The parable of the 11 virgins
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I think my parables are pretty obvious to regular readers of my site, but I also know demons can supernaturally confuse people, and also a certain amount of life experience is necessary to naturally develop spiritual abilities. The story of Jesus' parable of the 10 virgins is so famous that I suspect most already know the gist of the original, and I will briefly explain this one at the end.

11 virgins were waiting for the bridegroom to arrive for the wedding and all fell asleep. One virgin named Denise had a terrible nightmare. I said her name was Denise, not Dennis. She dreamed that a fake bridegroom came before the real bridegroom, and deceived them all. And as a consequence of the 11 virgins going with the wrong bridegroom, God allowed the fake bridegroom to take His place and become God, and the fake bridegroom then condemned all he hated to literal hellfire forever! The stakes were high indeed! God spoke to Denise in the dream and warned her about all this and how to prove the fake bridegroom is false.

She awoke with the other 10 virgins when they heard the approach of the fake bridegroom. Denise tried to tell the others about her dream but they would not listen. The 10 had no oil in their lamps, and Denise tried to offer some from her lamp, as she thought perhaps some oil in their lamps might help put some sense in their stupid little fucking heads. Denise had plenty of oil afterall, but they refused, thinking they knew best, and they never really liked Denise much anyway and didn't get along well, personal hatred clouding their good judgment.

When the fake bridegroom came before them, Denise did as God showed her in the dream, and demanded the fake bridegroom give the secret handshake to prove he was the real bridegroom. Of course, the fake bridegroom could not do it, so Denise at least knew he was fake, and tried to warn the other 10, but again they would not listen and were ready to go with him. Denise just said she respected their right to be deceived and go with the fake bridegroom, but Denise refused. The fake bridegroom tried every argument he could to get Denise to come as well, seeming desperate to convince her, but Denise staunchly refused. That was not enough for the fake bridegroom, and he frustratingly said, "You must come with me! You don't have to believe I am true, but you must come with me! All I require is you come with me!" Denise again refused, saying, "I don't have to do any such thing. God showed me in the dream that you lose, as long as all eleven of us are NOT deceived, or all 11 go with you. All I have to do is refuse to go with you and God wins! And let me be clear. I WILL NEVER GO WITH YOU!" Finally, the fake bridegroom screamed, "You will come with me, whether you like it or not!" And he made an aggressive lunge forward to grab her.

Denise grabbed a sword and swiped at the fake bridegroom's head, trying to cut it off. He ducked and pulled his own sword and cursed at her, dropping his disguise and became a great red dragon and grew to the height of a tall building. Not to be outdone, Denise also grew to the height of a tall building, also instantly taking on the armor of God, standing firm with the belt of truth buckled around her waist, the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with her feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. In addition to all this, she had the shield of faith, with which she extinguished all the flaming arrows the great red dragon flung at her. The dragon also swiped back at her helmet of salvation, but she ducked, and plunged her sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God, right into the dragon's chest, where normally a heart should be. The dragon roared and pulled the sword out, not killed, just injured, because it had no heart to kill.

The great red dragon then breathed in deep and expelled a torrent of fire from his mouth, encasing Denise in fire of such hot intensity that it burned all her clothes off, melted all her armor, and charred her skin black. She stood before the dragon, a black stump, looking more like a lump of coal in the form of a woman than an actual woman. Denise angrily said, "Is that the best you can do, fucker. I'm like the mutant superhero Wolverine from the X-men movie. I heal instantly." And within seconds the black outlay of charred flesh became skin again. "You think just because I don't have armor anymore that I am defenseless?" She screamed a battle cry and lunged at the dragon, grabbing him by the throat with both her hands and strangling him. She grew in size again, three times larger than before, holding the dragon now easily with only her right hand. The dragon directed powerful negative thought waves at her, causing her great psychological stress and pain, and she started to sweat great drops of blood. But her cognizance didn't seem affected at all, even smiled a devious smile, through grunts of pain, seeming to enjoy the challenge of the battle, and enjoying the sensation of fear. She dangled him by the throat and taunted him. "Do you know why you are weaker than me? Do you know why you cannot defeat me?" The dragon gargled and could not speak through the clenched fist she had around his throat. "You are weak because you fight for yourself, what you want, your glory, your want to be God and be worshiped, but you haven't earned the right, as you have not proven yourself as the real God has, and you would never voluntarily choose to suffer and die for anyone, let alone your enemies' best interests. I fight for those who can't fight for themselves, who don't understand what is going on in human history, for those 10 virgins who hate me even, and for the ultimate salvation of all creation, even YOU! I fight for God's glory, not my own. You don't believe in anything bigger than your own selfish self, and even that belief is small. That is why you will always be weaker than those like me. But I believe in Jesus Christ!" And she put the great red dragon on the ground, and quickly brought her right leg down on his throat with a crushing blow that broke the creature's neck.

Dragon defeated, she shrunk back down to her normal size and stood before the other 10 virgins, still naked, but found the demeanor of the 10 was suddenly very different. They all took their clothes off too and the 11 of them had a lesbian sexual orgy, while they waited for the real bridegroom to appear. They looked forward to some hot polygamous 12 way action once he arrived.

Analysis: The fake bridegroom symbolizes the alien-gods (demons) open contact deception coming soon, and the one minority virgin named Denise represents the small amount of "symbolic" seven thousand Rachel elect, versus the 10 virgins, who are the majority Leah elect. In the Old Testament shadow of Jesus' polygamous wives, Jacob (Christ) had two wives, Rachel who he loved more than Leah. Rachel symbolically represents those wives in the first resurrection who Christ loves more than the Leah class from the second resurrection who Christ loves less. We Rachel elect must simply see through the deception and refuse to go with the fake bridegroom into deception, which we have always eventually consistently successfully done inwardly, soon to do outwardly too. The other 10 virgins represents the vast majority of approximately seven billion humans, Leah elect virgins, who are already deceived about the highly evolved alien-gods (demons) concept, and will be easily deceived by the so-called "ancient aliens" upon soon open contact; the Lord tells me it will only take about 3 short years for all the world to be following after the alien-gods (demons), except the Rachel elect. This unveiling is just a test for the Rachel elect. We have always passed this final test inwardly before physical death, even though I am currently the only one God allows to talk about it openly on the internet. The devil and demons in disguise as alien-gods will try every argument they can to deceive the Rachel elect into believing these beings are actually our "God", but will fail. Some Rachel elect will have a hard time, like the 5 foolish virgins who didn't prepare, in Jesus' original rendition of the story. But they will make it by God's sovereign power. I know because I already lived the fate of the 5 foolish virgins' book of Revelation judgments, but now am one of the 5 wise virgins. "Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand." (Daniel 12:10) The wise virgins, which this verse talks about, come to understand "man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God," (Matthew 4:4) includes both the "good" and "bad" parts of the parable, every word in other words, either in this life of flesh or after physical death. The Rachel elect humans experience both foolish/wise virgins' fates now as flesh and blood, and all Leah elect humans remain supernaturally confused by (ultimately) the Almighty Jehovah, aka Father God, who uses the devil/demons to do this deceptive work, as part of His strange way of humbling and saving all creation. Leah elect humans will only understand after physical death, and all angels partly understand better than humans, but not completely. None look forward to their "lake of fire", of course. It is super-supernatural thing beyond even full comprehension of supernatural beings like the Leah elect literal devil and demons, and also the Leah elect literal light side angels too do not fully understand, as God's light side angels also have destiny with lake of fire. I only understand because I am one of the 5 wise Rachel elect virgins, but words will never convince humans, if even angels cannot fully understand. So I only witness to the truth, but don't bother debating anymore or try to convince anybody. "And this gospel of the kingdom (universal salvation kingdom, but Rachel elect first) shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations;(my site reaches all nations of the world) and then shall the end come. (Christ's literal return is VERY near)" (Matthew 24:14) As in the story above, the openly showing devil will eventually get aggressively desperate with all the end-time Rachel elect, but still fail. The reason Satan will be desperate to deceive even ONE Rachel elect, is because he knows that is equivalent to all eleven virgins being deceived and going with him into deception, as per the story above, and then he wins. To defeat even ONE Rachel elect is the same as defeating them all, because God sees all His Rachel elect as one, and then the 11 above go with the fake bridegroom into deception, and as agreed with the devil, God will let Satan become God and then we're all fucked. God also sees Christ as ONE with His Rachel elect wife/wives, so to defeat even ONE Rachel elect is same as defeating Christ. Christ sweat drops of blood, but was not defeated, and there is NO danger even ONE Rachel elect can be defeated either, even though it feels that way sometimes. Read The parable of the 95 theses for lots of information about the sovereignty of God to understand why. When this all plays out more literally in the five sense realm soon, the 5 foolish Rachel elect virgins will have a harder time and not able to do as much against the "aliens", but they cannot be ultimately deceived,(only temporarily) and like the prodigal son, come to their senses before physical death, becoming a wise virgin in the end. Denise easily defeating the devil and breaking his neck represents what we 5 wise Rachel elect virgins will be able to do, having already inwardly lived the 5 foolish virgins' fate and defeated the devil with great difficulty. Now we will do so with relative ease, compared to before, and even if we have to sweat drops of blood literally. Read The parable of the Green Lantern to understand why we 5 wise Rachel elect virgins have NO fear, even though we sweat drops of blood, because we learn to love the sensation of fear. Read the blurb at the end of The parable of the 95 theses to understand how we learn to adopt the attitude of John Herod, in the movie, "The Quick and the Dead", to love the sensation of fear. We learn the devil's games very well. We will have supernatural powers beyond what the devil can do. The 10 reconciling with Denise and fucking represents universal salvation of all creation, as the 10 are Leah elect, like the literal devil is also Leah elect. All these ones will ultimately appreciate what the Rachel elect have always eventually successfully done in 6 thousand years: defeat the devil, show him his own hypocrisy, and save even the devil. There will be lots of fucking and sucking for all in the end, but until then, I await to see if the alien-gods (demons) are man enough to meet me on the battlefield of open contact.

Dragon fire return