The parable of Stephen King


A man named Dennis was approached one day at his home by a man who came knocking on his door, claiming to be the son of famous horror novelist, Stephen King. The man produced documents to prove he was legit, like birth certificate and driver's license etc... The man's name was Joshua Christos King, according to the documents, a Jew, and he said his dad, Stephen King, was Jewish, but this was generally not well known. Dennis was surprised and shocked to learn Joshua was his brother, as Dennis had been given up for adoption at birth, but had never been told this. Again Mr. Joshua King produced documents proving all this, and Joshua and Dennis, now on first name basis of course, being brothers, went into the living room to talk further about things.

Joshua said his dad, Stephen King, wanted to start a relationship with Dennis, regretting having given him up for adoption. Dennis knew about Stephen King, of course, having read some of his novels and seen movies made from Mr. King's novels. Joshua said his dad was rich, of course, and wanted to get to know Dennis, and eventually make Dennis equal heir to Stephen King's fortune, along with Joshua. Their dad had a condition before meeting, though, and that was Dennis had to read all of Mr. King's novels and watch all movies made from his novels, because Mr. King considered his work a big reflection of himself, a little of himself in every character. Dennis agreed and Joshua gave him copies of all their dad's books and movies, and asked Dennis to contact him when he was done for one last special book that Dennis must read.

It took much time, but Dennis eventually completed all books and movies and started to feel like he sort of knew Stephen King already, having digested so much of his writings. Dennis' impression was Stephen King has a warped and demented mind, to write such violent and supernatural gory crap, and was not sure he wanted to meet his long lost dad anymore. His dad obviously had very creative imagination, but also seemed fucking crazy if it was true Stephen King considered his work a reflection of himself, and some of himself in every character. Nonetheless, he contacted Joshua, as agreed and they met again, and Joshua gave him one last non-fiction book that their dad had just written. This book was a non-fiction autobiography of their dad's life, written by their dad, Mr. King, which had not been published yet. Dennis would be the second person to read it, as Joshua had already read the book. Joshua left and Dennis immediately started to read it. It was almost as nasty as Stephen King's fiction, and Dennis was ashamed to think this monster was his dad, because of Mr. King's own description of his life. He admitted in the autobiography to secretly being a serial killer, child rapist and murderer, kidnapper and torturer of adults and children to death, a secret ritual Satanist, given supernatural powers by the devil to curse people with sickness and disease, relating detailed stories of real life mysterious murders he did as a Satanist etc... Dennis investigated on the internet, which corroborated these unsolved murders happened similarly as Mr. King described in detail in the non-fiction account. Dennis thought he should call the police, but feared for his life, his dad apparently an insane monster. He certainly did not want to meet his long lost dad for sure, after reading this horrific autobiography. He went to bed early, tossing and turning all night long over all this and not knowing what to do.

The next day another man came to the door, claiming to be the real Joshua Christos King, corroborating that Dennis was indeed the son of Stephen King, but the other man was an imposter. Dennis was confused and asked what the hell was going on, and the real Joshua explained that their dad, Mr. King, wanted to test Dennis to see how smart he was before making him co-heir to their father's fortune. Stephen King hired the fake Joshua to test his intelligence before meeting, and Dennis failed a lot of the tests, and was pretty gullible and naive to believe all the horse shit from the imposter. Joshua explained his mistakes, how he should have confirmed the authenticity of the fake's birth certificate, driver's license, and what government offices to do this etc...and taught Dennis how to be more wise in the future. The real Joshua was happy to produce all the real documents to prove his authenticity, and patiently waited for Dennis to confirm everything with the government. Joshua also said it was pretty naive to believe the autobiography was really written by their dad too without confirmation, as Mr. King hired the imposter to also "ghost write" that nasty book, another test Dennis failed. Joshua told how their dad was really warm, loving, caring, and wonderful person, certainly not a Satanist, or Satan himself, but just wrote disturbing dark fiction out of the left half of his brain, the carnal mind, which we all have, but really dad was totally sane and wonderful person. He just made a living writing dark supernatural fiction, and it worked well for their dad as a way to release some of those dark thoughts we all have in a safe way, and make a good living doing it. Dennis breathed a sigh of relief, and had a renewed interest in meeting their dad, which they did together and everything ended happily ever after.


Here is blurb explanation of this parable. "For if someone comes to you and preaches a Jesus other than the Jesus we preached, or if you receive a different spirit from the Spirit you received, or a different gospel from the one you accepted, you put up with it easily enough." (2 Corinthians 11:4, NIV) Dennis in the story is myself and all elect really, because everybody gets deceived at first by the "other" Jesus this verse talks about, this fake "Joshua" (Jesus) is the devil, of course. We all put up with the fake gospel easily enough, meaning we don't test the spirits very well in our early walk with God, believing horse shit too easily, naive and gullible sheep to believe nonsense that our Heavenly Father, represented by Stephen King, is a monster, Satanist, or Satan himself, simply because He writes some dark fiction, as we are like characters in Father's novel, experiencing some gory and dark things sometimes in life. "Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be." (Psalm 139:16, NIV) Father is like an author like Stephen King, as this verse says we are like characters in a spiritual novel, all our days written in Father's novel (book) before birth. Many of Stephen King's novels were turned into movies, so we could also be said to be like characters in a movie, thinking we have free will, but really just playing the part a sovereign Father God causes us to do. The characters in the movie, just like the characters in the novel, simply think they have free will, but really do as the author writes they will do. Just because we have dark days on earth sometimes, does not mean our author Father God is dark and twisted, as the "fictional" story of humanity might lead us to believe. The fake Joshua, imitating the real Christ, will give you an apparent autobiographical explanation of who Father is, confirming a twisted fuck view behind the sovereignty of God, and the meaning of life is for most to end up in literal fire literally forever. The real Joshua, the real Christ, eventually reveals Himself, clears up your mistakes and errors, teaches you the truth about dad and how to confirm things, and not to believe the devil's spin on Father's autobiography called the Bible. Yes there are difficult things in life to endure, but dad is really warm, loving, caring, and wonderful person in the sense of good reasons for all He does or allows to happen, good end of universal salvation for all creation in the end, tough lessons learned for all though too, as the rest of my site details the good reasons behind it all. All characters in Father's "novel" will be given eternal life in some form, once the "movie" called "Fucked up Human History to Save Everybody's Sorry Fucking Ass" ends! The "movie" was made from a book of the same title. The only question at this time is, are you Rachel elect, or Leah elect, and the distinctions in experience/understandings now as a character in the movie/book versus later, and understanding and being prepared for the grand climax at the end of the movie/book. The rest of my site explains this in detail.

Although universal salvation of all creation is true, and everybody gets saved in the end, Rachel elect refers to first resurrection destined elect, who are closer to Jacob (Christ) as Jacob loved his wife Rachel in the Bible more than his other wife Leah. Leah elect then refers to those in the second resurrection, who don't come to the proper conclusions as flesh and blood, and so Christ is not as close to them, as He experienced similar "fiery" spiritual experience(s) to Rachel elect and came to understanding of universal salvation in the proper motivating way (ie just sin more and let God fix me after death is NOT proper...but the flesh ALWAYS just immediately thinks like this upon first considering universal salvation...the next typical errant thought is "I don't mind being a 'Leah' since I somehow get saved anyway in the end"). That is why these Leah elect ones are supernaturally mystified by my parable way of decoding the Bible, as my spiritual Husband, Christ, speaks parables of truth to me (His main teaching style while on earth) through Holy Spirit, and God intentionally supernaturally confuses these abusive Leah elect, who typically abuse the Lord's grace like this until physical death; others can be very envious to "sense" I am Rachel elect, compared to themselves who are Leah elect, and others can "sense" this Leah destiny in themselves and want to drag me down to their level of errant belief. But the Leahs are too lazy to even read my main site and try to understand it, so they kind of get what they deserve, right? I don't abuse the Lord's grace like I used to, and I'm willing to entertain sincere questions and try to teach/battle with Leahs and transform them into Rachels, as all the Rachels must (and will) come in so our spiritual Husband, Christ, has lots of really close hot polygamous wives to fuck and suck in the next life, as reward for all of His troubles while a flesh and blood human being. We Rachels are bi-sexual and want to fuck and suck the other Rachel wives too. Leah elect are those who go to the lake of fire (second resurrection) after physical death, like Hitler no doubt is one of these. This link describes the good salvation aspect of hell for redemption of Leah elect Hitler types.

Another way to express the concepts might be to say Dennis and Joshua are related to Stephen King by blood/genetics as physical children (first resurrection, closer), and everybody else is like children Stephen King adopts (second resurrection, not as close). Similar idea, simple concepts, and people claim they can't understand. I wonder sometimes if they just lie, as they are jealous because they can sense I am Rachel/blood to most of these ones who hate me are Leah/adopted. Christ has way more Leah wives/adopted children than Rachel wives/blood children, symbolically represented in the Bible by the actual Leah had more literal children, but Christ (Jacob) loves Rachel/blood more and people can just "sense" I am one of these and despise me for it. Nonetheless, I don't/can't let that deter me from being who I am, just because everybody seems to want to gaslight me and define for me who I am, what my judgment/truth/reality "should" be, according to their small little minds' gaslighting ideas.