Humor about evolutionary dogma Hi Rob,

Greek mythology sounds a lot like Evolutionary mythology to me. Evolutionary mythology makes up stories of how we got here without help of ANY sort of God, and DENIES God exists, yet you contradict yourself because your theory of evolution proves God exists! How? Just look in the mirror! It's every human being! For if a mere 5 billion years can turn pond scum into bacteria, then monkeys, then humans, then another 5 billion years will have humans shedding their corporeal bodies and evolving into "God", and go back in time to influence our own evolution in paradox fashion, giving Moses the 10 commandments and such, because easy to understand fulfilled prophecy alone PROVES there is a Higher Power behind the Bible, but all other holy books are false because they do not have prophecy that history shows happened.

Or if you prefer a different Evolutionary mythology story, we can say highly evolved aliens from another galaxy came to earth 65 million years ago, when supposedly dinosaurs roamed earth and redirected a huge asteroid to hit earth in order to cause the extinction level event (ELE) that wiped out the dinosaurs. They did this because their future forecast ability showed dinosaurs had no higher evolutionary potential and would actually eat all the monkeys that had potential to evolve into sentient humans, with their help of course. So bye bye dinosaurs. Then the aliens subsequently slowly tweaked monkey DNA over millions of years, the necessary guided slow stage evolution to prepare for the really big evolutionary shock 6000 years ago when they tweaked the DNA of some monkeys in the womb bigtime to jump mankind ahead billions of years. They needed to do this guided form of evolution because although they saw higher evolutionary potential in monkeys to become "gods" like them, they also knew the Sun would go supernova before man could evolve up to this higher level naturally. The planet they evolved on orbited a small red dwarf star, and because red dwarfs are smaller, with less gravity and burn less intensely, they do not burn all their fuel and go supernova for trillions of years, so these alien-gods had plenty of time to evolve on their planet. However, in love for us and our future potential, our alien-god "parents" have had to modify the natural evolution timescales a little, but at the appropriate time, they tweaked some monkeys' DNA and the monkeys birthed Adam and Eve. The monkey parents did their best to raise Adam and Eve, but at some point, our original first human parents realized something was really different about monkey mom and dad. I can imagine Adam one day saying to Eve, "There is something really wrong with mom and dad. I asked dad if I could go out to play, but all he did was grunt and groan and beat his chest. We've got to get the hell out of here, sis." And Adam and Eve ran away from home, and set up a new life in a garden called Eden. Adam and Eve, though siblings, were able to fuck and create the human race because the alien-gods did such a good job tweaking the monkey DNA that Adam and Eve had virtually NO DNA errors to cause deformed babies upon sexual combining of DNA of siblings Adam and Eve, which would happen today, because of thousands of years of genetic degradation, induced by our true alien-gods parents. Our alien-gods parents intentionally created genetic mutation degradation, especially after they created the Biblical flood, pretending to be God and warning/saving only Noah and his family, because they wanted to degrade human DNA after the flood to drastically decrease human lifespans to at most 120 years, and create more evolutionary struggle to make us better; they did this because they have had to make adjustments in how they deal with a naturally evolving mankind's tendency towards extreme violence, as human evolution, for unknown natural causes even the alien-gods can't fully explain, was breeding more evil and violent people than the more good and kind people the aliens are trying to evolve to become more like themselves. Simpler to kill almost everybody off in a worldwide flood, and sort of start all over again, with the mostly good and kind folk in Noah and his family. Although the violence started again after the flood, with shorter lifespans, the better DNA preserved in Noah and his family was spreading in more balanced fashion of good and evil people, lessening the chance of a repeat overgrowth of long lifespan evil people violently killing off most long lifespan good people and overpopulating the evil again, lessening the good people gene pool, and creating another very unbalanced situation of evil long-lifers way outnumbering decent folk, requiring another drastic flood to correct things.

Although they had been secretly nurturing mankind's dark-stage evolution (really violent mindless monkey behavior) for millions of years, these last 6000 years or so are called pre-exaltation evolution (less violent mindful human behavior) in preparation for open contact and initiating exaltation evolution (the big push to shed corporeal bodies and become gods like them), which requires humans' direct conscious involvement. They have been very sneaky in human history mostly, but sometimes blatantly pretended to be God, as when they gave Moses the 10 commandments, and used their advanced abilities to see into the future and plant enough general and broad prophecy into the Bible to validate the book as a moral guide, and give us something to believe in to help us evolve. They couldn't get real specific on prophecy very often, as their general predictions fit better as a general validation of the Bible, leaving enough vagueness and room open for occasional correction of deviation from the guided evolution they are doing, while still maintaining the illusion that the human "God" is Almighty and knows everything, to keep us subtly subconsciously pushing ourselves psychologically to try and evolve into this vague "God". Humans really seem to need this idea of "God" to help us evolve, whereas the aliens evolved to virtual "Godhood" without such silly notions. They even created some pretend enemies, the devil and demons, to help our still primitive evolving brains make sense of evil, pain, and suffering, as all the devil's fault, but really evil, pain, suffering, death, is just the natural means the aliens must let us progress to evolve us along and can't interfere too much or too obviously. But we're getting pretty evolved now so the increasing UFO activity for decades now is our alien-gods preparing us for open contact, where they can explain all this and help us evolve more, as we have reached a point where the next stage of evolution requires their open and visible support. They will help us understand upon open contact that they even inspired fake holy books, like when one disguised himself like the angel Gabriel and inspired a certain prophet, of a certain unnamed violent religion of nearly 2 billion adherents (sorry I don't want to lose my head if you forward this to the nearest "temple" of this unnamed religion, but I think you know), to make us grapple and struggle in consciousness over which holy book is right, which helps evolve our consciousness in mental survival of the fittest mind. They did the same thing when they inspired "The Book of Moron", sorry I mean Mormon, with the angel Moron-i (as in I'm a Moron) to create another fake religion of millions of Morons in the world. Their prophet Joseph Shit didn't even see through their humor to even give a big hint with the angel's name being Moron-i, but don't disparage Joseph Shit too much, as this religion has 16 million members who ALSO cannot see the humor of our ancient alien-gods creators. As you can see, mama didn't raise no fools, as Morons are a peaceful group of foolish religious nut-bars, but I'm careful what I say about 2 billion violent fucks, who have to kill for their "god", whereas the real God of the Bible is well able to kill Himself when He feels need to make some points, such as with the flood and Sodom and Gomorrah.

I can go on and on creating MORE creative stories in the style of Evolutionary mythology, and also merging these stories with Biblical themes and stories. And I don't even have an Evolutionary Bullshitology degree....sorry I meant Evolutionary Biology degree....but it really is just creative storytelling, which if you read any of or my fiction book about open contact with supposedly highly evolved ancient alien-gods (demons really) called The Unveiling, you will see I am very good at that. Unlike evolution storytellers though, I sincerely try to connect with Holy Spirit, who helps me create interesting false stories, but also the true story to explain all. And I didn't even have to waste 4 years and tons of money in university to be just as good at storytelling as yourself or famous Evolutionary Bullshitologist Richard Dawkins! hahaha. Seriously though, your theory of evolution provides either of these stories are at least POSSIBLE. The first story can even be easily plugged right into the second story, if you simply accept the quantum paradox position of time-symmetric retrocausality, a concept of cause and effect in which an effect precedes its cause in time and so a later event affects an earlier one. As you can see, I've watched enough Star Trek episodes to understand techno-babble, like Evolutionary Bullshitology, is about throwing out fancy terms and then simplify the fancy words with a coherent explanation for the viewer. So in translating my fancy talk, the techno-babble, or evolutiono-babble, simply means highly evolved humans of the future, who are "God", are the effect which precedes our own cause of tweaking the original monkey DNA of the second story. So the highly evolved aliens from another galaxy can just as easily be ourselves, if you want to get REALLY creative. Really, I should write another book, full of lies, in which I could easily use my creative imagination to make shit up to make evolution sound more believable for this universe, and perhaps make millions and get famous. Problem is evolution and deep time are simply NOT true of this universe, and I serve the real God, not the "god" of lies called Satan. I now use the intellect God has given me to serve Him, rather than continue to believe Satan's bullshit, as I used to do, and can see you are where I was years ago. If you deny either of these two stories above, or my creative combining of the two into one, are at least POSSIBLE, then your disingenuousness is obvious to me, even if you are blinded by your inability to see you just choose to deny these stories are possible because you suppress the obvious truth that you simply don't want to believe these stories possibly explain things because "the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness" (Romans 1:18, NKJV). As the verse says, God already knows (wouldn't be much of a God if He didn't) we suppress the truth of His existence because we are unrighteous, and know it, and just don't want to believe we must face a judging God when we die. But you will. There is storytelling going on both from creationists and evolutionists to support their ideas and seems none can see, or want to admit, their hypocrisy. We can only understand the issues between God and Satan in simple story form, and even Jesus mainly told stories, parables, to teach, so stories are valuable to understand things. Obviously, to me anyway...but there is much obvious to me these days. I can clearly see through everybody's bullshit now, and my Christoevolution "story", fully detailed on my site, you can say is just another story to explain things. Yes, I will agree with that statement, but add, God speaks to me and tasked me to create to explain the elect's secret gospel, which mere humans like us elect can only understand the complex issues of the spiritual war between God and Satan in simple story form, just like Jesus did and that is why He was so good with parables.

This whole seemingly complex debate and battle over origins has always been a major test that all elect in history had to discover the truth eventually after much spiritual warfare with invisible, but very real, spirit forces, angels and demons, God and Satan. God supernaturally reveals all the information on my site to His elect in time, and I really did not do to save my soul, or anybody's. A sovereign God simply has His supernatural ways of inspiring and compelling created beings to do as He makes them do, while they think they have "free will" most of the time. I suggest to read a parable off my site called The parable of the 95 theses, where God opened my eyes to see the depth of God's total sovereignty in the scriptures, as well as God used me to utterly eviscerate most of the common lies so-called "Christians" propagate in the name of Jesus. Open contact with "our" ancient alien-gods (demons) is coming, though most are baffled that UFOs are just prep for this event, but we elect, the human Sons of God, have always died defeating the alien-gods (demons), the spiritual Sons of God, with our simple stories able to destroy mighty demons in the spiritual realm of thought and imagination, because we are eventually fully supported by the invisible Almighty God to be like the Green Lanterns. I suggest to read another parable off my site, called The parable of the Green Lantern to understand what the mere human Sons of God (elect) will be able to do against the mighty spiritual Sons of God (demons), using imagination alone, backed by Holy Spirit manifesting that imagination, when obvious and open crazy supernatural warfare starts happening. Supernatual stuff is already happening with the increasing UFO activity, supernatural alien-gods (demons) just playing mind games with humanity in preparation for open contact, as their pretend spaceships (demons don't need ships) are able to do supernaturally physics defying feats that human fighter jets cannot do. Credible source pentagon releases fighter jet video evidence of UFOs and admits to their reality and mysteriousness, and nobody pays attention anymore, and the authorities claim they don't understand ... but they do understand and are working with the alien-gods (demons) towards a controlled unveiling like I dramatize in The Unveiling. Humans have been well conditioned for over 150 years since Darwin, and with increasingly intense UFO bullshit prep, for open contact. Do a google search on "public reaction to pentagon ufo fighter jet video evidence" and you will see there was not much public reaction, whereas there should be. "I just wonder if it's real," president Trump said of the videos. "That's a hell of a video." Everybody shrugs off such things now and goes on with "normal" life. But there is nothing "normal" about the supernatural stuff going on in our skies in prep for full disclosure and open contact, unless you are willing to acknowledge this is supernatural demonstration on par with the Bible story of Moses confronting Pharaoh to let the Israelite slaves go free. Moses was able to throw down his staff and it became a serpent and the Pharaoh's magicians, supported by Satan, were able to do the same thing, but Moses' serpent was able to eat Pharaoh's snakes. God is preparing some Moseses like me for a supernatural showdown never before seen in human history. Right now, God's counter to allowing Satan to increase UFO intensity in prep for eventually allowing The Unveiling, is to do the greater supernatural move of compelling me to create my site and publicly blast revelations to the whole world. Understanding God's mind like I do is greater supernatural demonstration of power than Satan's magical flying "machines", but only to the elect, who will hear Christ in the things I write and say, but the world is more dazzled by outward displays of power than inward. God is more impressed by those who truly inwardly believe "with God all things are possible," (Matthew 19:26) and anything you can imagine is possible. If something were impossible for God to do then we would not even be able to imagine it, but I can imagine many things, like I imagine you are fake in your "faith-type" fanatical devotion to the belief system called evolution, if you deny the stories above are at least possible, which you must deny because the stories have too many credible Biblical themes that you just don't like. Most "Christians" are fake too, and cannot imagine (though sometimes feign faith) God creating all physical creation (this universe) in a literal 6 days and resting on the 7th according to Genesis, saving all human elect creation in a mere 7000 years "week", as to God a day is like a thousand years (2 Peter 3:8), and claim open contact with supposedly highly evolved ancient alien-gods (demons) is far fetched, even though the Bible predicted the end-time deception would be just that. My site explains in detail how God is in process of bringing this prophecy to fruition, and how it relates to universal salvation of all creation, through the elect overcoming various humbling deceptions first, the human elect the first smaller group to overcome Satan's lies so said to be in the first resurrection, and eventually all creation, even the literal Satan, will overcome his own lies one day, so this second much larger group is said to be in the second resurrection. The coming alien-gods (demons) open manifestation is simply the outward end-time culmination of the final deception, which the elect have always eventually overcome personally, privately, and inwardly, and only the elect are eventually supernaturally empowered to see through it all, and the scriptures testify to this. The demons are defeated before they even try The Unveiling, and they know it, because experience has proven to demons that in 6000 years of human history, they have not been able to ultimately defeat a single elect. Not a single elect has ever died deceived about the truth of origins, or the issues of life and the heart between God and the devil, raised from evolution in another dimensional reality, or what it means to overcome the alien-gods (demons) deception inwardly in the heart, nor has any elect ever physically died in times past deceived about the truth of universal salvation or lacking depth of understanding universal salvation of all creation in the right and motivating way (ie just sin more and let God fix me after physical death is NOT correct/proper understanding). I testify to these truths, but only God can bring one to comprehension. By God's sovereign power, I know what I know and do what I do, but the alien-gods (demons) are as compelled by a sovereign God to do what they do, as I am to do what I do. I have seen the power of God in my imagination and I have seen the future, and I believe what He tells me of the coming alien-god (demon) deception and also universal salvation of all creation. I have not seen it in outward reality yet, but "blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed." (John 20:29) Those who do not hear the Holy Spirit in the things I write "do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God." (Matthew 22:29) Like Moses, I basically throw down my staff with, and my snake eats the devil's serpents, all the religious lies preached in Jesus' name for thousands of years, and all the equally ridiculous science lies preached in Darwin's name for over 160 years. I suggest to read my site to discover more about the coming alien-gods (demons) open contact deception, and who this Almighty God is, and it is not Jesus, contrary to popular false Christian beliefs. We elect will eventually do outward displays of power too after The Unveiling, the devil's UFO crap mere parlour tricks in comparison.

But enough glorifying God with my preaching, and get back to the bottom-line. Give me one good reason why these stories above are impossible, if you really believe in evolution!

Nuf said,
P.S. It is important to note I NEVER HEARD FROM ROB AGAIN

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Sounds like Greek mythology to me.
Half of the human race still can't let go of it - may the force be with you.

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I am both a Creationist and evolutionist. I call myself a Christoevolutionist, not a theistic evolutionist. But if you really want to know what is true of both evolution and God, my site explains all at if you are curious what I mean. My experience in life though is, everybody wants to be right, and gets stuck in their positions and will not change, simply because they don't want to, and it is waste of time to try and convince somebody of something if they are determined not to be convinced. I did the site for interest and human knowledge. Nobody has ever credibly combined the two explanations for origins like my site does...


On July 19, 2021, I interacted with a man on quora with some of this story above. Here is the link if you want to check it out. My main sarcastic rebuttal is below:

You prove my point. It is all about storytelling and making shit up. You tell an interesting story too that I have already considered. These demonic UFO beings in our skies prepping mankind for open contact could tell a story similar to yours, which would be more believable, but still a lie. Let's try this one on for size, as the Holy Spirit helped me to come up with it just now.

Open contact happens one day soon, and these beings have supernatural powers to do ANYTHING you can image God could do, like highly evolved omnipotent alien "Q" in Star Trek could snap his fingers and do any magic trick you could imagine God could do. These beings, however, conveniently CANNOT do the one thing the real God says in the Bible only Father God can do: predict the future with 100% accuracy every single time! This test of false prophets is in Deuteronomy if you are curious where I get it from. Since the open contact deception is a very clever test against elect like me, they will have to have a good excuse for this. Here is what they will say: they will admit to NOT being the real God! They will tell a story that combines some Biblical themes with science to seem more credible to intelligent "science-minded-proof-based" elect like me. They could admit they know there is a real God and they serve the real God, but this Creator God is almost as mysterious to them, as they have been with mankind for 6 thousand years since these beings created Adam and Eve, at the real God's direction. They could claim, from their point of view, they popped into existence from apparently nowhere and nothing! Just suddenly, trillions of angelic type beings, what you call little "gods", suddenly existed! Who's in charge, right? What is truth? Who gets to decide what this group of trillions of supernatural angelic beings should be doing? Obviously, conflict and war started almost immediately, and one faction was lead by angel leader Jesus versus angel leader Satan and the Biblical angelic war started! How does my nice story sound so far? Wait, it gets better...

So yeah, big war going on in some alternate spiritual dimension, similar to our physical universe but not quite. The details don't matter. Let's keep that nice and vague to keep the story more simple, like evolutionists like nice simple stories about how inorganic chemicals like potassium and calcium magically came together over billions of years and self-created irreducibly complex inter-working DNA code driven organic life, that evolved into sentient sexually self-replicating humans. Ya do know DNA code is many degrees of magnitude exponentially more complex than complex computer code which I am using a computer to type all this right now, don't you? I'll leave it for another day to discuss the likelihood my computer could just sort of come together over billions of years...well trillions might be more credible...nah, virtually infinite time would be necessary for such a goofy possibility. Hey, this other dimension could have infinite time? Or maybe no time dimension exists there? Oh, well, let's not get distracted with details and get back to the nice simple story. I can refine the story later.

So yeah, after a big war where the light side angels were being lead by Jesus versus the dark side angels were being led by Satan, at some point the real God revealed Himself clearly and spoke clearly to end the conflict. The being called Father God declared Jesus the winner and put Jesus in charge of putting together a government called the Kingdom of God, which will rule all Father's universes and creations and creatures to prevent another war like this. God just wanted to make some points about governance and somebody has to be in charge to represent Him to a created order, or there is anarchy, just as you can imagine there would be anarchy in this world if there was no governments to keep order. So the real God made Jesus sort of like prime minister (aka King) and Satan was made Jesus' right hand man and subject to Him. They were pretty close in power and intelligence and Satan almost won the war after all, so the devil is useful to Christ, if he can be controlled. So yeah, and then these beings openly show to mankind and say all this and say they are created beings "gods" (as you even said you believe), much like humans, except they have seeming supernatural powers. They have the same ways of thinking in many ways, sentience, emotions both positive and negative, etc... but supernatural powers/instincts that they sort of understand but not quite. I have supernatural powers/instincts to move my fingers right now compared to a man born paralyzed would have no reference to understand how this feels, and I can sort of understand it but not really. I just will my fingers to move somehow and can do it, but the details of electrical signals from my brain to fingers, and muscle and nerves working together through each individual cell's depolarizations across calcium channels allow all this to happen, is details I don't usually think about. I sort of understand and can explain some details, but also can't fully understand it. Similarly, these angelic beings will say something like this upon open contact, comparing their greater supernatural abilities to greater knowledge/instincts/abilities of some humans over other humans. They understand things better than humans but not better than God. They have greater supernatural abilities than humans but not greater than God. So where shall I go with my creative imagination next? Oh, I know...

Jesus and Satan and all "good" and "evil" angels have patched things up and everybody is buddies now, serving the real mysterious Creator Father God. But God decided He will eventually create a new universe for every male born since Adam and Eve, for this male-type leader individual to inhabit with his many polygamous "wives". I'm borrowing some more Mormon doctrine here, as they have very creative imaginations too and can make up some pretty good shit. It's totally fine/legal to steal ideas, as you can't copyright ideas, only the specific words you use to express them. Hahaha, so I'm covered. So yeah, then God tasked buddies Jesus and Satan to create our simulated physical universe and create Adam and Eve, under Father's direction. God decided the spiritual war/struggle between Jesus and Satan would need to be reproduced in the minds of every human born: the classic struggle between "good" and "evil" within the human soul! How am I doing so far? So yeah, I think this is a good twist that these beings could use when they openly show one day, once they stop playing UFO mind games, to explain how they are sort of our Creators and also not, sort of little "gods" like humans but not the real God, sort of know everything and have powers but also nice excuse to dismiss every good answer/power they lack. They could say all this, admitting they are something close to God, but not the real God, and they all serve the real God, and they are working with the real God to mentally evolve all humans up to their level to share existence with them one day after death, but the men get their own universe with their polygamous wives. Evolution and salvation continues for all after physical death! Everybody makes it eventually, just trust us, and everybody gets some hot polygamous action in the end! Yahoo!

So yeah, I think this makes for a good story so far and pretty close to the truth so a good test for elect like me to discern the bullshit behind it. So this is a good way to admit they are NOT God upon open contact, and can't predict the future, and so it's a nice excuse to explain why they conveniently can't do the one MAJOR Biblical test of false prophets (there are other more subjective tests elect like me learn to apply). But they will claim, just wait and the real God will tell us some specific future events we can tell humanity to prove we are telling you the truth. In the meantime, we will do "magic" and abracadabra and help mankind create new technologies and help us with diseases and such to show us how the "magic" works. You'll trust us in time and maybe don't even need us to pass that test of false prophets. We can't make God tell us future events but we'll keep you entertained and happy until He does...just trust us. And the world doesn't think much or care and quickly follows these beings, while elect like me continue to sound the warning.

There are very good reasons why a good God does the things He does. Makes sense, right? A good God always has good reasons for doing the strange things He does, even if we can't understand it all. Even if these beings did at some point predict future events accurately 100% of the time, that still don't necessarily mean squat to wise elect like me. I might let my guard down 99% even in such a scenario and trust them greatly, but there are still good reasons why it is not wise to do absolutely; the elect learn this lesson the hard way and also learn why these "powerful" demons are actually powerless against weak sinful flawed human elect like me. There are still many good Biblical reasons why these UFO beings are demonic fuckers, who are not looking forward to doing open contact while I'm alive. All it takes is ONE elect with a mind like mine combined with the true Almighty God's full support and power, to utterly eviscerate trillions of demons. I just think "eviscerate demons" and will it, and the real God does it because we are in agreement and work together, sort of like I will my fingers to type right now and leave the details to a sovereign God as to exactly how that really happens. And I have a duty to Christ and all elect in history to exact EXTREME vengeance upon these demonic fuckers for what they have done. As you can see, I have a great imagination, but when it comes to demons, my imagination gets very dull. I can only imagine literal fire, as hot as God will allow, for as long as God will allow, to fall on each and every one of these demonic fuckers, as they desired for Christ and all elect in history. They will literally burn and then be annihilated from existence eventually. And I can do all this "myself". I don't need other elect, only the true God's support. We elect will reconstitute them after Christ's literal 1000 year millennial reign (soon to be inaugurated) and have some more fun with them. Read my main site to learn more about what that is.

Satan and demons have never stood down in 6000 years of human history and have been brutal to Christ and all elect in history, and so I will be so as well. I cannot stand down either. And I can be more insane and crazy in brutality than even Satan and demons can imagine, even though they can read my mind right now and have only seen some small bits of it. I suggest to read my main site from the beginning if you want to understand the real truth. All I wrote above is a nice story, and close to truth, but still enough error in it to be dishonorable lies against the loving nature/character/power of the true God. See ya on the other side, buddy.