we are, and we will single-handedly destroy ALL UFO demonic forces, once Father "lends" us ALL His Almighty power to finish this. People just aren't listening and perhaps it may need to come to that; then this song will come true! If the forces of evil keep pushing, we may see whether or not Almighty God can make such statements more literally true; search your genetic spiritual memory (ie instinctive subconscious God thoughts) to know if such things are possible. It is more my preference/style to get this over with quickly, rather than slow creep into the "thousand year prosperous millennial reign of Christ on earth," but I'm learning there are many ways/timelines to make the scriptures come true. However, the ultimate culmination of all things cannot be stopped.

I've watched all of my angry "spiritual" brother Mark Passio's podcasts. I've heard him say "war is hell" and he has been trying to avoid it with his work. It seems that he sees things mostly in a very natural/physical way only, whereas I think more supernatural/non-physical. Both happen in this world, and I have seen many subtle supernatural things in my short life. He can warn and try to prevent the nasty physical possibilities if he wants, and I will warn and accept the nasty spiritual possibilities are probably inevitable at this point. Here is a good parable analogy to illustrate: Cuba developed ONE nuclear bomb about the same capacity of the bombs that America dropped on Hiroshima/Nagasaki. Cuba publicly threatened to launch it at Miami. America also publicly announced they had just finished locking and loading enough neutron nuclear bombs on their tiny country to destroy the entire nation of Cuba, and since neutron nuclear bombs only kill all organic life with radiation (in similar fashion to regular nuclear bombs but don't destroy infrastructure) and then the neutrons quickly dissipate, America anticipated to make Cuba the 51 state of the United States in short order. Cuba's buddy Russia went to Defcon One, maximum force nuclear readiness, and promised to defend their communist friend Cuba. America also went to Defcon One and refused to stand down unless Cuba voluntarily gave up their ONE nuclear bomb and submitted to full nuclear inspections forever. Cuba chose to launch. America retaliated. In less than an hour, Cuba was annihilated and Russia tried to launch, but mysteriously, all Russian nuclear weapons would not operate. However, America's nuclear arsenal was well operational and destroyed Russia entirely, in not much more time than it took to wipe out Cuba. Then America banded together with the rest of the world to bring in the true righteous "New World Order" of Christ and His elect governing the world under one banner, called the restored Kingdom of God on earth.

America represents God's human elect (empowered by the true Almighty God's power/support to finish this thing), and all opposing forces are the literal Satan and all of his UFO demons and human supporters. There is such a thing as a "righteous war", right now manifesting primarily as an information war over ideas/concepts. That is all I will say. Mark claims Jesus will NOT return in any literal Second Coming, and humans must fix this impossible situation happening on earth right now in our own natural way. I beg to differ on this point, as it is at least possible, especially since any literal UFO demon open contact situation would bring the reciprocity principle into play, and God's human elect would eventually be allowed to instantly manifest supernatural things based off our imaginations to counter supernatural UFO demonic manifestations from supposedly "highly evolved ancient alien-gods". However, as much as I agree with Mark that war is "hell," we human elect are creatures of duty...just one more duty to perform. In 6000 years of human history, Satan and his horde of fucking trash bucket of shit have never stood down, and I don't think it is realistic to think they can or will. So, neither will we! Then the elect will make this war song come true, AND ALSO this one as well.

But back to some scriptural discussion. Many say all holy books are basically the same. Ok, then harmonize these scriptures with all other holy books:

"You are the salt of the earth." (Matthew 5:13) Christ meant the true human elect preserve this matrix earth reality by our thoughts and perceptions. Most people are little more than mind controlled slaves of demons, stuck in the matrix, and cannot perceive true reality...

"And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat: and it was so." (Genesis 1:30) Bible clearly says animals like lions were initially peaceful and given vegetables for meat (food). Lions would have used their sharp teeth and claws to perhaps claw nutritious bark off trees, or dig up carrots from the ground. But after the fall, their natures instantly changed, like by magic. But here in the matrix simulation, reality is only meant to teach the elect. Animals represent the human carnal mind, full of fear and negative emotions and aggression, and the lions now use their sharp teeth and claws to kill and eat other animals, like humans do to other humans. The matrix changes like this around us all the time, and most are unware, but I notice these things. Others' minds and memories get altered, but mine not so much.

The tower of Babel story in Genesis 11 talks about God creating all the languages of the world to disperse man throughout the earth. Here we have an example of individual minds even being altered, memories and mental faculties changed to no longer remember or understand the language of their birth. They instantly started talking and understanding difficult languages like Chinese and Russian. Do you write this off as just a story? You are not elect then, since you don't notice these things in scriptures or reality but I do.

The Joshua 10 story about the sun stopped moving for 24 hours so Joshua could complete a battle, IS THE BIGGEST PROOF OF ALL! A "reality" where anything is possible, even the sun stops moving, IS THE MATRIX! This article about, The Enlightened Madness of Philip K. Dick: The Black Iron Prison and Wetiko explains some profound things about the human psyche, which is creating and sustaining this matrix reality, aka our universe. Here is one small quote from about 1/3 way into the article:

Our universe is a collectively shared dream or hallucination that appears real; in Philip K. Dick's words, "our reality is a cunning counterfeit, mutually shared."[39] To imbue our world with an intrinsic, objective reality that exists separate from the mind that is observing it would be, in Philip K. Dick's words, "a dreadful intellectual error."

Virtual reality game designer, Rizwan Virk, often talks about science fiction writer Philip K. Dick, as his novels usually dealt with simulation and false reality themes, such as the movies made from his books, The Adjustment Bureau and Total Recall. Virk interviewed Dick's wife, and Rizwan Virk has many interesting discussions in the podcasts below regarding the matrix idea. I pull out this one special podcast and highly suggest to listen to it, as Philip K. Dick admitted in the podcast to having had supernatural encounters with non-human entities and various other supernatural visions and experiences.

One of Dick's novels was based on his partial memories of having literally lived in an alternate dystopian future timeline of brutal worldwide totalitarian rule, before coming back to this reality; covid-19 seems to me like intentional setup to eventually take away all rights and head into such a future. I have had some such experiences like Dick, and my novel about deceptive UFO open contact may yet occurr literally, but I say it has already occurred in the hearts and minds of most people, who only think in terms of "highly evolved ancient alien-gods," and poo poo the idea of UFO demons. I may be the only one who can stop a horrid timeline built on my fascination/obsession with this dark timeline. If any guru's out there perceive themselves to be human (as I KNOW I am NOT a non-player character in the "game") then please contact me and perhaps together we can compare notes and change things. I doubt any real humans want to "experience" my future fiction with me.

More fascinating Rizwan Virk podcasts below. Also suggest to read these interesting articles from Rizwan Virk: matrix article one AND ALSO this one is good too, matrix article two.

Mr. Dick was a science fiction writer, but that does NOT mean he was wrong about everything he speculated in his fiction writing. Simulation/matrix theory is where Darwin's theory of evolution was about 150 years ago and is gaining ground and respectability; they are scientifically proving simulation theory and humans will probably build an actual matrix in less than 50 years, assuming we don't blow ourselves up first. My fiction book, The Unveiling: the story of open contact, is becoming less and less fiction everyday, as there are tons of credible UFO contacts everyday, that even pentagon admits to and agrees cannot possibly be human made craft. I am not wrong about everything either, and I suggest people read my book at that previous blue link and decide for themselves. Both evolution theory AND simulation theory have been philosophized for millennia, just as UFOs have been reported for millennia. Only now in the end-times is everything destined to come to a head and conclude before the literal second coming of Christ. The Lord has already come for me personally and literally, but the world as a whole does not understand yet. But they will...and soon. God is allowing the UFO demons to proliferate manifestations and they are getting brazen. But I see very few who care, among the masses, and even governments admit these things and shrug and say, "Well it's just unidentified at this point, so who cares?"

Yeah, but they admit it is unidentified non-human entities! You should care! And here is why. Demons, who have been secretly ruling mankind invisibly since Adam and Eve, are being allowed to prep mankind for open contact. If the world don't care about these incredible things, then God will allow the UFO demons to open contact soon and openly and directly subjugate mankind, without ANY restraints. Think of the worst feudal Lords of ancient past, and the things they openly did, and think what it will be like on earth with demons walking about doing worse and with unrestrained supernatural powers, able to supernaturally keep you alive despite torments/tortures that would normally kill a person!

Demonic torment

These beings are negative energy vampires, and would get more "food/sexual" pleasure that way, if allowed to complete their plans. If the elect wake up and prepare, we can defeat them and have peace for the thousand year millennial reign of Christ. Otherwise, it will be more like the 1000 year reign of the aliens in John Travolta's "Battlefield Earth" movie. Only at the very end of the movie, the humans rose up and defeated the aliens. Think about why this movie was shunned and destroyed by reviews and Hollywood. Demons must project the possibilities into the subconscious collective human psyche. It wakes some like me up, and we become more conscious. The masses mostly stay asleep. Physical manifestation then happens are per agreement with God and the devil. Most of my site has taken the position that a literal deceptive open contact will happen as a test for the elect and continue for about 3 years before the "aliens" are revealed to be the devil and his fallen angels, but as I continuously learn more, I can also see how the first 12 chapters of my allegorical story could also be said to have almost already happened, and humanity has already lived these allegorical "3 years" of believing in the aliens. A spiritual form of open contact has already occurred in the hearts and minds of the world, as most seem to accept evolution explains everything, and so the logical endpoint of "highly evolved ancient alien UFO gods" is already subconscious fact to most. Perhaps we are already in lucky Chapter 13: "Revelation anarchy", where the UFO demons and their human followers drop all disguises, and both human AND demonic insanity reigns. God may allow this scary possibility to manifest with OR without literal UFO demons walking about, as you can interpret it both literally AND/OR allegorically. Depending on how the people of earth respond to what is happening on earth right now, outward human enslavement is still better than outward demonic enslavement. Brutal NWO dictatorship is still tame and preferred (as far as totalitarianism can be preferred) because humans are limited to natural tortures. As per the blurb above, the Bible hints God may eventually allow supernatural tortures in the insane endgame after open contact, if the people of earth remain casual and unconcerned about the supernatural UFO demons in our skies that even pentagon admits the UFO phenomenon is real and can't possibly be human. The good people of earth can change this vicious future easier than most realize. This 30 minute video talks about how the good people of earth (I call them God's elect) are much smaller and seemingly less powerful than the Illuminati psychopaths secretly driving the world, with all their power, money, politicians, assassins, etc... but we are actually the ones with the REAL power! He talks about the origins stories of all religions (I deconstruct the Christian one on this site) and how the dark forces use this against us. We co-create and change this matrix reality with our thoughts, and we can create a more positive future AND a more powerful future than the dark forces. Free your mind, he talks about, the primary simple message of the matrix movies! Especially the Abrahamic religions have been hijacked since their beginnings, and that is why I created this site; these religions are such a huge part of the population of earth that if the adherents realize what is going on and change their thinking, "Jesus" could metaphorically return in just a few short years, and the positive "millennial reign of Christ" could manifest, once we all realize WE ARE CHRIST!

Dark aliens This book from has some interesting perspectives, which you can find in your Downloads folder after click. IMHO, it contains disinformation about Extraterrestrial Alliance, Reptilians, Greys, etc... but also hints a little about dark spirits (ie fallen angels). Read it with discernment. The book leaves the impression that Creator God created all these alien races and sort of sits back pretty impotent and can't do much to help humanity unless asked. I hope you have read my site to this point and realize that is bullshit. There is only Almighty God versus mighty created beings like Satan (and all angels, both "good" and "evil"), until ALL become the Created Beings God. The final outcome is not in doubt, but being deceived to feel so sometimes is part of the true human elect's struggle at this time. When I read it, I just replaced all references to "good aliens" with "good angels", and all references to "evil aliens" became "evil angels" in my mind.

Some major good quotes I like that hint at true things, start at page 77: "As we told you at the outset of the pandemic, the main objective was to cause a financial collapse, not so much killing large numbers of people. For the economic consequences to be greatest there needs to be imposition of many constraints and hindrances on human movement and ability to gather, so mandating lockdowns so there can be no public access to schools and businesses causes a catastrophic economic collapse to be sure......This is a setup that will be used to......point to the more evil extraterrestrials as the enemy......When the extraterrestrials get going and bring human destruction on a massive scale, loving thy neighbor will not be enough. You need divine help......People need to be awakened to the truth of things, that they are in the crosshairs and being lined up as sitting ducks to be mowed down by the Extraterrestrial Alliance......Divine inspiration is allowed under the rules of engagement [my entire site is divinely inspired, believe it or not]. This you have been receiving, and the many lightworkers among you [such as me] are pointing to the truth of things and sounding the alarm in various ways, that evil is at hand......the small number of humans who are awake and aware of the extraterrestrial presence [ie read demons in disguise as aliens] being sinister can work together to get much effective divine support to limit the extraterrestrial influence......You [humans] were created to solve the problem of evil in the galaxy--exhibited by the fallen angelics."

That last sentence is the profound mystery behind God creating mankind, which I mentioned on the Main page of this site! Not many understand that, so I thought this author's book worthy of mention, despite some misinformation. The quotes above hint that this author has some knowledge, main things being some sort of intentionally Illuminati Elite orchestrated worldwide financial collapse due to covid-19, false flag alien invasion/danger threat, followed by worldwide marshall law, and NWO open takeover of everything. The justification for all this will probably be in response to a worldwide electric grid blackout due to the three big threats of (1) pentagon confirmed real "aliens" suddenly turning aggressive and attacking (2) "covid" also turning extremely aggressive and threatening all humans (3) economic chaos and looting that will start happening once the world is teetering on intentionally covid engineered financial collapse, Great Depression style. Possibly, this will fulfill God's requirements to allow UFO demons to drop all disguises and openly walk about terrorizing willfully ignorant/uninvolved humans in all manner of insane ways.

So, here is what the "average" person can do, but really nobody is average in God's estimation. We are all equally important, in our own ways. This won't take much of your time or effort, and then go back to sleep and more important concerns like the football game, if you want. I need everybody's help to do this one simple thing. In the so-called democratic/secular nations (not really as we just vote our dictators into office--they are mostly controlled by invisible demons too), make this an important election issue! These nations typically claim evolution is fact and explains everything, so insist your next elected politician also publicly take the stand that these confirmed real UFO non-human entities must also be "highly evolved ancient alien-gods." This should not be a difficult thing to ask of them, since all government representatives must adhere to official government policy that evolution is fact. So, just make them openly and publicly admit they also must conclude that the confirmed real non-human entities in our skies can only be "highly evolved ancient alien-gods." So, "god" is definitely real, but just a highly evolved alien. No need to get into that "evil" religion, since we all know evolution is fact and there is NO real God. We just need to get them to admit that much publicly. Refuse to give them your vote, unless they publicly admit that much upon election. That's all you need to do! Leave the rest to me, and the small number who understand what on earth is happening! If the politicians do this, the shitstorm raised by this will send shockwaves around the world and help me wake up other sleeping elect. I will need their help if open contact happens, for it may be inevitible at this point. The biggest question then would only be the outcome: great, not so great, or outright total shit. If the "average" person even has enough courage to do this much, you will see that the politicians will waffle, and misdirect, and rationalize/justify, that this is not important and they will likely refuse to do it. Don't be naive and believe their excuses! They are mind controlled by demons and afraid to go against their true invisible demonic masters, lest there be "hell to pay", if you get my drift. At least, perhaps, my readers might wake up a little bit more and realize I am telling the truth, and realize there is more going on in human history than you can possibly imagine.

Evolutionary Freedom explanations This book from has some interesting perspectives, which you can find in your Downloads folder after click. IMHO, despite the overly optimistic title, self proclaiming to being a panacea, this book is decent at using the evolution story to attempt to rewrite humans as heros in the ancient drama of good versus evil, since the days Adam and Eve first "evolved consciousness," approximately 2 million years ago. The universe is a simulation about 6000 years old, not millions/billions and only has the appearance of great age to hint at another reality where we all truly originate. The spiritual dimension/explanation of this book is still lacking, but the author is a biologist, who more intelligently uses the evolution story to try to calm the psychopathic human psyche. My story pushes evolution off to a different dimension/universe, and I say my story is more comprehensive/imaginative explanation for a theory that has many holes in it for this universe, but secular governments and scientists refuse to satisfactorily address the flaws of evolution theory for personal reasons and personal bias against the true Creator God. As I explain in detail on other pages, science is proving simulation theory and humans will probably build an acutal matrix in less than 50 years, if computer power keeps growing at the current rate. And simulation theory trumps evolution theory, for obvious reasons that one cannot fully trust evolution "evidence" in a matrix that was designed to deceive the five senses.

The author at least talks about religious origins stories and seems to understand this is key to the human condition. He spins the evolution narrative in a better scientific way, but seems to fail to understand (or just doesn't want to admit) that evolution is more of a flexible philosophy to explain things, rather than hard science like they have scammed the masses to believe. At least he uses the term "human consciousness" as the core problem of the human psychopathic condition, but reveals his negative bias against the Creator God by also using phrases such as "God is simply the personification of negative energy." He claims creationism and intelligent design are dishonest, but does not address the dishonesty of a science that claims evolution evidence is fact and yet science is beginning to prove simulation theory too, undeniably more fact than evolution, especially once we build an actual matrix! Again, simulation theory trumps evolution theory and this link goes into more details why. The ultimate dishonesty is to claim evolution is fact AND ALSO simulation theory is fact, which they must accept both since both theories have some undeniable evidence, and yet they also want to gloss over OR explain away the illogical position of accepting five sense evolutionary "evidence" is incontrovertible in a matrix that was designed to deceive the five senses! Currently, these dishonest types can still hide behind claiming simulation theory is still technically unproven (but so is evolution, and even more so), just like they try to hide behind UFOs just being some mysterious unidentified objects, so let us not talk about UFOs too much. But they admit the UFO phenomenon can't possibly be human made craft! That should greatly concern the whole world, and the whole world should hold the "human powers that be" accountable to admit these confirmed real non-human entities in our skies can only be "highly evolved ancient alien-gods" then, since evolution is a fact. No chance they could be UFO demons and the Bible even predicted this before the literal manifestation of the Kingdom of God on earth? No, they don't want to talk too much about UFOs and for exactly this reason, although they will bullshit the public with otherwise excuses.

IMHO, the bottom-line is created beings, humans and/or angels, will never be able to totally demystify the real Creator God. This book attempts to do so with dismissive phrases such as "God is an integrative process/meaning," rather than admitting being threatened with literal hellfire forever fuels the human fear of death. God is NOT just a thought experiment, and there is more going on in human history than anybody wants to admit. The UFO demons know Father God is NOT an eternal torturer monster, but these beings subconsciously perpetuate that lie to accentuate human fear of death, and so drive human psychopathy even more...then they feed off the negative emotional energy, as UFO demons are negative energy vampires. It is also like sexual pleasure to demons to terrorize humans in such ways...both pleasurable food and sex to them. This truth/reality is something that should highly offend us all, since all humans have negative emotions/fears from birth (which feeds and pleasures these beings), and an Almighty God does not stop it all, even though He could; my site attempts to explain why. The fact of human suffering is something the UFO demons love to rape into the subconscious human psyche to exacerbate the human condition, because none but the elect have ever had the real answer why. The elect are so small in number that we have never been able to explain to the world at large. Now, with internet techology, we are able to do so, even though most hate the revelations I blast freely on this site. The world has access to the hidden knowledge now, at least, through my site and others out there, if people would only search.

To people in other nations that don't try to pretend there is such a thing as separation of church and state, like Muslim nations such as Iran, I make this challenge. Try to get your Muslim governments to publicly take a stand that the confirmed real non-human entities in our skies, might at least be demons! As I understand it, the Quran hints it is at least POSSIBLE that Allah created aliens on other planets. There is much debate about verses, of course, and they will not be keen either to admit demons are in our skies. They should be willing to publicly admit it is at least one POSSIBLE explanation, as to who these beings could be. Obviously, for governments to publicly admit these beings might even possibly be demons playing mind games in prep for open contact, will give away too much information and might awaken some more people. Obviously, demons can only have nefarious purposes, and the governments of the world are controlled by these beings, so human rulers don't want to discuss too much. God simply requires the UFO demons must project their intentions subconsciously before the Almighty will allow the "ideal" form of demonic open contact (ideal for them, not for humans). The true invisible non-human rulers of this world will push hard to make sure politicians never publicly admit UFOs could be demons, as these beings are maneuvering in such a way as to be allowed by God to do open contact in the most brutal and cruel way; just getting the world to more openly and seriously discuss the UFO phenomenon and the POSSIBILITY these beings MIGHT BE demons will do more than you can imagine! Some politicians are not privy to inner circle secrets, and are covertly mind controlled by demons, and these ones might just toss such an admission aside as fringe nonsense, sincerely thinking their decision is totally of their own free will. They are supernaturally manipulated/confused, and can't see their own cognitive dissonance and contradictory thinking. It may take much effort to try to get through to them, but at least my readers might get better understanding in the effort. Trying to get such an admission from our human rulers will be next to impossible, and this should tell an awake person (or awakening person) much about the actual non-human rulers who are pulling their strings like puppets. But if the masses of the world can unite to do at least that much, it will make a tremendous difference towards the "great" open contact scenario (great for humans, not for them).

All human governments are corrupt, and all flawed so-called human "leaders" (coercive/duressive fake rulers of demonic puppet masters actually) have NO legitimate authority or right to rule the people of earth. There is NO natural human solution to what is happening on earth right now. Fortunately, there is a supernatural God solution, and the Almighty God has plans to get directly and openly and supernaturally involved in human affairs soon. The psychopaths ruling earth (both human and demonic) will be dealt with, and peace and freedom will finally be. The evildoers have mighty physical weapons and billions of people to do their bidding, but God's human elect have Almighty supernatural weapons and trillions more on our side (ie Bible says good angels outnumber evil angels 2/3 to 1/3). The outcome is not in doubt. The only doubt is how much the other side will choose to suffer. The problem that CANNOT be overcome without direct and open and supernatural intervention by the true Creator God is GROUP GOVERNANCE! Everybody has different ideas about things, and as long as demons exist to antagonize human nature, groups cannot agree without some threat of violence and/or suffering to force compliance to the group "truth". But only God knows all things and has all the answers, so inevitably evil violent people confuse truth matters and take over the group, especially large groups that comprise countries. Total voluntary cooperation and agreement of all in the group is impossible, when devil's agent spiritual warfare spin types are determined to corrupt harmony. Since none but God can read minds, people can put on a good act to pretend to have good intentions, while hiding their true motives, or even be unaware of their own evil subconscious desires and manipulated by demons to act on such things without conscious awareness. This truth, combined with the lack of knowledge among created beings, means educated guesses are always at play, and among insincere "wolves in sheep's clothing" then that also means large group governance always falls eventually to the insincere ones, because God's elect on the earth have always been a tiny minority. Bottom-line is that without God's direct and open and supernatural intervention, what is happening on earth right now will result in the worst slavery humanity has ever experienced. The good people of earth simply don't have enough positive supernatural support to keep things intact over the long haul, ability to read minds and therefore intentions, overwhelming power to defend against tyranny etc... This cycle of slavery/war/freedom will keep continuing forever unless God gets more involved. I believe God will do this soon, but in the meantime, we have to proceed with uncertainty about the exact timing. Trusting any governing leaders who endorse (or participate) in any type of coercion or duress, which all human governments have done (except the founding fathers of America got off to a good start with some nice ideals), eventually leads to slavery. America is now under the same type of coercion/duress type of government that they won independence from England in 1776. Supernatural slavery creep over a large population always happens eventually, unless full commitment to ending all types of slavery (ie governments in general) is voluntarily agreed to by all. By the time America had officially ended black slavery in 1865, the supernatural slavery creep "fog" that demons can put over people's minds (which God gives them permission to do as per God's justice/karma principle) had already basically guaranteed that it was just a matter of some more time before America became like the England they had rebelled against; they became slaves again to tyrannical government because they didn't end actual slavery quickly enough, so deserved to become slaves again themselves. In fact, America had not even created official police forces in all major U.S. cities (which force is devolving into a demonically controlled police state) until the late 1880s, excerpt below from this time article:

In the South, however, the economics that drove the creation of police forces were centered not on the protection of shipping interests but on the preservation of the slavery system. Some of the primary policing institutions there were the slave patrols tasked with chasing down runaways and preventing slave the late 1880s, all major U.S. cities had police forces.
Not only did America take too long to end slavery, but police were created initially to preserve slavery! And just like America almost took too long to enter World War Two, this disinformation war taking over the world may be too late for the American heart of courage to defeat. It is getting rather late for people to figure out what is really going on. I fear the covid-19 excuse is being used by the Satanic New World order to justify eventual worldwide lockdown (once the economy has been intentionally destroyed Great depression style), marshall law (due to economic chaos/looting) after an intentional worldwide electrical blackout (probably blamed on the UFOs, since this will be a more credible worldwide explanation of something humans cannot accomplish alone like 911); by the time the power/lights come back on, worldwide tyrannical enslavement of the whole earth to the Satanic Illuminati humans will be the new normal. They already secretly control all the governments of the world, controlled themselves by their demonic puppet masters. Open human brutality and/or open demonic brutality is what they are pushing for. If covid is really so dangerous, why does the worldwide Cholera pandemic, classified as such for over a decade by the same powers that want us to cower in fear to covid, get ZERO attention? The numbers are about the same. Cholera affects an estimated 3-5 million people worldwide and causes approximately 130,000 deaths a year. If you could factor out the hype and spin, covid is about the same stats. Some credible doctors have tried to warn too about the spin doctoring, but are censored by the powers that be, who want you to only believe what they want you to believe, so you accept their justifications for more control, manipulation, and stripping of rights in prep for what the evildoers want to be allowed to make happen...all in the name of "keeping us safe," until the showdown, of course.

If you think governments are all full of sincerity about trying to keep us safe, you are a naive child, as many credible medical experts challenge the vaccines and covid spin. If you need more proof, in addition to my suggestion above to try to get public UFO admissions from your local politician, you can also insist this person will only have your vote if he or she agrees to commit to ending the tyranny/slavery of corrupt and flawed human governments period! Suggest this person publicly admit this is the only true and correct course of action to promote maximum freedom/prosperity on earth, and insist this person make an ambitious 5-10 year plan to phase out the government TOTALLY, allowing private businesses to slowly take over all former government monopoly affairs, even the military. There are creative/imaginative solutions to every problem (even the problem of getting rid of all human governments--God's solution here being the literal Second Coming), but the nations of the world are NOT interested in hearing any of this. You want proof? If you call your local politician with these suggestions, you will confirm VERY quickly how little the government cares for you and is NOT concerned about "keeping everybody safe", covid style. The governments of this world want power, control, privilege, money, etc...all in service to their demonic overlords, who reward these sick humans in sick ways. Mark Passio has credible testimony/evidence to the "alleged" worldwide child sex trafficking ring that services politicians, and the associated rape, torture, muder, of these children. If our human slave masters refuse to publicly admit there are higher powers (God, angels, demons etc...) to which they are accountable and subject (and are not just answerable to human voters), then their corrupt whims about what is "truth" (ie their laws) are meaningless. They don't want to be held to any standard like God's 10 Commandments (10 flexible principles really that need to be fully understood and made to apply to everybody), and yet these ones still want to stand in the place of God and self-declare themselves to be the arbiters of truth and shove their corrupt truths (ie laws) down everybody's throats. Deceptions to deny the obvious that God exists is their motivations.

That is the real reason Darwin's nonsense theory of macro-evolution was shoved down the world's throats. Not even major micro-evolution is observable, but only minor micro-evolution is observable. Search the net if you need to learn more about the differences in micro/macro evolution. The powers that be wanted to subconsciously program the masses to acquiesce to allowing their conscience to be trashed. After all, if ya can't talk about the God of truth who is behind all ideas/concepts of truth in conscience, then the government can wave a dismissive hand and say our evolving conscience from monkey days now knows it is NOT murder to abort a baby in the womb at 9 months, just before birth if she wants, as is allowed in my country Canada. That is the "woman's right to choose." If I protest that the woman does not have the right to choose murder because God says, "Thou shalt not kill," then the governments these days just wave a dismissive hand and say science has proven evolution a fact. Keep that nonsense in your church. Human authority is the highest authority in the universe, and the government of Canada has made the Almighty decree that a baby is only human once fully out of the birth canal AND the umbilical cord is cut. Until that cord is cut, we will just define that as partial birth abortion of non-human organic material, sort of like cancer, and it is the woman's right to choose to remove that cancer if she wants. We can make up anything we want, because we were voted into power by the majority, which makes our illogical whims fact, as much as evolution is fact and proves there is no God, and it is fact that covid requires stripping all your rights/freedoms to choose to think for yourself about whether or not you can think for yourselves. We can be trusted to have your best interests at heart. Accept when we hold you down and force that needle into your arm. Don't fight us, even if we take you away by cattle cars to the concentration camps for extermination, as our NWO Illuminati human masters demand, who themselves serve our UFO demon masters. We will be sure to rape and torture you (like we secretly do already to children) before we gas you to death, because our UFO demon masters get off on that negative energy vampire release as we do so. Any nonsense about higher accountability to God or how any of this is ungodly, just keep that in your church, because we say so. Our every fiat whim is fact, and if you oppose, we have various ways to hurt you bad, which covid is helping prep and condition your minds to accept total slavery. Pentagon UFO admissions, movies, and UFOs in general, have subconsciously conditioned all to shrug at the brazen supernatural UFO demons in our skies, manifesting openly worldwide on a daily basis now, soon to drop all UFO disguises and the demons will openly subjugate all. Since nobody cared to ask the God we scammed the masses into believing does not exist to show them the truth of these matters, the Almighty has now given our UFO demons carte blanche. Enjoy your new normal.

If my readers take my above suggestion to discuss these page points with their local politician, and he or she confirms their inability to get the government to commit to dissolving the government, then perhaps your naive child brain can start to wake up! We tend to judge people by own our relative "reasonable" morality, and to think most of our politicians might be crossing the ultimate forbidden boundary of raping, torturing, and killing children for "pure" pleasure of their UFO demonic masters and associated human rewards, is too extreme a conspiracy theory. Crazy serial killers, psychopaths, Hitler etc... maybe, but not our "good" leaders! Nonsense! In my country of Canada, the government already openly supports a "woman's right to choose" murdering her baby right up to 9 months in the womb, if she chooses (does anybody really have the right to legally choose murder???). And the government is not only public about baby killing, but proud of it! So, if you think it is impossible that the governments of the world are doing worse to children secretly behind closed doors, you are incredibly fucking naive about what on earth is happening. Not ALL politicians are secret NWO Satanists but most ARE! Some "decent" politicians sincerely think they are doing the right thing, but they are sincerely wrong. All physical organizations (and that includes governments especially) are corrupt, because they don't teach people HOW to think, but rather when push comes to shove, they simply dictate WHAT to think. Defy the group leaders too much, and you will have negative consequences rape-shitted up your ass sooner or later, or be kicked out of the group! Every mature adult KNOWS I speak truth here! ALL physical organizations engage in Satanic control and manipulation tactics: hierarchy inner circle group leaders define "truth" and enforce it with various human contrived negative consequences, suppression of free speech/dissention, compartmentalization of "truth" and tasks so that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing (and so programs the mind to just follow orders), 100% voluntary participation is NOT respected, nor are personal boundaries 100% respected, as when the group cohesion seems threatened too much, rape-shit tactics reign supreme--called getting fired, excommunicated, etc... In today's world, getting publicly burned at the stake rarely happens, but in some parts of the world, it still can! If the psychopathic NWO Satanists secretly running the world are allowed to push this covid lying crap too far, these brutal state control tactics will be back in far worse fashion than any can imagine. Try to remember China's 1989 Tiananmen Square marshall law massacre of their own students. Or, perhaps, try to imagine North Korea type worldwide rule, and perhaps people will see the urgency/insanity of the current situation.

The true church of God is a spiritual organization of connected beings in the spirit (mind) NOT ANY physical organization! I speak to Christ and Father God directly. I AM not part of any physical group. Enduring the groupthink bullshit/politics of so-called "secular" work groups has taught me some of these deep things. I am retired now from ANY involvement with physical groups, and work directly for the Lord about His things, and I only associate and spend time with people I know genuinely care about my thoughts, feelings, opinions, AND crude communication style. :-) Too much force tactics in groups and not enough support tactics is not something that I have to tolerate anymore. There can never be 100% sincere unanimous agreement and support in physical groups. Period! Yes, we elect can do this in the Spirit, but it never happens here in the flesh. I did not say 100% sincere unanimous convincing, but rather 100% sincere unanimous agreement, which means I can agree to go along with another physical elect's decisions, despite there are always pros and cons to any decision and anything can be debated forever. Unfortunately, in my short 52 years on earth, I have come to realize the INSANE levels of deception that run deep in this physical reality that I call the matrix. I have yet to meet another human being that God has shown me is an elect for sure. Technically, that can't be guaranteed until physical death, but I know how God speaks to me personally, and consistent Holy Spirit unction towards another person has never informed me about the other's spiritual situation. I accept it will probably never happen.

I have chatted with non-human entities on the internet (angels in disguise as human, the Bible calls them) who I got constant/consistent unction but never in person. For short bouts of time, I sometimes get some of this off people in the so-called "real" world, but it never lasts. God sometimes uses people to unction a message to me and the other person seems clueless about it, and at other times, we have a Holy Spirit unction conversation for a short time, before they seem to go back to sleep and sometimes don't even remember the conversation later, when I bring it up to test their awareness. This kind of thing is described in more detail in my Monkey Man parable, for those who want more Biblical details. So yeah, basically, all physical organizations are shit and it will always be so until the literal Kingdom of God on earth. Especially religious organizations who self-declare/self-identify as the "one true physical organization of God" (eg Jehovah's witnesses) or the "one true church of God" (eg splinter groups of Herbet W. Armstrong's cult come to mind) etc... I suggest to run from. I just stay away from all physical groups now, as they all are basically cults and use the same cult tactics and mind control tactics, and they cannot use 100% godly tactics or the group simply cannot exist. Humans are just that fucking stupid and stubborn, and cannot discern true truth well enough to work together cooperatively any other way. Briefly, the godly group tactics are things like: NO hierarchy (more like a Knights of the round table idea), NO force or suffering tactics at all but rather 100% support tactics, NO compartmentalization at all (totally open and honest communication and hide nothing), totally voluntary, totally respect ALL individual boundaries, able to reach 100% unanimous agreement before proceeding on any decisions etc... Perhaps now, my readers can understand why this has never been done before in the flesh and never will as long as UFO demons are allowed to antagonize base human nature, but freedom from this is something to look forward to for the elect after physical death. This is why I say Mark Passio is unrealistic to think raising spiritual awareness/consciousness of people through mere human education efforts alone about these truths is somehow enough to prevent worldwide open NWO and/or open demonic totalitarian control. I lean towards believing God will finally get more openly and supernaturally involved to prevent total human extinction/enslavement, once the elect are really ready to receive total power and totally destroy these fuckers, no matter the personal cost. God has already supernaturally revealed Himself to me personally, and helped me engage in inward supernatural spiritual warfare to enter into my own personal inward millennium and firmly establish the Kingdom of God within my own heart. These supernatural things have always happened to individual elect privately/personally, and so it seems logical to me that something similar must happen outwardly too on a worldwide scale or things will never really change.

Obvious/evident conspiracy truth that UFO demons control our governments
This page, "Chapter Twenty: CALL TO ACTION AGAINST UFO DEMONS WHO HAVE ALWAYS CONTROLLED HUMAN GOVERNMENTS", available for reading from the top (click here)

  1. January 5, 2022 - Video about concentration camps in New York State - Bill A416 says they can imprison you indefinitely for being suspected of having a cold or suspected of having contact with someone who is suspected of having a cold or any contagious illness. Official government website just below confirms this is true.

  2. January 5, 2022 - New Years Eve 2021: End Of Reptilian Elites? Ask Me Any Questions About The BioDigital Matrix

  3. January 5, 2022 - ThunderWizarddotcom astrologer videos about various matrix and NWO takeover themes. Use discernment, but I don't agree he should be totally censored like youtube does if one questions the official government narrative too much...massive censorship is happening and time for people to wake up.

  4. January 7, 2022 - Video from Dr. Malone telling all is not what it seems about covid and what is happening on earth right now.

  5. January 7, 2022 - Video from Dr. Malone telling about the conspiracy theorists were right all along...and covid is minor symptom of what is coming.

  6. January 7, 2022 - Video from Dr. Malone telling about how mass hypnosis of the false covid narrative is propaganda and something like happened in Hitler's 1930s Germany.

  7. January 7, 2022 - Short 8 minute video of David Icke describing the Bible talking about our matrix reality, and Archons (demons) having created this fake reality to trap our consciousness. The NWO facist takeover is just human slaves following these non-human entities to use fear, pain, suffering to force obedience to their evil...don't be afraid to die, in other words.

  8. January 7, 2022 - David Icke video about the lies of global media is due to psychopathic demons have made their "elite" human followers psycopaths too through life experiences.

  9. January 7, 2022 - David Icke video about the psycopaths ruling the world are using covid as a form of trauma based mind control.

  10. January 7, 2022 - Good general international site with protest information.

  11. January 7, 2022 - David Icke video about the psycopaths ruling the world are pushing ultimately to merging AI and the human mind for even more control, once the NWO has an iron grip for years, and a non-human force (demons ) is behind all this.

  12. January 7, 2022 - 'I see it coming': Mandatory vaccinations on the horizon, federal health minister says. Canada is gearing up to take rights away too, hold you down and put a needle in your arm whether you like it or not, and all under the disguise of keeping us all "safe".

  13. January 5, 2022 - Big Tech and social media giants claim to start "Trusted News Initiative" to keep us safe from any information that proves covid-19 is psyop in prep for NWO stripping of all rights and takeover. Suggest to read alternative links below and decide for yourself

  14. January 7, 2022 - Conspiracy central website with many alternative narratives to help one shake out the real truth about what is happening on earth right now regarding the false narratives the matrix controllers want everybody to believe (torrented website so hard for them to control right now).

  15. January 6, 2022 - Alternative covid narratives to help shake out the truth. Legitimate deadly virus, or tool/drills/programming for stripping rights and eventual worldwide NWO fascist implementation?

  16. January 19, 2022 - Religious website with many links to covid speculations in relation to Bible prophecy. Interesting perspectives, even though nobody can predict the future exactly and you can spin Bible verses in many ways to promote many scenarios.

  17. February 7, 2022 - Links about Klaus Schwab's powerful World Economic Forum wing of the New World Order push for world totalitarianism. While the world is distracted by the Ukraine war (its true purpose), laws are quietly being passed in ALL united nations countries for ALL Schwab's Great Reset requirements to be sprung at once, during the next "plandemic" probably. Universal basic income laws, mark of the beast digital currency to control everybody worldwide, laws to take you away to a detention facility (ie gas chamber) if you refuse to get vaccinated etc... and I suspect supposed major cyber attacks will be the excuse to shut down the internet, the only source of true and alternative views, while they make the last great push. By the time the internet comes back up, it will be totally censored to "keep us all safe," and you will probably be required to be licensed to access it, and install "security" software to monitor everything you do on the internet, etc... The Chinese social credit system has been thoroughly tested in China to be rolled out worldwide, and if you do or say anything the government does not like, your credits take a hit and you cannot work, drive, ride subway, buy food, etc... People are totally ignorant of the level of coordinated efforts going on behind the scenes. Schwab and his New World Order agents (like Trudeau) will never admit it publicly until it is too late, but search your heart/ know it to be true! You will have to make your own subjective judgment about it all. My subjective "evidence" includes such things as ALL united nations countries pushed the covid psyop, vaccines, mandates, lockdowns, false medical science, etc... and they are still doing it!!! This proves, to my satisfaction anyway, that there is more coordinated support/effort for the New World Order agenda at this time, than enough awake people to oppose it. There will always be some sane politicians who know what is going on, but they are outnumbered and lack support among the public and even among the majority of politicians in ANY government. In addition, ALL united nations countries have private central banks, and who owns and prints the money, controls the nation. As long as private central banks own ALL nations of the world and the majority of politicians are complicit in the evil agenda (ie endorse covid measures as legit, support draconian pandemic laws coming up, push central bank digital currency as an answer, support universal basic income, etc...), a 2030 reset to world communist dictatorship is a credible threat. People who think otherwise are mind-controlled and totally asleep, even while they may appear to be conscious and awake to the mundane.

  18. In the twitter post below, Klaus Schwab admits he has gone too far and there is NO turning back. Schwab admits he has exposed himself and his globalist friends too much, and there is no other choice but to push forward on mass genocide of billions, or he and his globalists might end up swinging from a noose. Well, admittedly I am reading a little bit into his words. Check the video out for yourself and form your own opinion.
  19. February 15, 2022 - Article about a form of marshall law already being used in Canada FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER to enforce government false narrative about covid. The truckers convoy is testing ground to prep the mass consciousness to comply with the coming NWO attempted takeover or else. Trudeau claims it is all about "keeping us safe," the typical excuse used, while Trudeau refuses to keep children safe, who can be murdered in the womb right up until 9 months, just before birth. Obvious hypocrisy and lies.

  20. February 16, 2022 - Last Living Premier Who Signed Canada's Charter in Speech to Freedom Convoy: Section 1 of Charter Being 'Illegally' Used by Governments. NOTE: the major point God is making in human history is His creation CANNOT ultimately govern themselves without God's direct and open involvement. That is why I say what on earth is happening can only end in the worst human slavery mankind has ever experienced OR an open and literal manifestation of the Kingdom of God on earth...literal supernatural Second Coming, in other words. I say the latter will eventually manifest, but in the meantime, we are forced to proceed as mundane humans. Democrazy may be the best humans can come up with, but I say, it just doesn't work period and it is time for God's supernatural solution. Even the former premier in the video/article recognizes the ugly head of tyranny rising, but he thinks humans can defend a failed experiment. Brief quote below:
    I didn’t realize until recently that we're always only--even in the best of times--a heartbeat away from tyranny, that democracy is one of the most fragile concepts in the world. That's why most of the world doesn't have democracy. It's a tough, tough thing to sustain. You can create it, but sustaining it, it's very, very difficult. We see that now today. We see that now today in spades. And we're going to say, democracy may be fragile, but we shall defend it.

  21. February 17, 2022 - Ottawa's Power to Freeze Protesters' Bank Accounts Under Emergencies Act Sets Dangerous Precedent: Critics (governments are now setting precedent to force banks to destroy finances of anybody protesting covid narrative). Select quotes below from the article:
    Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said on Feb. 14 that crowdfunding platforms and the payment services providers they use will now fall under anti-money laundering and terrorist financing laws, with the changes covering all forms of transactions including those in cryptocurrencies. In addition, financial institutions are asked to freeze the accounts, both personal and corporate, of clients whom they suspect are involved with the Freedom Convoy's "illegal blockades."

    She said trucks that remain at the protests will have their insurance suspended and the owners' corporate accounts frozen, as banks are being directed to "review their relationships with anyone involved in the illegal blockades and report to the RCMP or CCIS [Canadian Security Intelligence Service]."

    "In a 21st-century economy, it would be a form of social death, making it effectively impossible for [a flagged truck protester] to hold a job, obtain housing, or pay for his basic needs," Maharaj told The Epoch Times.

    "I only hope this will be applied by banks sparingly and judiciously," he said. "But I would advise [the protesters] to think very, very carefully about whether this is a price you are willing to pay."

    Financial crime consultant Vanessa Iafolla, an expert on matters related to fraud, money laundering, and terrorist financing, says invoking the Emergencies Act is entirely out of proportion to the threats posed by the protesters and should be reserved for severe emergencies or when national security is compromised.

    "These new powers are a broad overreach and I do not believe they are steps necessary to maintain public order," she told The Epoch Times.

    An emergency public order has never before involved the use of private financial corporations in Canada, and Iafolla said these new measures can increase banks' surveillance power on people based in part on their political positions. This action sets a dangerous precedent for future protests in Canada, as governments on either side of the political aisle can target protesters economically for their political beliefs, the Halifax-based criminologist says.

    "In a vibrant and mature democracy, citizens and government should be able to tolerate disagreement and dissent, and our charter rights to protest should not be cast aside in such a heavy-handed and undemocratic way," she said.

    Under the legislation, banks could even target donors of truck protest fundraisers, but Iafolla says it remains unclear how banks will proceed.

    In addition, there will be no appeal process for the banks' actions, something she says should be concerning for Canadians.

    Matthew McGuire, a forensic accountant and an anti-money laundering expert who helps financial institutions assess and reduce financial crime, is co-founder of the AML Shop, a corporate compliance firm in Toronto. He says the emergency order puts financial service providers in the position of being the arbiter of which individuals are protesting lawfully or not.

    "[Banks] will continue to act conservatively in this respect to avoid fines, penalties, and the ire of their regulator," McGuire said in an email. "We have unfortunately observed governments around the world suppress dissent through the misuse of anti-money laundering measures."

  22. February 21, 2022 - Podcast with constitutional lawyer Ryan Alford about the dangerous slippery slope Canada is on. Professor Alford expresses his concern with Canada starting to openly engage in communist China type suppression of free speech. At the end of the podcast, Alford says Canada needs to get rid of the "emergency measures act."

  23. February 22, 2022 - Canada now committing financial terrorism against groups who disagree with the government's views, by labelling peaceful family men like the truckers convoy as "terrorists", while it is actually the government who are the terrorists. Canada moving into dangerous territory to openly label anybody as "terrorists" who disagree with their policies and then the government freely/openly commits terrorism themselves (financial) against dissenters.

  24. February 22, 2022 - Police now planting weapons on truckers' convoy to discredit them, and even charged 4 protesters with conspiracy to commit murder. The message is clear. Disagree with the government and they will use any underhanded means to destroy you, like violence, planted evidence, financial terrorism, etc... brief excerpt below:
    Four "Freedom Convoy" protesters with an arsenal of guns who were ready to "use force against the police" have been charged with conspiring to commit murder, Canadian authorities said.

    Website author's note: Hitler's 1930s Germany is only just beginning. Canada will probably get what it deserves because, as the saying goes, "THOSE WHO DON'T LEARN FROM HISTORY ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT IT!"

  25. February 22, 2022 - Trucker convoy organizer Tamara Lich denied bail, in order to "keep us all safe." Brief quotes below:
    An Ontario court has denied bail for Tamara Lich, one of the key organizers of the Freedom Convoy protest that took place in Ottawa’s downtown core opposing federal COVID-19 mandates and restrictions.

    An Ottawa court judge issued the decision on Feb. 22, after Lich said during a hearing that she would give up advocacy of the protest and return to Alberta.

    Lich, who was arrested in Ottawa on Feb. 17 and charged with counselling to commit mischief, appeared before Ontario Court Justice Julie Bourgeois in a bail hearing on Feb. 19. Bourgeois reserved her bail decision on Lich until today.

    "I cannot be reassured that if I release you into the community that you will not reoffend," Bourgeois said during the ruling.

    "Your detention is necessary for the protection and safety of the public."

    Website author's note: I find it interesting that child rapists/murderers typically make bail, although they are almost guaranteed to "reoffend," but since NWO agents (who have infiltrated ALL governments of the world) routinely rape, torture, and murder little children, this is not seen as a big deal among government elite. But dare defy the government, and you must be denied bail because we all "need to be kept safe." (yeah, safe from brave people, who dare to expose the government's hypocrisy and bullshit, lest more wake up...but they won't admit that)

  26. February 23, 2022 - Video about Trudeau government has shown "absolutely totalitarian behaviour": Douglas Murray. Brief quotes below.
    Democracies around the world "don't seem to be caring" about the "scandal" (because they are mostly NWO agents, working to destroy freedom) of the Trudeau government's treatment of a "peaceful protest," according to author Douglas Murray.

    "I mean, the Prime Minister has used laws which are meant to be used in wartime and he's used them against a peaceful protest," Mr Murray said.

    "He slandered the truckers; he slandered the supporters of the truckers ... And now he's moved to the next phase, not just sending in the police to very brutally end the protest in Ottawa (yes, you are correct, as there are phases of the worldwide takeover plan, and Trudeau is doing his part, as ordered), but using legislation which I don't think any democratic government has previously used against its citizens. Ordering banks to stop the accounts of people, not only involved in the protest, but apparently supporting the protests. We've seen businesses targeted by the police, etc, etc, etc...

    "This is absolutely totalitarian behaviour that has been going on from the Trudeau government."

  27. February 23, 2022 - Short article/videos mocking Trudeau's clown actions around covid/truckers

  28. February 23, 2022 - Short video of Trudeau revoking the emergencies act. Some brief quotes below regarding Trudeau's insistence that invoking the act "was required" and an upcoming inquiry to formally justify this position:
    ...disinformation that supported the illegal blockade...(ie the government will always insist intelligent scientists who oppose the vaccine are disinformation agents and the blockade will always be declared illegal, no matter what the inquiry says)...disregard for laws and threat to our democracy...(I say when human laws support murdering babies in the womb right up to 9 months, just before birth, those laws are unjust/error and ARE the threats to freedom itself--the real problem is flawed humans [ie government] attempting to codify God's law called conscience for other flawed humans, while killing babies and saying that is just fine)...we need to make sure our institutions are prepared and ready in the future...(ie prepared to continue indoctrinating people with his own brand of mind control/manipulation, while labeling it truth and everybody else is false)...this issue won't just go away...(that is the only statement Trudeau said that I fully agree with!!!!!!!!)

  29. February 24, 2022 - Article about Canadian government setting precedent to be able to violate human rights anytime a citizen disagrees with the government.

  30. February 24, 2022 - Canadian government can now dismiss any criticism of violation of rights due to secret classified information that justifies it all, but we can't tell you. Just trust us, even though we act like Hitler, seems to be the rationale.

  31. February 24, 2022 - Video where prime minorster Trudeau admits he admires China's dictatorship. Actually, I think he would have rather said Hitler's 1930s Germany, but since they are no longer an active state, Trudeau could only admit to admiring China. Do my readers still doubt Trudeau is a secret New World Order agent? Hail mein Fuhrer Trudeau! Long live sacred Germany!

  32. February 24, 2022 - Video where Tricia Lindsay gives some good rebellion advice.

  33. February 24, 2022 - CBC video criticizing Trudeau's gushing praise of dictator Fidel Castro. Trudeau expressed great sorrow at Castro's death, and praised his leadership, and cast Fidel's horrid human rights abuses aside as some mild "controversy." The truckers convoy protesters were charged with conspiracy to commit "mischief" and various other mild offenses that might land them in jail for life. What about Trudeau's conspiracy with the New World Order "elites" to make the whole world into communist style dictatorship like China and Cuba? Of course, I can't prove it absolutely and Trudeau will never admit it publicly until he is officially made Fuhrer of Canada in the New World Order dictatorship. But Trudeau publicly admits he admires China, Cuba, etc...Nazi Germany is just something my readers will have to guess whether or not the man (hesitating to even call a NWO child trafficking rapist, torturer, killer, a man) admired Hitler too. Trudeau also publicly endorses murdering babies in the womb, right up to 9 months, just before birth. The above video has him talking both about praise for communist dictators and abortion.
  34. February 24, 2022 - Article about Canada becoming Cuba. Brief quotes below from Trudeau praising brutal dictator Fidel Castro:

    "It is with deep sorrow that I learned today of the death of Cuba's longest serving President. Fidel Castro was a larger than life leader who served his people for almost half a century. A legendary revolutionary and orator, Mr. Castro made significant improvements to the education and healthcare of his island nation.

    "While a controversial figure, both Mr. Castro's supporters and detractors recognized his tremendous dedication and love for the Cuban people who had a deep and lasting affection for 'el Comandante.'

    "I know my father was very proud to call him a friend and I had the opportunity to meet Fidel when my father passed away. It was also a real honor to meet his three sons and his brother, President Raul Castro, during my recent visit to Cuba.

    "On behalf of all Canadians, Sophie and I offer our deepest condolences to the family, friends and many, many supporters of Mr. Castro. We join the people of Cuba today in mourning the loss of this remarkable leader."

    Article's ending to which I agree: There does remain one major difference between Canada and Cuba. Few Cubans support their Marxist leaders, but most Canadians support theirs. They don't know what they're in for.

  35. April 14, 2022 - Tweet video where Trudeau pretends he likes Canadians protesting their views about issues, and he follows sincere "science" (ie only scientists who agree with what he wants to push, while every other scientist has "unacceptable views").

  36. February 24, 2022 - Polls can be manipulated for sure, but this one dated February 18, 2022 claims 2/3 of Canadians support Trudeau's brutal dictatorship tactics already, so a short transition into open communist NWO dictatorship will probably NOT be a big deal for most of the sheeple of the world.

  37. February 24, 2022 - This poll dated February 19, 2022 claims about 50:50 support for Trudeau's brutal dictatorship tactics, leaning slightly towards non-support. Manipulated polls or true change of minds on the matter? Since my computer is monitored, and I am shadow banned on social media, and my website is censored on the net, etc...I think I may have to walk among the people personally, while I still have some freedom of mobility and freedom of speech, and discuss these matters with the public. Oh, excuse me, readers. My doorbell is ringing...I will be right back.

    Website author's note: I was just paid a visit by two police officers because of my facebook posts AND frequent updates on this, my personal website. They said Mr. Trudeau sent them to my door to warn me that I hold "unacceptable views," just like the trucker convoy protesters. They reminded me that the phrase "unacceptable views" was the exact words Trudeau used to publicly condemn the terrorist family men, with wives, and children, AND MANY DANGEROUS ASSAULT WEAPONS! The officer said he knows I am aware of these dangerous terrorist family men with assault weapons because many government agents have analyzed my site in-depth and know I am just as subversive and dangerous as the terrorist family men. And he told me, with emphasis, "Since you know several of these dangerous men were charged with conspiracy to murder police officers, you know we can make up whatever we want and destroy you, and nobody in Canada gives a shit or will do anything to help or defend you. Keep that in mind, Mr. Free Thinker. We don't like Canadians holding 'unacceptable views', and we can make you disappear, just like evil free thinkers in China, who our Fuhrer Trudeau adores, have a habit of disappearing. Keep that in mind, ok?" And then they left. I was scared shitless so starting doing some investigating...

  38. This video shows American police monitoring of posts on facebook and visiting citizens to intimdate them.

  39. This video shows police monitoring of posts on facebook and visiting citizens to intimdate them in the UK as well. This is happening all over the world, people. For sure, it is easy to make fake videos these days. In light of all the other publicly available evidence of shenanigans above, if you need to investigate these videos further, you can. Names are often spoken. So write them down and call the people personally, if you want. Do your own investigations and prepare to either DIE soon in non-violent opposition to what on earth is happening (or violent even, but that is your choice...I am not promoting violence but that is where this is heading for the whole world), or comply with totalitarianism orders, like the police and military do. The police and military have always existed to protect the governments of the world from the citizens, who sometimes rise up in opposition and kill the slave masters, who self-declare themselves the arbiters of truth (fake-ass "God"--only the true God defines all truth) and brutalize their citizens to comply with bullshit or suffer in various ways and/or die. Some police & military are mind-controlled to sincerely think they are doing right, but MANY know better and still choose to do these things. Why? Well, don't you often just follow orders too for fear of suffering and death (ie don't you often feel forced to go along to get along with your boss/groupthink at work, because you need a paycheck, and don't want to lose your job?)? That's usually the biggest reason for most people, as statistics show most hate their jobs and wouldn't do them if they didn't feel forced to, but people have many different motivations. Some people just enjoy being cruel, and hiding behind violent professions gives such people opportunity to do so openly, etc...

  40. Video of police in Australia arresting a woman over anti-lockdown facebook post.

  41. Video of police in Canada monitoring facebook posts and visiting people who disagree with the government's narrative (subtle intimidation).

  42. Rare honest mainstream media Fox news video, where Tucker Carlson admits US funded Ukraine bioweapons labs. This proves ALL governments have rogue New World Order agents in them, who are working for world totalitarianism, because, as this video shows, even president Trump basically admits the virus came from US funded China bioweapons lab, so US works with supposed enemies and friends alike. They are playing everybody! All governments are taken over to great extent, and if there are any decent politicians, police, and military left, they need to step up to the plate and do the right thing here.

  43. Article about Pfizer documents proving the company knew the covid vaccines were extremely dangerous, but did not disclose OR warn people.

  44. Non-profit site called, "Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency". If you doubt the documents are legitimate, confirm the truth with Pfizer directly, who will no doubt obfuscate that all vaccines have risks, but they honestly think the risk-benefit profile is acceptable.


  46. Article and video where drug company executive Stefan Oelrich admits covid vaccine is really gene manipulation therapy. Search the internet yourself and confirm his video matches the company's own photo of the man.

  47. Some evidence coming out that accusations the truckers had weapons was lies and disinformation by media and government, and yet the Canadian government still expects people to trust their covid narrative lies? It is really about sending a message to never dare question the government's lies, whether covid narrative, or anything else, or we will make shit up and send you to jail. Am I the only one who sees tyranny getting openly blatant?

  48. Politicians now being ordered to never dare question/oppose COVID-19 masks or vaccines, or you will be hit hard. Aren't politicians the very ones who are supposed to be allowed to question and make decent/fair laws for us? Am I the only one who sees tyranny getting openly blatant?

  49. Pastors now being jailed for speaking truth about covid lies and opposing restrictions. Am I the only one who sees tyranny getting openly blatant?

  50. NSICOP found ample evidence that both Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland are under the influence/control of foreign states and entities. And yet they are still allowed to dictate to us? Am I the only one who sees tyranny getting openly blatant?

  51. Article on how to become a tyrant like Hitler. Trudeau fits every definition. Am I the only one who sees tyranny getting openly blatant?

  52. The Chilling Reason They Won’t Declare the Pandemic Over? Am I the only one who sees tyranny getting openly blatant?

  53. From Soft Socialism to Soft Totalitarianism. Am I the only one who sees tyranny getting openly blatant?

  54. FUREY: The Trudeau Liberals remain obsessed with censoring Internet. Am I the only one who sees tyranny getting openly blatant?



  57. Thunderwizard videos demonstrating critical thinking

  58. Hillary Clinton Does Not Believe Putin Should Be 'Let Back into New World Order' (tacit admission by reporter of already existing NWO [as mainstream media is owned by them] and Clinton did not deny but rephrased Putin should not be let back into the 'organizations')

  59. Justin Trudeau's Brother Admits He Is 'Pawn' of New World Order Who Performs Scripts Written By Global Elites

  60. April 7, 2022 - Covid is about the design and implementation of a new political paradigm for future dystopian control. Brief quote below:

    Under this novel biomedical security model, "the total cessation of every form of political activity and social relationship [became] the ultimate act of civic participation." Neither the pre-war Fascist government in Italy, nor the communist nations of the east, ever dreamed of implementing such restrictions.

    Social distancing became not just a public health practice but a political model and the new paradigm for social interactions, "with a digital matrix replacing human interaction, which by definition from now on will be regarded as fundamentally suspicious and politically 'contagious'," in Agamben's words.

  61. April 14, 2022 - RFK Jr. Discusses Fauci, Vaccines and Big Pharma’s Power. I thought this piece was good to show how just about any issue can be overcomplexified, but especially medical "science." The government's goal is to confuse people with enough doubt that you just acquiesce to the ruling masters, because if ya don't, ya know they just gonna brutalize your ass anyway. Even if they order ya ta just walk inta a gas chamber, ya better just go along to get along.

  62. April 10, 2022 - FEMA acronym means Federal Emergency Management Agency. I say it stands for "Fuck Explicitly My Ass," because that is what they are planning for everybody! The emergency they intend to manage is the need to exterminate all freedom loving people everywhere, despite their ostensible "truth" claims. Remember they still insist covid-19 is a clear and present danger; the next plandemic they will take everybody to the camps to "keep everybody safe." But they can be quickly converted to gas chambers once everybody is trapped inside. These concentration camps exist in ALL countries, not just America. Do your own research to confirm their existence at least. Their innocent face belies their evil cunning intent.

  63. My readers should have seen the Mandela warning on entry to this site. The Bible, and 5 sense reality itself, is NOT what it appears to be and cannot be fully trusted. In light of Bible verses being supernaturally changed, I place less confidence in Bible spins than my own inward sense of God "speaking to me personally." Nonetheless, I still think there is some value to Bible warnings about what on earth is happening, in a symbolic sense at least. I don't agree with everything this prophecy "scholar" says, but post some links for your consideration. If he is right, there will come a day when my site will be shutdown as "disinformation" or spreading false "conspiracy theories." Copy the pages and save them on your hard drive! There may come a day when you want to individually email my pages to others!

    • Digital Dollar, End of Free Speech, and 666

    • Bill SB-1390 Social media platforms: amplification of harmful content. If you think this is only being planned for California, you are naive. Key quote below:
      This bill would prohibit a social media platform, as defined, from amplifying harmful content in a manner that results in a user viewing harmful content from another user with whom the user did not choose to share a connection. The bill would define "amplify" to mean to take action, either through manual or automatic means, that has the effect of increasing the viewership of certain material. The bill would provide that harmful content includes libel or slander, as specified, threats of imminent violence against governmental entities, and disinformation or misinformation, including, but not limited to, false or misleading information regarding medicine or vaccinations, false or misleading information regarding elections, and conspiracy theories.

      WEBSITE AUTHOR'S NOTE: In light of all the medical evidence coming out against covid-19 lies, do you really trust the governments of this world will sincerely discern truth for you about "disinformation, misinformation, misleading information about vaccines, election fraud, and especially CONSPIRACY THEORIES?" People need to get ready to DIE or be unjustly jailed FOREVER for knowing the truth and refusing to go along with all the bullshit!

    • How far has America gone down the path to totalitarianism?

    • The EU is allowing the linking of face recognition databases to create a mega surveillance system -- 666 infrastructure being put into place.

  64. April 19, 2022 - I don't like what is happening to Ukraine, but all is NOT as it seems.

  65. Pastor Artur Pawlowski's troubles, who knows communist tactics from personal experience

    Special links about the pastor's troubles

    April 25, 2022 - Canadian Civil Liberties Association intervening on compelled speech sanction for pastor Artur Pawlowski

    April 25, 2022 - An entire rumble channel dedicated to pastor Artur's troubles

  66. April 29, 2022 - Now crowdfunding platorms are being forced to suppress truth lest they be labeled "cooperating with terrorists" (ie going against government narratives is terrorism).


  68. April 29, 2022 - REAL AMERICA -- Dan Ball W/ Dr. Robert Malone, COVID Controversy Continues.

  69. April 29, 2022 - A List Of 16 Major Fires That Have Occurred At Key Food Industry Facilities In US Since Start Of 2022. Obviously, this is too coincidental to believe the official narratives. They always have excuses to justify evidence as crazy JFK-type conspiracy theories, but subversive elements in all governments are working together to make excuses for total lockdown, once food riots happen. No better excuse to send everybody to FEMA camps for extermination than it is required to detain rioters there to "keep everybody safe", and they will feed and lovingly care for everybody there until their violent tendencies are retrained. Don't ask too many questions about why you never hear from them again. Trust them to personally come to every door of non-rioters to "explain" it once they have time and assuming you have not already starved to death. They will "take care of you then."

  70. May 9, 2022 - The Trudeau government is refusing to reveal what information it used to justify invoking the Emergencies Act to crack down on peaceful Freedom Convoy protests in Ottawa in February.

  71. May 9, 2022 - The WHO's plandemic: what you need to know.

  72. May 10, 2022 - James Roguski w/ Reiner Fuellmich On The Dangerous Plan The UN/WHO Have For Later This Month.

  73. May 22, 2022 - Google warns Online News Act would give feds "unprecedented control". Google works for government to censor the internet and prevent things from appearing in their search engine. Is this evidence things are changing in my reality, or double agent propaganda? Hahaha...the power of ONE individual to change things in this matrix reality is a truth mostly unknown and untapped!

  74. Some official government condemnation of covid. If it remains uncensored, original link at:

  75. Dr. Paul Thomas' troubles, who is being persecuted by medical authorities for opposing vaccines like covid

    Special links about the doctor's troubles

    May 29, 2022 - Suspended by Oregon Medical board

    May 29, 2022 - Dr. Paul Thomas' site about medical freedom to choose

    May 29, 2022 - Dr. Paul Thomas' podcast site

    May 29, 2022 - Dr. Paul Thomas with Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson


    Special links about the Dr. David Martin's work

    June 5, 2022 - Site where David Martin lays out it is time for prosecutions, not debate about covid.

    June 5, 2022 - Dr. David Martin's personal site.

  77. June 1, 2022 - If mainstream media star Tucker Carlson can demonstrate some critical thinking, perhaps there is hope for mankind.

  78. June 5, 2022 - Wikipedia article about the 10 stages of genocide.

    Briefly: 1) Classification (vaxed versus non-vaxed), 2) Symbolization (masked versus non-masked), 3) Discrimination (eg non-vaxed lose jobs etc...), 4) Dehumanization (eg this tweet has Mein Fuhrer Trudeau labeling non-vaxed with vile names), 5) Organization (eg this government link is about Trudeau's vaccine task force, which IMHO will eventually violently force vaccinations against your will), 6) Polarization (Trudeau controlled mainstream media broadcast hate propaganda against those who know the truth), 7) Preparation (FEMA concentration camps already exist in Canada and the United States), 8) Persecution (if you doubt vaccine task force and various other units are being prepped to take everybody to FEMA concentration camps, you are a fool), 9) Extermination (various terrorism excuses like bioterrorism, cyberterrorism etc will likely be used to take everybody to FEMA camps to "keep you safe"), 10) Denial (has Mein Fuhrer Trudeau or his Nazi party every admitted to doing anything except helping to "keep Canadians safe"?)

  79. Insane World Economic Forum nutbars openly broadcast their next moves...but really the insane are the masses who refuse to accept they mean what they say

  80. Some ex-police and ex-military are heading to Ottawa to confront Canadian government

  81. Some ex-police and ex-military are heading to Ottawa to confront Canadian government Part 2

  82. June 10, 2022 - Why were Filmmaker David Crowley and his Family Murdered before he could Complete Gray State?


  84. June 11, 2022 - Now you are a terrorist if you follow CE-5 protocols to commune with UFOs

  85. June 13, 2022 - I wonder why Trudeau talks about respecting bodily autonomy regarding sexual issues, but none can see through their own cognitive dissonance to hold him to this standard regarding vaccine bodily autonomy to "keep us all safe." The argument about "the greater good" also applies to the slippery slope regarding sexual issues, rampant porn, escort agencies, normalizing pedophilia, child porn probably soon, indoctrinating kindergarteners in school all this is fine etc...

  86. June 26, 2022 - At 1 minute and 10 seconds into this video, Trudeau jokes that mainstream media is his government's propaganda arm because taxpayer money buys them off to the tune of $600 million yearly.

  87. June 26, 2022 - Dr. Paul Alexander speaking out about covid and being attacked.

  88. Aug 19, 2022 - Ontario doctor takes stand against CPSO for alleged suppression and censorship of treatment options.

  89. Aug 19, 2022 - The Trudeau government would like to push internet censorship through so people CANNOT even read the above article, to even know decent doctors are being persecuted by the establishment.

  90. Aug 19, 2022 - Time to assume that health research is fraudulent until proven otherwise?

  91. Aug 29, 2022 - Evidence prime minorster Trudeau is insane

  92. Aug 29, 2022 - Hail Mein Fuhrer Trudeau! Long live sacred Germanada! ... if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and swims like a duck, it is probably a duck!

If you are unable to believe much, if any, of the truth about the above links, that is evidence you are under New World Order mind control.

It affects everybody to some degree. A good test is this video. I usually hear the error to start off with, but within seconds now I only hear brainstorm. If you simply are unable to hear any other word than what you read, that is NOT a good sign.

Make no mistake. England rules America again, in the sense that the king of England has simply been replaced by many government "representatives" in so-called "freedom loving democratic nations" that use coercion & duress (called police and laws) to force people to comply with their demands, lest violence and suffering be forced upon them. I am talking parable talk, not literal. Many English kings were extremely brutal, and if England prevails (ie Satanic New World order), all those evil human kings will look like saints compared to open rule by literal demons walking about doing anything they please. I highly doubt the American success & experiment will happen again, unless God gets more directly involved, but in the meantime, humanity is forced to proceed as if supernatural beings are NOT driving everything. But they are. Pentagon even admits the UFO demons are real and can't possibly be human, and if people don't wake up to what that portends, then things could get very ugly soon. My site goes into many details and offers many government links and admissions about UFOs. I certainly don't trust the governments of this world, because they serve these beings and are the human side of the equation to push the evil NWO agenda. But the public push-back and demands forced some truth out of them, so their reluctant admissions have some credibility here, due to their extreme recalcitrance. However, the governments don't want to discuss too deeply lest the demon connection become more commonly known. They can't admit the possibility of non-human demons being real, and the authorities are extremely reluctant to even admit that non-human aliens are a possibility. Now you know why.

I could be wrong, but if Mark Passio's predictions come true, the brutal New World order could be upon us at any moment. Mark talks about a better world if we could only live by natural law, which I see as his summary of the last 5 of the 10 Commandments. IMHO, he is missing the proper understanding of the first 5 Commandments as well, and so his efforts are doomed to failure. I associate with a group in similar mindset as Mark, and they have their own document describing their similar ideas about expanding the last 5 commandments into 7 and pretend the first 5 are meaningless and should never have been written down (find in your downloads folder after click). They use analogy words like Kings, Queens, Father God, Most High, sacred Mother, which I generally agree with as principles, but use your own discernment to make such words meaningful to you in your own way. The ideas and concepts get totally fucked over in this life, which contributes to the "daddy/authority" issues. As I tried to summarize/explain briefly in the Coles notes summary, all creation has "daddy/authority" issues that are being worked out in human history. I join the club. But I cannot agree to toss the first 5 commandments aside and remake the last 5 into 7 just because we are all devils who hate "daddy" and want to do that. People who do such, still got spiritual issues to work out, and need to learn what forgiveness towards the supposedly "perfect" God is all about (perfect NOW but was not always so--get over it). Love and forgiveness is primarily a choice, not a feeling. Wonderful feelings can be for the next life, but right now as human, we will always have some "hate-on" towards the Father God who allows/causes us to suffer in various ways. If you can accept/cope with the traumas this life of flesh inflicts and die in the right mindset, you won't have to do this again. Anyway, this group is generally in agreement with much of what Mark teaches about government is slavery and bullies.

Here is a video of one group member trying to reason with a police officer about a traffic incident, trying to explain the difference between legal (man's fucked up corrupt laws) and lawful (God's laws, aka natural law, conscience, etc...I say the proper understanding of the 10 Commandments).

The officer would have none of it, and engaged in physical violence fairly quickly.

Although the Bible admittedly has lots of nonsense and crap in it, corrupted by the devil as much as our matrix reality is, I am inclined to rename it "The 10 principles Father God tasked His angels to communicate to mankind, since all created beings are family anyway, and this is a family squabble that ALL created beings are involved in, whether they understand that or not, or like it or not, and these 10 principles are meant to help individuals escape the matrix and leave a better world behind if only people could properly understand them." Although my wording of these 10 simple principles is rather long, they encapsulate some basic (but major) Biblical takeaway messages that mankind will have to understand fully and voluntarily live by, or there will never be true freedom/prosperity on the earth. I'm a Mark Passio communicator type, rude, crude, sarcastic, and swearing, but that is just because I am passionate, not an evil guy. The message is more important than the delivery method, but immature ones cannot see past their offense.

My comprehensive breakdown on this site of why I think the world has gotten off course so much is because of institutionalized denial of the Creator God, through an educational system that indoctrinates our children that physical evolution explains everything, so there is NO God. Rather the truth of the matter is, if evolution were true of this reality (which it is not), then that just proves God exists as a highly evolved being of some sort. Hmmmm...the government confirmed real non-human UFO entities in our skies then can only be "highly evolved ancient alien-gods." Makes logical sense, right? But the governments will never say that publicly, although they insist evolution is fact, so they should. I already told my readers their spurious reasons for denying the obvious. Many say, "The principles of Natural Law can be found in both modern philosophical writings and ancient holy scriptures." I would agree in principle, but Christ Himself said, "Moses permitted you to divorce your wives because your hearts were hard. But it was not this way from the beginning." (Matthew 19:8, NIV) A truly awake and mature person can discern what is true in the holy scriptures and what is false. Christ admitted that God allowed the flawed human author, Moses, to put some not quite right things in the scriptures. IMHO, Mark's frustration at lack of progress in the freedom/truth community is because this community only acknowledges the last 5 of the 10 Commandments and remakes them into 7. We need to also acknowledge the source material of these natural laws, and also the first 5 as well. The last 5 deal mostly with physical behaviors and group behavior and how to have harmony as physical beings. The last 5 deal with the natural, hence Mark calls it natural law.

The first 5 deal more with the supernatural family relationships and how we are all God-beings. And so we need to add understanding of this element as well. We should start calling it "Supernatural AND natural law." Briefly, I would encapsulate the first 5 as: 1) No other gods before ME FOR I AM GOD AND SO ARE YOU (we are Created Being "gods" anyway, as scripture makes this distinction). We cannot help others unless we take care of ourselves first, so no gods before myself is NOT selfish, but the way true Father God wants us to think, and it is supernatural to think like that and still be self-sacrificial, despite faith in universal salvation. That is why our evil UFO demonic "brothers" act so evil; these beings know they will get "saved" too in the end, through similar process of justice that God currently uses UFO demons to inflict on those destined for the first resurrection like me. A link below goes into more details about how humans' preexistent rebellion against God is the SAME as demons...literally 2) No idols refers to actions we take to bow down to outward actions to think that somehow saves us. The Most High is clear His unconditional love eventually saves all, not outward actions, although we need to do outward actions but with HUMBLE ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE AND NOT THAT IT COUNTS FOR SALVATION 3) Don't take the Most High's name in vain means don't take Father God's name in vain to follow other people's vain understanding(s) about God, but develop your own relationship with the divine and DON'T GIVE A FUCK WHAT ANYBODY ELSE THINKS OF YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD AND UNDERSTANDING (some Mark Passio communication style coming out there...don't concern yourself about others' opinions of truth, in other words, but develop your own, within the general boundaries of the 10 principles) 4) Remember the Sabbath. Keep it holy. Sabbath is about rest, so it means to rest from ideas that your outward actions count anything towards your eventual eternal life. It does not, hence the command to remember, as it is so easy to forget and be hard on ourselves and others. Sabbath means to rest from works oriented beliefs, in other words, and rest in God's sovereignty and love to save all. Yes, Sabbath entails rest from your own works because Father is sovereign to cause both good and evil sometimes, for painful lessons and learning sometimes; "keep it holy" means to also remember that the holy good reason for this is YOUR EVENTUAL GUARANTEED SALVATION, NO MATTER HOW MANY INCARNATIONS YOU MAY NEED 5) Honor your Father God and Mother (those who learn true spirituality and voluntarily lay down their lives in service to the true God, in humble service, as Christ did, and develop Christ consciousness). "Mother(s)" then are voluntarily submitted to Father God's ways, with discernment, understanding, wisdom, and maturity of experience.

IMHO, Mark and the freedom community lack this supernatural spiritual understanding of the first 5 commandments and that is why the movement is stunted. I've watched all of Mark's podcasts, and his frustration and lack of success is because his obvious hatred of religion (which I share) is causing this movement to disregard the true meaning of the first 5 laws, which are the supernatural part of the natural law. The last 5 have spiritual applications too, but the truth community is better at talking about these. My specialty is a little different, and I am more trained by God to influence the Abrahamic religions, which have been hijacked since their beginnings.

I well understand humanity's hatred of God and where it all comes from. Our Father God is NOT a monster who tortures in literal hellfire forever...our real Father is just an asshole, who allows our "father" the devil to supernaturally deceive people and make the masses of religious believers think so. It is part of God's justice/training program that ALL humans must learn to truly discern truth (God) from lies/error (Satan) in our thinking, as part of the redemption/restoration process from our preexistent rebellion with the literal devil and demons. There are some literal elements to the stories of all religions, but intelligent people can eventually discern the lies that accompany all misrepresentations of God in religion. Below is some intelligent commentary from (not mine). The website author claims to be 94 years old, undoubtedly dead by now, but somebody kept his website online for others to learn. Age doesn't necessarily automatically make a person wise, but this man obviously died with some wisdom. If humanity as a whole can't learn to cast aside oppressive ideas of God, expressed in modern times with rather blind obedience/acquiescence to government "authority", as human governments have always been the pragmatic "God" in the so-called real world, then we are heading into deeper slavery than we already are in, probably for tens of thousands of years this time, since modern technology can so efficiently monitor/control everything. Blind acquiescence to covid-19 lies is no different than the blind acquiescence most today give to evolution lies that science explains everything and there is NO real God, both "truths" dictated by most modern states. Below are select paragraphs from this man's wisdom.

A dead man's wisdom is better than a living man's stupidity
The dead man's quotes below, SAMUEL TERRILL REDWINE SR., available for reading by clicking here

My premise: Professional proponents of primitive mythical gods solved unfathomable conundrums with simple answers and outwitted us with deceitful divination plus conjuring an occult universe for the professional priests to exploit. Manipulating tyrannical monarchs' fearful gods assured their subject's allegiance by killing apostates, blasphemers, nonbelievers, proponents of other gods, etc. for a millennium, which convinced us that "God" exists; persuading our progeny to embrace an Abrahamic faith and worship a specious god, which enforced political leaders' despotic dogma. God-ideas involved us in more contention, persecutions, pre-meditated malicious slaughter, wars, etc. than all of our other idiosyncrasies. Today's Christian hierarchy politically seeks to manage our nation's government.

My goal: introduce reason, truth, and honesty to blind-faith-believers, or else multitudes of "born again" Christian electorate will rescind our secular democracy, and retroact Christianity's Dark Ages, (476-1000 CE), with its ancient inquisitions, persecutions and tyrannical death-dealing absolutism; exterminating apostates, blasphemers, infidels and other non-Christians. If this appears extreme; remember that in all history wherever clergy has managed government, they have all misrepresented their specious god's power and overreacted to their own misperceived godly powers; they all resorted to tyranny; enforced by their believer's fears and blind-faith. This treatise is especially for our world's billions of busy believers who have never questioned the authenticity of their deity or holy book (or human "authority" in general), but who are curious and long for a more natural worldly life; unencumbered by the burden of clergy's (ie government's) sanctified fallaciousness.

There is a high probability that religious idiots will obtain nuclear weapons. To better our odds of survival, we must expound, to the world, the profound benefits of a secularist government free from politicized-religious tyranny. Ancient tyrannical monarchs' proclaimed fearsome mythical gods, and religious leaders manipulated the mutinous multitudes by killing apostates, blasphemers, nonbelievers and proponents of other gods; enforcing allegiance. The brain-washings left progeny with indelible aberrant mental impressions of a fearsome "God's" commands, which often brings them to their knees, worshipping; begging the forbearance of a vain wrathful god. European history is replete with despotic Christian political leaders, and politicized religion tyrannizes Islam's violent regimes. Christianity's U.S. hierarchy presumes their "born-again" voters will trade their freedoms and rights in our secularist democracy for Christian absolutism, as televangelists and talk-radio will gleefully explain how "God" overrules all contentious unholy views of America's innumerable liberty lovers. Religion's ancient hierarchy developed their misperceived godly powers by becoming an accessory to ancient despotic political powers. Note: this man was off a little. If my internet information is correct, he was middle aged around the time of World War Two, so religious idiots definitely obtained nuclear weapons, which are now way beyond the yield capacity of Hiroshima/Nagasaki type bombs. Also, Christian absolutism has been replaced with secular government absolutism, and NWO tyranny is creeping up on us. Covid is just a more obvious sign of the times to more and more people, and yet still, many just do not see it and say covid/NWO is bullshit conspiracy theory.

Religion's lack of information is tantamount to ignorance; thus, ignorance is responsible for our blind faith in mind warping ancient sorcery, confusing humankind with vacuous conjecture and mendacious spiritualism which reeks of charlatanism. Ignorance of our origin conjured our fears, ignited our imaginations, and produced creative conjectures and gods for all troubling occasions. Ancient monarchs' specious fearful gods demanded death for unfaithful non-allegiant subjects, which forced people to endow the gods with irrational non-compromising powers over them.

As a youth, I "believed", but questioned the unreasonableness of my belief. Religion's illogical believers both fear and revere the bible's vengeful obnoxious god's recrimination; which served King Josiah's and religion's purpose; by instilling mortal fears that torment people into believing the unknowns of supernaturalism. When ancient beliefs differed from Josiah's, and thus the bible's, millions of dissenters were wrongfully tortured and put to death to please a spurious monotheistic god. That stupidity is why at age 94, and in hospice care, I am a confirmed atheist, unafraid of death. Without a real evil god, what is there to fear?

I've experienced religion; contemplated its biblical messages; pro & con, for most of my 94 years, and found them woefully wanting of reason, truth and common sense. This treatise succinctly explains my successful search for a truthful reason for the bible's irrational incoherence; where King Josiah's god-fearing tribal propaganda is used for the bible's early books; the Pentateuch. My choice for learning about the machinations of today's religions is The American Fascist: The Christian War on America-by: Chris Hedges, a worthy author who "tells it like it is". Please read it. You will better understand the politically conservative Religious Right Coalition's artful schemes to amend our U.S. Constitution from a freedom loving democracy into a tyrannically controlled, book-burning autocracy without the benefit of our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms and rights. Note: this man died before seeing what the world would become, not so much a religious right dictatorship, but a secular world dictatorship, probably not much different from North Korea in the end, if the NWO takeover is successful. Fucking wake up people! We need honest discussion about the characteristics of the Creator God, who we all know deep down exists, not dismissive waves of the hand that religion is nonsense, while accepting the equally religious nonsense of secular governments like Canada, who claim evolution explains everything, and who also allow murdering babies up to 9 months in the womb, just like North Korea allows! Canada has the same abortion policy as North Korea, and this is supposedly a great and free and "godly Christian" nation? Religion is an attempt to define truth, and today's secular human governments define corrupt "truth" for us and shove it down our throats with violence of some sort, while claiming the God of truth doesn't exist, so shut up while we scam you and play that part of "God" that we all hate--force tactics of various sorts to shove truth down your throats. I say the real Almighty God might have right to do such, but created beings DO NOT! We are ALL here for many reasons, but a big one is to learn to discern truth (God) versus lies/error (Satan) in our thinking and rebel against tyrannical thinking (ie the "Satan" principle, within and without), because ALL true humans in this matrix reality did very poorly in choosing sides in our preexistent rebellion. Rebelling against evil human authority is how redemption is supposed to properly play out in this physical realm, as human authority is literally demons, since all governments have always secretly served UFO demons. You must decide your level of maturity/ability to rebel and how. Don't try to do what Mark and I do, if you are not ready/trained for it, but also don't stay idle your whole life. Mature elect like Mark and I will always eventually get this shit figured out and die fighting for you all...of that you can be assured. If you don't get this rebellion thing right this time, it is not going to go well for you when you physically die. Many "non-player characters" walk about this matrix reality, whose "job" is to NEVER agree with the truth. Discern them, get some spiritual warfare practice, and move on. Real flesh and blood humans need your help for what on earth is happening.

Since men first presumed their guise of self-righteous godliness, they have dreamed of eternal life and without evidence, believe they are above our planet's natural laws (Mark Passio's freedom/truth community often uses the term natural law) and that an "omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent" mythological god will redeem their sins and save their souls, in spite of our failure to respect Earth's myriad forms of life. We are inconsiderate, and insist upon both religious and ethnological competitive distinctions, but female sensibilities will outwit our conspiratorial schemes. Male guile has promulgated religion's B.S., developed large organizations and built grand buildings, but under-estimated two of our most essential challenges, i.e., advancing knowledge and living together peacefully.

The challenge for religion is reconciling twenty six hundred years of false information to worldwide believers with more reasonable goals for their organizations, e.g., convincing believers that Earth and its life forms are worthy of survival. But religions will continue to exploit humanity's fears of the unknown with the bible's and koran's vengeful, recriminating messages. The Holy Books' precepts were adopted verbatim from King Josiah's tribal propaganda, where the god was portrayed as a vengeful killer for the exclusive benefit of Josiah's people, to resolve problems inherent within his little kingdom, and are not related to humanity's present situation. Can religion's self-incriminating stupor which grips unfortunate multitudes of blind-faith believers, ever be overcome?

I will stop here, for I could go on and on with quotes from this man's site. Suggest to read it. That last paragraph is key concept to grasp: The challenge for religion is reconciling twenty six hundred years of false information to worldwide believers with more reasonable goals for their organizations! This is what my site is about, and what I am attempting to do. IMHO, Mark and the freedom/truth community needs to more openly and honestly deal with (and talk about) the psychopathic elements of all religions, discerning what is true about them versus what is false, especially the Abrahamic traditions, especially since the supernatural UFO demons are manifesting in our skies to a greater degree than ever before in history. UFOs have manifested for thousands of years, evidence even in cave paintings and such, but it has NEVER before been a worldwide phenomenon that everybody is aware of to some degree. The Bible predicted the UFO phenomenon before the Kingdom of God on earth. The freedom/truth community needs to become as bold/brazen as the UFO demons are becoming!

Ok, I feel prompted by Holy Spirit to end with one last paragraph from this man. It seems that he died very old and very wise in many ways, but still did not perceive that so-called secular government is still just another disguised form of religious rule (ie they define "truth" for us, but just refuse to openly talk about the God of truth). Flawed human governments have always used authoritarian force tactics of various sorts to push their false "truth" on everybody, and this is no different than the pope's of ancient past brutally ruling Europe. My commentary is in green brackets: "A minority of our world's astute discerning thinkers, dismiss religion's (should read government's) beliefs; but the religious majority's ignorance (ie the majority that believe in the legitimacy of government are ignorant) will destroy our world's great trove of knowledge, because: where religion's (ie government's) leaders control governments, they have burned books, stifled scientific inquiry, and their critics by denying them the liberty to speak freely, the freedom of information, the press, etc., i.e., their own Bill of Rights (ie censorship is rampant in mainstream media, which promotes fake news narratives of their corporate owners and colluding governments, and also social media such as facebook, and youtube, do this as well to prevent people from learning the truth and nobody is exempt...even Donald Trump, who was famous for talking about fake news [ie mainstream media], got permanently banned from twitter)."
We are already under government slavery, and if more people don't wake up (or care) and do their thing, we are heading into an outward "hell" the likes the world has never seen before. Mark Passio has convinced me that all social structures and institutions support the matrix by promoting the same belief system under different guises, guaranteeing that in all likelihood the ignorant, exploited masses will continue to look for some outside force to save them, never knowing that the power they seek is within. I still say a literal open contact is at least possible, as is the literal Second Coming of Christ, but I also understand parable symbolism much better now. As I said above, open contact has sort of already symbolically occurred in the hearts and minds of the people of earth, and Christ's Second Coming happens for everybody at their individual death. That is when Christ sort of comes for you and you meet God for your judgment day. The true mission of the human elect in history has always been to come to realize the truth, develop your own relationship with the Divine, do your thing for God with the right heart attitude, accepting with grace that suffering is part of the spiritual evolution process, and exit this life in agreement with the Creator God about your own individually agreed upon definition of victory. I say, the human elect overcome the fear of death by learning to implicity trust God, and we all agree to work with God "forever", if necessary until everybody is out of the matrix. We just don't have to incarnate as amnesiac flesh and blood humans anymore, struggling with repressed subconscious memories of who we are and where we came from. We get to walk about the matrix like Jesus after His resurrection, pretending to be human on various "missions", with an apparent flesh and blood body when necessary to blend in with everybody else, pretending to suffer even when necessary (we're here to learn some acting skills too--but real suffering ends for the elect when they reach their last incarnation). We won't really be like everybody else anymore, but none will be the wiser...unless we want you to know.

In the meantime, as the old matrix slowly unravels before our eyes, soon to be replaced with an even more evil matrix or a better one, the human species has arrived at a pivotal point. It has become quite clear the separation between the evil agenda and the light agenda. From the very beginning since demons set up shop on Earth it's been a "Bread and Circus"--this saying comes from the time the mighty Roman Empire took power. Meaning, the Roman government kept the populace happy and oblivious by distributing free food and staging huge spectacles. Sound familiar? But, the choice is truly ours and always has been. Do you want to live in the Hell of the matrix or in a Heaven of Eden?

We all have free will (sometimes--but sometimes the supernatural "powers that be" override it for both good and evil reasons), but if we are using all our energy to support the matrix your free will is sort of null and void. Brilliant trick of deception. The matrix depends on the contribution of every human being's negative energy to recreate itself every single day. This negative energy is emotions, fear-based emotions. These Elites, Global controllers (both human and demonic) do not want us to succeed by breaking away and attaining personal freedom. They look at the human species attaining personal freedom as a virus in their dear matrix.

They try their hardest to keep the truth that this matrix which we are forced to live in is nothing but a holographic game that feeds off the lower consciousness of fear. The drama of the old matrix is the perfect ploy to keep us down. Your bills, insurance, debt, politics etc... are all fear based and therefore supports the matrix. Basically, the demons invaded Eden and installed a fear based, deceptive program into our consciousness and made themselves the top of every hierarchy while the human species descended deeper and deeper into the density of darkness. This was not only allowed by God, but agreed to happen, as our former master the literal devil and God agreed ahead of time about all this. We have amnesia and are tasked to remember it all and share it with others as the Spirit leads. But God and the devil do not have amnesia. It puts true humans at an extreme disadvantage for a long time, but the true God always wins in the end.

This means that the higher consciousness of the human population could no longer communicate with the lower, fear based unconscious state we had become. We have been told some truth, as the first bootup of the matrix started with Eden, and was a legendary place. It became not accessible by the human race because we have sinned, but we just weren't told at the start our sinning originated before our preexistent incarnation. Instead we have been programmed to live within the limitations of the matrix created by our former compatriots, demons.

In our past anyone who taught freedom, liberation and personal sovereignty had been removed from Earth thus stopping the contagion of the spreading of freedom and liberation. These demons took away our connection to Earth and our respect for life, a necessary rerun of preexistence, so we learn to get it right this time. The Eden within is returning, and the social structure of the matrix is heavy and rigid and the Avatars, Light workers, are like ice breakers cutting thru the glaciers of the matrix. The ice is starting to break up and melt and because water is a higher vibrational state then ice we are rising in frequency. We are starting to remember we have the power to create worlds! We are creating a doorway to a new reality guarded by angels, guides etc... Meaning, you are being prepped to hold this new vibration of Eden. If you are reading this, it is NOT by accident. For those of you holding this frequency, you are the ones changing this matrix from an existence of fear to an existence of love and abundance. No one else will.

You are the ones in charge of creating Eden. When you start releasing the drama and fear of this 3d circus you are living in a higher state of consciousness. Remember, you are not responsible for the choices of others. We are watching the collapse of this matrix because of the rising of frequency many are attaining thru their free will. Those who choose to resist are only following their path and believe me they will live their creation.

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