Preface to The Unveiling


My fiction story about open contact is meant to help the world to understand more about the UFO phenomenon and the God connection. Although I wrote about this in entertaining novel form, at the same time, I hope to increase one's knowledge/understanding about what God is doing, AND prepare the reader for literal open contact. Amongst the 7 English WH question words (+ how), the difference between knowledge and understanding is the difference between "How?" (knowledge) and "Why?" (understanding). God has given me AND does continue to give me deeper levels of understanding of both How and Why God does things the way He does.

Aren't you just a little bit curious (beyond fiction) about this phenomenon and what is "God" about it? Or, are you UFO fatigued and/or turned off by many admittedly fake/explainable accounts? Not ALL can be explained away or are hoaxes. Many fiction AND non-fiction books have been written about this phenomenon, some books both fiction and non-fiction at the same time.

The Bible itself IS fiction, but purportedly based on non-fiction accounts of actual events, supernatural included. One cannot write a narrative about historical events without it automatically being fiction, in the sense it is NOT the actual events, anymore than the movie "Thirteen Days" about the Cuban missile crisis was the actual event(s). I still got a good sense of the truth of the drama/crisis though, from watching the movie. Consider my book "future fiction/non-fiction".