The Unveiling of sexual mysteries
Unveiling sexual mysteries

Chapter Twenty-one


I'll try to make this chapter as short as possible, as no matter how hard I try to explain, the carnal mind in ALL humans will take offense to this chapter. As Mark Passio of what on earth is happening likes to say, "Get as offended as you like." The Unveiling is not only the name of my fiction book, but a good title for this section too, I think.

As the title hints, in your individual inward end-times within your own heart, you come to understand the sexuality-spirituality linkage concept. It is offensive and tormenting to the carnal mind for a time, as it is meant to be, and the outward end-times earth will experience this negativity too, if it literally happens (not sure anymore). This truth is buried deep within the subconscious mind of ALL humans, and demons can use this to cause fear of "blaspheming God" to cause you to capitulate to their error & lies during spiritual warfare. At a subconscious level, even a professing atheist can be supernaturally made to fear-capitulate to open contact UFO demons because of the following subconscious offensive truth(s). At first, everybody is offended at what I am about to reveal, because the carnal mind dominates ALL humans for a long time, until you learn how to defeat it.

Ok, here goes. As I said in previous chapters, I have learned abstract spiritual warfare spin abilities while writing this site. I can legitimately see how literal open contact with UFO demons has already occurred within my own heart, and I understand now all elect in history (Christ included) had similar experience and came to the same conclusions. As for the world as a whole, literal open contact with UFO demons may OR may not occur, perhaps within my lifetime, perhaps not. I took the concept rather literally when I first wrote my fiction book about all this, but that was about 30 years ago and we all start out our spiritual walk immature and more literal in our thinking. "Literal open contact with UFO demons" within an elect's heart (mind) refers to learning to discern demoninc spirits from angelic spirits, hearing Holy Spirit unction, and intuitively being able to sift through very tricky spiritual concepts.

To illustrate, I will give a real-life parable example to first offend the carnal mind, and then explain what I mean. Joyce Meyer is a well known television preacher. She is very open about how she was sexually abused by her father until almost a legal adult, and her mom knew about it and did nothing. She was basically abandoned and abused by both parents. That is public record and not the offensive part. Here is my additional offensive information. Joyce learned to enjoy being sexually abused by her dad, and also her mom joined in and sexually abused her too, and she learned to enjoy that too. And when Joyce had her own children, she and her husband sexually abused their own children in the same way, and Joyce and her husband enjoyed doing this, and the children learned to enjoy it too. And then the whole incestuous family of parents, grandparents, children, had orgies together and it was great. Offended yet? That is because the carnal mind tends to take parables too literally. Let me try to explain.

Christ is said to be spiritual Husband to the elect, who are His bride. There are many believers, so many brides, so a type of polygamy is the normal spiritual state at the next level. Obviously, there is sexual connotation here that fake-ass Christians like to gloss over. If life is about overcoming your issues with God and becoming one of His polygamous wives, then the above parable about Joyce Meyer is not as crazy as it seems at first glance. The Bible says marriage partners become one in marriage, as the spirits (minds) merge, which pictures sharing collective consciousness. As human, I call this Holy Spirit unction (spirit mode), as I sense God's mind touch my mind and we share consciousness for a period of time. When I am not in this altered state of consciousness, I call it flesh mode and it is rather boring and mundane for me. I can be in spirit mode and have pleasant feelings, and I can be in spirit mode and feel something like fire on me. A friend told me once, the Holy Spirit can be terrifying to the flesh and rightly so, but it helps focus the lazy carnal mind sometimes, so that is good. When under demonic spiritual attack, I also get similar fire feeling but accompanied with fear & confusion, so that is NOT good. I say these things, so if you are an elect reading this, it might help you discern I am real. If you are immature, you need to learn how to detect spirits, as many spirits are not of God. I give a few hints and clues, but impossible to put everything into words. I like to say, "I don't hear literal voices but I hear." If you have not done so, I suggest my reader go through the beginning chapters to this site which show, scripturally, humans are incarnations of fallen angels, but Christ is the only angel to enter this reality from the light side. He loves His enemies and literally marries some, as in share consciousness with those humans destined for the first resurrection. He was not literally perfect, as nobody can be, but we are similar enough in experience that I can say, I AM CHRIST! Developing Christ consciousness is a process and experience, not simply lip service to some doctrine. So, this is what the sexuality-spirituality connection is about, sharing consciousness with God even while human. But also we are sometimes forced to share consciousness with our old compatriots, demons, who have legal right to antagonize our carnal minds, since all humans chose Satan before coming to earth. Yes, it can feel like rape and that is the part of Joyce Meyer's parable life that I refer to. She was raped by her father the devil, not our Heavenly Father who just allows these things for testing, cleansing, learning, growth, and change.

Here is another sexual analogy that will probably offend. Satan and demons share a type of collective consciousness too, but they are all male types, symbolic of dominant, aggressive, submitted only as made to by force, power, pain, suffering, the devil's way. The devil and his angels' collective consciousness could be likened to male homosexual marriage, two males, two dominants, the physical type symbollically representing our enemies, the devil and demons. This is not hate speech against male homosexuals, though in Canada today many may try to spin it that way and attack me. This is explaining physical to spiritual parallels, not hate speech, as I do NOT hate physical sexual sinners, as I do my own sex sin too. I get my needs met through porn, fornication, have done adultery in the past, may do so again in future depending on the situation, but I don't slander or attack people with hate speech accusations who tell me some of this is evil and sin. I agree with them! But I enjoy my sex sin as much as anybody and will do it if I like, just like everybody! But I understand what I am doing. I also understand hypocritical Canadian society may try to persecute me in Canadian kangaroo human rights tribunal courts because I explain the spiritual sexual mystery of what male homosexuality represents. As I explained above, I do not hate physical male homosexuals, but insist on my right to call some things sex sin (ie commonsense nonconsensual things like physical rape, secret adultery [ie swinging does not count], real world minors with adults, etc...), and also freely admit I do my own version of sex sin and have no problem with people calling it sin too! We are ALL sexual sinners, by somebody's definition.

The spiritual meaning is more important than the physical, as the physical 5 sense world is just a parable of consciousness (ie things going on in the mind). Key things that define this evil collective consciousness are the same key ingredients of ALL physical organizations: hierarchy, compartmentalization, and force. That is why God describes ALL human governments in Bible prophecy as beasts of various sorts, bears, eagles, lions, etc... God considers these beastly ways to govern a group, but the devil in our carnal minds typically just thinks it is normal. Authoritarian hierarchy defines truth for the group, instead of God. Orders and force and suffering tactics are usually quickly used to force compliance. Compartmentalization occurs so the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing, and so trains group members to not ask too many questions and just follow orders. It is not voluntary, nor are boundaries totally respected. Too much force tactics and not enough support tactics. No effort is made to reach full unanimous agreement.

The things that define God's collective consciousness are things that are supernaturally impossible for groups to do in this 5 sense realm. That is why human governments will always be evil beasts by God's standards, something we are here to learn to discern. Key things that define God's collective consciousness are knights of the round table, total openness, support only. There is NO hierarchy, but rather more of a knights of the round table idea, where all have equal say. No force or suffering tactics at all. Only support tactics are used, never force tactics. No compartmentalization at all, totally open and honest, hide nothing. Totally voluntary what you want to do, and totally respect boundaries. 100% unanimous agreement required, like a jury, before proceeding on ANY action. You individually decide how you want to contribute, what you will do, what is reasonable, and you are fully supported to do so. No human government can operate like this, and that is why supernatural intervention is necessary to stop what on earth is happening. God knows all things and is part of Satan's collective consciousness, in this sense, but Satan and his demons are unaware of God's presence & will unless the Almighty makes it known. The hierarchy and compartmentalization ideas only come into play when Father speaks clearly, as all mutually understand who the real God is, unlike most Christians believe in the false trinity idea, and God must speak clearly and literally sometimes to spirit beings.

So, Joyce Meyer may deny all of these connections, but she is in error or lying then. I don't say she is going to literal hellfire forever, as that is also a lie. The beginnig chapters explain what is good about hell, if you need to read. I don't judge her heart, as she may be sincere, but just sincerely wrong. She may know the truth, but lie because God asks her too, which is correct to "sin by lying" if God asks you to, because evil is defined by God on a personal level, once you hear God personally. Humans and demons like to attack on outward sins, but God looks at the heart. So, parables have multiple levels of meaning. All elect are raped by our father the devil, boundaries not respected, as part of justice & repentance process. My crude sarcasm about Joyce enjoying being raped refers to developing pleasurable & peaceful discernment (for the most part) to detect light from darkness, enjoy mental (spiritual) intimacy with Heavenly Father and no longer need spend much "time" with Satan. You develop Christ consciousness and can be said to be Christ, voluntarily submitted to the true God, Heavenly Father, with discernment and wisdom. Not blind obedience to commands from an asshole (Satan) who just enjoys being cruel and abusive for pleasure. Everybody gets confused about the fathers for a long time, because life is full of pain and suffering for all, and God allows it, and Satan then blames God for allowing it, and that feels like truth to all on the other side. People think God and Satan are one and the same, just different sides of the same coin. No, only the real God can do "evil" and have it legitimately fit the definition of good. Read this Darth Vader parable for more. Further, since polygamy is normal at the spirit level, and physical family is just symbolic of relationship roles (levels of intimacy) at the next level, the whole family having an orgy is normal, even children. Again, don't take it all so literally, but feel free to get as offended as you like. Children grow up and learn to think like adults eventually. "In that day," declares the LORD, "you will call me 'my husband' you will no longer call me 'my master.'" (Hosea 2:16, NIV) Master is like a child, immature thinking, like thinking God is some slave master you must obey or burn in literal fire forever (demonic attack thinking), but maturity makes you a polygamous spouse and "my husband" refers to this equal relationship. "Christs" have similar elect experience and are ALL said to be Christs, meaning polygamous spouses to Heavenly Father, in a collective consciousness. Physical gender is irrelevant. It is conceptual parable realities we are also here to learn.

Anyway, I said I would keep this short so I will stop. It seems blasphemous to say elect learn to forgive God the unforgivable rape of His own children. Now you know that is not exactly true, and also why UFO demons usually have an easy supernatural time making people fear. So-called "normal" people cannot consider these mysteries without uncomfortable consequences, and demons accentuate those consequences. Battle hardened elect cannot be so easily affected. It is NOT suffering we enjoy, but rather losing fear of suffering or death, or what others think. In case you can't tell, I don't like putting on a face, mask, or pretense. Feel free to leave me message on the green chat if you feel need to discuss or need more information.

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